Stella Dimoko October 2010


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Actress ANNIE MACAULAY speaks on TUFACE and the other babymamas.

Innocent idiba is one of the biggest musicians in africa today,no doubt,and his recent
live show which pulled successful people from all works of live is still the talk of town.

Recently whispers filtered in that two of his babymamas annie and pero involved themselves
in a fight of the decade after the show
Since annie is now in a familiar terrain(nollywood)some of her colleagues pleaded that
the story was false as they were at the venue and even still there when annie went away.

the only natural thing was contacting annie as  other party mentioned in the altercation had returned to her American base..

it was a question and answer session.first annie screamed
''i cant believe stella is calling me,what did i do right this time?you always went to press without
hearing my side.God be praised,stella called me!''

After preaching the gospel of the 'two sides of a coin to her,the session began.

Stella--:annie could you please tell us why you involved yourself in an altercation
with pero your babydaddys babymama?

Annie---:let me state it here now that nothing of such happened,i have not seen
the write up but people have been calling me and those who know the truth know the truth
of what happened on that day.
I didnt fight or quarell with anyone on that day.yes,i was at the same place and at the same time with her but we didnt fight or anything.i didnt even exchange words with the mentioned person.there was no fight,there was no just hurts that my daughters name was mentioned in the write up.

Stella---:annie why did you decide to become babymama number three knowing that innocent already had kids from other ladies?didnt you have a choice.

Annie---:i am not even going into why i did it,i dont have any regrets and i am having a great time with my make it sound like there should be regrets but theres none.

Stella---:are you still together with innocent?

Annie---:i really dont want to talk about innocent like that anymore in the papers,sorry but i will pass this question.

Stella---:okay so what is your relationship like with the other babymamas sunmbo and pero and whoever else?

Annie---:i hardly ever see any of them.their kids are related to my daughter so i really dont have any problem with them,i would love my daughter to have a good relationship with her older siblings.i have no problem with them and when i see sunmbo i say hello to her,we are cool like that.

Stella---:and when you see pero?

Annie---:i hardly ever see that one but i dont have any problem with her,if she has with me,i dont know about it.

Stell---:so you have metamorphosed into an actress?is that a stunt or for real?

Annie---:well its not an overnight thing,over the years i have been trying to break through but right now,the light is shining for me and i am trying to focus on my acting career and other things i am doing on the side as well.from now on,i want to focus on what i do,all these rumours are distractions and i will ignore them,the only thing that hurts is that my little girl was mentioned in the write up,something that was supposed to be a beautiful event between a little girl and her daddy is now being turned around negatively,to be little something so beautiful it hurts.i am not even going to give the story going round a second thought because
i know it didnt happen.Tonto dike and sound sultan were actually there and people can
verify from them that nothing happened.its amazing how people just make up can they say Innocent used my daughter because she was the only one available to be used and not because he really wanted to,innocent is not like that,he loves his children equally.
all innocents kids are related and i dont want anyone bringing bad blood between them because its
not neccessary.
Innocent is really trying his best to unite his children.

Stella---:any plans on making more babies with innocent?

Annie:---i dont plan on making more babies with him on anyone else anytime soon and thats
the truth.

Stella---:thank you for taking out time to answer the questions.

Annie---:thank you for calling this time have written a lot of things about me that i wished you had called to ask me first but thank you for this new move,i hope you will call next time before you write,it makes things easier and it helps not misinform people.
whoever went to town with this false rumour God bless them.thank you stella.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Genevieve Nnaji is your Connector of the Day.

Genevieve Nnaji is your Connector of the Day.

Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji has been dubbed the Julia Roberts of Africa by millions of fans on the continent and now she's trying to make a name for herself in the west.
The 31-year-old Nigerian born Nnaji is the fourth of eight children and had the opportunity to attend the University of Lagos where she acted in a number of Nollywood productions.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mo'Cheddah - Ko Ma Roll

Mo’Cheddah, has just been awarded the ‘Most Promising Act to Watch’ this year at the just concluded NEA awards in New York City.
She says that her debut album is a reflection of her personal music style;  “ is the culmination of 7 years of preparation and was heavily influenced by my experiences in music over that period.”

The album is primarily an Afro-Pop album.

The talented young lady has also been nominated for the ‘Most Gifted Female Video’ at the Channel O Music Video Awards 2010 and ‘Discovery of the Year’ at the Soundcity Video Music Awards 2010.
watch her video after the cut.

holding cant do anything else!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

new singing sensation 'SIGNATURE'

''9ice ingrate''---Ruggedman replies 9ice lyrics.



TITLE:9ice The Ingrate (The Beef Goes On)
RECORD LABEL:Rugged Records

(rap)Abolore or what do they call you"Alapo Stupid" Hey yo 9ice,You must be out of your mind to think RuggedyBaba the man that brought you up in this industry will stoop low to exchange childish words with you,For what?

Yo stop being a coward,say what your problem is or shut up.Face your music,try to fix your marriage
(singing):And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting

Mr Gongo aso don did it this time,his last album couldnt cut it so now he
is beef inclined thats lame,he got fame backstabbing like Brutus Tradition album wouldnt sell,now he's selling rumours Rugged straff dancers?
Perhaps but him na single chap you tried do am too your marriage collapse

You had Toni Payne jumping taxis with your baby boy but she bought the first car
you drove Honda Baby boy,Now Toni Payne "used and dumped"
Jah Bless "used and dumped"
Cabasa "used and dumped"

we all know you's a chump,Rugged made you who you are now you wanna Baba diss
you cant sing,you are chanting incantations like a herbalist
Ask about T.Boi you need a line to him?I'll give you his number,
go ask him why Rugged fired him
Rule number one dont let it go to your head,me calling your name on a track is
something you should dread,something you should dread

CHORUS:CHANT: When i say 9ice,you say ingrate

9ice" "Ingrate" "9ice" "ingrate"
When i say bashorun you say gor "bashorun" "gor" "bashorun" "gor"
(singing)And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting,Ever lasting

VERSE 2:Talking about your girlfriend giving your best friend a blow job
the girl got a hoe job,you? you got no job,Your so called street credibilitys a scam
you've used up all the yoruba adages you can,You couldnt even spell your name right

you need to get a life,you couldnt keep it tight,you couldnt even keep your wife
Since you dwell on rumours,heres a few
i heard people say little birdy told me 9ice is gay,he swings both ways
Wande Cole slapped him,he got a crush on Don Jay (Don Jazzy)

Smokes jay,messed up Nelson Mandelas birthday,Calling Ruggedman a bastard
thats funny yo,i heard your mother abandoned you when you was 8months old
And your father threw you out to go live with your grandma,he suspected somebody else's did it with your mama.

Rule number two,dont get too full of yourself me calling your name on a track is bad for your health

CHORUS:CHANT: When i say 9ice,you say ingrate 9ice" "Ingrate" "9ice" "ingrate"
When i say bashorun you say gor "bashorun" "gor" "bashorun" "gor"

(singing)And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting ,Ever lasting
And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting.Ever lasting

VERSE 3:What kind of father are you?I end the matter with you,so Baba dont gotta bother with you,He got you the money,he got you the wife,now i am taking the 9 out your name and putting you on ice Cos you are a scam artist,the sham artist I aim at you ,
you'll never hear me say "damn i missed"So when Zion grows up and asks
"Ta lo bi mi"(who is my father?)we gone tell him its one ingrate called 9 I.C.E

Only place you sound nice is when you asleep and snoring,only man who can smoke weed,sing and still sound boring

Rule number three never bite the hand that fed you,me calling your name on a track will likely dead you

(talk):Abeg commot for there,you think we dont know its your ex girlfriend you caught give person blow job?
Instead of you to open your mouth,you just keep quiet and let rumour mongers try to tarnish Ruggedmans image.

Dey tarnish your wife image,your own wife,mother of your own son wey born ur pikin?Man you are a wicked,evil ingrate.Wait self,you are asking about never hear Ruggedman new song "Sanwo"features Vino.

Make i even ask you guy,where is Jah Bless?Where is 2Phat?Where is Cabasa?Where's Toni Payne?Where's your child?Man tell us what your problem is guy,or straight up shut up.Oya you hayam Lizining.

Abolore my son,i sent you to school you dont know how to spell your name,N or 9? Olodo

Sebi you lied you owned H-Mans house where you were squatting before,H-Man is the landlord and you were a tenant.
This is Ruggedmans boy replying you o,we will diss you to death!


We know who these ladies are,not so?

Genevieve Nnaji and Funke 'Jenifa'Akindele are

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where is......FASHION POLICE!!!!

These Nollywood celebrities were spotted at the movie premiere of  'Memories of my heart' which premiered recently.
pic one:Empress Njamah
pic two:Rukky Sanda
pic three:Fred Amata.

             did empress njamah fall into a jar of mixed paint?

                                     HELL NO rukky!!!
                      the frills on this shirt makes 'her' so pretty.!!

PHOTO of the day

A list actress Genevieve Nnaji looking totally divalicious!

foto credit:stella dimoko-korkus

Sunday, October 17, 2010

UTI wins BBA all stars!

Handsome(yes oooooooooooh)Uti Nwachukwu has just won the Big Brother Africa all stars!.....eeeh,are you reading this?...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Charlyboy and Derenle caught in the act?

 This picture is all over twitter and also being circulated on the blackberry phone.
Its a big

Photo of the day:

This is Petite Actress Uche Jombo rocking her new body and

Actor DESMOND ELLIOTT and his lovely twin boys.

Check out Alist Actor Desmond Elliott with his beautiful set of un-identical twins.

Ex beauty queen CHINENYE OCHUBA-AKINLADE rocks motherhood!.

Check out Chineneye as she shares a laugh with daughter Demilade.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Isnt black beautiful?....check them out!

This is Mrs Julie Segun Arinze hanging out with actess Bimbo Akintola recently.
both of them look really lovely right?

Celebrity!...know this actress?

This actress is very pretty but had to cut of her hair for her movie which was recently premiered and is showing at the silverbird galleria everyday.
she recently began her campaign  website to fight cancer

OKEY BAKASSI for imo state house of assembly 2011!

This is not a joke...its real business.comedian OKEY BAKASSI will no longer be our next door comedian come 2011-i--f he is elected into the position he seeks.

Come on imo state,give him your vote and lets see if he can make a difference.

okechukwu onyegbule-the funnyfresh way foward!

Nollywood Celebrities strut the runway for CATA.

Abuja came alive yesterday october 14,2010 as nollywood celebrities modelled clothes from various fashionistas in Nigeria.
here are some pictures from twitter.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ANNIE MACAULAY debuts in Nollywood!

old claim to fame:girlfriend/babymama to famous singer tuface
                   new claim to fame:actress nollywood movies.

Annies hot!!.... and you better believee this.
news coming in from olofofos say that annie is the new rave in nollywood and producers are at a rush for her.

The babymama we hear is not so bad as an actress,problem is that i am
yet to watch her movies so i cannot put on a nail on this gist.

''she is currently in asaba shooting movies back to back''.

Congrats Annie,enjoy your new claim to fame!

Celebrity pose:check out actress BENITA NZERIBE!

This is pretty actress benita nzeribe in a die hard pose.
Benita is one of the actresses in nollywood who have contributed to its growth.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crooner IKECHUKWU and girlfriend SARAH OFILI take it to the stage!

This is crooner ikechuwku a.k.a killz.
He performed recently at the AY LIVE show in london and this is him performing his track 'critical'....wanna know who the blonde babe dancing to his lyrics is?

Dancing with him is his long time girlfriend sarah ofili who is a model and about to debut with her own shoe line tagged 'katona'.
na wah oooooo,what will ladies not do for love?.
look at the waist twisting for her man!!

And pic number 5 says it all..sarah went down on her knees and killz put his hand on his head and halla''this girl go killz me oooo''

people are calling them Nigerias 'beyounce n Jayz' agree?

      ''this girl go killz me ooooo''.

pic credit:stella dimoko-korkus!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

9ICE wows fans in Amsterdam.

The embattled crooner was in amsterdam on 9-10-10 with Dj of repute Abass.
here are pictures from their time there.

looks like they had  fun........really nice!

ABOLORE...with fans!

ABOLORE...entertaining @ the live show.

9ICE with Pastor Femi Adenuga of Christ Embassy, Amsterdam

DJ ABASS & 9ICE with Ambassador (DR) Nimota Akanbi


Celebrity Album.

Actress Grace Amah looking really nice!

Friday, October 08, 2010

CECELIA IBRU:nailed! she crying with her glasses on?

The embattled for managing director of Oceanic Bank Plc entered a plea deal with EFCC prosecutors and was subsequently sentenced to a six-month term in jail but will have to forfeit over N150 million in cash and assets to the government.

She is one of the many crooks people that has helped Nigeria nose dive socially and financially.
I am not really rejoicing that she is nailed but what must be done,must be done and i say
''one down,many many many more to go''

dry your tears cecelia,you are lucky you got only six months!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

MOHITS records disowns rapper IKECHUKWU.

                          whats that on his right hand?

The rapper nicknamed 'killz' and mohits record have reportedly gone their seperate ways after years of un-interrupted friendship.
 Insiders allege the breakup had to do with the rappers unbearable attitude which could no longer be tolerated.

   ''afterall he was no a member of the mohits crew,just tagged along''..was the response from someone in the team.

why do men fight or part ways?

i dont know what went wrong but mohits/ikechukwu please fix this before it gets outta hand!.
....he wasnt part of the mohits crew?...well he was family!

Introducing the loud actress whos take home pay is thirty kay!

This actress is a salon owner and decided joining nollywood is not such a bad idea...afterall,problem is her acting is so bad that the highest money she has received since she began her career is thirty thousand naira..that is if the producer is in a good mood oh.

This actress almost got her big break from the movie 30days but something went wrong.
most actresses,her supposed colleagues avoid her because of her diarhea mouth and her follow-follow attitude,however,she found a best friend forever in an actress who is loved by all and can go to 'Uk' as she pleases.

more on this actress?here goes

''this actress last year was cruising around an Ml jeep which she was telling everyone she has sold but the truth of the matter is that her married lover took back his car after the deal to marry her went sour.
''she was telling people that the man who lives in lekki with his oyibo
wife got permission from the sick wife to marry another wife and she was hand picked by the man.the actress moved in with the couple and was playing the role of iya nle before it went sour.''

infact her presence in the house almost broke up the man and his wife before she was hurriedly kicked out.

''She claimed to have made money before joining nollywood,and that some actresses are sleeping around to get roles but she is just doing her thing''.

the name of this actress?she shares the same last name with that boxer whos first name is alphabeth 19-1-13-21-5-12.her first name can be abbreviated to 19-21-5 but if you choose to use it properly it begins with 19 and ends with the 14th alphabeth!..happy decoding.

meet TUFACE'S africanqueen!.

Heres tuface with his lovely daughter from babymama ANNIE MACUALAY.

little isabel made daddy proud when he recently had his live show and she went on stage with him,smiled and waved at his fans all through....''she didnt even have stage fright or cried.she was so natural and enjoyed the attention''

isnt she cute?truly daddys africanqueen!


olofofos who atteneded the show on sunday september 27,2010 present to you exclusive

-babymama pero flew in all the way from yankee to attend the show and sat quietly at a put it short,she behaved herself like a good lady and the observing olofofos say she looked too rugged for someone who just flew in from abroad!

-all the babymamas(sunmbo,pero and annie)were at the venue to support the father
of their kids.

-babymama sunmbo looked extremely nice and very well behaved.

-babymama annie macaulay was at the venue before the show and olofofos spotted her
helping out and dishing arrangement plans here and there in her usual i-took-know manner.

-sunmbo and pero passed each other and sparks flew in the air.

-ayabime okpoh tufaces ex fiance went around after the show asking
everyone where tufaces room was,and she roamed the entire lobby looking frustrated.
she eventually ended up knocking on a room and the door was opened by pero
who was inside with her kids,pero rained abuses on bime who hurriedly left with
the venue.

ADEFARASIN tells ALEC GODWIN''go and make peace with your ex''!

cliam to fame:once married to 'branamah' singer kefee obareki.

The music producer granted an interview recently where once again
his diarhea mouth made a show of itself....however when he granted that interview he left out an important fact.......what he didnt say was that a week before  he was in paul adefarasins house on the rock third service on sunday september 5,2010 and was one of those who asked questions at the question and answer session.

    The music producer ''said he could not move on because he believed in true love
and did not plan to divorce,he said he was afraid''.

he was asked how long he was married and how old he was and his response

was ''i was married for three years and i am 36years old''.

the pastors response to him after he explained himself was this

''put all the blame on yourself that your ex put on you and judge yourself and see if you have been fair in your judgement and question if the ex was right or wrong.if she was right,then go and make peace with her''.

The pastor rounded off that he was not in support of remarriage and cautioned alec to be careful so that he does not make the same mistake with someone else.

*alec was advised to go for counselling*.

I strongly advise the music producer to heed the advice from the man of God and stop running his mouth in interviews where all one can see is the name of the ex.he should find out why our forefathers said''God get reason why he create mouth to stay close and ears to stay open''.

Please someone should help me tell this musician that according to his interview,if he has indeed ''forgiven his ex and moved on''then he should be the bigger man and keep quiet.

tell him ''stella says ssssssh'' more interviews abeg!

Friday, October 01, 2010

President GOODLUCK tells CNN ''I want to live in a country where we no longer live as prisoners''

This is a transcript of an exclusive interview between CNN's Isha Sesay and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Palace in Abuja.


Isha Sesay: President Jonathan, thank you, so much for sitting down to speak to CNN. Nigerian is celebrating 50 years of independence. I want to get your thoughts on what you think the country has achieved in that time.

President Jonathan: Within the past 50 years as a nation just like as a child that is starting developing, when you get to the age of 25 you look back and compare yourself to your peer. By the time you get to the age of 50 you also look back at what you have achieved.
One thing that I know and I feel Nigerians will celebrate is continuity and peace. Yes we experienced civil war that lasted 13 months. Some other countries experienced civil wars that lasted for years. We have our own challenges that government is confronting but still we play significant role globally.

Whenever they talk about Africa they want Nigeria's voice. So you can still see that Nigeria (can) still play a unique role globally and we are still united and confronting our challenges. That alone is enough to celebrate.

Isha Sesay: You talk about the unity and stability that Nigeria has as a feature at 50 years. Another feature is the high poverty rates and infrastructure issues that remain. These are two elements that exist in a country that over 50 years has established itself as a world leader in oil production. There is a lot of money in this country, I have been here several times and spoken to a lot of people, yet you are still dealing with these issues. Where has all the money gone?

President Jonathan: If you look at the money coming from oil vis a vis the population you see it is quite little. When you talk about the oil wealth you compare nations. There are some nations with less than five million people. Nigeria has 150 million people. I cannot say that all the money earned from oil since 1958, when the first drop of oil was exported from this country to date, that the money has been effectively used. I am not saying there are no leakages.

Isha Sesay: I want to look forward now. There are many who believe that with your decision to compete in the election you are going against the zoning agreement which states that the presidency will rotate between the north and the south every eight years. The late president Yar'Adua was a northerner. He died in his first term. There are those who feel that you are putting personal ambition ahead of the stability and peace of Nigeria. Is that what you are doing?

President Jonathan: Definitely not. The argument about zoning and the presidency of Nigeria is like the philosophical argument of the egg or the hen. Who is older through the evolutionary process, who came first? In the first place if this country had agreed the presidency rotates between north and south I would not be the president today. I couldn't have been if there is an agreement in this country that it rotates between north and south. I couldn't have been the president the day Yar'Adua died -- another northerner would have taken over and I could have continued as the vice president.

Isha Sesay: You are effectively saying if I understand you that the zoning agreement doesn't include the presidency. You are effectively saying it includes other secondary issues, because many disagree with you, even the former vice president Abubakar is not the case. They cite a 2002 meeting in December, a caucus meeting where they say there was an expressed decision to say it should include the presidency. Be that as it may, I ask you this question: should violence break out, which you can never rule out in Nigeria, unfortunately it is a reality. Should violence break out as a result of your decision, because the northerners are aggrieved, will you take responsibility for what plays out?

President Jonathan: I can tell you very clearly that violence will not break out because of my interests. I can tell you very clearly.

Isha Sesay: So categorically you say there will not be violence?

President Jonathan: We have security challenges, we have our challenges. If my interest would have instigated crisis that day the signs would have showed. If anybody thinks he will fuel crisis we will take him on.

Isha Sesay: What do you stand for? What are your policies?

President Jonathan: We want to lead a country where people will be less greedy. Where people will know that the commonwealth of Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians, where people's wealth depends on the people around you. If you become a rich person and everyone around you is poor you are very poor.

I want to live in a country where we no longer live as prisoners. Why do we have excesses of criminal activity now? Because the thinking is that the wealth is not uniformly distributed. A lot of young guys who have no jobs and they have no hope so they take to ammunition as some kind of anti-social living. We want to refocus Nigeria to make sure that basic infrastructure is provided. The environment is created for private investment, both within and direct foreign investment. So jobs will be created. That is my dream for Nigeria.

Isha Sesay: So you are saying you represent what? You represent what? Future change, what do you represent?

President Jonathan: I represent a group that is saying this country must be transformed. I am not saying that those in the past didn't do well. They tried, but using the capability of Nigerians. If you come to this country they are talking about brain drain. Well-trained medical doctors and engineers leave Nigeria to the developed countries. We want to reverse that.

Isha Sesay: Let's move on and talk about corruption. It is one of those issues here in Nigeria that every time there is an election, politicians stand up and say they are going to tackle it and get rid of it. That is just the ugly truth. Why should people believe you when you say that you will do something about the problem? Will you do something lasting about the problem?

President Jonathan: You can never play politics with the development of Nigeria. Yes the issue of corruption is a major challenge especially in developing societies not only in Nigeria. Even in developed societies, frankly speaking, it is just because their laws are so stringent and they (are) monitored.

Most of the people who create big corruptions here, especially the companies, they are not Nigerians. But the laws of the land and the he institutions that are set up to enforce these laws are up to the task. And what we have to... It is not me, Jonathan Goodluck, that will go and catch a corrupt person. But we will strengthen the institutions to do their work. That is what happens in developed societies.

Isha Sesay: I want to talk about the Niger Delta and what your plans are should you become president after the 2011 elections. What are your plans to permanently deal with the issues there?

President Jonathan: It is challenging especially now that resources are limited. But we must provide basic infrastructure. Second is the education. We must focus that area and make sure that the young men and woman from that area have an opportunity to be well educated. Because someone who is well educated, their orientation changes. And when you now educate the people they will now play a key role in the oil industry.
So if you provide the basic infrastructure, which can't be done overnight, you provide good education and you make them play a role in the long chain of the oil industry you will see that this restiveness will begin to get reduced gradually.

Isha Sesay: A place like Somalia for instance, if you are called on to submit troops to contribute troops?

President Jonathan: We cannot go to Somalia for peacekeeping. We must go to Somalia for peace enforcement. So if the day I (am) moving troops to Somalia I am going with all the force that will require. Now the UN must change the rules of engagement to allow us to defend ourselves. I will not allow one Nigerian soldier to be killed by anybody. But the rules of engagement create problems where you have very militant and non-cooperative militia group(s) who will see the UN troops as their enemies when they should see them as their friends.

Isha Sesay: So you would be looking to change the mandate, effectively?

President Jonathan: Yes. And we will go. We must not just send one. We must send enough and we must provide them with enough platforms for them to operate.

Isha Sesay: So the kidnapping of a school bus of children in Abia state earlier on this week. What is happening?

President Jonathan: That part of this country must be under control. I am not telling you too much but it must be under control. And the kidnappers have a very short history. They will celebrate their victories for a few days more.

Isha Sesay: But is an operation underway?
President Jonathan: We are on it and definitely we will get them out.