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Friday, 30 November 2012

BREAKING NEWS:Actress Tonto Dikeh/Crooner TerryG In The studios!

Well for those who think Tonto Dikeh cannot and shouldn't sing,their worst nightmare is about to berth!
Tonto is presently in the studios doing a collab with crooner Terry G titled 'CRAZICALLY FIT'' and insiders squeal the song will be released as from Monday December 3,2012 and its a TONTO DIKEH song featuring TERRYG.

The crooner TerryG has tweeted about this a few days back and has dubbed this song ''hot and massive''.........''COUNTDOWN TO @TONTOLET NEW SINGLE ''CRAZICALLY FIT''feat @TERRYGZUS...Dec 3rd...its T.G.P ENTERTAINMENT GBES!''

I hear the song talks about being sexually and crazically fit..........whatever that means(rolling my eyes upwards)

......So tonto came up with 'hi'and 'its ova'and ya all screamed its bad,well she is stretching out her lungs again to 'serenade' ya all with 'crazically fit'

Lets keep our fingers crossed.....Nah Only God know wetin we go hear this time.

This tonto sef,the babe get one kind liver,i guess shes the type who never gives up no matter what people say.
I am still not a tonto dikeh fan and my hating will not change the price of Xmas fawul!


Anonymous said...

I think Tonto just enjoys being controversial. Her own too much, abeg.

Tboy said...

Anoda Tonto song? Dats d worst Christmas gift any1 can get.

Anonymous said...

That's how she stays relevant, through controversy. I don't buy her movies again and the actors and actresses that have sense don't act with her anymore. All I see in her movies are bendy rollers, Brazilian hair and tattoos. Iznogu na!!

Anonymous said...

Tonto singing again? As if the harmattan alone won't be enuff to "dry" this Xmas.

kendra said...

Ur comment got me laughing! To think my friend and I were just talking about her bendy rollers and brazilian hair in her movies last night especially the one she did with uti and uche jumbo rodrigues

Tutu@Atl said...

I have been watching Naija home vidoes for about a year now and for some reason, I couldn't stand this trash called Tonto and some others like Rukky woteva, Halima somthin. I googled their names and found out I wasn't the only one that found them annoying.I have seriously warned my mum not to buy any video they feature in when next she comes to Naija. Smh @ by force wannabes

Dailygists.com said...

Neva give up is the game. Lov tonto so so much

Anonymous said...

Which kind horror film be this na

Kay said...

abegi piple shud let her be and give her a chance and she might just wow y'all

Anonymous said...

Fuck off dummy why put dem down?wat ıs halıma and rukky name doıng thr?halıma ıs a dwaft but stıll better than all the rest..

Anonymous said...

Tutu oloshı onı ıranu.leave halımat alone ok..so many love her..konı dafu eh

oduneja said...

Na wa for pipu oo.. Someone is try to express her mind and you folks could do was to cursed her out..lol
Naija I hail thee!