Stella Dimoko Check Out Jumobi Mofe-Damijo's Hot Tattoo!


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Monday, 5 November 2012

Check Out Jumobi Mofe-Damijo's Hot Tattoo!

Sunday Novermber 4,2012 was Agatha Amata's 40somthing-ish Birthday and she had a small gig in her Gbagada home to mark the day.

Jumobi was one of the close friends invited to make merry with Agatha and this is one of the pic they snapped together.
See how Rapper Ruggedmans Coconut head stands out between the celebrant and her Friend.LOL.

Now zoom your eyes left to Jumobi's hot hot tattoo,didnt know she had one to flaunt.

I respect people who had the liver to go under the needle to get tattoos,I want one but I dey fear !

Jumobi I like your tattoo.

Now Before anybody calls me to warn me for putting up this picture here,I didnt send anyone to carve a tattoo or go out exposing it.....There are lots of interesting character in the world,my job is to tell their story!

Happy belated Birthday Agatha,you have done well for yourself  and as a fellow isokodiva,I doff my hat,Respect!


ETHAN said...

Stella re u from Isoko?wink

Anonymous said...

I find them razz and tacky. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

stella , i like you so much , you know why? because you dey sabi crack my ribs. you be real. said...

the tattoo did not rock better joor...get latest entertainment gist and discussion on issues that move mind here at

Adele said...

I have to say Stella, I love your style. I love the fact that you are direct and to the point. No beating about the bush, no ass-kissing, just straight shooting. This is why I've got your blog bookmarked. I may not always agree with what you write but I can't fault your style, It's a breath of fresh air in the Naija blogosphere. Also, thanks for introducing Dame Caucus (Valuta) I'm now hooked on her blog. ;-)God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I just love your person stella! You aint scared of anybody
@ jumobi na u get ur body do as u like

Anonymous said...


joyeux la vie said...

how tacky!

tattoos designs said...

yes these tattoos designs are enough hot snd so is this post

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