Stella Dimoko Actress Nkiru Sylvanus Releases Unofficial Press Statement.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Actress Nkiru Sylvanus Releases Unofficial Press Statement.

The Actress was recently Rumoured as 'Secretly married' and even though the alleged groom has issued a press statement denying anything of such happened,Nkiru has opened up.

The Crying Actress issued an unofficial statement via blackberry broadcast this morning Wednesday January 16,2013

This is what she said.

''I am not married yet, I do not know where the story of secret marriage came out from!!! But Nigerian bloggers won't kill us in this country! One day we will start a war in this country caused by fake stories by this unprofessional news peddlers! Only to realize we have been fooled. It is a crime to continually feed the public with lies! Nkeiru Sylvanus''.


Anonymous said...

Okay. We don hia yuu "unofficial local champion, Nkiru." But as u deny secretly marrying him, don't deny secretly dating him cos d interior decor dat did ur house also did my friend's own and dem tok ur mata taya

Anonymous said...

Such a shallow denial! Is there a rship btw u two? Will u be second wife if he asked u? Silly whore!

Anonymous said...

The interior decor didn't do Nkiru's house. The person did Umar Sani's!! Nkiru does not have a house in abj. Stop trying to cause bad market for the interior decor! So fucking what if Nkiru is dating the man? Why don't u find yourself a guy and stop this blog prostitution! So because she was in charge of the decoration now, that automatically makes the house her's. Get a life and stop making other people"s problem your own! I too sabi

oduneja said...

Wetin concern pesin if she marry? Its time we stop attaching important value to these actresses.

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