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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Check Out Cossy Orjiakor

These are the latest pictures she displayed.

She has also recently renamed her lekki house 'play girl mansion'.

do you think she is an attention seeker?



Cynthia said...

She is worse than an attention seeker. She has gone nuts and has lost it completely.

By the way you didnt post all the pictures. There is one where she showed the whole world her buttocks. Such a pretty lady doing this to herself. Anyway its her life and she can do whatever she likes with it.

Anonymous said...

Wats dis rubbish??? U bloggers r the ones promoting this "noticeme". Acting has rejected her, Singing has denied her.. Cossy, Its not by force to remain in the limelight oh

Shayee said...

Heaven curse the day this embarrassment of a woman called Cossy was born. Her father completely wasted his Sperm to impregnate her mum, giving birth to this thing.

Anonymous said...

Stella help her now she needs sat guru maraji to help God forbid shameless harlot seeking attention so stupid men still lick dis pussy she is doing trade fair with and still kis their wife with curse upon curse

Blunt Queen said...

Cynthia are u blind? What part of cossy is pretty?

Anonymous said...

Why she keeps opening that wide mouth of her's in all her pics is just beyond me

oduneja said...

Ha! Dis one na bad market since.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Cossys worse dan a dog.