Stella Dimoko Spot The Fisherman's Son.


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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spot The Fisherman's Son.

*In Pastor Paul Adefarasins Voice*

''He was catapultated from the backseat of his papas fishing boat to authority....can i preach to somebody hereeeee?
he had no shoes but he walked farrrrrrrrrr
he had no car but his legs took where cars cannot go!
can i hear somebody say'that is my portion in the Mighty Name of Jesus'!!!

Turn to your neighbour and tell them
''something is about to happen to your situation!
If God did it for the fisherman's son,he will do it for you!''

Please spot the fishermans son and claim your miracle as you do!


joy monica arsenal said...

stelaa i dey see one aboki man wey tall but he resemble one man wey dey aso rock

somadina obi said...

I see an incubus man whey dey olumo rock now, sorry aso rock.

Anonymous said...

So hilarious

Anonymous said...

Na wa for you stella!

Anonymous said...

Seeing this pic,just reminded me of how wonderful God is,he is indeed the Unchangeable changer,the God that can never change,but can change any situation.

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