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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ene Lawani:Most Stylish Beauty Queen.

After Nike Oshinowo,Ex Miss Nigeria Ene Lawani has just got to be the next most stylist ex beauty queen.
Her outfits are always on point and her taste in quality attire is unmistakeable.

If you think she doesnt deserve the crown of most stylist ex beauty queen please state so and give your reasons

Now I am backing up my own with this recent spotting of her.

see the pic.


Anonymous said...

What of Helen Prest-Ajayi?

Anonymous said...

To me adaeze igwe yobo is d most stylish ex_beauty queen.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a gbagaun here or my eyes are playing tricks,MOST STYLIST or MOST STYLISH #just saying#

Anonymous said...

Miss Nigeria is quite different from Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria. Different pageants, on another note, lawani shld kuku marry Polo guy and stop being mistress of how many yrs!

Anonymous said...

Abeg dis mama look like an Owl here. If she like mk she be d most stylish for d whole world whts my bizness. Hia

Anonymous said...

ITK we know the difference that's why blog owner said beauty queen. They are all beauty queens. She looks like an ayamatanga.
Not a gbagaun probably just a typo.

Lilien said...

Stella, I think Adaeze Yobo is the most stylish.
My opinion though.

Anonymous said...

nice outfit but still looks like an ayamantanga

Anonymous said...

Adaeze igwe yobo is the most stylish