Stella Dimoko Estreet...The Unveiling Of Africa’s First Social Earning Enterprise.


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Estreet...The Unveiling Of Africa’s First Social Earning Enterprise.

                           FINALLY.... SOME GOOD COMES OUT OF  ASUU STRIKE!

eStreet Technologies is a Non-profit online community created last week by some Computer Science undergraduates of the University of Ibadan during this ASUU strike. The recently launched project ( is a Social Career and Business Startups’ network aimed at partnering with young social entrepreneurs to incubate innovations, sculpt models, forge connections and raise resources to enable the launch of new ideas and new leaders.

Please read their press release....I posted this to support them.

Garki, Abuja FCT, Nigeria, (August 29, 2013) -- Youth unemployment especially in Nigeria has become a threat to socio-economic peace and stability.

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment (23.9 percent in 2011) in Africa and with jobs scarce and the ever-mounting pressure to earn; many young Nigerians between the ages of 15-24 years (about 30% of Nigeria’s population) turn to cybercrime to earn a living.

“Nigeria is a country where students do not study, workers do not work, ministers do not administrate, and where cunning religious clerics hold the order of the day. However, it is terrific for the future of the country to finally discover a fast growing community of young Nigerians – some of Africa’s finest self-made intellectuals, strategic thinkers & career leaders of struggle who notoriously do not rely on the Nigerian government.” mentioned Dr. A.N Adewole, a respected senior lecturer of the University of Ibadan.

This past year, is focused on addressing the unemployment crisis through Entrepreneurship Development & Supporting Innovation by engaging in expansive regional business plan competitions to select winning proposals by eStreet ‘’Roundtables’’ (StartUps’ Innovation Challenge) and creating access to markets for goods and services for young entrepreneurs – Web Trade. eStreet is also dedicated to providing small grants (ranging from $500 to $3000) to support new ideas from young entrepreneurs and from organizations with creative programmes for supporting Nigerian youth.

“ delivers real world skills like professional development, leadership training, project management, initial capital & funds sourcing initiatives, interactive online content, business blogs, business directory access, mentor-led activities, networking and communication resources to help young savvy people be the CEO of their Careers – fast and free ” said Kunle Oloyede - Director for Brand & Communications Marketing for eStreet Technologies, Inc.

The rewarding possibilities on eStreet include:

 Earning handsome honorariums for taking part in sponsored surveys, screeners & questionnaires’ on products/services available to the Nigerian market.
    Getting paid for winning article contests & selling online tutorial rights.
A sophisticated free online CV builder with sharing, liking, viewing and downloading capabilities.
    An extensive blog listing jobs & vacancy offers from over 480 registered companies operating in Nigeria.
    Sophisticated online brand promotion through a vast range of services including free customized website(s)/company email(s).
    Unrestricted IVs’ to business & career success events (including Seminars, Workshops, Conferences) in and around major Nigerian cities including Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and Port-Harcourt.
    And free-login access to world class certification courses from MIT, Harvard University & several other global oriented institutions via their Open courseware programs.

 In addition, announced the recent launch of its affiliate ‘eStreet Brand Ambassadors’ network where eStreet Brand Ambassadors get to earn an industry-leading 30% incentive whenever they refer their colleagues, family or friends to eStreet in confidence that they will receive the very best StartUp creation service eStreet has to offer. At the same time eStreet wants to work with partners who will promote its brand in open, ethical and honest ways. 

According to Shittu Ibrahim, a student in his final year at the University of Lagos, "Being an eStreet Brand Ambassador has given me the opportunity to work for myself part-time allowing me the opportunity to work for myself but not by myself.”

 Joshua Akinbanjo, Director of Promotions & Brand Assets, Glo Nigeria, commented, “We live in a country whose younger generation craves for a little more than shallow purpose-less living, chasing opposite sex & cyber-fraud but don’t do anything for the benefit of society. To the foreigner the perception is chaos – abject poverty, national insecurity, brutal oppression, looting politicians, chronic illiteracy, seasonal labour strikes and the infamous ‘yahoo-yahoo’– for members of the eStreet Network it is not chaos at all.  So I feel it soothing to find an emerging army of young and career savvy Nigerians who confront misfortune – not by crying, making up excuses & low-esteem – but with a smile taking it in their own style, that is, with humor, swag & a rugged determination to make a difference in their society.”

To learn more or become a member of the eStreet Social Business & Career network for free visit for more information. Emails could also be sent to or contact the 24/7 eStreet Hotline: +234(0)703-475-0031 (SMS Only).


goodnews gamage said...

This is cool, finally we are heading somewhere, just hope coruption will not creap into it

eStreet! said...

Thanks So much Stella! your really amazing

Ihekire Tony said...

Confused.........didnt understand anything here.

Anonymous said...

dat good, stella post mai comment o, mummy haliyah

Anonymous said...

dat good, stella post mai comment o, mummy haliyah

Anonymous said...

dat good, stella post mai comment o, mummy haliyah

Nelly Ozojie said...

Aunty stella believe me, a lot of good hv come out frm asuu strike.

Forget the story dat girls started prostituting, dats jst for d few lazy ones, some ppl like me never sat down at all.

I used dis opportunity 2 develop my small scale coperate event catering/ private chef business called Kitchen Enterprise and Events(KEE).

I started wit catering for a small school board executive meeting, the next tin I knw, I catered for a big group's quartely meeting jst dis september. I got 2 more contact frm that meeting for events in october and I knw by God's grace there will be more.

Nw I'm tinkin of starting a home/ office delivery of certain mouth watering traditional delicacies, if d mountain doesn't wna go 2 mohammed, mohammed will go 2 d mountain.

Heaven helps those who helps themselves. I will get there one day.

Anonymous said...

Stella wetin i do u? Y u no gree post my comment?

Ibraheem Shittu said...

It is indeed time our young ones to start taking charge. Our generation has already failed them.

KCee said...

now dis is tha bomb. Gud job Stella for spotting these talents. You should do this more often. I'm proud of you.

emrmarketing said...

Stella a Uhmm I Don send you dribble press release plenty times for breast cancer please support us and publish thanks!

eStreet! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Akalume said...

great work there. just visited the site myself.

Anonymous said...

..But we nt talkn sex here, aw cn u possibly understand?

bitchplis said...

Are u sure d delicacy u r serving is not ur body? Just asking

Anonymous said...

Stellla ,y dint u post my first comment? Noww i can see its intentional, u don fuckup totally

Anonymous said...

Stellla y u no post my previos comment? I knww its intentional, u don fuuckup totally, au my advert for asuu strike movie tak affect u? Nah wah o. I wont visit ur blog for a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont beg me o

harsh kumar said...

Nice Article, So when you visit Good Brand Promotion Agencies Playschool Franchisee look to see if teachers smile and are generally encouraging of children. Look to see how the teachers interact with the other children in the classroom and if there seem to be strong connections between them. Also talk to parents at the school about their experience.

joe said...

Good one and nice article thank you stella

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