Stella Dimoko Man With World Record 28 Finger Is Scared His Job Might Hurt Him...


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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Man With World Record 28 Finger Is Scared His Job Might Hurt Him...

 An Indian carpenter who has 28 fingers and toes says he has to be extra careful not to slice off one of his extra digits at work. 

Devendra Suthar, from Himmatnagar in Gujarat, in western India, has more digits than anyone else on the planet - something that is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.
A carpenter by profession, the 43-year-old suffers from a condition called Polydactylism. He has seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot - though two of his toes are joined.

People come from far and wide along with their children to see the 'man with seven fingers' and Suthar says he enjoys the attention.
He said: 'Because of my extra fingers people here treat me as a celebrity. They come to see me and the attention makes me feel special. 
'Children laugh when they see me doing funny tricks with my fingers.

 The expression on their face when they see my toes is priceless. It is because of my fingers that I have become a famous man.
'I consider my extra fingers and toes definitely are lucky for me and I do not want to cut them off.'

But having extra digits and working with them proves more difficult for Suthar, who admits to being cautious all the time.
He says: 'The extra fingers and toes certainly trouble me at times. I am a carpenter and work mostly with saw and hammer. I have to always be careful to avoid the fingers.' cullage

Eyaaaaaa but why Carpenter work if he is scared?eyaaa!


  1. Replies
    1. Why are Indians always holding the weirdest and "bizzarest" records in the world. Tufiakwa

    2. Na God dey punish them! They are toooooo wicked!!! I live with them*

  2. He's really blessed....He needs to discover those exceptional features about him, n make do with them..

    ~barr charles

  3. Indians and their adnormalities diwka too mux...he sud cut the extras off and live a normal life...
    *faithful bv enemuwe thelma*

  4. So many different orishirishi things in dt India sef.
    Na wa o.

  5. It's only in India that one get to see all sorts

  6. Y do we find all des strange things in India. I Am scared of those people.

  7. Indians and body defects.....

  8. Strange things happen in this part of the world. Difficult & challenging, they still manage to pull through the life.

  9. Oga,just change work and ur fears will be gone. Indians too get many abnormal things

  10. Aya, I feel for the man, I'm sure he can't wear covered shoes

  11. Wishing him the best of luck

  12. He's probably not educated hence his being a carpenter @ Stella. Oooo I'm happy for my normal 10 fingers and toes. God bless him oo!

  13. My younger sister was born with six fingers each.

    The sixth finger had to be cut off while she was a baby.


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