Stella Dimoko Charlie Sheen Blasts Doctor Who Claimed To have Cured Him Of HIV with goats milk


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Charlie Sheen Blasts Doctor Who Claimed To have Cured Him Of HIV with goats milk

Charlie Sheen has hit out at his controversial doctor who claimed he'd cured the troubled actor of HIV with arthritic goat's milk and told him to go off his meds.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the Two And A Half Men star said Dr Sam, whose real name is Dr Samir Chachoua, should be prosecuted.
'This guy is a liar and if he comes back here to practice medicine, he should be arrested,' Sheen fumes in the spot set to air on Wednesday. 

Speaking to Dr Oz, he goes on to say he is lucky he didn't die after indulging in Dr Sam's prescriptions for two months.  

It comes soon after Sheen revealed the worrying news that his HIV numbers are 'up' after being encouraged to stop taking his antiviral drugs. 

The actor, who revealed he was diagnosed with the virus four years ago, was said to have been responding well to the drugs but had gone off his meds after he sought alternative treatment from Chachoua two months ago. 

Dr Oz will be seen on Wednesday telling Inside Edition:
'Dr Sam could have killed Charlie Sheen.
'He convinced him to go off medication, which have been effective for four years.'

The disgraced medic, who famously injected himself with Sheen's HIV positive blood, claims his 'cure' based on the milk of arthritic goats had made the virus 'undetectable' in the Hollywood star, Gawker revealed.

During an interview on Real Time with Bill Maher he said that Sheen was 'the first adult in history to go HIV negative' thanks to his treatment and even claimed he had 'cured countries' of HIV and Aids.

But the 50-year-old Golden Globe winner refuted the extraordinary claims in a diatribe on Twitter last week.

He tweeted: 'Dr Sam I was with u in Mexico for 1 day. It's illegal for u to practice in U.S.A. where u treated me for 2 months.'
The actor also revealed in an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show last month that his HIV numbers were going up for the first time after taking the doctor's 'cure.'

Sebi he was warned!


  1. He is as silly as the supposed doctor.

  2. Replies
    1. Reminds me of our very own Dr. Abalaka

  3. This Charlie Sheen sef. You knew the risk involved when you decided to listen to that Crazy up there.

    I hope for the life of me that he abstained from sex just like he did his Meds.. his Viral load right now will be over the roof!

  4. God deliver your people from such misleading doctors. Charlie Sheen better go back to your meds.

  5. Heya, lol but a man that can take hiv blood and inject on himself is very comvincing with that unless he too has hiv...

  6. It is difficult to seperate the Charlie Sheen of two and a half men and the real Charlie Sheen. He never listens until he is burned.

  7. Why the sudden outburst? No be only goatmilk

  8. Lol I talk am... that man should come to naija and they will fall for his lies so easily

  9. I hope Nigerians are reading this. It is either it or not. Nothing like alternative medicine. If it is not medicine, then it is not medicine. For you all who visit agwoturumbe and amadioha high priest then come bk to the hospital when you are at the nick of death to blame the hospital and start destroying things.
    Tell the agwoturumbe to give you the names of the sickness they have discovered. You cannot have cure for staph and diabetes that you don't even know how they affect the body, scientists will discover disease and give it a name, you will now come with ya white chalk and claim to have a cure cos they dont.
    Yet you didn't do any research to discover any disease. It is the fools that gamble with their lives that I pity.
    All these Nigerians carrying HIV and running from one pastor to another,,,better go back to your medications. Ask God to make the drugs super effective rather. He is not a magician, he gave people the knowledge to create the drugs.

  10. Charlie just continue with your antiviral drugs. I understand the need to be completely rid of the virus but ................

  11. He better start taking his antiviral drugs before the thing multiply too much on him. Drugs keep your life going well go and ask Magic Johnson and all others

  12. Its all propanganda . the doctor is good if he wasn't then how did he inject himself with sheens blood and still surviving. Anything that brings a cure to this disease is discomfort to the western devils making profit from the sales of condom

  13. Hahahaha same thing to all those believing all dem native doctor Igodo goko cleanser things, stop poisoning your systems abeg.


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