Stella Dimoko Germany's President Gauck Visiting A Nigeria Faced With Serious Challenges


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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Germany's President Gauck Visiting A Nigeria Faced With Serious Challenges

This report is from a German website and was posted yesterday.Gauck is already in Lagos and was received by lagos state Governor Ambode and his team.....

The report says.....

''When German President Joachim Gauck visits Nigeria, he will be coming to a country struggling with several issues including the impact of low oil prices. He will be meeting Nigeria's Buhari, who has his hands full.

Nigeria is Africa's largest economy. But this economy is struggling on several fronts. Since the drastic fall of oil prices, the country is wrestling with the aftermath and many Nigerians are feeling the impact.
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari is also not to be envied. Nearly a year ago, many Nigerians pinned their hopes on him and overwhelmingly voted him as their new leader.

Buhari promised to tackle many of the issues facing Nigeria, but he is so far facing stiff challenges
Buhari pledged to reform the country, which is plagued by massive corruption and religious divides.
But with Nigeria facing enormous challenges including terrorism and the displacement of tens of thousands, the 73 year-old leader is much more of a crisis manager now than a reformer.
When German President Joachim Gauck visits Nigeria, he will have plenty of issues to discuss with President Buhari - issues such as the growing insecurity in southern Libya.
"That [insecurity in southern Libya] is becoming a strategic time bomb for Africa and Europe," Buhari said last week at the European Union parliament.
"The South of Libya has become a thriving bazaar for weapons and therefore threatens the security of the Sahel, West Africa and other regions," he added.
Buhari said the Nigerian militant group, Boko Haram, gets its arms supplies from southern Libya. Boko Haram, which is seeking to create an Islamic caliphate, is also very active in neighboring Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

The Boko Haram insurgency has displaced tens of thousands
The Nigerian militant group has sworn allegiance to the so called 'Islamic State', which seems to be gaining grounds in Libya.
The German leadership share similar concerns and interest with the Nigerian leader.

Repatriating refugees and internally displaced persons
Buhari's second major problem is connected to his first. The Boko Haram terror forced more than two million people out of their homes.
The Nigerian army retook control of almost all of the regions previously under Boko Haram, but most of the villages were destroyed in the fight to take back the towns from the insurgents.

The destroyed villages need to be rebuilt and security restored in order to repatriate tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons. Most of the refugees now seek for a better life elsewhere, especially in Europe.
President Buhari recognizes the concerns raised by European politicians about the increasing number of Nigerians seeking asylum in Europe. Lack of economic perspective at home was identified as a key factor forcing many Nigerian to migrate to Europe.
"We are working with our state and local authorities to strengthen our vocational training institutions," Buhari said.
"Apart from that, we want to also diversify our economy. That's the reason we are putting our priority on agriculture and in the mining of raw materials to create more jobs."

The fall of oil prices has had a huge impact on Nigeria's economy
Higher spending on broken income
Buhari's ideas, however, cost money. That is Nigeria's third major problem. The fall of the price of crude oil, Nigeria's major export, hit the country hard.
The Nigerian leader introduced a budget that invests largely in agriculture, education, and infrastructure.
But with a reduction of revenue from oil exports, Buhari may need to borrow more money from international lenders to finance his plans.
Buhari is also facing another major challenge from climate change. Due to changes in weather patterns, the huge Lake Chad on the border between Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad is threatening to dry up.
"Nigeria is watching helplessly as the Lake Chad dries up," Buhari said. "That has monumental consequences for the people there."
"Their livelihoods for generations depend on the resources of Lake Chad. These resources are disappearing and taking away the work for the people," he added.

Buhari hopes to discuss these challenges with German President Gauck during his visit.

Report filed in from Abuja by Jens Borchers for

Photos of Ambode Receiving Germany's Joachim Gauck In Lagos Yesterday Monday...

Frau Guack And Frau Ambode

I hope their stay is pleseant and this reporter can write some good stuff about Nigeria....IN JESUS NAME!


  1. Our matter don reach "In Jesus name"?
    Like we have to bind and cast before they see "good" things?


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  2. Stella why you no dey the entourage. You dont want to represent us abi?

    Nigeria we hail thee. God will bring us out of this Egypt that Nigerians are passing thru

  3. Stella why you no dey the entourage. You dont want to represent us abi?

    Nigeria we hail thee. God will bring us out of this Egypt that Nigerians are passing thru

  4. Abeg nor call Jesus name o. Buhari promised heaven, earth and beyond heavens when he was campaigning. Now he has been travelling up and down and the country is worse than he met it. Jesus cannot come down and help us. And Jesus cannot die again. He has died before so leave Jesus okay.

    247 comment 2016

  5. Afi Frau Ambode nah, Stella kindly proof-read your works.

  6. Stella I was expecting to see I there,lol.ambassador sdk

  7. So Germany has a president? It's only the chancelor Angelo Merkel that I hear of every now and then. Hmmmmm!

    1. Yes they have president who is also superior to Angela Merkel but in some ways that you won't understand. Their political lever is not same as useless nigerian style


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