Stella Dimoko Juliana Richards, CEO Slim Girl LTD, announces New Premium Lingerie Products


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Friday, 12 February 2016

Juliana Richards, CEO Slim Girl LTD, announces New Premium Lingerie Products

What if you had more than you ever wished for in lingerie available at your reach? 

Slim Girl is here to help you out with those demands. The globally known shape wear company owned by Juliana Richards recently expanded its company’s product offering thereby ensuring that all customers get irresistible lingerie products that are perfect for special occasion or as everyday wear.

Customers can now shop on their website for amazing pieces and in the company’s Lagos, Nigeria stores located at Ikeja and Lekki. They got lace bra and pant sets, silicone bras, backless bras, butt pads and many more added to the new “lingerie” page on their website.

Slim Girl offers more than just body products, they do it to suit you and make you comfortable. From everyday wear to sexy little seductive numbers, everyone one of the lingerie items included on their website is just so spectacular and created for every occasion including the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.
The U.S.-based company has already opened two Nigeria stores within the last six months.
For added convenience, Slim Girl also provides customers with a mobile app named–“Slim Girl” – available on the App store and Google Play.
You can download it here: For further inquiry, the company has set up a dedicated customer service number, available to take calls during working hours (9 a.m. – 7 p.m.) at +234-14407339.

To view the entire Slim Girl lingerie collection, please visit www.SLIMGIRL.NG.
Currently, there are two locations, Lekki and Ikeja in Nigeria: 52, Allen Avenu, Ikeja Lagos and T.F. Kuboye Road, Alternative Route, Oniru New Market, Lekki, Lagos.
Follow Us On:

Instagram: @slimgirlshapewear   @1800cinchers
twitter: @1800cinchers

Customer Service: +234 14407339
Lekki: 080 9066 3293

Ikeja: 080 9066 3294


Sarah de DIEU. said...


One trillion said...

End time Itid


Which kain wahala is this?

So because of valentine someone will not drink water and drop cup with this lingerie people?

Olori Isis said...

I hope what they advertise is what they truly sell. Before somebody will go and buy and the bra will go on top your shoulder or neck to hang like someone with hunch back. No matter how you adjust it

mrs mustapha said...

Ha eh do for this pant and bra advert naa iya, why don't they ever use people with big belly and enough nyash for all this trending adverts? and we're like sixty percent of the entire population ooooh, so how will we know they have our interest at heart? Pls under flyover for education bus stop is my shopping mall for those kind things period

Miss Ess said...


Mao Akuh said...

I guess this will cost a fortune but does it keep a man?

Whether lingerie or not, it is called BRA and PANT.

Roseflower said...

Lovely stuff.
Wish I could patronise you guys.

Loveme Jeje said...

I love the bra and pant not lingerie. we nigerians know it is pant and brazzier.

how much does it cost. i cant start calling your number.

Honey P said...

Please I need diapers (pampers) for my baby. I know my request may seem embarassing but I can't help it.The depression and silent pains is too much,I am forced to cryout, since last week no diapers, but has been stooling so much since 4 days ago, please someone help me with diapers, please, thanks.

xhlrted p said...

Hahahaha. Olori o. Biko know your bra size before entering into any lingerie shop. They are quick to convince.

xhlrted p said...

Pictures 14, 17 and the last one make sense. At least on a sweaty day, the lacy edges don't get you itchy.
The Whole Ikeja and Island is in RED. Valentine hampers and ribbons everywhere. Oriegwu.

Chummy cho cho said...

Asin eh. I cant wait for the valentine to be gone already. The fuss is just too much.

Starjoy said...

Are you sure is just the undies alone they sell?

Anonymous said...

Honey p If you can not afford pampers use nappy

Anonymous said...

Why not use the money you use in buying mb to buy pampers for your baby. It will soon get to a time when people will start pleading to get chewing stick as give away.

Obama's Sister said...


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