Stella Dimoko Mexican Actress Kate Del Castillo Feels 'Betrayed' And 'Used' By Sean Penn and claims she had no idea actor Planned To Write Article About interview With El Chapo


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Friday, February 05, 2016

Mexican Actress Kate Del Castillo Feels 'Betrayed' And 'Used' By Sean Penn and claims she had no idea actor Planned To Write Article About interview With El Chapo

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo feels 'betrayed' and 'used' by Sean Penn over their meeting with drug lord El Chapo, her attorney has said.

Del Castillo did not know Penn was planning to write an article for Rolling Stone about the interview, which took place while Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was on the run in the Mexican jungle, lawyer Harland Braun said.

Del Castillo, who was looking into developing a movie about the then-fugitive cartel boss, feels 'used' by Penn and two others who helped her broke the meeting, he claimed.
'She didn't know Penn was going to write for Rolling Stone. Would you meet with El Chapo and approve to have the interview for publication?' the attorney asked.

'After the interview she had no choice about it. Once Penn and Guzman agreed on the article, what was she going to do? She signed off after they had done so.
'That's what made her feel really betrayed by these people. The three of them go together and basically used her and didn't tell her.'
The secret meeting took place in October last year and came after del Castillo and the kingpin shared a raft of flirtatious text messages.

El Chapo was captured in the Mexican city of Los Mochis in January - a day before Penn's article was published - and he is now back in the maximum security prison he escaped from last summer as he fights extradition to the United States.

Del Castillo's attorney's comments came as prosecutors in Mexico issued an order demanding she return to her native country for questioning as part of an investigation into money laundering involving her tequila business and El Chapo.
She is considered a witness and has not been accused of any crime, Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez said.

Mr Braun says del Castillo is happy to talk to the Mexican authorities, but that she would rather do so in the U.S..
Both Penn and del Castillo were criticized for communicating with and then meeting with El Chapo without alerting officials.

But the Mexican authorities later said that the stars' meeting with the cartel leader led them to him, even if they did not meant it to. 
'We're not afraid of anything because she didn't do anything to hurt anyone,' Mr Braun said. 'She didn't do this to expose Mr Guzman.'

Mr Braun said 'the Mexican government knows that there's no money laundering'.
'You can find out very quickly by looking financial records,' he said.

He also denied there was any relationship between El Chapo and del Castillo.
A series of flirtatious text messages between the unlikely pair were revealed by the Mexican newspaper Milenio, in which the kingpin clearly had more interest in the actress than Penn.

The two had planned to meet again, and the messages sometimes veered into gushing expressions of mutual admiration

'He obviously was a fan of hers, Mr Braun said. 'She was trying to encourage him because he wanted to make a movie about his life. That's it. They're obviously friendly but that's it.'
'You would not, if you're trying to make a movie about a person's life, antagonize them, right?'

The court order only applies in Mexico. If del Castillo was found to be in the country then she would be detained to make a statement as a witness and then released after doing so.

Na wah!....This Sean sef,who send am message?I hope the Mafia doesnt go after two of them sha cos this is whole thing looks like a setup and the police are just trying to harrass them to make them look innocent.
How come they caught El Chapo before the interview came out?I thought they said the published interview helped them?so who leaked it to them to read before it came out.........something about this whole thing aint right.

I am sure El chapo is regretting agreeing to that meeting now.


  1. This El chapo's issue is very complicated.

    1. This Stella is not even current.El chapo escaped again almost two weeks ago.

  2. Sean Penn is desperately tryna resurrect his dead career with all this el chapo brouhaha! I can bet Sean leaked the interview. A**!!


  3. Their cup of tea.

    218 comment 2016

  4. knew El chapo from machine gun kelly...dude must be real bad

  5. Oh! So this is where it came from

  6. Fear women and gain safety.... Women , the killers of strong men

  7. Teresa Mendoza!!!

    1. Yes oooo, queen of the south, I love d woman Jare, they shld free her jooor

  8. So this is how Sean Penn drew the attention of one of the World's notorious Drug dealers to himself? Hmmmmmm

    Btw,i liked this lady the few times I watched the Queen of the South.

  9. I agree with you Stella, smells like a set up and everyone is back-tracking their statements. El Chapo might be in jail, but his influence obviously extends beyond that cell. Del Castillo on the other hand, apparently her role in Queen of the South must have left a big impression

  10. Stella keep swallowing comments lyk CUM u hear?

  11. I can imagine how she feels now. It can be so depressing when one is betrayed. Nawa ooh!!!

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