Stella Dimoko Newborn Boy Pronounced Dead And Just Before He Was To Be Cremated Something SHOCKING Happens...


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Newborn Boy Pronounced Dead And Just Before He Was To Be Cremated Something SHOCKING Happens...

The Baby Boy died.......

A newborn baby boy who was pronounced dead in China woke up crying moments before he was due to be cremated after spending the night in a morgue at -12C temperature.

A worker at the Pan'an funeral home in Jinhua realised the baby, named An An, was still alive when he pulled the newborn out of the refrigerator and he began to wail, reported Channel Six of Zhejiang Television. The worker then contacted the father and cancelled the scheduled cremation.

The boy had been delivered prematurely, after a seven-month pregnancy, on January 8 at the Pan'an People's Hospital in Zhejiang, a coastal province in southeastern China.

According to Channel Six, the father of the baby boy, named only as Lu, insisted on taking him out of incubation a week earlier than doctors had recommended to bring him home for Chinese New Year.

Two days later, the boy’s face lost colour and the family rushed him back to hospital for emergency care. By February 4, the baby's state had deteriorated. The paediatrician, Dr Chen Shuanghua, declared that the baby was not breathing and there was no heartbeat.

According to the Mail Online after the hospital issued a death certificate, An An's father wrapped him in two layers of clothing and took him to the morgue of the Pan'an Funeral Home at around 6pm

An An, who had spent 15 hours in a freezer with temperatures of -12C, was then sent back to the emergency room, where he was being kept under observation in an incubator on Monday.
“Having been a paediatrician for over 20 years, I can’t really understand how this miracle happened,” Dr Chen said according to the Epoch Times.

Unfortunately, the odds of his survival are low, Dr Chen said.
Mr Yang, director of the People's Hospital, said that the staff made a mistake by not confirming the baby's death a second time before issuing the death certificate.


  1. Replies
    1. God is good. Now this I believe not that story about that pastor and his acting skills

    2. Its the Lord's doing. May he make the little baby's healing permanent.

    3. If it is in Nigeria now, they will crucify the doctors.

  2. Praise God! Good news.
    Not end time miracle

  3. In my heart of hearts I feel most people finally die in the morgue on in the grave but not when they are pronounced dead..

    I don't blame people who insist on keeping the corpse for some days more before proceeding to the morgue

  4. But how is this possible? After spend 15hours inside d freezer. God help me nt what am thinking, meaning most persons pronounce dead sometimes would have still made it back if patient enough not to ban them or put them in the freezer

    1. Lmao,,,,ban ke? Are they substandard goods?

    2. Back in d days wen we practiced freezer n not embalmed, Jerry Amilo afta ghastly accident spent days in d morgue &came out alive.
      This 1 no be 'themsay themsay'.
      I just baffled y afta such xperiens person no go serve God FULL TIME.
      Where is actor Jerry Amilo sef?
      If u r an SDK bv, I hail thee ooo

  5. People be observing stupid custom like it's going out of fashion and endangering the live of others. What's so special wit the Chinwae New year celebration that he had to remove him from the incubation. Hope he survives a second time, but being in the freezer for like 15hrs no be small thing.

    1. That's Chinese for you. They don't joke with such things even if it will cost them their life.

    2. That's Chinese for you. They don't joke with such things even if it will cost them their life.

  6. Little one is a fighter.

    An An.......oke afa na egbu nkita

  7. Cremation? Thank God he awoke before the process began. It would have been excruciating for the baby.

    Sometimes I wonder what happens to people who wake up in their coffins after being there a chance this happens?

    I am claustrophobic..may I never be in such situation. Make I just die once and for all.(When God wills, of course)

    1. Most people that die n are buried immediately wake up in the grave

  8. Hmmmmmm
    How come?
    All praises 2 God
    Even at that temperature

  9. Chai.God be praised!
    I'l give anything to see the Happiness on his mom's face.Chai!

  10. Wow! How come? After hours in the freezer? Wow! Well, thank God for his life though.

  11. *Goosies*

    Imagine what happens if a Muslim is not truly dead.

  12. Strange indeed. I pray the baby survives fully


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