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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vietnamese Death Row Inmate Found Pregnant

Investigators said the woman inseminated herself with semen bought from a fellow inmate

The northern province of Quang Ninh has suspended four officers at a local prison after a drug trafficker on death row managed to get herself pregnant in an apparent attempt to avoid the penalty. 

Investigators and prosecutors have confirmed that Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, is expected to give birth in April.

The woman from Lang Son Province was arrested in Quang Ninh in 2012 for drug trafficking. She was found guilty and sentenced to death in 2014.

Investigators said that Hue had bought sperm from Nguyen Tuan Hung, 27, a male inmate for VND50 million (over US$2,200). 
Hung handed over his semen and syringes to Hue twice in August 2015. She got pregnant after inseminating herself, investigators said.

In Vietnam, a pregnant woman or a mother whose child is less than 36 months old cannot be sentenced to death. Death sentences, if already handed down, will have to be reduced to life imprisonment.

In a similar case in 2007, two corrections officers in Hoa Binh Province were jailed after letting a woman on death row have sex with a male inmate and becoming pregnant.

The woman, Nguyen Thi Oanh, had been sentenced to death for drug smuggling. She gave birth to a boy in March 2007 and managed to avoid the sentence.

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Smart woman!....


  1. End time woman, bringing forth end time generation.
    Can the trumpet just sound???

    1. Madam pastor, this your end time talk is becoming too much. Are u sure you and your husband will be ready when the trumpet sound?

  2. Replies
    1. I hope there's no pornstache amongst the prison officials ?

  3. Yes. Smart. But she is lucky she hasn't reached menopause. Death penalty and people are still risking it all. Hey BVs, my friend is a very smart and intelligent woman. I persuaded her to start her own blog because I know people would love what she has to say. It is still in its early stages but please visit to take a peek inside her beautiful mind. Thank you

  4. Replies
    1. Shut up. End time blog visitor

  5. Whoopie!
    See as I am cheering for her.
    I have always thought that Death Sentences for drug traffickers is a bit harsh.
    Yea I know but I stil think its stil harsh. Amputation of offenders two legs and one arm wil do. Or one leg and one arm.

    1. @Recruit's wife ,u are vain.Just read the nonsense u wrote again

  6. God of second chance.

  7. Wow!!
    I just kept thinking of "Orange is the new black" and how wardens sleep with inmates.

    This woman is smart but evil,and obviously still has her money from the drug sales LOL

    Btw,are the male and female inmates allowed to even meet?

    Ps:Semen is gradually becoming an endangered fluid ooh. Haaa

  8. She had to think of a way out of the situation that looked like the ebd of the road for her. So what will be done to the inmate who sold the sperm? The guy is fertile and another death row female might contact him hehehehehe

  9. Humans keep coming up with means to counter existing protocols. Smart move!

  10. So automatically she gets life imprisonment? Nice


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