Stella Dimoko New Zealanders Stay With Brit-inspired Flag


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Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Zealanders Stay With Brit-inspired Flag

One year and $17.6 million later, New Zealanders have decided to keep their current flag.The country's Electoral Commission announced the preliminary result Thursday evening, after three weeks of voting.

More than 56.6 percent of voters chose to stick with the current standard -- a relic of British rule. While the Silver Fern challenger did get more votes than polls suggested, 43.2 percent, it was not enough to make history.

Voters chose the Silver Fern (black, white and blue) in a previous referendum late last year from a selection of five to go up against the existing standard.
Some 2.1 million voters took part in the referendum, a turnout of 67.3 percent, according to the Electoral Commission.

Expensive and controversial
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, a big proponent of changing the country's flag, argued that the silver fern is a historical symbol of the country and will promote national pride. He also noted the flag's vast similarity to Australia's national flag.

But Key's critics pointed to the vast cost of the referendums -- $17.6 million (NZ$26M) -- and a lack of general support for changing the flag among the general public. A UMR Research poll taken between March 10 percent and 15 found only 35 percent in favor of changing flags.

And, of the 1.5 million voters who took part in the initial referendum, only 40 percent or so chose the silver fern as their first choice to go up against the current flag.
Supporters of changing the flag looked to Canada's change to the current Maple Leaf flag, saying that it uniquely identifies Canada. They argued that the cost of the campaign would be outweighed by greater tourist and branding revenues generated by a new, iconic standard.

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  1. This is not even a problem that they have to even go to poll. Its all about pride and not hunger like ours.

  2. Say no to married women who sleeo around, Arik air shame on you for endorsing Ononi Oboli, a woman with a bad reputation who is not popular, she didn't get that by merit, we all know she slept with the owner of Arik to get endorsed, shame on Arik

    1. Hater. Lol. Keep hating while she grows. Judgemental fools.

    2. Hater. Lol. Keep hating while she grows. Judgemental fools.

    3. Who does not know that Omoni Oboli sleeps around to fend for her family.

  3. I loved the proposed flag though ....anyway its all good since majority of new Zealand loved their old flag.#not my cup of tea #

  4. Am I the only one that doesn't understand this write up

    1. Maybe a 2nd read might help????

    2. Some people don't want to be identified as a fromer British Colony although the head of state is the Queen of England.
      Should Nigera put the union jack on their flag? And shoul Elisabeth get more power again ?

  5. Good for them, I think Nigeria should consider changing her flag too.

    The symbol of our flag colour hasn't match with our country economy for years now.


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