Stella Dimoko Rape Suspect Denies Allegation And Says It Was A Mutual consent


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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Rape Suspect Denies Allegation And Says It Was A Mutual consent

A security officer, Kenechukwu Okonkwo who is facing a rape charge, has denied raping his lover, Faith.

Okonkwo at the resumed proceeding Tuesday told a Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja what transpired between him and Faith, 29, who is now alleging that he, raped her.
The defendant is standing trial for alleged rape charge contrary to Section 258 sub section (1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011 on or about the 27th day of December, 2013 between10:00p.m to 11:00p.m at Salawe Street, Ikosi Ketu, Lagos.
Led in evidence by the defense counsel, Worer Oduagbaka, the defendant told the court presided by Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye that he did not rape Faith, but that she willingly consented that he should make love to her.

The defendant who gave his evidence in pidgin English said he met Faith, who was one of the suppliers at the super-market where he works as a security personnel, and that they became friends and started dating.
“Shortly after I met her, I lost my father and travelled home. When I came back, Faith came visiting and I told her everything that happened in the village. I also asked her to marry me because my mother had asked me to get married quickly being the only son and she accepted to marry me.

“After some time, she came to my house one Sunday and told me that she is currently dating one rich man that lives in Magodo. She also told me the man promised to take care of her and her family because she told him she was a virgin. I then told her to follow her heart.

“Few weeks after, Faith called me that she wanted to see me and I told her that I was at work and would close late. She kept calling me and when I eventually closed, I met her, already waiting for me at home ,” Okonkwo said.
“The witness also told the court that, Faith hugged him when he returned home and they both walked to his room and she prepared noodles for him while he left to have his bath.

“When I returned, she had already removed her clothes and hung them leaving only her tight (underwear) and singlet”.
“We both ate the indomie she cooked, thereafter, I slot in a DVD (Love movie) and I laid on the bed. Faith later joined me on the bed and we started playing together.”

According to the defendant, “Faith asked me to stop and asked me if I would marry her then I told her yes if she’s also ready. She then removed her underwear by herself and we made love.
“The next day, I prepared and left for my place of work and after sometime, a man came looking for me and asked if I am Kenechukwu and I affirmed, then two policemen came and arrested me”.
Okonkwo further told the court that he was taken to the Police station in Ikosi and the Policeman there asked him what happened and he told him everything that happened.

“He asked if I can write and I said I can’t. The policeman wrote down all I told him and read it to me and later asked me to sign on it, and I did”.
“The man that came to arrest me with the policemen later came and took me away to Isheri police station in Faith’s lover’s car”.
Okonkwo told the court how another set of policemen received him at Isheri police station and informed him that the statement he made earlier will not work again.
“A Policeman later put me in a separate room and asked for my name after which he asked me to sign a statement he wrote for me. I asked him to read it to me but he refused and started to beat me in which he removed one of my tooth in the process.”
The defendant said he was taken to his house by the policemen who conducted a search of his house but could not find any evidence on whether he raped the victim.
Okonkwo maintained that he did not rape Faith as she did not raise any alarm while they were making love.
Justice Ipaye thereafter adjourned the matter till April, 13, 2016 for further hearing.

Thenation cullage.

*I have since learnt not to take sides in alleged rape cases between adults because of the sensitivity and especially after someone tried to use me to set up her bobo that he raped her because she saw him with another girl.I refused posting that story even with all the solid evidence she provided.she was still the  one that called me panting and begging not to publish that she had dropped the case because they had settled and he had promised to break up with the other girl.I was just two seconds from agreeing to publish that post that would have damaged that man.
I just read now and move on....May the truth prevail.


JAMES WIFE said...

This lyf sha.

James said...

Maybe he promised her something and failed to do it .after fucking her all night.

Deeza said...

Eyah...goodluck buddy!
*avoid premarital sex* dodges slippers and insults

calabar chick said...

Rapist should pay dearly for their crime.

Mosi Jubelo said...

It's possible he's telling the truth, it's possible he's lying.
She might have told her so called rich bf that he raped her.
Who knows? All these people sef.

Adeniji Bisi said...

This issue is so clear..we need not deceive ourselves again..d lady is not raped.sincerely.if she can testify to it that the following occured:

*cooked indomie
*ate it together
*slept in that room wit d man
If all dis can be acknowledged.then wetin we dey talk

Also,this same issue has happened in my area months ago.the lady and the lover framed up the issue all cuz d lover is rich and wants to marry d lady but d guy in question is on d lady,,begin her hand in marriage.

Am tired sef..

Wia is jame and portable

Mc pinky

James said...

The girl herself is highly irresponsible. What was she expecting b4 sleeping in a man's house, in the same bed with him?

PORTABLE viv the queen of this blog said...

Every week, is one rape case or the other!
What is really happening?

Uyee said...

A supplier for a supermarket and a security guard. Obviously they had something going on and that's why she constantly went to his house. Whether he raped her or not we can't say cos this is just the defence. She might have changed her mind before the sex romp and that would amount to rape and she might have led him on had consensual sex but changed the story on oga when her fiancee found out she slept out. His own story sha still sounds dodgy. However let's straddle the fence on this. Justice Ipaye is a thorough judge so I know she would arrive at a sound and concise decision.

pax dimond said...

Mutual consent my foot, go face judgement my friend.

Scarlett said...

No comment

Pucelle Andre said...

After reading this story through and through,you will find out that the Lady in question was not raped,she only used rape to deceive the rich man whom she lied to that she is a "virgin" and so doing she I'd trying to destroy the life of this young man

the heart of man/woman is desperately....people beware.

and to the guys that see every girl that willingly give them kpekus as free,I pray that will not be your last meal/kpekus o.

The General's Wife said...

Is it My emotions?Me?

Because I could feel the truth of his story vibrating via my phone.
Something tells me he is telling d truth.

Faith Faith oya let's hear from u and ur lover.what did u say happened? Who removed yr clothes leaving just ur tights n singlet?
Did Mr lover man find out u weren't a virgin and u decided to say u Were raped?
Faith,Jezebel is watching u!
Pls tell d truth and save dis young man.

popeyes said...

The man sounds like he is speaking the truth. Nigerian women will never learn! Never go visit a man alone not to talk of spending the night if you are not ready to play ball! Even my mother will not take sides with me if I'm stupid enough to do so and turn around to claim rape. Our justice system will not help u if you fall victim ladies!

Kitty lollipop said...

Seems like she needed a scapegoat to say disvirgined her

RICHBEE said...

He is not a rapist!

RICHBEE said...

I tire oh!!!

Cook Indomie

Eat together

Sleep together

RICHBEE said...

Ohhhhhhh .... Oil they your head ......

RICHBEE said...

Hahahaha.. Jezebel is her mother

golden mummy said...

No comment until faith narrates her side of the story.

Anonymous said...

My conclusion is this; that she had told her rich lover she was a virgin and the guy probably then proposed marriage and knowing he will find out her lies, she set this security man up as a rapist to cover her self. She probably didn't plan sleeping at his house but only did cos he came back late from work. she should be arrested for laying false allegations against an innocent man

Starjoy said...

To the look of things, the girl told the rich guy that want to marry her that she is a Virgin why she was not she now used the guy to cover up as if she was just dis Virgin through rape.

Anonymous said...

This is not rocket science. she set up the guy!

She knows she wasnt a virgin but told he rich boyfriend she was one. So to now become disvirgined, she had to create a ruse and lie that she was raped.

that ruse is what the security guy fell for.

The General's Wife said...

Your head is there!

aisha jane said...

I don't believe this faith at all.

Anonymous said...

This story has so many loopholes in it.

Faith, your conscience would destroy you if you let this man go to jail.

You cant start marriage with Rich oga on a false foundation, he go hook you sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

She once told the rich man that she was a virgin and wanted to used
an innocent boy to decieved the rich man that she was disvirgin by rape,?????
wicked heart

Anonymous said...

She once told the rich man that she was a virgin and wanted to used
an innocent boy to decieved the rich man that she was disvirgin by rape,?????
wicked heart

HRH EKEH ( King of all Kingdoms) said...

My thoughts exactly

Kaycee said...

Bitches and their fake rape allegations. Same way my girl was in my room naked and romancing me, only for me to try to penetrate and she starts saying no. Who pulls off her clothes and says no to sex? I only left her cos she is 18 and i don't like people feeling that i hurt them

Anonymous said...

All these one sided stories. We don't know what happened, and it doesn't matter if she came there to cook, eat, or stay over, la la, the point is if she told him NO and he continue, that's a crime.
How can you expect a lady to visit you the first time and expect to gbengi her precious pussy all night. Dude fuck up because he couldn't wait for his turn then he forced her. Broke ass nigga!

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