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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Twins With Different Fathers Found In Vietnam

Scientists in Vietnam have confirmed a case of bi-paternal twins, or twins who have different fathers..

A Vietnamese couple recently brought their fraternal twins to the Center for Genetic Analysis and Technologies, in the country's capital of Hanoi, to have DNA tests, after pressure from extended family members who noticed the children did not look alike, said Le Dinh Luong, president of the Genetic Association of Vietnam.

The tests showed there was no mix-up in the hospital: The twins have the same mother, but different fathers.
Luong said the family was surprised by the revelation, and looking for the best way to deal with the situation.
He declined to give more details, because of a confidentiality agreement with the parents.
VNS, Vietnam's state-run news agency, reported the family is from northern Hoa Binh province and the children are 2 years old. One sibling has thick and wavy hair, while the other has thin and straight hair, VNS said.
Twins who have different fathers are extremely rare, Luong said, adding this is the first case in Vietnam that he knows of.

Another case was reported in the United States last year, when a court ordered a man from New Jersey to pay child support for one girl in a set of twins, after genetic tests showed he was not  the father of the other.

A woman's egg has a life span of 12 to 48 hours, and a sperm is viable for seven to 10 days, so there's about a week's time for potential overlap and the fertilization of two eggs by two sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse, Dr. Keith Eddleman, director of obstetrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York told CNN last year.

CNN reports.


  1. I've heard this before and it seems funny

    *Larry was here*

    1. If you no fear women, u no fear ur life....

    2. Me too n d funniest part is dat one d twins is black and the other is white! There was even one twin has d blood & DNA of another dat didn't come to life in his body! 2 diff DNAs & blood type in one body!!!

    3. Anon 9:15, is it not you men that are always disturbing? Some of you don't take no for an answer. Some of you know the woman is married or has a fiancé or boyfriend, yet you will not let her be. You will device all manners of means to seduce her and break down her will, till in a moment of weakness she succumbs. Then you pack your shit and leave. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew, abeg make I hear word.

  2. Replies
    1. God is wonderful in His creations. It probably implies that the mother had sex with two different men almost at the same time (as in a three some), or shortly after each other. Because two of the millions of sperms released by the different men where able to fertilise 2 different eggs from the woman (as per fraternal twins). I think the "other" child should be accepted as part of the family, God knows the blessings that the children would bring.

  3. Huh?!

    That's like an undeniable tag of "hello, I slept around"

  4. Nawa ooo, infidelity at its peak.

  5. Very strange.
    So the woman have been fuc*ing around with different men

  6. Wonders indeed shall never end.

  7. So in a space of 10 days the lady slept with two men. ok oooo

  8. Strange things never cease to happen in this world...
    *GreatAchiever *

  9. Correct end time

  10. I think I read about the one from the US sometime ago and it is still shocking to me.

    This is a case of your indiscretion staring you in the face,in this case..4 eyes.

    But I have read about twins with Sam father and mother having nothing in common had curly hair,the other had straight hair. One so tan,the other,very white. . Could it be that no test have been done? Hmmmm

    1. You could be right, because genes from ancestors and other relations come into play.

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  12. Hmmm. Really? That's serious


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