Stella Dimoko Budget Padding: Jibrin Seeks Court Order To Stop Money Laundering Charges Against Him..


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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Budget Padding: Jibrin Seeks Court Order To Stop Money Laundering Charges Against Him..

Wow....This is getting interesting by the day!

Notwithstanding claims by the former chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin, that he was invited to shed light on his petitions regarding alleged budget padding, details have emerged that he was on Thursday summoned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to answer questions bothering on allegations of money laundering and fraudulent diversion of contracts in his Bebeji/Kiru Federal Constituency of Kano State and other sundry petitions against him.

The Guardian yesterday gathered that the embattled lawmaker was on Thursday, August 10, 2016 actually grilled by the anti-graft agency and may soon be arraigned before a court over charges of fraud, corruption, diversion of public funds and money laundering, among others following several petitions against him.

It was learnt that the agency might have resurrected the money laundering case against Jibrin, which was dropped in 2012 in controversial circumstances.

The embattled lawmaker was arraigned along with former Nasarawa State governor, Aliyu Akwe Doma, over N15 billion money-laundering allegations.

Specifically, he was allegedly charged for laundering over N2 billion through his company, Green Forest Investment Limited, when Doma was governor.
A source said: “Jibrin, upon receiving signals that he may soon be charged to court by the EFCC, rushed to court on Thursday August 10, 2016 seeking injunction restraining the Police and other anti-graft agencies from arresting or charging him to court.”

This, it was learnt, is a bid to stop his impending arrest and prosecution by the authorities.
culled -Guardian news.

*When you point one finger,four is pointing against you!..All these politicians are not clean,they should continue calling each other out so that we can know whats going on but at the end of the day,none is better than the other!


  1. Replies
    1. The hunter becomes the hunted, Jibrin made his wealth from money laundering for big wigs, you can't play with pigs and not expect to get dirty

    2. This Jubrin matter don tire me. As I've started to see him in my dreams. Everyday Jubrin padding this and that. Ehh

  2. Replies
    1. @ Chi Exotic Chi Exotic, go meet am make him take u as him six wife. Longer throat dey worry u. Buh sah i dey available ooo. Fyn boy no money.

    2. Fine boy no money? Abeg I will pass.

  3. Later fools will say EFCC is not dancing to the tune of the president. They re trying to silence the whistle blower. I'm not saying Jibrin is innocent (far from that) but why re they bringing those charges now? Have they quizzed Dogara on the alleged budget padding? This is a clear case of giving a dog a bad name to hang it... Jibrin must go down for speaking against the government of the day. Amazing how after Dogara visits Buhari, EFCC trumps up charges against Jibrin. Nigeria my Nigeria!

    1. Thank you anon 12:33 for this comment! EFCC, the most corrupt govt office! They didn't grill Dogara but was so fast to grill jubrin! Corrupt govt! It's so glaring that the corrupt govt is against jubrin! Thieves!

  4. Politicians..... Na the same people.

  5. If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones.... their business mbok

  6. Thief wey dey call another man thief. Awon omo ale from head to bottom. The day God will remember the iniquities of these thieving animals, I'm not sure there'll be anyone of them left to tell the tale. Stealing the people's money with impunity while they live in hunger and die in penury! Nothing in the country is working. Nothing! Same set of thieves removed the umbrella and started brandishing brooms. Yet my people fell for it hook, line and sinker. A Leopard never changes his spots. Well continue hearing trashy takes like this until God uses his mighty laxative to purge Nigeria of these self entitled bad eggs. Ah, I don't want to get angry this morning o.

  7. When the hunter becomes the hunted am not saying Jibrin is clean but what about Dogara n co. since jibrin blew the whistle why have they (EFCC) not thought it wise to drill them.
    ... i just dey stroll sha

  8. Mr Jibrin,how much did you make when you were Chairman,house committee on finance and why did your committee members tell the speaker to remove you as Chairman Appropriations....Those that live in a glass house do not throw stones......hahaha hahaha in Speaker Dogara'*s voice

  9. Only in Naija! so the accuser has become the accused! smh

    Vote SDK for Best Blogger of the Year!

  10. turn by turn Nigeria limited......

  11. He that is coming to equity must come with clean hands. Honestly i tire for this government.

  12. Somehow I feel pity for my beloved country Nigeria. We cannot ignore the honest fact that every politician who's been in the corridor of power from 1960 to date is corrupt. With this in mind, how would a sane person accept and vote for these recycled garbage year after year with after empty promises? Jibrin is corrupt likewise Buhari and his cabinet. This is not about political party nor tribal sentiment. If indeed mr president is genuine in his quest to rid the system off corruption he should refrain from taking sides and let EFCC probe every allegation with impunity. It's impossible for padding to bypass the executive undetected which is why Dogara would pose untouchable and here is Jibrin -the whistle blower suddenly the hunted. Until I see a selfless action from Mr Buhari , his presidency remains after political scam that gullible Nigeria have to endure. Shame of a nation and deprivation of weak masses

  13. @ Benny Chima, u av used the right words to describe how I feel. Then someone would ask me why are u not voting and I give them the same reply, because I have not seen the right person to believe in. Its the same garbage being recycled over and over again.


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