Stella Dimoko David And Victoria Beckham's Home In The South Of France Is On The Market


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Monday, 15 August 2016

David And Victoria Beckham's Home In The South Of France Is On The Market

David and Victoria Beckham have listed their £2.4million mansion in the south of France, providing an intriguing look behind closed doors.

The plush pad in the village of Bargemon features a lavishly decked-out purple sitting room, six bedrooms and an infinity pool.

According to The Sun on Sunday the couple snapped the 19th century home up for £1.3million back in 2003 and spent £5million bringing it up to scratch.

But after visiting on just a handful of occasions it's back on the market .
The sprawling home is packed with rustic charm and features a state-of-the-art open plan kitchen with traditional beams.

A large, formal dining area is decorated with lavish draped curtains, a large table big enough for the whole Beckham clan, and a huge chandelier.
Two large staircases lead up to the first floor which features three large bedrooms and a private guest suite with stunning terrace.

On the second floor, there's a master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.
Outside, estate agent Knight Frank says the home boasts a "superb" infinity pool offering gorgeous views over the French coutryside.
David and former Spice Girl star Victoria, who have four children, currently split their time between London and LA.

A source told The Sun on Sunday said: "The Beckhams might have poured millions into the mansion, but they didn’t seem too keen to enjoy the results of their cash.

"The locals won’t miss them, as they were hardly ever here.
"When they were, David signed the odd autograph and he once had a kick-about with the villagers, but that was their only contact with them.

"You wouldn’t have seen Victoria queuing for a croissant in the village boulangerie." cullage.

Beautiful home but does not appeal to me..I hate houses with bushes or forest surrounding it,and how can there be no neighbours,ah,abeg i cant deal no matter how fine.


James said...

Good for them

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

These French villages are so beautiful!! 😍😍
Breathtakingly beautiful. Didn't have time to go south when I visited France. 😟

OluVee said...

Stella u just spoke my mind,I was about typing same.

Loveme Jeje said...

Beautiful place to live in... oops i forgot that bokoharam is now in france.

Eayah good they are selling it. France do the needful on these fanatics

Goddesss of Dawn said...

Stella my kind of place ooh
Quiet and middle of no where
I don't like having neighbors anyways
Friends too

Ralu M said...

One man's meat is another's poison. I like seclusion and no neighbours? No wahala.

TheRealAkon said...

Agree , houses surrounded by bushes. Victoria thinks too much of herself probably wanted to avoid the paparazzi lens when these people are not even looking for her Always absorb in self importance.

Anonymous said...

Abi o

cool porch said...

Y buy it in the first place? Such a waste of money, d value of the rent must have gone down compare to when they got it. What's my biz sef lol

Kzy Brown said...

I so much admire the couple

Nwa Amaka said...

I love it. I love quite environment. I can live without neighbors. Who neighbors eep.

Jasmine said...

Not sure. The value will go up instead

D'Arc Ed said...

Can't live without neighbors.

I like my compound to be quite, yeah. But when I look out from the balcony or window, I want to see life. It doesn't have to be noisy, but things should be happening. Suya or the occasional snack shouldn't be too far away for goodness sake.

But once I drive into the compound or close the door, there should be peace, so that I can drift away to wherever my thoughts take me.

But the children won't let that happen now, would they?

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

Me too. A peaceful quiet home

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

Why buy it? When you have their type of money come here and answer that your question

Chidinma Grace said...

Not a fan of bushes! What abt d fear of snake?

TheRealAkon said...

It was reported this morning in the UK that she bought around £2m plus but spent £5m in refurbishment losing few £m at the final sale price .

James said...

@Jasmine the price go for where? Do you read the the article at all? OK they bought it 1.3M and spend 5M on it and now the mansion is worth 2.4M pounds. Hmmmmmmm u are one of the very few bvs I used to think they are intelligent bcos you are not attention and drama seeking like many others.

Anonymous said...

For Tax purposes. :*In the abroad:* (abroad) as one BV would jokingly say, the more you have in the bank, the more tax you pay, abi Stella? So, rather than get ripped off by the greedy taxman - Na who he be anyway? - it's better to buy property and claim it as part of one's tax reduction based on such property/ies maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Money is good! Wonder why I didn't marry a billionaire

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