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Friday, August 05, 2016

Interesting Whatsapp Group Chat -Must Read!

In case you are bored and have time on your hands,then you are in the right post!

[01/08 05:42] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Bia unu aga echekwa ka mmadu teta ula before unu ebidokwa picture on Deceit101.

[01/08 05:43] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Now let me ask a very simple question.
That Rice Mill Gov Obiano is visiting, who does it belong to? Ndi Anambra or Individual?

[01/08 05:58] +234 706 *******: Nnaaa my brother ask them
[01/08 05:59] +234 803 ******: Good morning Her execellency Mrs Ebele Obiano.Please with all do respect can you make this rice available for end users and you will gain that popularity.

Our  brother who is Commisioner for Agriculture Mr. Afam Mbanefo  is doing a good job but we need the Anambarians to start having this rice in there various homes.
I will support this Government once the right things are been done.

Hon. Commisioner for Agriculture I will write my reasons why we kick against your department on exportation to Uk on vegetables, we don't need pictures but facts and we help promote your vision.

[01/08 06:49] Mrs Obiano: These are individually owned with the government encouragement please.

[01/08 07:00] Mrs Obiano: Through ANSIPA you cannot own the land therefore, Govt gets royalty 10% of profit, tax and the community gets 3%, 5% or 6% of the company's profit in perpetuity for as long as the company is in business because the land was not sold to the company. Anambra State Govt brings in investments. They use the State money for infrastructure among others.

[01/08 07:25] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Alright Madam, Osodieme  thanks for giving us nice response on this issue.

I think if we are to go like this, Anambra ga adi mma. Meanwhile tell your husband our Governor to review his media team because they are causing more harm than good to his government.

Also I will be glad if this government review most of it's policies especially on the Heavy Taxation system which is eating deep and becoming intolerant to  traders. Mind you that no trader is smiling with Obiano again, forget about all this cosmetic make up, your media teams are deceiving you guys. They are after the government money and not your progress.

Your government also need to be accountable to the people up to date and all the Commissioners must give quarterly report of what his Ministry have achieved so far to the state,  if you have nothing to show as what your Ministry has achieved, then you will simply exist.

This issue of government appointees especially from Aguleri extraction grabbing contracts especially the ASUBEB contract. You guys should better review oo,  look at Public civil service rules on Contract procurement which is against a public officers who offers the contract grabbing it back.

Why am saying this is because, not when EFCC will start knocking at the door,  some people will start shouting witch-hunting ooo.
Don't think the activities of all the state government are not monitored by the FG from here in Abuja. The Ugu story is purely one lies that even hit the Aso Villa and anything the Governor stands for in the eyes of FG.
Right now all eyes are in Anambra from Abuja, if you don't know better know it now.

His Excellency your husband should totally overhaul and review his government system from Elite-Oriented to People's Oriented if you guys are serious with 2nd term project.

If am you I will personally check those projects Peter Obi started and was abandoned and make sure the government deliver about 60-70% atleast.

With this you can have something to offer for your Campaign if not......

If this people succeed in deceiving your husband, then you are also deceived.

What happened doing the last previous election 2015 should serve as a litmus test of what you guys should expect on 2017.

Is never late for you guys to correct the wrongs but if you decide to not to.

People like us will not run away from revealing the hot truth because it is our job to make sure that nobody is deceiving Ndi Anambra.

Dalu Her Excellency. πŸ½

[01/08 07:34] +234 803 67*****: I want to state that the issue of Anambra State rice is factual. Civil servants in the State celebrated Christmas with it. The notion that the mill might belong to an individual is not what should bother anybody. The main duty of govt is to support private enterprise and in some cases go into partnership or still provide conducive environment for business to flourish. In all of these govt should be commended. I will only add that govt should up the production of Anambra rice and flood it in our local markets and popularise it, this way no amount of media propaganda would diminish govt popularity.

[01/08 07:37] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: With due respect Mr TonyUdo who are those  carrying our media propaganda against the governor?  The question is,  are their atom of truth on those media propaganda?

[01/08 07:39] Mrs Obiano: Which project did PETER OBI started that was abandoned.

If Peter OBI is not afraid of EFCC why shall Obiano be?

It is insulting to say that Obiano is being deceived. He worked in the bank for 23 years and he was not deceive nor did EFCC go after him. Why now?

This is supposed to be a patriotic voice why have you made it an unconstructive  criticism corner.

The Govt will not change anything so you can do your worse.

You should go to Abuja as a full fledged man and speak for the Igbos and stop running around your mother's wrappers.

[01/08 07:43] Mrs Obiano: Obiano fought armed robbers and kidnappers to a stand still is he not a man like you? And you are there writing rubbish about him on WhatsApp. Go and do something constructive.

[01/08 07:44] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Do you know the problem I gave with your government, is that you guys hate the truth. 

[01/08 07:44] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Yes the truth stings your like bees.

[01/08 07:45] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: If you think am writing rubbish enter the street of Anambra and meet traders.

[01/08 07:45] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Do you know the problem I have with your government, is that you guys hate the truth. 

[01/08 07:45] Mrs Obiano: Add value to people's lives. Go and tell it to the dogs

[01/08 07:45] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Yes!

[01/08 07:45] Mrs Obiano: You are not in a position to tell the truth

[01/08 07:46] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: In fact may I also inform you that I add 

more value to people's life than your government.
[01/08 07:46] Mrs Obiano: Go and be useful somewhere
[01/08 07:46] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: I am a full fledged blood from Anambra and I have every right to tell you the truth whether you like it or not.
[01/08 07:47] Mrs Obiano: Or are you one of those armed robbers or kidnappers that have been displaced
[01/08 07:47] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Hahahahahaha
[01/08 07:47] +234 806 5*****: Lolz
[01/08 07:48] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Imagine what is coming out from a wife of a Governor.
[01/08 07:48] Mrs Obiano: If you are Anambra go and become Governor to save your state
[01/08 07:48] +44 7778 2*****: Busted
[01/08 07:49] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Calling someone an armed robber or kidnapper will not save you from the truth.
[01/08 07:49] Mrs Obiano: I don't care. Tell your truth to the dogs
[01/08 07:50] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: I know your temperament and you easily loose your sense of decorum when you face public backlash.
[01/08 07:50] Mrs Obiano: Go and become Governor and let's see how you perform
[01/08 07:51] Mrs Obiano: Obiano is working even if it is only the security

[01/08 07:51] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Anyway you can slap others and not people like us. At least not here on whatsapp. 

[01/08 07:51] +234 803 70******: We ve been on ground since d era of Peter obi for eight years and witnessed slow growth as a result of insecurity in our state. But the government of obiano has stimulated growth and attracted investment in anambra state. Muoneme do not stay in abuja and rant online. Fortune favours d bold. Support willie because he is working.
[01/08 07:52] Mrs Obiano: If you bring your face it will be slapped
[01/08 07:52] Mrs Obiano: Big time
[01/08 07:52] Mrs Obiano: And I mean big time
[01/08 07:52] Mrs Obiano: Nobody is home for blackmail
[01/08 07:53] +234 803 70******: Madam people over here I'll do d slapping 4 u don't stress ur self

[01/08 07:53] Mrs Obiano: Even slap will not be enough for you.
[01/08 07:54] +234 806 58******: Slapping first lady.....slap on!!
[01/08 07:54] Mrs Obiano: Your trouser should be brought down and you are wipped
[01/08 07:55] Mrs Obiano: Your family will not have the opportunity of producing s slapping st lady
[01/08 07:55] Mrs Obiano: Too bad
[01/08 07:56] +44 7778 2******: Nobody should separate this fight ooo
[01/08 07:56] +234 803 7******: Willy is working
[01/08 07:56] Mrs Obiano: Real men are working and you fighting on WhatsApp
[01/08 07:56] +44 777******: Oh does our first Lady slap people carelessly?
[01/08 07:57] +234 806 5******: Lolz
[01/08 07:57] Mrs Obiano: You should be ashamed
[01/08 07:57] +234 803 70******: Cafe is caring
[01/08 07:57] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Don't worry your government should go on and keep rolling out lies and we continue to expose the lies.
[01/08 07:57] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: That is the surest truth.
[01/08 07:58] +234 803 8******: Good morning all
[01/08 07:58] Mrs Obiano: Going and commit sucide because you don't deserve to live
[01/08 07:58] +44 7*******: Muoneme,pls does our first Lady slap people carelessly?
[01/08 07:58] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: I don't support cosmetic government but government with something on ground.
[01/08 07:58] Mrs Obiano: Slap wakes fools up from deep slumber
[01/08 07:58] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: You can slap others not me. 
[01/08 07:59] +44 7778 ******: Not surprise that's what we see in the zoo
[01/08 07:59] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: You don hear?
[01/08 07:59] +234 803 *******: Muoneme 1000 slaps for u
[01/08 07:59] Mrs Obiano: You are in the zoo as well
[01/08 08:00] +44 7778 *******: But am not am animal cos it's only animals that slaps
[01/08 08:00] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Yes!
[01/08 08:00] Mrs Obiano: Go to Abuja and fight for your right fool
[01/08 08:00] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Not me, because respect they said is reciprocal.
[01/08 08:00] Emma Ogugua Okafo Nteje: Some of gays are going gaga with ur posts on this site. Pls u should have some respect to our first lady nd our governor. The admin to this site take note.
[01/08 08:00] Mrs Obiano: This is your father land
[01/08 08:01] Mrs Obiano: Goat leave Obiano alone
[01/08 08:01] +44 77*******: First Lady the way you argued this morning says a lot about you,not proud to call you my first Lady at all
[01/08 08:01] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Gone are the eras of thuggery in Anambra 
[01/08 08:01] +44 7778*******: Am out of here
[01/08 08:02] Mrs Obiano: Go to Abuja you are being marginalized idiot
[01/08 08:02] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Try it nauu
[01/08 08:02] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Just common touching or even pulling the clothe am wearing, I don't think unu ga akosi ife unu fulu.
[01/08 08:02] +234 909 *******: Vulgar language dis early morning
[01/08 08:02] Mrs Obiano: You are being marginalized can't you see idiot
[01/08 08:03] Mrs Obiano: I can say whatever
[01/08 08:03] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: No oo
[01/08 08:03] Mrs Obiano: I want to woman man
[01/08 08:03] +234 803 7*****: Those who appreciate the government basically reside in anambra state. Stop talking trash be courageous come back home and contribute ur quota
[01/08 08:03] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Do I resemble the wife of the  Deputy Gov or Commissioner for Women Affairs? 
[01/08 08:04] +234 909 54******: Mother mary watch ur post
[01/08 08:04] Mrs Obiano: Go to Abuja
[01/08 08:04] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Section 308 of 1999 Constitution is only meant for your husband and not for you. Go and ask Fayose of Ekiti state.

[01/08 08:04] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Before 9am I will report to work maybe you report to slapping office. Decorum should be the order of governance.
[01/08 08:04] Mrs Obiano: That is where there are problems for NDI igbo
[01/08 08:05] +234 806 ******: Lolz
[01/08 08:05] Mrs Obiano: You need one slap to wake you up
[01/08 08:06] +234 803 70*****: Another 100000000 slaps from me
[01/08 08:06] Mrs Obiano: Idiot leave the Governor and his wife alone
[01/08 08:06] Mrs Obiano: Bring your stupid face
[01/08 08:06] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: I am not ashamed of telling you the truth!
[01/08 08:07] Mrs Obiano: You deserve plenty slaps
[01/08 08:07] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Sunny jee juoo ese
[01/08 08:07] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Exactly wife of the Governor who is a slapper.
[01/08 08:07] Mrs Obiano: Go to Abuja jobless fool
[01/08 08:08] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: My dear 1000 slaps for me ooo, you think I go recover after receiving 1000 slaps from her. 
[01/08 08:08] Mrs Obiano: She will scatter your face with slap
[01/08 08:08] Mrs Obiano: Foooooooool
[01/08 08:08] Mrs Obiano: Goattttttttttty
[01/08 08:08] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Madam am already in Abuja or will you come to Abuja to slap me. 
[01/08 08:08] +234 708 57*****: This Mother Mary, I think you are doing a bad job for the governor and his wife
[01/08 08:09] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Make I give you my home address in Asokoro to come and continue the slap. 
[01/08 08:09] Mrs Obiano: Then go and fight Buhari
[01/08 08:09] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Respect goes to those that respect themselves 
[01/08 08:09] +234 909 5******: So so slap
[01/08 08:09] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: See let me tell you,  is because people don't know the law that is why they are intimidated, I will personally like to come to down to the state. In fact in a function her excellency attend,  then let her give me slap.

Gone are the days of impunity!

This government is government that means business.

The bullist have no place in this present government.

You can do that under PDP not under APC. 
[01/08 08:09] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: If you guys fear to say the truth even in the face if leaders then we have a long way to go.

Check the beginning of this post and know who started the attack first.

How dare her call me a kidnapper and Armed robber. Because she is the first lady does not mean nobody can discuss with her on public issue.

All should review this morning post and know who started the whole altercation.
[01/08 08:09] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Being first lady does not give you the right to bully people in the public and even on social media platform.

No!  You can do it to others and not like minds like me. I refuse to be intimidated.

Take it or leave it.
[01/08 08:09] Mrs Obiano: Slap is good for you
[01/08 08:10] Mrs Obiano: Go and get a job
[01/08 08:10] +234 803 87******: I was happy  but also surprised that I read a news on The Nations news online Newspaper  yesterday  that one African magazine is is rating the performances of the governors in Nigeria in there various States and it is done through individual voting,Governor Ambode of Lagos State got 36.1percent to be the overall best Governor follow by our dear Governor Akpokue global with 25 percent to be the second best governor, then the third position went to ogun state with 8.8 percent,the 4th position went to Nursing wike of Rivers state, while Nasir el Rufai  got 5th position, the voting is still ongoing and it will end in 3 days time, this is not a propaganda, you can check the nation's newsonline newspaper to confirm, this shows that Willie is Working,

[01/08 08:11] +234 803 7*****: Muoneme enjoy ur appointment given to u by ur boss Peter obi in abuja we are aware of ur antics.
[01/08 08:11] Mrs Obiano: You can never be governor
[01/08 08:11] +234 803 700******: Never
[01/08 08:12] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: You think am one of those cheap youths that moves around the street of Awka seeking for peanuts.

Her Excellency or whatever you,  even if is her handling her phone personally or her numerous PAs that likes slapping. I pity you guys, slap the gullible people not me.
[01/08 08:12] Mrs Obiano: My Governor is not competing with anyone

[01/08 08:13] +234 803 676*****: I have always advised that this forum should be constructive in its criticism and still better if reasonable options or suggestions are proffered for good governance of our dear state But when we appear to be belligerent in our opinions of govt actions it smirks of ulterior political motives. The Bible admonishes us to always correct with love. Again let me respond to the issue of the so called over tax on traders. My take is that the traders in Anambra State pay the least tax compared to majority of other states of the federation. My family has majority of traders than civil servants so am also involved. Legal source of govt revenue is tax. You can not demand development with one hand and hold back the revenue needed for that development with another hand. That's hypocritical. Most of the ndi Anambra do business in Lagos and they all sorts of taxes, some very unreasonable yet they pay. Here we cry wolf. For public information, civil servants pay higher taxes than millionaire business men in the state. This blackmail must stop. Anambra State belongs to all of us. The performance of the Fed Govt is not better. EFCC is for all who breaches the law including officials of the federal government. Let's be civilized in our contributions bearing in mind the general good of our people and not sectional or selfish interest. Finally I plead that we put our energies towards making Anambra State great and not dissipate same on unprogressive controversies which to my mind is diversionary
[01/08 08:13] Mrs Obiano: You are less than a fool for saying what you don't know
[01/08 08:13] Mrs Obiano: You internet rat
[01/08 08:15] Mrs Obiano: Jealousy will not kill you people
[01/08 08:15] +234 708 5*****: Good point Tonyudo
[01/08 08:15] Mrs Obiano: Wait for mumu
[01/08 08:16] Mrs Obiano: Brother or sister to come and scatter Anambra again
[01/08 08:17] Mrs Obiano: Crime has no place in Anambra again. Sorry about that
[01/08 08:17] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Her Excellency now let me sound a note to you now.

Henceforth I will be monitoring your activities, if I HEAR THAT YOU EVER RAISED YOUR FIST ON ANYONE TALK MORE OF SLAPPING ANY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY,  I bet you,  you must go in for it.

Section 308 of 1999 Constitution as amended is meant for your husband (with limitation)  and not you. Go and read the law of this land very well and know that we elected your husband and not your. There is nothing like first lady in our constitution. Go and ask Hajia Aisha Buhari very well, she will tutor you.

As I can see,  you have nothing to do this morning but to look for who to bully.

[01/08 08:18] +44 7778 ******: Hahaha
[01/08 08:19] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Let me go and prepare and face the business of the day, you can go on and slap people in this group. 
[01/08 08:19] +44 7778 *****: Muoneme you don try
[01/08 08:19] Mrs Obiano: You are less than a fool for not saying if you see that someone is slapped
[01/08 08:19] +44 7778 ******: Thanks for a job well done
[01/08 08:20] +234 803 700 ******: D people of anambra state will continue d momentum and pace of our working governor.
[01/08 08:21] Mrs Obiano: That is the way you will hear that someone slept with you wife and kill the person. You will rot in jail
[01/08 08:21] Ifesinachi SUG Unizik: Ndi be anyi kindly review the whole posts and the altercation that took place this morning in this group and be the judge for yourself.

This is what we have in Anambra State.

I wish you all the best of the week.

May all your heart desires be fulfilled in Jesus name.


Dalu nu umu nnem. πŸΌπŸΌ
[01/08 08:21] +44 7778 2*****: The discussion is about slap sir,not the pace of work of our gorvenor
[01/08 08:22] +234 803 70******: Muoneme go and prepare for work in abuja ur oga is already on d way
[01/08 08:22] Mrs Obiano: Make your face available and you will be slapped over and over again
[01/08 08:23] +234 803 700 *******: Another 100000000 slaps
[01/08 08:23] Mrs Obiano: Ok. Internet rat go and get further instructions
[01/08 08:26] +44 7778 24*****: What a good way to start the month.I wish you all God's massive favour in this month of August
[01/08 08:28] +234 803 700 ******: Amen
[01/08 08:30] Mrs Obiano: So what if that is what is happening in Anambra. Wait till it happens 
to you so you can say that authoritatively.
[01/08 08:31] +234 806 586 *****: Amen
[01/08 08:35] Mrs Obiano: Anybody else want to insult my Governor snd his wife? I'm waiting
[01/08 08:37] Mrs Obiano: Nwa awuna nwa awuna. Nwa wuzie
[01/08 08:37] Mrs Obiano: Ka anyi fu
[01/08 08:38] +234 803 31*****: Chaiii
[01/08 08:38] +234 803 317 ******: Her Excellency daaalukwaoooo


  1. Stella plz summarize, who has time to read this long epistle.

    1. Shameless politicians!

    2. Gbagaun here n there
      With "do" respect,am out of here with their igbotic write up

    3. Ohh i was supposed to read that? Ewo i didnt know o. πŸ˜’

    4. Read by scanning;and when I got to the slap,slap,slap!!! I lost interest in reading..

      Whatever Biko!!


    5. Mrs willie Anambra mbanu whossa Slap MR Ifesinachi SUG Unizi

    6. My Dad jisted me how this woman slapped a driver during the campaign period in the presence of plenty people.
      Stupid illiterate.
      She warned the man to never answer his phones during working hours and that his phone should always be on silent cos she doesn't want want to hear all those China ring tunes. People laughed it off.
      She was always joining Peter Obis wife in her car, that day someone came to see peter Obis wife while they were almost leaving, Peter Obis wife then appealed to her to use her own car cos her visitor will be in the car to discuss stuff with her, this woman now insisted that she must join Peter Obis wife, that the campaign was more important than the visitor.
      Dat was how Peter Obis wife closed the door of her car and her driver joined the convoy, Meanwhile by the time Ebele Obiano started calling him on the phone, he was the second vehicle in the convoy and had left since, so he didn't know his phone was ringing.
      The last vehicle to leave was the police escourt and they begged her to enter the new thundra they used to carry posters and materials since it was just the driver and one other Escort that was there, she landed the man a very Hot slap without understanding what he was saying, she thought he meant the other hillux, (PART 1) she ran and quicly entered the Tundra, dat was how they got to a popular market, Nkwo igbo, peter Obi and her husband and the others were there already with supporters when this woman jumped down from the tundra and was running like a mad dog, almost pushed down her husband, the driver was just close to Peter Obi and the next thing was KPOOZAAA, KPOZAAA, my dad said he had to run to somewhere and take cover, there was instand crowd dispersion, she was vibrating like an iroko tree under hurricane katrina.
      Everyone was dumbfounded, she kept going on and on with the slap, the man didn't even know what he did until the other police man that was slapped came and dragged him off her grip. She tore his clothes to shreds. My dad has told me this story upto 10times, a man that has a wife and kids. Not a small boy oo.

    7. Same woman that said her husband doesn't drink alcohol but champagne.
      Even patience Jonathan banned her from following her to anywhere after she challenged Uche ekwunife to a fight.
      Very Uncouth woman that slaps people anyhow. I heard she goes an average of 12 slaps a day.

    8. Why did she resort to insults? Is she a trader? The guy didn't even insult her. This is really a shameful thing.
      The truth is that she slaps people o, not just domestic staff, she slapps commissioners wives, the ones that are women, she slaps them. Deputy gov wife? I just pity them. Even if she finds out that she slapped the wrong person, no remorse.
      Slapping first lady. Rumours has it that she has once killed a domestic staff but it is classified info, that was before she became first lady.
      She used to be Obianos Secretary until Obianos wife mysteriously died (we heard she was poisoned), that domestic staff knew too much and they were scared she will spill. Ebele quickly moved in with the man, she might be possessed or cursed.
      Willies first wife has taken her peace from her.

    9. Let me use this opportunity to call out that association of Aguleri people called OCHA BRIGADE! They invade people's shops and beat up people because even after paying environmental sanitation fee and buying their buckets, these idiots dressed like they just returned from ECOMOG will come and demand that you must use their own bucket.
      My shop was invaded and they beat up my girls because they wanted to force one of them inside their van.
      I have bought 1 carton of pepper spray, and other items. Say your last prayer before you enter my shop cos you will be locked inside there and none of you will leave there alive. Idiots.

    10. This is the same attitude that brought GEJ down. Even thoug Patie was not this bad. How dare you slap someone's husband, for what? And the stupid woman is even proud of it.

    11. Stella SDK, remove this post or the slap that is coming for you will delete your blog from the internet. Osodieme doesn't look at faces.

    12. Lol..100000000 slaps.d slapping first b small tin

  2. Chei.... Aunty Stella..... Na play by Wole Soyinka???

    1. God, I am so ashamed.

    2. This gov's wife is even worse than the feeble wife of the ex president

  3. God forbid! No fuel to read this o.

    1. Later they will ask us why they aren't given top government positions. I'm from south east but I must say that most igbos are very pompous . Even the ones I have as regular associates, once they feel they are better than you in ANY way (even American visa) they start to act very heady. It's an attitude they need to change. Even Remi Tinubu in all her anger with Dino never uttered such words. So what's this? Abeg Abeg. Later they will say I'm tribalistic.

  4. Buhahahahahahahahaha. Mhen I love Mrs obiano(that is if it's really her)

    1. How can you love her because she's here cussing out on people n calling dem fools as if dats d only language she learnt from d University. There's a way one should go bout criticisms not cussing out on pipo,calling dem names..a so called first lady? Someone dats supposed to b d mother of d sate? Oh please!
      For you to like her dat means you r like her! Mtchew...

      You better receive sense!

  5. Godforbid make I read dis kain long tin that even started with igbo. As if I don read all d whatsapp group I get finish

  6. who has time to read dis long epistle to d roman church ni...who e epp...biko

  7. If this is true, which i think it is, then she is an illiterate good for nothing money miss road thug lady. I know she has a sister on this blog.

    I read all she does is to slap people ,

    Have you slapped Oge Okoye for gbenshing your husband? The day you will jam the one that will give you the beating of your life is coming.


    1. The thunder slap they will give her is still warming up in Siberia. Lol

    2. XOXO I read all through at thought it was her at first but when you get to the end, you see where she said "anybody else wants to insult my governor and his wife?", which means it wasn't the wife that was chatting from the beginning! Still, it speaks volumes about her if her P.A (or whoever) is spewing such trash. Shame!!

    3. *and thought. Damn you autocorrect 😑

    4. Hmnnn,Ebele Obiano, your ugly story has reached here? Na wah!

    5. King coco, oge is still fuckimg obiano full time, Ebere will do nothing because oge has a secret of Ebere, in other words she knows that oge is sleeping with her husband but can do nothing about it

    6. @anonymous 12:50, she is the one. Those last lines are in a bid to assume what you just did, so tomorrow, when this chat comes to light, they'll argue it was her P.A or something. I read it, and all can say is WOW!

  8. What a shame. Story sha long o. Got lost at a point

  9. 'with all do respect' is this for real?

    1. 'With all due respect' u re welcome.

    2. Anon d corrector,it's obvious u didn't read d chat.fool
      Igbo people can disgrace themselves sha.they have stupid temper issues.awon irankiran jatijati

    3. Lol @anonymous 12:18, smh! Next time, read well.

      Second anonymous, you just had to bring igbo people into it! How have you differentiate yourself from the "igbo people"? Yeah, my point exactly : Stupidity knows no tribe.

  10. Obi's jewel5 August 2016 at 10:28

    Phewwwwww!!!! The thuggery attitude from Mrs Obiano blinded my sense of reasoning to know what caused the rift. she behaved like a street urchin. I won't blame the poor grammar of the duo because English is our second language.

    1. If you see this woman in action. It is impossible to go a day without slap. Not possible. Once she is done with the slap,someone hurriedly gives her chilled water or else the person will receive her own slap. Na so. Tawai Tawai wozaa wozaaa first lady.

  11. O di egwu. Slapping,slapper,slapee,ndi anambra aka m di n'enu o!

  12. It doesn't look like it's the woman that handled her chats.

  13. Am not understanding at all

  14. What is the meaning of this nonsense?
    Like i don't get this.

    Whoever that sent this in is high sha.

  15. The only thing I assimilated was the rice mill and Gov Obaino, Stellz sorry ehn I Kent read πŸ˜›πŸ˜š

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi ( Stellz Cousin )

    1. Kelvin better read down, there is massive bwess somewhere there. Dats what caused the iSsue.

  16. Kwakwakwkakwak......

    Thuggery in government. Inukwa?

    Stella ukwu sugar nnem where did you get this convo?

  17. Which ghetto did Willie bring his "slapper" wife from, no decorum whatsoever behaving like a thug and she is supposed to be a first lady, a role model.

  18. Seriously????? Y on earth shld I read this?

  19. Interesting...
    End time slap according to one trillion.

  20. Jesu! I'm shocked! Mrs obiano u are a thug! U have no respect for yourself, u have to self carriage, u have no dignity. A disgrace to 1st ladies. Chai, see the kin thing anambra has a 1st lady. U guys are unfortunate. Someone criticises your husbands tenure and u can't argue constructively, albeit shouting slap, slap. Fighter, tigress. Tufia kwa. This is what happenes when we keep electing low lives and bush animals into office. What type of woman is this? The guy never insulted her yet she went on ranting about her she'll slap him and even insulted his family. Kai, I'm so disappointed. I'm shocked that a 1st lady can de base herself to this extent. Money hasn't given her class in anyway. The likes of Remi tinubu. Anambrarians, I sorry for una.

    1. Una never see something. If na Ebele Obiano dey senate, she for don chop Dino melaye.
      The only person that gives her fire for fire is Uche Ekwunife. The woman is a disgrace.

  21. What the fuck ?! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ can't believe I just wasted bout 3 mins of my life that I can never get back 😭😭😭😭

  22. Handwork of an uncultured PA. Sharing slaps upandan. She should be sacked immediately.

    1. Take it from me. Dat was Obianos wife. Everyone knows her history with slaps. She even sees it as a glorious thing. They there. Even before she became first lady.
      Once you ask her an intelligent question, she will land you slap.

  23. If this Mrs. Obiano is actually the governor's wife writing those chats, then I have nothing but to shake my head for her. She doesn't need to reply those chats. Let the governor's works speak for him. Though Obiano is trying.

  24. Hahaaaaaaa,laugh wan kill me ohhhhhhh, but on a serious note, Mrs Obiano is not deserve to be called a first lady at all. How can she be slapping people even in a slightest thing? All her domestic servants has run ecause of this same slap issue. Madam please STOP. It doesn't make you a good woman. Every little thing you SLAP even your Male workers. It is not good Biko .

    1. Oya bring your face , kpowaii kpowaii kpowaiii kpowaiiiii, kpowaiiii kpowaiiii, I will slap out your mouth today kpowaii kpowaiii, where is your wife kpowaiii kpowaiii kpowaiiii

    2. Lol....

      She should only slap her female workers?

      Nawa for that her supporter dashing a million slaps each time she mentions 'slap'

      Lmao!This is so funny

  25. I will slap all of you now. Lmaoooo... Slappers and slapees.

  26. Odiegwu!
    See grammar.
    Aggressive set of people.

  27. Can these chats be authenticated?

    This might be a hoax.

  28. What was that?? Can somebody tell me what that was about? I dot Unknown a First Lady will act in such manner.

  29. These first lady is learning work...

    What kind of first lady is this, all she did was insult the guy all for what?

    What happened to constructive arguments with facts and concrete proof. Destroy the guy with proof and he will flee from u.

    Them don blow sha..

  30. Omg, Anabram first lady is a Thug and a bush woman,jesu what nonsense, she is lucky it is on whatsapp,she can't even make a proper sentence just Goat and fool like herself

  31. Got lost,became too long.
    Some should Biko summarize.

  32. Blood of Jesus! A governor's wife abi is someone else handling her whatsapp for her? Whoever that is be it Mrs Obiano or her PA of whatever is a temperamental anuofia. Who behaves like that? Any small question or criticism...πŸ‘‹ na so it dey be? I blame late Mrs Maryam Babanginda for introducing the office of the 1st lady. We elected your husbands not your pancaked faces. If na PA she or he needs to be sacked and if na Mrs Obiano then ndi Anambra is in deep shit...imagine this type of woman ruling behind the scenes?! Goosebumps & not for a good thing

  33. End time champagne not alcohol

  34. Mrs Obiano, first lady from hell. Or is it her impersonator?

  35. Funny conversation..resume in your slapping office Mrs obiano.

  36. Nna mehn,ife nkea dikwa ogologo oh,agurum mbido,ike agwum. Ololo olo oh! Oge agala oh

    1. Bia, weta iru gi kam mawapugi nti osiso.

  37. I can't read all these bikonu
    I started but couldn't finish
    Adirom that jobless

  38. Did this really happen?! I read to the end, yes I have that time.

    I cover my face in shame!!
    Mbanu!! This is so unbecoming of a first lady! Tueh!

    She could not even utter any constructive criticism in defence of her husband, all I read is slap slap slap! Fool/ goat!!!/ jealousy/ arm robber /kidnapper!!.

    Umunwanyi and power intoxication!! Am out pluuse.

  39. wonderful!!!.....super shame 2u Mrs. Willie Obiano!

  40. When the first lady employs Queen linda eze as her PA on internet mattersπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Finishing moves!
    Make your face available for the slaps😭😭
    Truth is, the ifesinachi unizik somebody is very rude, he/she started it and then tried to turn the table
    There are good ways of advising if you really mean well instead of being super rude as you are talking to your children
    He got served
    I have some slaps to donate too pls

  41. If the mrs obiano can act this way in a public forum then i dont know why you guys keep saying XP is an old mama or jobless for her blog fights. Xp and mrs obaino are you related?

  42. What an illiterate "first lady" behaving like a tout. She really is a tout.

  43. Na wa i had to read it again oo.... Mrs. Obiaono the slapper. Abeg i no fit laugh jare.

    I,000,000 slaps for all of you that are disturbing Mrs. Obiano. the woman funny. MRS. SLAPPER

  44. Speechless. Is this real?! From the message at 8:35 near towards the end, it appears the Gov's wife's phone is being handled by an assistant or so. Regardless, this is a shocking shame. Tufiakwa

  45. I think d SUG UNIZIK guy came on to ooo strongly...derz mannerism in which you deliver ur message diplomatically without coming off as rude or uncouth,constructive correction is allowed but when u a lot of demeaning words see make d recipient defensive. He should learn to deliver his message diplomatically
    And to madam wife. ...I guess she sensed d undertone of d message as being too judgemental and critical....she was rather uncouth too...even if constitutionally her role isnt d governors wife...she shld learn to comport herself, manner of approach and if she feels d tension is too much...dnt reply, dnt comment. She needs to keep her cool...cos ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING will be used against her which on d long run diminish d respect dey have for her and her hubby
    #PAM πŸ‘„ #

  46. If i hear say i read this long epistle...

  47. OmG! I hope there is a form of explanation for this, this can't be coming from a governor's wife, all the insults are uncalled for, chai, the Ifesinachi guy was leading her on, and she kept showing her thuggery self, slap slap slap, mumu, idiot goattt coming out from a first lady. The governor will be so disappointed when he sees this chat.

  48. Waoh!! I'm speechless. A governor's wife? What a shame to the state and Nigeria as a whole. And some people will come out now to support her. I just hope somebody else was in charge of the phone. Hian

  49. What a disgrace of a Governor's wife. Calling that guy names and passing insult to his family. Power intoxicated women. Shameful.

  50. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚slapping First Lady,I dey hail o

  51. everyone leaks everyone's messages these days Na wa

  52. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Slapping first lady well done o! Showing urself since 1800.

    Umu Anambra ekenekwanum unu!

  53. OMG did I just read this, the latest Mrs. Slap first lady, this woman is a big shame,WTH, if all anambra people come out how many people u go slap.

  54. Hian! I don't think she's the one responding on this group,its a pity because the person is suppose to be acting on her behalf;I guess this person is one of the reasons Ifesinachi was saying their media people are decieving them. Am also out!

  55. Please do not rush to conclude, from the thread I was able to find out that the thread is been handled by a PA, and not necessarily Her excellency, but be a
    s it may, the handler was too rough in his or her choice of words

  56. She knows how to slap and she didn't go for slapping competition, still wandering what kind of first Lady is this

  57. Aunty Stella that one pass my power. No be Shakespeare I dey read. E too much

  58. sorry i do not have such time.

  59. Even though it is obvious that Mrs. Obaino isn't behind the chat; whoever is handling the chat is a representation of the actual Mrs. Obaino.

    1. This is the best comment so far. I was seeing her in the chat. TYpical.
      Infact, she was even very nice and well manner ed in this chat. The real Mrs Obiano woulda done worse. I think she started in the beginning tho.

  60. Naija i dey hail o. Shame no just dey inside some people dictionary.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Slapping 1st Lady,Hmmmm It's unfortunate Oga governor married a thug

  63. Why do we have so many educated illiterates in Nigeria? So after reading this long epistle many still concluded it was the real Mrs Obiano even though there where various messages inferring it was not her.

    Our educational system has failed many Nigerians. If comprehension is taught in schools as it should be, this lack of understanding of long write ups won't keep reoccurring. We used to think our English teacher was lazy by making us do comprehension exercises everyday but now I am thankful. According to him, you can speak the best grammar possible but if you can't understand written English, you can be ruined when you sign something you think means something else because you could not comprehend the written words.

    1. Thank you very much. Nigerians don't know how to read.

  64. Pls get real. Anyone can name their whatsapp handle Mrs obiano. I'm certain she is not the one behind the phone but an obiano supporter

    As usual, jobless social media Nigerians will gobble this up and Stella will make more money.


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