Stella Dimoko It's Wednesday In House News.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Wednesday In House News.

How far?..When are schools resuming in the Motherland?I am sure Mamas in the house cannot wait to send the kids back to school right?Their wahala too much right?lol
...That reminds me oh,those who have things their kids do not need anymore,please send them in for those that might need to pick up...Come on!





Hello Stella 
I am a big fan of your blog and I pray that God will continue to increase you.
Please, I will be getting married towards the end of the year. I need a cheap but classy wedding dress.( mermaid design). 

My budget is 25k *side eye*. That is what we can afford for now. I don't want to rent because I know I deserve one that day. ( I am a virgin) God bless everyone that reads this blog.Amen.i wear a UK size 10 and an American size 8

*Virgin?wow..I wonder how you wedding night brouhaha will play out.heheheheheehhehehe.Remember to relax ooooh.

All those people selling wedding gowns,make una gift her with one please ppph


Stella, i appreciate you for posting my mail. As usual bvns didn't disappoint with diverse comments. I didn't know if you would post it since i sent it a week ago. My boyfriend apologised the next day and said he was ready to accept me keeping it. We talked about what our lives were about to become and we're ready. We want to confirm the baby is okay before telling our families about it.

 I went for test and it's confirmed i'm pregnant but i have to do a scan to make sure my baby is ok. 

I want to thank Mrs annoymous and MJ for their kindness. If they still want to reach me. They should send their contacts to you. is how they can also reach me. Thanks. You're one in a million. God bless you.


Mrs Stella, I want to tender my appreciation to the Madam
that gave out her son's bag and lunch box. I won it on behalf of my
cousin, things are hard for my brother these days and this gift came
when we needed it most.

Thanks so much to you madam, may your son continue to make you and
your family proud, he will forever be the head and not the tail and
your labor on him shall not be in vain. The items were in good
condition and my cousin is more than being happy.



I'm in need of a cab man that will be available to take my daughter to her fashion school from Okokomaiko to Victoria island starting first week of September,
Monday- Friday.  She will be resuming by 11am and close by 2pm. 
My budget is 20k. 
Please I'll prefer a cabman that stays at Okokomaiko. 
I can be reached on 09094707132

Na this Ajebota things abi wetin?lol



I sincerely want to train 10 graduate unemployed BVs that stays in Port Harcourt in cakes and decorations .The practical class is totally free .God has been soooo gracious to me and I will like to give back to the society in my own little way .08064753656 is the number to call



I'm a single mom from the Eastern part of Nigeria, i'm 26 years, i work and reside in Lagos. i'm looking for a responsible guy above 30 years for something serious. preferably a single dad/widower/divorcee. contact me via email on please don't write me if you don't fit in.



I will be joining Hubby soon at his base (still an African Country) and I want to make inquiry on how I can manage/operate my Nigerian Bank Account from there. (UBA and First Bank)




Please I'm looking for a God fearing Nanny in Owerri or if any BV knows where I can get one please do contact me as its very urgent. The person can resume in the morning and close in the evening with a good salary package and feeding.
Please interested persons can reach Linda on 08030921265
God bless you Nwunye Korkus.



Good morning SDK, how is your beautiful family? May God bless your kind heart.
I'm writing in respect of Saturday In house gist. I went back and counted as you directed me to but unfortunately there is no winner as the votes are very poor. In view of this, I plead that the 20k meant for the winner be used to bless me.

I'm in need of cash to fix some problems pertaining to my job but I can't apply for any of the giveaways because I'm not a widow and my story is not a sad one, I know I would not be picked by BBC as I've tried it once. Please SDK, bless me with the cash, it would do so much for me at this period.

May God reward you abundantly for using your blog to put smiles on the faces of people.
Thank you ma.

D'Royalty, your one and only blog BFF lols...

Please SDK epami sile, ema pami s'oko..
(Kill me inside house, nor kill me for bush) lols. 
This mail is meant for your eyes only.

*LMAO...To fix what exactly about your job?if it is authentic,i will send you the money but you have to state what it is for in the comment section and send me



Hello SDK, may you be always blessed for helping the needy. 
I'm the nanny that was treated badly by Mrs N whose story you posted sometimes ago.

I want to show appreciation to the angels who gave me money, many days after my story was posted, some still sent money to me. I got a total of N39,500 which I'm using to arrange a small business in front of my house. Even my neighbour was surprised, she initially thought the people were my relatives but when she saw other tribe's names in the alert, I had to explain everything about SDK blog to her. 

She is still surprised, she was asking if they showed me on the Television lolz. 

She still doesn't understand, no one understands you Stella except God. 
I thank you and the Angels who came to my rescue. May God replenish your pockets.

LMAO @Show on the television.



Good day Stells, I want to specially wish you a happy birthday (though belated). May all your dreams come through. I was introduced to‎ your blog by my brother and I have become an addict though am not one of the popular ones. 
Thank you so much for all your good works, may the Almighty bless you beyond your expectation.

   I just thought I should share this little story /testimony with you and maybe Bvs if you deem it necessary. I have this very good friend, we have been friends since first year. Coincidentally, we are from same state but different LGs. She is the youngest of her siblings. All her siblings are graduates and very hard working but no means of livelihood. 

This family was living from hand to mouth. During uni days, I go home, pack food stuffs and she feeds from my house day after day. 

Fast forward to some years later, after several prayers/ deliverance, the eldest son got a job and the others followed suit. They became comfortable and started building a house for their aged parents. The building project was in full swing but they heard in some quarters that their uncles had boasted that their father won't enter the house. 

Just few days to their house opening/warming, their father mysteriously died and some men of God they consulted pointed @ household enemies. 

At the burial, I was present (15th May of last year), after the lying in state and every other thing, they proceeded to the graveside where the unthinkable happened. For the one week that we were in the village, we didn't see a mad fellow but on that day of the burial, as they covering the grave with sand, someone who disguised as a mad man came outta nowhere with a bucket on his head. Before we could say jack, he poured the contents (sand) inside the grave, people pursued him buh he escaped. 

The contents he poured was to "cage" the man's spirit so it won't haunt them. 

The thing be me like say na nollywood movie where ghosts look left and right before crossing the road, lol. 

The testimony is that all the people that plotted this evil are all dead, it was the last of them that made these confessions last week Thursday. My pain is that the man didn't get to reap the fruit of his labour. God is faithful‎ still. 



Hi Stella, 

I'm Alex, currently residing in Atlanta and looking for new friends i can hang out with. I'm a Yoruba boy but not a demon (sic), fun to be with and i like to have a good time. BB Pin is: 7A93BA37 for anyone who wants to hit me up. Thanks!

*You read where he said new friends,if you are looking for something else dont add him up and if you come and go and 'mistakenly' give him the cookie jar to wack na you sabi oooooh.
A yoruba demon is a yoruba demon



On marring for goodluck
Dear Stella not (Aunty) lol
Because of my tight schedule of late I only read the blog at night and sometimes too late to comment.
I married for luck.
When I wanted to get married, I dated a girl from owerri for few months but she was hard luck back to back, u may may ask how did I know but I will explain, any Sunday she visits, just visiting o, (I married as a virgin) believe me things will be so difficult that week, I will pray and fast b4 heaven will be open again, based on that I told her the problem she have and advised her to go for deliverance, behold she became angry and stop coming, the second lady was from my hometown, she was in unizik then, the first time she visited me in Lagos, a car from nowhere bashed my car that was stationed to the level that I sold the car as scrap. And anytime I want to give her money, getting cash becomes very difficult for me even when I have the cash I will hv more important and serious things to do with money.things became so tight that I hv to seek for greener pasture in Europe but also not my calling because I can't sleep with anyone to get papers which was the trend then,I came back to naija after 1 month and all my money gone. But finally when I met my wife hmmmm, I was on my lowest then, I was not worth N100k when I met her, we courted for like 3 months and in that period of 3 months, I made money that I spent 2.5m for our traditional marriage and white wedding. That was 10 years ago. Now you can figure out the rest. Yes I married for Good luck. 

BV Krix via iPhone 6s Gold.

Oga wey the advert when you promise me since? *side eyes*


Good day Mrs Dimokokorkus and Mr OO. I am so thankful and grateful to the both of you, I never thought there were still such good people in this nigeria.  When my friend Linda told me about the help I didn't believe her, she had to show me your blog. I am so very grateful and happy, in fact my children are so happy it made me cry. Such goodness, God will bless you both and your families. when I got the alert today I just kept looking at my phone because I was in shock. It took me awhile to understand the magnitude of this gift. Thank you ma, I am now on my way to put down money for a place. Thank you, Thank you God is great all the time, from misery to joy.
Tunde Alaran

Which one is all this ma ma ma?Oga dont force me to call you AUNTY OOOOOH.
Thank you SIR,may the money usher in a new beginning for you and your family.Amen
Thank you darling OO..God must increase what left your pocket.AMEN



  1. Wednesday IHN….

    Some people and drama…



    1. See money everywhere and I don't even have any. God is watching.

    2. Another day of boredom for dz horfviz. 😩

    3. Men be like if you are ugly, you are ugly, there's nothing like inner beauty, we don't walk around with xrays, well if you are broke, you are broke, there's nothing like future success, we don't walk around with prophets

    4. Only anonymous blog visitors are really gaining here especially in terms of it that the popular ones don't need money or they are still busy claiming what they are not?
      Abeg I need money.....all dis thousands of money u guys keep giving away,make it dey reach us oooh

    5. no body will give you anything potable viv. You have a very dirty stinking attitude and have always claimed to be what you are not.

      Now that you have seen people cast pride aside and beg, your eye dey chook like Okonkwo's arrow.

      Sit down my friend.

      Bank worker counting cowries in Cotonou. Oshisko.

    6. Godbless stella, Godbless the. Givers....

  2. Good Afternoon House!!! Please I need a really good and affordable make up scchool in Airport road area of Warri. Brows, Eyeshadow, Contour, highlights, baking and Gele skills must be on point. Please I need recommendations. Thanks.

    1. God bless Sdk,God bless the givers, Long live Sdk

    2. I don't know about marrying for Goodluck though but I know some women bring badluck to whatever they touch.
      I didn't know BV krix was married and a spirococo too. Nice one.
      Virgin Bride why did you add the I'm a Virgin part to the mail? I'm trying to relate it.
      Royalty you just like drama, mtscheww.. I saw your comment yesterday saying nobody commented on your post that you know what to do today. Enjoy the mentions.
      Atlanta BV enjoy the requests your phone is going to blow up.
      Single mum at 26, I saw your preferences but do you know you can still get a chassis Bobo? Don't lower your worth, having a child doesn't reduce your value.
      I need to really need to leave my shell and start mingling.
      Finally Happy belated Birthday SDK I love your blog, keep soaring.

    3. Go to voila's place close to ogiyede junction.opposite the police station.

  3. IHN ehaff come, be recording more comments than before.

    I'm so happy today, I can pop Henessey with Moet & Chandon at once, give all bvs a nice treat to Dubai, give Stella a Ferrari for her birthday and break your internet with the news.😘

    Today is always a blessed day for me and it will continue to be so IJN.

    Stella, chop knuckles πŸ‘Š

    1. Dubai too much, pls send me 20k make i enter shoprite buy foodstuff.

    2. Ihn redefined. Who missed my toto?
      I've just sent that Alex from Atlanta a request.
      I love u SDK.
      Been super busy lately mehn

    3. Guys pls nau, how can I load more comments? It never works when I try. I have used opera mini, uc browser, chrome and Samsung native browser. When a post has over 120 comments, I miss all the gist (and fights)

  4. Replies
    1. Virgin bride go n hire a fine gown with the money, because if u are looking to buy, na Mary amaka mermaid gown u go see buy.

    2. D'royalty be is an unrepentant begger, hia just to count vote o,oga fun e gan o,are u cursed with begging, and you are the one they usually run that ur iru n gbegiri mouth when someone here begs for something. Ole, ojukokoro

    3. Stella, people like DRoyalty are the ones who divert public funds... I must tell EFcc about this.

    4. Make DRoyalty no try am abeg.EfCC must hear of it oooo

    5. Lol@ divert public funds.

  5. All I have to say is God bless SDK and all members of bvn.I got a lot on my mind,times are really hard.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  6. blessings follow me, follow follow follow me
    Alubarika follow me, follow follow follow me
    Plenty money follow me, follow follow follow me
    Fine fine guys WITH money follow me


  7. What is really happening in Ghana with guys making money over there?? Heard it's ritual levels.

    1. Come and see for yourself, juju sign post no dey hide for Ghana, yahoo boys full everywhere.

    2. Very stale, G+ yahoo yahoo.

    3. You go there and find out what's happening now

    4. Yes, serious ritual levels among the youths + heavy and 419. Guess the people that introduced it,
      they'll come to church and steal children, go to remote villages and waylay people, use juju control people follow them to where they'll kill them.
      But, but guess what again? The Ghanaian police are working, dem dey catch them like say tomorrow no dey, Show dem on tv with their names igbo and Yoruba names.
      Remember that ish about Ghanaian immigrations deporting Nigerian? This was the primary reason!. Forget all that cover up stories.
      Ghana is not safe place again, yeah not like before. Planning on going for a visit? Please remain in Nigeria cause here is faaar safer

      Shege in advance to the jerk that'll come and defend or insult his/her mother.

  8. Replies
    1. D'royalty. Ole ni e o.u are so greedy ha,ive never seen a more greed soul in my life

  9. IHN IS HERE !

  10. In house news is the realest deal on SDKB, bring the dramaaaa on, I gat plenty time on my hand today, kikikikikikikiki. Abeg na joke I dey ohhhhhhh.

  11. Ihn is here.. So I dropped my innocent comment on ihn yesterday and one or two faceless birds decided to perch and defecate on my comment *hhhhahhahha*ok ooo!!i read your comment,I noticed your comment *trust me* all your point was please you can breath now before you choke on me*thank you*Unlike you faceless lot,I don't gain attention by loosing respect

    1. The lady looking for Friendship*hhahhahhah*i pity you**

  12. must you tell us that you are virgin before you can get 25k wedding dress? who virgin don eep self?

  13. I told my sugar daddy a pregnant and guess what? The poor man is happy he even inform his son who is based abroad. Lolz he transferred 100k into my account today.. Poor widow man, I plan to suck him dry anyway, dry? He is stinkinly rich for that and I will fled.. Me get preggy for an old man? In his dream.. I will suck him till I can't be broke for the next 10yrs..hapi

    1. N he will use ur head for money ritual. Onye oshi!

    2. 100k is not even up to the price of his dog monthly feeding

    3. Na make u suck nor go kill u I dey reason ohh.

    4. Kwantinue oh...
      But come to think of it, if he's wIDOWED,old and RICH,why not marry him and benefit from his wealth

    5. Your poverty level is in SS3, u can't be broke in next 10yrs? I can see ur shallow mindset. Olosho! That's how u go carry curse go meet innocent man that will marry you.

      Krix via iPhone 6s Gold.

    6. chai,na wa ooo and see me doing/been innocent to raise money for school and lunch bag.

    7. So shall someone else milk ur papa dry too. Amen #big hig#

    8. Pray he doesn't go spiritual on you. Not fair!

    9. You will fled? Hahahaha. Chai, if is gift to you for getting pregnant is 100k I doubt you can suck him dry such that you won't be broke in the next 10 yrs, enjoy oh, I hope you don't get burnt.

    10. He will soon curse u.....keep following old men ,ur tohto go done old sef

    11. Suger daddy, 100k to celebrate, oga o,if u wan chop.frog abeg chop the one wey get egg

    12. Hahaha, wetin man no go seeπŸ‘£

    13. You will fled??!! Keep fledding. Wicked thing

    14. Itz nt fair. Posterity will judge you. Don't do it.

    15. Karma will twerk in front of u one day. Good luck with your sucking

    16. Tee diva now we've seen why you were happy. Lols.just kidding

    17. Na so one stinkingly rich old man dey my neck too. I no fit gree for the man even if he wan dey shower me with money. I no want make him wife place curse for my head, so I dey run for my own life. I even blocked am for WhatsApp. I don't know how to chop person money

  14. #Miss Kay# don land o!!!
    Where my impersonator na #wink
    Happy Wednesday

    1. She's coming. Wait for her sister.... kontinue dragging name upandan!

    2. Lewakam here, sorry wassup,currently in school, anything for the girls............. ND like my #tag boo ,ciao............ Good afternoon stella#winks#

    3. Lols.. I knew you'd come. E be like say I go follow una answer d name sef. Ok. Bye

  15. Ihn is here, able God I need a job don't forget me lord

  16. All protocols observed.

    Rainy day awesome in God's presence.
    How you and you.
    Lilly simple sup.

  17. Stella ukwu. My people how market. My I witness story. I hope to win this week prize.

    Nigerians are indeed very funny people. Especially my Kano people. On Sunday night, I was sitting with a guy who sell tea near my house before call for prayers. An elderly man came and said, "bani hadin Buhari - Give me Buhari's mixture" and without saying anything, the guy gave him tea and small bread and collected 50 Naira and gave 10 naira change. Nothing more said. I was baffled so I asked what that meant and the tea guy said hadin Buhari mean tea without milk plus small bread.
    Again this morning, a friend came to visit me. I saw him off to his car and on my way back, I remembered I needed battery for my wireless mouse and stopped by a guy running a small kiosk nearby to get one. Just while I was walking away, a guy I met there said, "bani Buhari de Osinbajo - give me Buhari and Osinbajo". I immediately paused to see what he meant and again, without uttering a word, he gave him garri and groundnut. I returned back to ask again what that meant and he said Garri is Buhari, Osinbajo is groundnut while Bukola is sugar. Kano will always make a comedy out of every circumstance.
    So, this afternoon, I feel like having Buhari, Osinbajo and Bukola.

  18. Shantelle, quit trying too hard to be a badass. MMW called you out with Solid proof yesterday and in all your weak watery replies to her, you shamefully did not address the babymama part where ur inlaws kicked you out. You are a fool. Don't try to debunk cos I remember your comment. And too bad, you canot delete it because you never had a blog id then. Idiot. When you want to be tough, remember the Internet never forget. Shameless baby mama forming posh. No wonder you were kicked out. I need to give them hi 5

    1. Is she a baby mama or a divorcee?
      Nawa ooh for all dis FBI on dis blog
      Okay,let's move on

    2. Lmaooo! I'm not trying hard to be a bad ass,I'm actually a badass. That's why you dumbos keep having sleepless night about me. Hahahaha,Shanny slays bitches.

      What part am i suppose to address? Oh,i'm no longer a divorcee beaten and thrown out with kids but a baby mama? You and your frog faced money beggers latrine who is more confused now?
      Ewooooo,bwahahahaha! My matter is killing some cretins on this blog oh.

      You lots make too much noise! Post proof or forever be silent. And nope! I dont delete my comments cos i'm proud of every damn thing i say. Aint no coward.

    3. No mind the hen feeling like cock,,, ozu tanker gwepiaru

    4. And oh! You didnt sleep last night,you were so restless during 360degree turn all through,how can you carry me as a burden in your heart and say i'm not badass? Lmaoo,keep shooting yourself in the leg. Anumpama.

      Anon 14:47 your mumu go last. Anoufia.

      Btw,na only dumb anons and unknown Ids de call me out? I must commend your leader for taking the boldstep in using her ID.

  19. So today I decided to bring out my body and soul to fight for shokii , there was no show...Life and it's unfairness.. Oh well...πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  20. Droyalty I hail you,even if there is no winners there are other ways of telling stella to give the money out to someone else,than advising her to give it to you,dnt u have concise at all ,besides I never participate In the gist,but there are others who took out time to compose such story,abeg fear God,I hate people that are too self centered,am out of here.

    1. I tire o. Such greediness. At least let the money be shared among those that participated

    2. The girl is just a thief that can't take her eye off someone else's money,u can imagine, Shameless thing

    3. Aunty abi brother it is conscience n not concise.. as for Droyalty.. dat is how d selfish mumu wld b begging up n down.

    4. Droyalty is just so are we sure that there is no winner....even at that!
      2moro u will start cussing ur elders!
      Is she the only one with a problem?
      Pls allow others benefit jare n keep ur greediness on check!

    5. God bless you. I had to think of something to write. Aunty Stella nobody is collecting the money, make we all remain like that.

  21. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ ROTFL
    Boy drops girl at home, he puts his hand on the wall by the gate for support, leans towards her.
    BOY : Can I kiss you?
    GIRL: Not now, I'm at home. BOY : Please.
    GIRL: No.
    BOY : You were too sweet in bed
    GIRL: Woooow! You too, full of energy.
    I could not believe we
    had four rounds.
    BOY : Let me kiss you good night.
    GIRL: Som1 may be watching, they still
    think I'm a virgin at home.

    This goes on for ten minutes, then the
    girl's brother appears
    at the gate and says "Dad says whether you kiss him or not, its your decision, but tell that bastard to remove his hand from the intercom button, everyone in the house is listening to your conversation and
    you've disturbed the prayer meeting 😳😳😳😳

    1. DRoyalty, that my 20k you want to eat, the thunder that will come ya way is still trying to borrow Dalung's red beret.

    2. Jesu.... Oboy you nailed it sooo good. My belle ooooo. I can't laugh too hard cos it will hurt my stomach. Very funny walahi

  22. DROLAlTY why nah, I struggled to send in my own gist, why diverting it nau. I need that 20k badly as well.

    1. White beryy thee berry finder. Pick a struggle.

      Penny less

    2. Not fair Ideato. U r reminding God.

  23. The loquacious XOXO mystery. Why are you always like this. You said that I keep taking antibiotics for Rolex chick because you perceive that I am her sister. So if I may ask my dear; why are you taking ir antagonistic medication on behalf of your coven?

    You keep talking claptrap every single day and you keep involving me.
    Do you see me as your primacy or you are just full of nonsense.

    Rolex Chick is not my sister and I don't Know her from Adams. The truth is that her comment and yours is so irritating that I just scroll through it without reading.  You suck xoxo. You really do suck like Tasmanian Devil.

    I'm not very good with words. I don't know how to coin lyrics. I'm no musician.

    I am a grown woman. I have younger ones that look up to me. I wish to meet people here outside so I won't be extending this talk with you.

    King Xoxo mystery, please leave a legacy behind that is what kings do.
    Stop this show of shame....and I recommend some alpha blockers for you to help you relax.

    1. Can you people just stop this nonsense drama. Xoxo own is getting too much here. I tire for her.

    2. Abeg I wan ask una question. . Shey una know una self outside d blog ni?

    3. Please enough. ..what do you mean by someone seeing you as her primacy?primacy means the state of being first in order, rank, importance, etc.i still wonder how that fits in.

      I don't care what you all bicker about endlessly. The heck tye comments you all make adds some spice...
      Please next time throw shades in simple English. Valuable speech doesn't have to be a lengthy epistle with big words and no substance....what is with the drugs you are dropping in your comments from antibiotics to alpha blockers.. like seriously?

      A beg who ever you are edit this speech and allow it to flow...

      Alpha blockers to help one relax ke..abi you wan treat HBP..abeg nack her diazepam to sedate her or better still an anxiolytic at least that would reduce anxiety.✌

    4. Orela you have plenty time on your hands today to be answering her.this whale mother confessor is a monumental asshole asking for drama day in day out, when it comes she will tuck in her tail and run. Fake drug prescribing mgbeke

    5. Anony 14:37..u be newbie?

  24. Food for thought

    Do u know that girl? ♧; No but i dont like her* ♤; Why don't u like her? ♧; She's too pretty*** ■Do u know that woman? ●Yes i do, she works at my office, but i cant stand her guts... ■oh but why, i heard she's really nice what has she done to u? ●Nothing, i jus hate d fact that she's too successful, i mean we went to school together and look at all she has now*** #smh. Don't be one of those hating ass women hating on other women succeeding, be one of the women who are inspired and motivated by other women's success, tz d only way cos trust me honey hating on other women will only drown u and make u stagnant... No moving forward for u, but guess what? Tz never too late to change. Motivate urself by inspiring women success, push ur limits, work hard at what ur heart desires, be genuinely happy for other and watch ur Life elevate & change for d better*** #inspirePositivity... #sayNo2beingAtreacherousTot... #beInspired...#keepAcleanheart... #remainBlessed... #beAgirlsGirl... #menBeworking2ghtrAndkillingShittt100... #womenCandotheSame... #beautyIsnotAllittakes.


  25. Bv Tunde i am happy for you oo. Use that money wisely

    Bv looking for cheap wedding gown, did you have to tell us you're a virgin? Seriously?? Like are you for real??? Like Duhh? Lol no mind me ooh. Happy married life in advance to you

    19yr old pregnant bv, i'm glad it worked out for you guys. I pray your baby is fine in the oven

    God bless us all..

  26. Blog FAM, pls how do I use cytotec for the best and quick result. thanks

  27. Once a beggar, always a beggar. God I reject the spirit of beggy beggy for life!!! Ikwakwakwakwakwa!!!

  28. Kwakwakwakwakwakwa Sister it's your virginity not ours. LOL @ Virgin needs 25k wedding gownπŸ˜‚

  29. I was still pondering upon dis marriage and women responsibilities buh the men need to know wats up>>>
    5 ways to make ur woman happy?
    1)Give her money
    2)Give her more money
    3)You should give her money
    4)Please give her money
    5)I said give her MONEY
    Dats all.

    God bless SDK and our amiable BVNs.

  30. Please bvns i applied for a teaching job..i dont actually know anything about teaching as i have never done it before. Biko suggestions on how to go about it will be welcomed. Thank you.

  31. SUNSHINE23 August 2016 at 18:38
    Issalie MMW, you are Chizoba, the queen termite with a segmented body.
    When you write things that are nothing but the truth, it gets to those involved.
    You are Chizoba and you are a hairy chested hoe with sparse hair on your fat chin, hence this reply that screams "I'M HURT".
    If you want to hurt me real bad, you'll have to get someone to tell you my story, if not, forget it.
    My regards to your burnt trophy, the one with a million houses that still stays in his father's boys quarters.
    Married widow.


    Chizoba give it up already, you lost your marriage because of stupid attitude, mannerless piece of shit, Sunshine nailed your ass, I like your new name 'Mrs married widow'.

  32. Replies
    1. ...been wondering.
      Kelvin where you at?

  33. Poor girl with an uncouth mouth!

  34. Droyalty kai you be case ooo. See as i laugh for office. I just like you very much. I am your admirer ooo.

    Krix so you be man. Ok ooo. we don hear from you.

    The woman that got N300,000 congrats ooo. To the lady that went for the burial of her friend's father. Thank God it has already been written that the wicked shall not go unpunished. It is a pity all of them died. I hope they confess to God Almighty of their wickedness.

    Good day everyone. God is doing mighty and great works all over.

  35. About the lady that was thinking out aloud on yesterday IHN. I read the thread comments mocking you. Never mind sometimes such call out will surprisingly get to FEMI. Be Positive. FEMI will come around. I know the feeling. Take care.

  36. I don't know why am so frustrated and unlucky,I put all my energy just so I can pass this exams but because of 6500 I will miss an exam I laboured so much for, all my efforts just gone down the drain, why am I so unlucky? God please come to my rescue, dont let people mock my mum because of this

  37. Wednesday IHN is here.. Been busy.. Missed sdk blog!
    Whr is our shoki na?? Lol.

  38. Today is a wet day , just like every other day.
    But, I still prefer the rain and cold to heat and sun.
    Thank God for lil blessings..

    @fab mum, pls dont mind me, put down whatever you want to. I'm sure there are so many fans of power here that'd want to know. It was all friendly banter..

    Those who plan to repent at 12.00 die at 11.59.
    Ponder on it..

  39. BV's in Enugu pls oo where can someone hangout in this your town. All I've been doing is working.At least bfor I head back lemmi know I've seen places I haven't been to in over 4 years abeg.

  40. My baby boy will be starting school for the first time with his siblings. Mama's lil kiddo is growing up!!! For every woman TTC may God surprise you this year, fill your home with the joy that comes with having chidren IJN Amen!! It's never too late just keep believing and trusting Him.

  41. Wawuu! That's really a weird story. The heart of man is desperately wicked. It wasn't enough that they killed the man, ehn?
    Thankfully, God has taken care of them.
    Na wah!

    D'Royalty, na you sabi practice the 'ask and it shall be given' part of the scripture. And as it was promised, you always receive. Nice one.

    Lmao! Krix, what if you were the one with the bad luck, and she prayed you out, ehn? * side eyes *
    Thank God for your life.
    Na stories of grass to grace sure pass finally.

    Happy Hump Day, fam.


  42. Lmaoo, Stella you don kolo oo, how u go call a man "Aunty "?

    Yea back to Kris post, good luck exist in marriage.
    I brought Goodluck to my husband so much that he attest to it.

    Just pray to be the Goodluck people desire.

  43. BV d'royalty,Stella is calling you o.Are you by any chance from the south-south because you re just so persistent and you know just send anybody.It is well with you and May God visit all of us feeling the heat of this Buhari times.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  44. ihn too badt. eeeerm where are the gwegwelinas in the house? no drama today ni?

    but why did funke marry that asshole? kai she has a terrible taste when it come to men.

  45. SDK blog keep changing lives..

    Baba God pick my call.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. Thank God for the Nanny.

    For the marrying for luck i never miss praying for myself to be a Favour and blessing to my future hubby.

    Father my parents will live to reap the fruits of their labour Amen, when I finally make it in life any uncle or aunty or whoever that may arise against them they will be the ones to go down they won't live to kill my parents and confess later AMEN.

  48. Hello people, bv God na my turn, biko pick my call.

  49. Wait oh..D pregnant 19yrs old..why are u sharing ur email address? I can't remember seeing anybody asking for ur contact on ur chronicle post..u wan take style start begging for baby things here before d baby is born? Abi na ulcer and appendix operation money u wan beg? I put it to u Dat u lied about ur boyfriend changing his mind..boys like Dat don't change their mind so fast(how old is he sef?)..u don't want us to bash u again Daz why u came back with Dat defense story..I can see u are desperate to have a baby for ur boyfriend..U think it's easy to be a baby mama? Jukwa ese..ka aki ilu si ada na onu aburo ka osi ato.
    Hmmmmmm...when d suffering go start,all these people supporting u won't be there to help u..Go and ask Anna Banner how far..Her own better see bcos she is a celeb and has access to money..and also her baby daddy is doing well for himself...keep sharing ur email address..Na here we go read second,third and fourth chronicle..Onwero ebe any na eje..Anyi egwunyego ka igwuilo..

  50. @weeding gown for Virgin bride. Must you inform us that you are a Virgin? Is that a life achievement? Being a Virgin is not a guarantee for a happy marriage, so stop fooling yourself.

  51. Please who has used this local black soap? Like dudu osun but without the packet? I'm thinking of buying it

  52. Hello good people I need help please

    I am slim and even looking for how I'll add a little flesh but coming home late from work of recent (past 10pm) has made me to be eating late and now developing a bloat belle.

    Please how do I trim down my tummy to be flat without losing weight which I don't even hv cos I don't wanna look like someone that is fighting a disease.

    Secondly, please how what should I be eating that late when am back that won't make me develop pot belle.

    It's so unsexy wearing a slim fitted gown with a bloated tummy.

  53. My darling Stella, I came just to wish you a happy belated bithday my birthmonth boo. May GOD blessed you beyond your expectations. I love you longtime.

    Will be missing for a while, phone crashed and I am so not buying another.
    Its my birthday in a few days so I am expecting a replacement as a bday gift.

    Trinity pls call me biko I lost all my contacts.



    I _______________ hereby apply to marry your daughter Maam

    I am _____ years old

    Please answer the following questions honestly

    1. Do you go to church?

    2. Do you have a degree or diploma?

    3. Are you still a virgin?

    4. Are you working?

    5. Do you have a car?

    If your answer to any of the above questions was NO

    Do not continue. Leave my house and don't look back

    If all your answers were YES, Then continue

    1. In 50 words or more, Describe the disadvantages of cheating in marriage ____________________ ____________________

    2. With the aid of a diagram, Explain how you can give respect to your father in-law-mother in-law

    3. Suppose your wife says "Honey I need money for my hair-style at the saloon", what would you answer? ____________________ ____________________

    4. Explain any TEN causes of divorce__________________________________

    5. What does the term 'good husband' mean to you? ____________________________________

    6. Do you have both dad and mum?

    If No explain why?

    7.Were your parents legally married?

    If YES for how long?

    If the time of their marriage is less than your age, Explain why you were born out of wedlock

    8. Explain the meaning of ''COME HOME EARLY" As used by women (100 words)

    9. Give any THREE reasons that can cause a man to sleep outside his house

    10. In case of divorce, Who do you think is the owner of the kids between father and mother?

    Answer the following by Yes or No

    1. Do you drink alcohol?

    2. Do you smoke?

    3. Are you short-tempered?


    1. When can you be free for interviews?____________________

    2. When is the best time to interview your dad? ____________________

    3. When can I interview your mum?____________________

    4. When can I interview your church pastor

    5. Please stick your passport size photo below

    Which will be put in newspaper to check if you have other girlfriends

    Sign here: ___________
    Sign again: __________

    Thank you for showing interest in my daughter

    Your application will be processed in 4years time.

    You will be acknowledged only if you emerge successful

    As you are waiting
    Please don't call me
    Don't visit me
    Don't contact my daughter
    If u do you will be disqualified

    Leave your details in case I need to ask you more questions

    Postal Address: ______________________
    Email: ______________________
    Phone: ______________________
    Facebook: ______________________!

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you go marry your daughter oh

  55. Honestly, i'm touched by the gratitude of the 300k receiver and Stella's prayer to Mr O.O....God bless you Mr O.O and Stella for being so kind.

    Today is a great day for me.....

  56. Congrats to Mrs N former Nanny. God Bless your new business.

  57. BV Krix some women carry luck while some na once chance, thank God you got your own woman.

  58. Pls which schools on lagos island provide accommodation for their teachers?

    1. Are you to apply as a cleaner? Your English is horrible

  59. @bv krix, are you suggesting that you get money? Oya redeem your promise now

  60. Just want to say a big thank you Stella for using this medium to reach out to people in need.the Lord God will continue to increase your greatness and comfort you on all sides.Amen

  61. Hi, Bye

    #I am a fruitful vine, I am a joyful mother of covenant children

  62. 26 years and already a single mother. Things are happening

  63. At 26 single mum and looking for a responsible guy above 30 years and preferably single dad/widower/divorcee. Nawa for you ooo. I;ll advise you take your time to look for a good single man to marry and don't go for the widower or divorcee as you are still young. With God all things possible.

  64. hohohohohoohhoho * dancing and jumping* bring the drama on!! bring the drama on!! bring the drama on.

    *back slide like Micheal Jackson*

  65. God bless all this wonderful givers,any free baking training 4 lagos bvs?in house news rocks always

  66. i hate to do this but my situation leaves me no choice.Am a married woman with children that needs financial help but dont know where to go to again except God to send an angel to my fsmily.My husband is a very hardworking man but right now,we are really facing some challenges thats beyond us.My family members has turned their back on me bcos of the man i got married to.He prays alot and believes in God.thats his crime and am not ready to leave him bcos he has changed me alot.i came from a muslim background and he's from a christian family.i need help pls.

    1. Just continue praying. We all mustn't Beg. Please o

  67. D'royalty be is an unrepentant begger, hia just to count vote o,oga fun e gan o,are u cursed with begging, and you are the one they usually run that ur iru n gbegiri mouth when someone here begs for something. Ole, ojukokoro

    1. Your comment left me in stitches.Lolz,b like say Na only d'royalty waka come

  68. Someone should do giveaway for me too!!! Please

  69. Bv Krix pls bless me with an iphone 6+ na. ��������

  70. XOXO mystery, I am now a thousand percent sure that you are daft and a retard.
    Have you seen the movies dumb and dumberer starring Jim carrey? I doubt you have if not you will know that's where I got dumb and dumberer from.its just like saying the word "how" was stolen from you cos you used it in a much dumber can you be?lol
    You are just a small fly you know about using bvs to get famous right?so that's what you have been doing?calling out names to get noticed?lol
    If you stop commenting today xoxo not one person will ask after is that are in a failed venture. Lol

    Flakkie Chris and emjay you guys have just shown you are you people are afraid of xp and xoxo right? How dare you call me out for calling out 3-5 characters.when xoxo calls out same number did I hear film from you people?when xp comes her pouring saliva and calling out people why didn't you guys say anything? Na sergeant una wan follow talk shey? Stupid mofos.

    Shantelle empire keep fooling yourself.leave Tgw are in no position to tell her to come out and clear her name.she will when she wants already believe I am her so stuff it up your stinking ass.
    And yes I am an old bv without an ID. I go by the moniker sergeant or anonymous.isn't it just last month you got your moniker?weren't you commenting like me eh shantelle?see your mouth like get an ID. Oshisco!
    Who else needs a reprimand? I will be back.
    Lest I forget I am from the 'o' tribe.saying inugo does not make me IBO just like saying mbok does not make me efik.

    Signing out..lastma aka yellow fever.

    1. Lol...
      But sergeant you are not Xoxo nau...

      How many times have u seen Xp dragging 10pple at a time? Have u seen her replying or sending memo since the last one, but there is no day pple like you won't chorus her name in the comment section be it IHN or not, so Oga madam continue with your drama, but make it thick next time.

    2. The general wife deny 100times till kingdom come you are sergeant!!when did saying the truth make one a coward,seeing bvs happy with shantelle, xoxo and xp is a pain to you. Continue to die in silence.
      Last week xp was a beggar that was begging you chocolate.this week she is a coward, yesterday she is an oloshi, what did Xp steal from you? Do you know she is reading and when she comes with an epistle now you will be crying up and down. Respect yourself old woman.

    3. Make uma continue....

      See as you all are just typing epistle untop blog..hope when you all get to see in the eal world you can throw punches...

      Continue to entertain us o..unable weldone

    4. Lassa fever,your 2mins fame is over.
      I have noticed you,nuisance. Run along.

  71. Osetigo ngwanu,anaemenu

  72. Stella,why would you give that money to D'royalty? There must be a winner even though the votes were low. I need that money badly. I will be so disappointed if she's given that money cos we all have our problems too.

  73. hahahaha Bolty abeg una don make me laugh too much. Kai buhari ati osibanjo.

    when i get home, i will tell them to give me buhari and osibanjo. Funny Nigerians. Thank God they have seen the changi they voted for.

    Shebi na kano... dem never start it is remaining small.

    Tea without milk indeed

  74. SDK may God continue to bless you and your family and my fellow BV. every one please join me in prayers am going through a lot for now am a single mother of two am owing 2yrs house rent am owing my children 2term school fees feeding is another one what a life I have handwork oh but I don't know why every thing is like this for me now, I need help and prayers pleassssssssss some one help me in the name of God

  75. Abeg it's me again, sumbori, any angel plus sow £1000 into my life. It will go along way in solving many issues I an facing in this obodo abroad please.

  76. I am having a crush on Emjay.hmmmmm.God help me...

  77. I get almost 18 votes just for her to get the money she say nobody joke funny and nobody get better votes. SDK may God Almighty continue to Bless you abundantly and for the givers may God continue to enlarge your wallets

  78. Wow! People getting BLESS every day from here,I put on a gist on Saturday someone say is too dry what else will I do to provide money for my mom to start up a business when school resume it is well, Stella God will bless you more

  79. Ideato bride kai you are just a funny girl. You guys make me laugh well. bring it one ooo.

    I love stories.

    The anon that want to suck her sugar daddy dry... continue ooo. You will send chronicles like the one that is afraid of madness. Oya carry go. we dey hear. Na to read how pastor go help you deliver you, you dey look for. Chop the 100k nothing do you

  80. Some people can lie!!!...that's how I was looking for a good hairdresser someone directed me to, her neighbour told me she is not around that she went for omugwo....I now allowed her to make the hair, now this girl has used me to practise Ghana weaving while the supposed woman was around, she was not even pregnant talk more of giving birth. The hair sef no fine and me I don't have mind not to pay her.

  81. me people can lie!!!...that's how I was looking for a good hairdresser someone directed me to, her neighbour told me she is not around that she went for omugwo....I now allowed her to make the hair, now this girl has used me to practise Ghana weaving while the supposed woman was around, she was not even pregnant talk more of giving birth. The hair sef no fine and me I don't have mind not to pay her.

  82. @Married for luck. The problem was not with the women. It was with you. You have a spirit that didn't want you to make a mistake until you met the right woman. OK.

  83. as buyer and sellers no dey here again i dont know where to post my request. I need blackup foundation and satcha butter cup setting powder. make una hail me if you are a genuine seller and you must be based in Lagos because i dont have 'interstate'charges . thank you

  84. Are you a problem solver or one who creates problem? The happiness in your life is determined by the problems you helped solved. How many problems have you solved today? In solving problems do create more? How many people have helped to solve their problem? Think about this.

  85. IHN welcome....
    DRoyalty please don't try that oo, Stella abeg no gree, winner must emerge by fire by force, my story about my dad wanting dibia etc roles dey very funny atleast queen of the blog laff ooo

  86. Kai. Stella you wicked sha. see how you expose D' royalty

  87. God bless the angels doing wonders here


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