Stella Dimoko Kebbi State At 25 - Photos


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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Kebbi State At 25 - Photos

The state recently celebrated 25years of being independent....


Tayan Taylor said...


Anonymous said...

Served in kebbi 25 years ago. Worked with the better life for rural women. I bet the place must have changed a whole lot.

young FOREVER said...

Hahahah.@anonymous. Don't even think,not to talk of bet. I Was there 2weeks ago and the state is as good as it was before it was coined out(development wise)
As at yest they were celebrating , flood was cannot gain entrance into the only Hosp(FMC) they have. I can just imagine if there is an emergency.
Kebbi people are one of the richest people the country got but they d rather invest in sokoto and kano. They need a govt that can bring that state up. Their governor should sit tight and develop that state,make the indigenes see reasons to invest there.
Everything there is expensive also,that is ,if you see it to buy. I am talking about their state capital birnin Kebbi fa.

Is it argungu that has become a shadow of itself . Fine,the festival was stopped yrs ago cos of the insurgency,why will d govt allow it get dilapidated that way. I cldnt recognize it when I went there.
They shld HV showed some of the development there and not the banquet hall ONLY.
Enough said

Nikmuna said...


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