Stella Dimoko Nick Cannon Tells Amber Rose He's Still 'Broken' Over Mariah Carey Divorce, Says Their S3x Was a 'Dream Come True'


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nick Cannon Tells Amber Rose He's Still 'Broken' Over Mariah Carey Divorce, Says Their S3x Was a 'Dream Come True'

Nick Cannon isn't taking his divorce from Mariah Carey easily.
It's been nearly two years since the two called it quits, but during his guest appearance on The Amber Rose Show on Friday, the comedian admitted he's still not completely over the heartbreaking split.

"We talking about breakups?" Cannon, 35, joked. "Aww, damn."
"The world has seen it!" Cannon continued when host Amber Rose asked him to discuss his worst breakup story.

"I'm not ready to be in a relationship," he later added. "I'm broken."
Cannon revealed, however, that despite their split, he and Carey, who is now engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, are "absolutely" still cool.
"I speak to her every single day," he explained. "Matter of fact, I gotta leave here and go pick up the kids [5-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe]."

Rose, who shares 3-year-old son Sebastian with her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, then chimed in on co-parenting, saying, "I don't know why people out there, they feel like it's so taboo. Me and Wiz are best friends. We hang out, we spend time with the baby."

Cannon said it's called "being mature," and praised Rose and Carey for being wonderful mothers.
"Amber is an amazing mother, so is Mariah, and when you see these women who have their own industries, their own empire, but they're the best mothers ever," he gushed. "They put everything off to the side, so even if a breakup occurs, that doesn't mean a child should suffer. If anything, the child should be lifted up during that time."

"You guys do it so well," he continued. "They gotta grow up in this, they didn't ask for this. Not only do they have to be in the public light, but then they have to deal with an unorthodox household so, we just, you know, make sure that they're happy and they understand unconditional love."

All seriousness aside, Rose switched gears by asking Cannon if he and Carey ever had sex to one of her songs.
"I've answered this question while I was married," he replied. "Mistake! Yes, I have. And she didn't like the fact that I told the world that we had sex to her music, but it was true. I keep it a hundred! That's amazing, [can] you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the background? That is a dream come true."

"Sorry, Mariah, I said I wasn't going to say that again but it's Amber's fault," he continued, also telling viewers the song of choice was "Hero," naturally. "'When a hero comes along,' just sayin' -- she wrote it."

Perhaps he'll find a new hero at Howard University?
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*And Amber Rose has a talk show..LMAO!


  1. Replies
    1. But at least he get work.

    2. Its very easy to "just breakup " but moving on can be difficult at times.

  2. Interesting! I cant wait to watch this Amber talk show.

    1. Every bitches and whore own a talk show in America.
      If it's not Show host it's Reality show.
      Job for most whores in America.

    2. You are calling someone a whore what do you do for a living? So been a talk show host is been a whore your re just jealous because you don't have a good source of income and living smh

  3. Cool.someone please tell jaymoore I have a huge crush on him if you call me a hoe you are on your own😘

  4. Replies
    1. It's a mind thing. When your ex has moved on and you haven't, you assume you're missing them. The best way to get over this illusion is to get someone more beautiful or handsome than your ex. Wallahi in a week, your ex would be a history. This is from experience.

  5. Can he just shut it!
    Now that she's moved on, he's creating propaganda. When they just broke up he accused her of all sorts. Saying she was too demanding. Shioor!!

    1. Mariah needed a sperm donor while he wanted to fcuk his crush, win win situation.

    2. Thanks you for this comment. People want to see you suffer even when they are the ones that called off the relationship but when you move on to a billionaire they start talking of being broken

  6. Awwww,i feel sorry for him.

    1. Please feel sorry for him. He was the one that broke up with her and moved out of their house claiming she was too demanding and always keeping tabs on him. If she didn't get a bigger better guy, he would probably be all over the place yarning dust about her. Now he is feeling like a loser and seeking sympathy. Idiaaaart !

  7. Stella why are you LYAO? She is doing great with interesting guests.

  8. Stella, so u mean Amber is not suppose to av a talk show? Take time o.

  9. Why will he move on when she isn't feeling sad but has moved on to someone far better than him? Small boy. Enjoy jare Mariah.

  10. Stella,why are you laughing at the fact that Amber has a talk show? Hian.

  11. Hian!

    This Nick got me dizzy for a split second o!

    Was it not this same Nick that spoke so ill of Mairah that It was just so unbelievable! I remember well cos before then,I used to think Nick was Soo mature. U know,keeping mum about Their split and ish.
    Hmmm Nick u called Mariah spoilt. U called her an "Unrealsitic Diva"
    Hian!u even said she wasn't all she portrayed to the public about Bn a good Mother. U said she was drunk nearly the whole time. Hmmmm u said it was Nannies that bla bla bla...... Let me not even complete it sef

    So Biko which one is this u are saying again?

    U thought that spilling all those ish (whether true or false) Wil dim Mariah's light, right?

    *When A toxic person can no longer control u,they try to control how others see you. The misinformation Wil feel unfair. But stay above it.
    Mariah Slays! Heehhehehehehehehe

    1. Lol.
      There was no actual record of him saying all that.
      Don't believe 98 % of what you read on the Internet.

  12. Amber Rose a talk show host? Wow! That's good.

  13. When u still hv feelings for ur ex,moving on isn't easy.its so difficult bcos he's still in love with Mariah from d way he talks..fond memories


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