Stella Dimoko Pastor Allegedly Rapes Member’s Daughter During Prayer Session


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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Pastor Allegedly Rapes Member’s Daughter During Prayer Session

Detectives attached to the Delta State Police Command, Asaba, on Thursday arrested the General Overseer of a church (name withheld) for allegedly raping a seven-year-old daughter of his member.

The police spokesperson in the state, Mrs. Celestina Kalu, said the suspect’s church was along Ibusa Road, Koka, Asaba.
She said the victim was allegedly lured into the church office with the intention of praying for her.

It was in the course of prayers that she was raped.

It was gathered that the victim could not keep the incident to herself, hence she cried to her parents on the matter.
Her parents were said to have taken her to the Federal Medical Centre in Asaba, where it was confirmed that she had been raped after discovery of bruises in her private parts.

Kalu said the matter was reported at the police headquarters, where detectives were assigned to investigate the matter, adding that upon investigation, the suspect was arrested and he confessed to the crime.

In another development, on Thursday, nemesis caught up with a suspected car snatcher identified as Samson Igah in Akwuebulu, a suburb of Asaba, when his attempt to snatch a vehicle parked by the owner met a brick wall.

Kalu said the suspect was nabbed by residents in the area, who later invited the police to the scene.
The suspect was said to have locked himself inside the car in his attempt to drive it away.
The suspect is currently being detained at the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.

Meanwhile, there have been reported cases of armed robbery and kidnapping by suspected kidnappers in Abraka, Eku, Isiokolo, Asaba, Agbor and Warri areas  of the state.

Three members of a kidnap gang including a woman alleged to be the leader of the group have been arrested by the police.
Kalu said the suspects were arrested following a tip-off.
She said the police got information that suspected kidnappers were sighted around the Okpara axis of Ethiope East and that detectives attached to Isiokolo Police Division stormed the scene and arrested the suspects and recovered a gun from them.
Kalu added that the suspects were now helping the police in their investigations.


7 year old?OH MY GOD!!!


Anonymous said...

Fake religious criminals, I'm sorry for those who listen to their pastors or take advice from them.

ed DREAMZ said...

This guy own don finish shah... Firstly, he rape small gal and secondly the police in charge is a woman.... Sorry

Blackberry said...


Blackberry said...

Men! U can never tell which one would snap n rape a woman.

Tayan Taylor said...

Ritual things

Mother Confessor The real deal on sdk. said...

Onye oshi ikpu.
God punish the bastard.


Y was the name of the church withheld since the idiot already confessed to the crime.
All these useless self acclaimed men of god sef...anyways they'd still/only end of deceiving them gullible religious fanatics and not my kinda person

BA said...

The "touch not my annointed"will never say a word to this. On judgement day,some members will see what their pastors has done and collapse.

Lady j said...

Pastor... Pastor..

nina chocomile said...

General overseer indeed! General overseer Umu agbara! Nonsense man of devil. I shudder at how grown men get attracted to children to the point of rape. Sick people everywhere. I hope he's castrated. This is how dey use church to deceive gullible people. One can't even trust their children with adults.

Tush baby said...

OK u ppl should countinue going from one prayer house to anoda .

Anonymous said...

Too bad.
LWKM. Laugh at Nigeria's funniest pictures here

Maureen Ekeh said...

Devil in disguise.

Teacher said...

Or trust children with anybody anyhow

Mrs. Romas said...

Disgusting. God will surely judge him. I pity that little child, mothers be watchful. They are men that has been placed in this world by the devil to destroy the lives of younger generation, what was he thinking?

Just short of words. I am so happy the child spoke out; i hope they run a lot tests and send her to a psychologist.

They are bringing reproach to the house of God.

Yemi7up said...

Why withholding the name of the Church other members need to know may some children even mothers have kept quiet before now.

Yemi7up said...

This anointed could be touch and punished.

Ohanaka Ifeanyi said...

I have stopped believing all this pastors after my many experiences doing business with them. I rather give a know robber my money to keep than give it to a pastor.

Though we have good pastors out there, many of them are after what wealth they gain than salvation of their members.

FRESH said...

How does a full grown man have a hard on for a child? My conscience wouldn't allow me sleep with a 17 year old, how much more.

Starjoy said...

Endtime pastor

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