Stella Dimoko Presidency Says Buhari Didn’t Sign A Padded Budget


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Presidency Says Buhari Didn’t Sign A Padded Budget

The Presidency on Tuesday carpeted allegations of budget padding rocking the National Assembly and maintained President Muhammadu Buhari did not sign a padded budget.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Senator Ita Enang and his counterpart in the House of Representatives, Hon. Ismail Kawu, who disclosed this after an over three-hour meeting with the APC leadership said the budget signed by the President was not a padded budget.

He said: “I am here on the invitation of the leadership of the APC with my colleague to bring answers to issues raised by the party on the 2016 Appropriation and we have been with the party for a little over three hours. We have given explanations to them on every issue and told them that there was nothing, to our knowledge, like padding of the budget.

“The budget as assented to by Mr. President is the budget as passed by the National Assembly and that is the budget being executed.

“But as of now, the party is handling it as a domestic issue, and all of us are enjoined not to make public comment on the details because the matter is still under consideration.

“So, that is what we will want to say for now, we will not want to go into the details of it so that we will not breach the ethics of the party, the directives of the party or pre-empt anything or any outcome of the party investigation.”
He added that “we came here as persons who works as liaison officers on the budget because the party had questions for us and we came to make clarifications on the issues raised.
“We have made those clarifications and would not want to draw any conclusion. Please let us not go too far by mentioning any office. Let it be that the two of us appeared before the party.

“In all our years of legislative engagement, we are yet to find in the legislative lexicon the word ‘padding’. When the budget is presented before the legislature, the legislature is to consider the budget and pass as they deem fit.
“So what the legislature pass becomes the appropriation upon accent. Therefore, any word which is yet to crystallize in legislative lexicon, you cannot hear us mention it.”
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*Is it not the same Budget that Buhari and  his team used Binaculars to cross check before they okayed it?,,,lol


  1. Stella, I think that one was the senate's.

    The one causing the fracas btw Jubrin and Dogara was also returned un assented by the president. It was upon return that the principal officers of the green chamber discovered that "padding" took place. Of which some PAs to the president have been fired because they were major suspects to the alleged "padding".. as they were the ones that took the delivery of the said budget before transferring it to the president.

    And the legislatures are also claiming that it wasn't altered from their end, but may have been tampered with in Aso rock or whilst on transit.. Of course Jubrin is saying otherwise. Hence he's producing all the drafted copies with alterations/signatures he's alleging are Dogara's and his. This matter ehh

    1. It's the same budget. "budget padding " is not anomaly it's done the world over, sometimes called "added estimates". the criminal offence here is that these figures were do and consented to by a few people, if the whole house 2/3 of them or nearly all were aware it wouldn't be an issue.

    2. Sisi Eko, you are right. That was the one PMB kept rejecting and sending back to them. Unfortunately,the people that were sacked might or might not even be part of it.
      Anon 8:43 cut the long story short, this is a criminal case.

  2. Then who signed the GAD damned budget?


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  4. Has ɦɛ tʀaʋɛʟɛɖ ʄօʀ tɦɛ ɨռaʊɢʊʀatɨօռ? Aɢaʀaċɦa.#tɨʀɛɖքʀɛsɨɖɛռt#

  5. A better title: "Presidency Speaks To Cover Up Dogara's Corruption At House Of Reps" - If it was Saraki's Senate that was accused Buhari would have thrown Saraki and Ekweremadu in the accused box in ICPC Court. Nigerians have discovered that the president has not changed from being a tyrant and dictator, and despite Mohammed/Muhammadu Buhari's lies of neutrality, he is too thin skinned that he uses EFCC, Police and DSS to terrorise any Nigerian capable of expressing independent thoughts. Nigeria, this is not the change we voted for. Buhari is ungrateful to Nigerians, and ungrateful to God. He must have use occultic means to entrance Nigerians but the scales have lifted from people's eyes.

  6. Now nobody knows who sign it or wot?

  7. They're taking our eyes off the real issues affecting this nation. Since inception,its from one blame game and probing to another. First it was Diezani gate, then Dasuki gate, then budget padding,now Jona and others as NDA sponsor. Of course there're more,but I can't waste my strength in typing them out. APC/Buhari has nothing,absolutely nothing to offer Naija. Before you know it,four years don waka,and all they would've done will be blame and probe and more probe. If you guys think you voted him in,think again. I took part in the last election as a corp member in the north. If there were 5 million votes counted in the north,4.5 million were kids under 13.I know cos I thumb printed for them. All kids in my unit. If you think your votes counted,think again.Buhari ehn,Na tyrant of the highest order. The plans he has for this country will soon be seen. Na that time all of Una eye go shine like okporoko.

    1. I took part too in one of the northern states. You dare not say anything, I left my fone in my room that day to avoid stories that touch because while u re receiving a call they could say u re recording and dagger you and nothing will happen... if they kill me, the best that will happen is Nigerian government will give my mother 20k and promise to give my brother job and will forget him after. Useless country, this same man that got power through massive rigging is fighting corruption! Nawa. I better go anonymous before they will locate me and my mother will not enjoy the fruit of her labour.

  8. Mtchewww!!! Will they agree b4?

  9. We are waiting,you people should go back to work

  10. Na dem sabi. Afterall padded or not, the economy is still sleeping with overdose

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