Stella Dimoko Singer Jhene Aiko Tweets On Divorce From Nigerian Dot Da Genius


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Singer Jhene Aiko Tweets On Divorce From Nigerian Dot Da Genius

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Jhene Aiko filed for divorce from Dot Da Genius after only 11 months of marriage. 

Social media had a field day with the news because Aiko has been linked to her Twenty88 partner, Big Sean, for the last several months.

On Saturday (Aug. 13), the “Déjà Vu” singer spoke out about ending her marriage, and put a few inquiring minds in their place.



  1. I was not in her home,neither do i know what she went through,so i cant judge her.

  2. Happy Sunday to my main gees
    Pipi Lee
    Swag Lafresh
    Chi o chi exoctic o
    Kelvin my boo
    And where is Jenny Ekwe?

  3. They should cm out nd explain this beta biko...

    1. To explain to who exactly? Better go get a job!

  4. "Specially, when done in vegas...", she just said her failed marriage wasn't sacred cos it was done in

  5. Nigerians in Twitter ehn. Same thing they did to Kim after a doctored tweet aftervtgat time she came for Dare's show. See the way Jhene was answering them 😅😅😅😅😅
    But honestly, I used to think she and Sean are an item. They were overly too close for comfort

  6. Still she could have handled the situation differently. Not lie about trying to promote an album while sleeping around with the same man she was releasing an album with.
    Why file for a divorce after you're the one everyone kept seeing frolicking with another man who isn't your husband.
    Now she is acting like the victim and saying things that she could have said without the inclusion of a side piece in the narrative.
    Whatever though, it's her life.

  7. Jhene Aiko my girl, I love her songs.
    So if someone is unhappy in a marriage, she shld die there as typical naija chicks do.
    Do men not walk away all the time ???

    Vegas wedding, no kids involved. She can even get it annulled.

    1. Thank you oh. You just spoke my mind.

    2. Thank you Beds and Roses.

    3. You can only get a marriage annulled if it wasn't consummated

  8. They were together for over 6 years, she met big Sean through Dot. She just got greedy abeg. Anyway, many will do same in her shoes sha.

  9. See as she is just replying everyone yesterday. The geh vex gaan ni o. Her life,her choice.

    But I was a bit angry when she said she was 15%Nigerian.

  10. Who can blame her d chick upgraded.
    She looked for someone who wld help her career, d girl is good don't know why she hasn't blown till now.
    Big Sean offered her smthn beta, fame, money and he's helping her career by taking her on tour. Even dis story has given her popularity atleast now ppl are talking about her.
    Men do it all the time. Let d guy move on, plenty of girls in America.


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