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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Thursday In House News..

How are you?Why do i love you all so much?Hehehehehehe




Hi Stella,  please what is wrong with some men???  Something happened to me today on my way home from work.  A guy sat next to me,  before I knew it,  this guy started touching his privates...  Not like I cared but it looked like he was masturbating or something.. 

 I didn't talk, I just kept managing...  He was with a backpack, it got to a point,  he decided to spread that backpack on his legs and kept sliding his hand underneath.  At this point I shifted very well and made sure not even his clothes will touch me.  I was actually angry. I decided to keep quiet all through cos I didn't want to cause a scene ...  

If I had spoken.. I'm sure the guy would hate his life by the time I'm done saying my mind . ...  I mean what is wrong with people?  I had to discuss with few friends immediately I got home..  

One of them said she was in a bus one time and a guy started watching porn beside her..  Ahn ahn!  I told her that has happened to me before!  What is wrong with people? Some Men need to get their acts together..  Its disgusting! 



Please this is a serious plea for a job. I don’t want to start writing any pitiable long story/epistle but it has really not been easy without a job. Please I need a job as idleness and depression is slowly setting in.

I have a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree and a Masters in Public Health (Mph). Asides that, I’m an honest, hard working, articulate and responsible person and you won’t regret having me as a part of your team. I also have good experience in customer relations and sales. I have been applying and nothing has come out of all the applications yet. I know correct people read this our wonderful blog. 

Please I’m calling on Heads of NGOs, Human Resource Managers and Managers of Organizations/Companies, Heads of Organizations, well meaning individuals and concerned persons that can help with a job to please come to my aid. Do you have an ongoing environmental/public health project and need someone hard working and capable? Kindly contact me. I won’t mind something around Lagos/Ogun State axis. M
my email is Thank you.



I need someone who can bake a 10 inches cake with few sweets as toppings for me and would be able to deliver it on Sunday before 1:00pm in ilupeju axis.
Please my budget is 5000 naira and I cannot afford further payment for delivery. I can be reached on 08099606000.


Dear Stella,

Kindly Re-post the below Vacancies.

IT Officer:

The person must be conversant with the use of interactive board,network troubleshooting,computer repair and social media savvy.
OND in computer science and proximity to Ogudu will be an added advantage.

Class Teacher:

A female BSC/NCE English teacher is urgently needed to teach in our Primary school (Oko-oba and Ogudu Branch).
The candidate must have over 3 years teaching experience,must be able to use interactive board and must be creative and love children.

The candidate must have an excellent knowledge of jolly phonics sounds and computer programs will be an added advantage. 

Proximity to Ogudu and Oko-oba will also be an advantage.

Kindly forward your resume for any of the above advertised post 

Thank you.
Mrs B.



Good morning everyone. This is Bakare Abiodun, and i want to appreciate and thank you all for your prayers and support. I am so grateful to everyone that sent Me money to move out of the house and commence treatment. It wouldn't have been possible without you all. 
Some test were carried out on me but i dont know the results yet. I went through minor procedures for the pus to be drained from my feet. Doctor said i would require an x-ray to know the next step. 
I am grateful for everything and am asking for your prayers and support. God bless you all.
Bakare A.A


Said he got a total of N122k but is left now with 21k after paying for so many things.Please if you still want to reach out to him let me know and i will post his contact details again.
Thank you and God bless everyone who reached out to help Bakare get back on his feet.this is a miracle.God bless you all.
He is still in Hospital and will keep us informed of his progress.


hi Stella. My birthday was a few weeks back and in the spirit of the
celebration, I will like to do FREE emcee(MC) for any couple getting
married in JOS city between now and September. contact: 08093935523 or
its mcgift, #queen of the microphone#

Cunny advert..hehehehehehehe

Dear Stella,

Thank you for this platform. I love you to bits. Please hide my Id. I have been following your blog and the life experiences shared and dealt with by BV commenters have been helping many people find solutions or ideas to solutions in real life. I don't really know o where this may fit in but I would like for these questions to be treated here.

Most often, on this blog the solution proffered to marital challenges that has gone overboard especially by  the married females who send in chronicles or share in the comment section(men hardly send in) are:

a. Leave him (divorce)
b. Cheat on him
c. Prayyyyy...War room bla bla bla.

Hardly is counselling recommended by the majority as we all know too that seeing a shrink or marriage counselors is not a common practice in Nigeria except for those who go to their pastors. What really works? is it a problem of this generation of women or men that marriages don't last anymore and riddled with cheating cheating cheating as our mothers lasted in marriages and we find them stay faithful even after death of their husbands as widows, train the children in their husband's home and (at least i know my mum has been celibate since my father's death having grown with her since my teenage years) stay committed to God. But this generation? For where? she or he may already be sampling a side boo even before the spouse died, so they just f**k on!(LMAO).

My question is this; for the married, (men please contribute as it is our women that speak oftentimes more on this blog)

1. Did or does cheating on a spouse solve in the long run the problem when the marriage is heading south. 
2. Does it balance any equation for we women, especially as it has been a man's game mostly. If you are doing on the side currently, how has it helped you in truth or it still leaves a big hole in you that eats your heart and well being, yet you just force yourself to believe you are doing just fine.
3. Was/ is your cheating routine random? Are you continuing or had to stop or wishing to stop but cannot?
4. Was/is it an affair with a single guy or older married man and why(for each choice) and what are/have been the consequences. Remember this post is not to encourage or discourage a negative adult behavior or judge. This is to provide a learning curve for those in similar situations or about to make mistakes.
5. If you are/were in such cheating mode situations and find that honestly, in your moment of sober reflection it really is not a situation you would love for your daughter or relative to mingle into in retrospect (especially for the very mature in marriage), what advice would you leave for the young married spouses of today?
6. Are you comfortable, as in,you have a marriage others are wishing for yet just happened to find yourself cheating...colleague, work place, pressure, neighbor, a tempting spouse of a friend etc....WHY?
7. For the prayerrrrrr solution, how has it helped? success stories please
8. Finally, if divorce was your case, share honestly how great it helped or didn't help(consequences). Be honest and don't try to sugar coat it because it makes you feel good that you made the right choice.

and any more questions not captured. How does this have to be happening in marriages where during dating, both couldn't wait to go to the altar. What happened?

I have seen that this is becoming like a constant often not talked about issue in our times? Is cohabitation trying to usurp marriage in our times? Share and please, don't just write to be naughty...write to share honestly what is happening with you with a mind to possibly educate your listener as if a sister or daughter came to you with these challenging questions. Sometimes writing or sharing about what you are doing or is happening to you could be therapeutic to the soul especially those things we hardly can tell others. Good or bad, it opens your mind up to new learning that could be helpful for a change in the right direction.This is a blog and faceless too. If your Id is a problem, go anonymous.

Concerned Sister



Hello Stella,

Trust you are good.

Please we would like to use your platform to advertise for nanny/housekeeper recruitment.

We are a small home-solutions company and we want to empower women by providing a sustainable means of income for women

We have a large and diverse client base who have a need to caregivers in their homes.

We would provide quality training to our workers, conduct background checks and referrals also we conduct comprehensive health screening for the caregivers.

CAREGIVERS Qualification

Age: 25-35yrs
Sex: Female(only)
Education: Basic Primary Certificate
Must be able to read and write
Knowledge of other Languages such as French is a plus
Competitive Salary and other benefits.

If you are interested, 
please send us a text on 08170314270 or 
send us an email:

Thank you

Do not give anyone any money if it concerns any application ish cos it seems i cannot verify all completely,please be weary as you apply..



Good Afternoon Big Sis.
I am writing a book called "TIME AND STRINGS" and still ongoing, I will want to infuse how SDK came about into it, If you could help me with that, I will be immensely grateful Big Sis. This book I believe will help the generation of youth we have in the country, how to manage time also cultivate a profound successful habit. Understanding the law of process, and also consistency.
Here is an abstract from the book Big Sis.

Time is the currency of the earth, what you do when you alone makes you equal, different or below the next person, your habit determines your purpose. Time is essentially the most powerful equation in the world, you can't take back yesterday, you can't re-write the past and you can't predict the next 10mins. That's how powerful Time is.

Develop your Time into solving a need, if you can fill a void, you can be successful, successful people are problem solvers and problem solvers cultivate a positive habit and adequately respect Time. Managing Time positively gives your Life a meaning and the more informed you are the more content you carry.
The big difference between the rich and the poor is "Information"  it does not matter what you do or trade, the more informed you are about your sphere, the more different your product, brand and personality is from others, And we are at a transcending stage where the industrial age is fading away and we presently in an information age dispensation.

This is the age and time entrepreneurs will thrive and be better, "employees seek security while entrepreneurs seek freedom" the government is beginning to fail in promises all over the world, that is because the industrial age when Prussian education happens to be the core value and basic principle is no more.
Now you don't need a degree to be successful, but how you invest your Time building ideas, concept or starting a trade, making whatever you intend doing a buy-out product can definitely get you to the very top. Live and don't just exist, make every moment matter, don't live you life like a scalar quantity that has magnitude but lacks direction but a vector quantity which carries both.
Consistency is art, however we choose to live every decision we take and ounce of time wasted we definitely will pay the piper duly for his songs someday, life they say is a marathon not a sprint, let your plight be the flight to your bright light.
An Abstract From My Book (To Be Published 2017)
Ozoya Salami

Well done dearie!...wetin you say make i do?I nor


We are dedicating August Giveaways to Small Business entrepreneurs.

This is for one person whose business or petty trade will experience a lift with ten thousand naira. Send a mail with proofs to BusyBodyCorrecter

This is to be shared between 2  people whose businesses will take a positive leap with the said amount. Send a mail with proofs to BusyBodyCorrecter

This is to be shared between 2 old time regular BVs whose businesses will be propelled to the next level with 30k. Send a mail with proofs that you truly do need this money and proofs that you are an old time BV to BusyBodyCorrecter

(Lady who handles this giveaway is bereaved and if you have not heard from her that might explain why but please be patient!)

To qualify for this you must be a long time regular BV. Please send a mail to BusyBodyCorrecter with relevant proofs to advance your cause.

This giveaway is for one person. That person must have been a BV for sometime. The person must truly be in dire need of this giveaway. If you are that person, please send a mail with relevant proofs to BusyBodyCorrecter.

PS: For all categories, please include your contact details and phone numbers.








I am sending the rest to friends via email.please if you load,let me know okay?


Did you get the stuff?you havent replied my email saying you did and i am worried.please mail or call me if you get this.thank you


Those of you attacking me for sending IHN Memo, it wont stop and if you complain again that i sent this,I will send another one tomorrow.


Some of you are just plain wicked.I have searched my conscience and its clean,I dont even know some of you personally but you behave on my email like i owe you anything..Imagine someone cussing me out cos i forgot to post something i promised i would?Na wah!
Memos will always come to ''clear the air'' or correct an impression.I have my own mind and would appreciate that you do not try to squeeze my mindset to fit into yours.
That said,I cant help loving you love oh.

Another memo loading..LMAO!
that said,you are free to send in anything postable for ihn as long as it is not advert and no i am not accepting paid adverts for IHN.....*wink*

I love the new IHN...hehehehehehehee #stressless


Signing out.....LOVINGLY


  1. IHN IS HERE !

    1. I love IHN like this, short and simple. Stelz biko don't flood it unnecessary write ups.

    2. I love this blog mehn. Stella, God bless u real good!

    3. I noticed White Diamond wrote "budge" yesterday and someone corrected her. Iphie Dearie also said Budge which is the right word.

      For the BVs that mix it up:

      Bulge - when something is protruding or swollen

      Budge - when someone or something remains unmoved.

      Cheers 🍻

    4. Obi's jewel4 August 2016 at 15:09

      Stella bae nothing do u jare. I am among those who love the ihn as it is now. Keep up the good work and do whatever makes u happy. #okbye


  2. IHN is here.‎
    Awesome day peeps!‎
    Hi5 Stella.πŸ™‹‎‎‎

  3. Wonderful IHN news
    Feel like deleting some people’s contacts off phone and memory.

  4. in house news for thursday is here.

  5. * coughs *

    IHN ti de!

    We love u too Stella

  6. Replies
    1. Let me pitch my tent here.. . Honestly I have never in this life be in support of sex before marriage. . I feel guilty anytime I try it. So I have known my man for years and we have plans.. We tried introducing sex... Hmmmm I saw what was beyond me oh... I usually think people are joking when they say something is like middle finger but this one is worse!!! I have been picking fight since it happened. . He is a good guy but that kini can't 'werk' .. Too tiny.. Fine guys can disappoint sha. Will just look for a way to get out of this o. Can't deal.

    2. Hhahahahahaha
      Lwkmd @ Anonymous..

  7. 40k for ambulance services wow! So expensive

    1. After several negotiations sef.....Nigeria we hail thee.

  8. For over a week now I keep taking 419 cab, oluwa give me that contract that will buy me that dream car

    1. Strange! Remember to always pray and cover your going out and your coming in with the blood of Jesus.

      I am so happy guys #blessed

  9. Choi! See shoki
    But Stella I didn't load any.
    God bless the giver! Amen

  10. God Bless the givers and the medium of sharing.
    Lucky today got one MTN

    1. Thanks to everyone that contributed money for the sickle cell boy.

      I can't imagine the pain he's going through right now.

      Healing is yours. AMEN!!!!

  11. The people that loaded those cards are evul spirit chai!!! I was so sure I was going to load one.

    1. Kikiki the cards were loaded mid air bfr getting to d blog.

  12. Three days ago makes it 19yrs my Dad passed away! And every year I miss him like a fat boy misses cake😒 I love u Daddy and jus kno ur 4 Angels turned out gud (Altho I pyess a lot now 😒😚) We love u, but God loves u more πŸ˜ŸπŸ™

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi ( Stellz Cousin )

    1. Continue to rest in peace papa kelvin

    2. Rest on Sir.

      Kelvin Bobo,Shebi I was feeling all sober until I read "Pyess" yet again.
      LOL. You Crazy.

    3. May his soul rest in peace

    4. Awwwwwwn.. Pele. This is both sad and funny. E-hugs.

    5. Ya still telling ur daddy ya pwessing abii😩 yeye childπŸ˜‚

    6. Thanks y'all!
      Telema special thank u, but change Dat ur dp that's fraud πŸ˜‚ (is play I play o)
      Ibukun gimme na 😒
      Iphie yar lucky yar married 😣

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi ( Stellz Cousin )

    7. Heeya ndoo ur dad is surely smiling back @u. May his soul continue to rip.

      Anyways Kip pwessing till u pwess out a milk factory.

  13. Loaded 200 MTN thanks Stella

  14. Omg!!! That guy must be in serious pain now. His parents where fhucking selfish, see the kind of pain he is assing tru now?

  15. Am here for drama!
    Awwwwwwwwwww, I miss shoki ohhhh.

  16. I have so missed IHN. Been super duper busy. The good kinda busy. Thanking God for making my business grow this fast. Good records in less than 3months of start up.
    How are you my people emjay, tgw, tetrina, Uriel and default smile.
    Trinity me got home n slept off o! Come n visit na miss u! Call you back later tonight mbok.

    Stellz darling bring ya ass lemmi kiss it😘. Love you darling and oh! You sound like an angel love you loads.

    1. Babe your business will go higher and higher. God loves you and my lil boy

    2. Dewdrop hunny......*sending you mail*

    3. Thanking God for you@Dewie.
      In this era of casting down,there is a lifting up for us all. Amen!

  17. Loving you right back Stella. Hello everyone.

  18. Stella,one of ur well known male bvn is in trouble o.I won't mention his name but I think many ppl should know who I'm talking about by his offence. He went to sleep with a woman in her house and her husband came in unexpectedly.guess what the woman did when d man found him where he was hiding,she denied knowing him n said he's probably a buglar.he received some planking by the neighbours (some of whom knew him well) and ppl around before being taken to the police station. He has been missing on this blog for a while. You know who I'm talking about?

    1. Bitchplis? It's a lie jor

    2. See give, jeez! Hope police won't kill him oh, thinking he is a thief truly, why would the woman tag him a thief na? What if they had killed him before police came. Hmmm. That should teach him a very good lesson, if he comes out alive

    3. Please drop the hints, who is the person?

    4. Jaymoore?
      Harmless question oh

    5. Hahaha I'm very sure its Bitchplis

    6. 😲😲😲😲

    7. Spilllllllll?
      Pls don't tell me its bitchpls.

    8. Kwakwakwakwa...
      But if it's true,then it should be Ghanaman or Bitchpls...

    9. Hmmmm is it bitchplis. Abeg spill jor.

      Get well soon bakare.
      Amen to your prayer stellz, God knows I truly need a miracle/testimony in my life now.

    10. Sweet gist
      Please spill more,loving this blog every day by day.

    11. Kehinde Ake? I doubt it though. Or could it be jagbajantis 😱? Dr Agwoturunbe is back so he's ruled out. Spill biko

    12. Ghanaman??? Na question!

    13. *spreads mat* u say what! Pls come again.

  19. As much as those shoki, couldn't load any, fastest fingers I hail una o, then how many you misses me??? *side eyes* Stella make me qualify for one of the give aways nah. I need money badly to start up something

  20. Loaded 3 200 Etisalat.. Tanx bae

    1. Jeez u finish the cards. Babe you re vexing oh

    2. 3 only u?... I hail o aunty!

    3. Chichi u be tif oooo. All this newbies loading shoki

    4. Highway robber chichi. Only u loaded 3 Etisalat

  21. BV Bakare i bless God for you! God bless all the givers that helped and may more givers come your way IJN..Amen!

    God bless us all

    1. By HIS stripes, you are healed. Bakare!

  22. Speedy recovering @bakare
    May God bless all august angels
    Oh yeah..I loaded an mtn card...@stella..thanks to the giver.

    I actually prefer IHN without adverts.

  23. Amen to that your signing out prayer.

    boring ihn

  24. U go fear cake with few sweets as toppings for 5k na,bloody cheap beggars

  25. I hAve a testimony. Favour is my new name

    1. Me too, mine is huge hehehehe

    2. Chukwu surprise go mu, with many many blessings, he took Me unaware, with blessings.

      Onyemere nka nyem o, agam e kele gi.

    3. Hi baby. Miss our gossip. Don't eat excessively ooo. Miss u on the Weight loss Group

  26. IHN is here. wow!!so any angels on Sdkb.
    God bless the givers richly and provide for the needy.

    Sdk I want airtel shokiπŸ™ˆ thanks in advance.

  27. 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

    #I am a fruitful vine, I am a joyful mother of children

    1. Default smile, may God answer your prayers and bless your home with children in Jesus name. The bible says there shall be no barren in the land. Like your sign out says, u are a fruitful vine and a joyful mother of children. I love your spirit. Hugs. God bless u.

    2. Yes o we wud celebrate u n d arrival of ur twins soon. Amen.

  28. Amen at the last word for today
    Stella abeg make the shoki reach my side biko.
    Thanks in advance

  29. I love what u r doing Stella,too many wicked people in Nigeria . don't pity the idiots cos I have no pity on them, wicked souls, only good when they know they r getting something from u

  30. I am so happy for Bakare, so so happy. God bless all the good people of SDKB. Thank you to all the angels on this blog, you are amazing. My condolences to the bereaved, may the Lord console you.

  31. Awwwwwwwwwwwww,so happy for bakare!
    My God will heal u
    IHN now more plea for patronage
    Stella,I need shoki.......don't send to only friends close to ur heart
    I don't have fast fingers abeg

    1. Been away, but I'm back and Better now dear.

    2. U want shoki? Oh my o my! U kno what to do na, jus....Halla! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜›πŸ˜š

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi ( Stellz Cousin )

  32. Who is bereaved ? Bisybodycorrector? Take heart dear.

    So many giveaways, wow!!! God bless everyone.

  33. Enough shokiiii
    My line has been barred..
    God bless the givers & receivers..

    One love.

    1. Stella,A big Amen to your prayer.

      @ Sickle cell patient,my prayers are with you..
      It is well dear..

  34. Sickle cell patient... The Lord Is your strength, God will see you through.

    Seyi, well done o.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

  35. Stella good morning, I want to bring an issue here, most house help of these days are very heartless, they treat people's kids as trash especially toddlers. That is why most times I don't pity them when I see them been maltreated on the news, because only God knows what must have lead to it... there is this building close to our house,thou the building its on another street but I can view what is happening in the building.. I have been noticing the way a house help of about 16 to 17 years do treat her madam's 1 year + son,, because when ever d lady leave for work very early in the morning, the wicked soul brings the child outside n maltreat this baby.. dis child would be crying and dis agbaya lady would be beating this baby, d one that got me angry yesterday was the way she use cain n wipe dis little boy, after beats him she slaps this child, dis child kept on crying for lik 1hr, out of annoyance, I called on her attention from my building and called her a wicked girl.. still yet it didn't even stop her. As am writing to u now this morning; this baby have been crying seriously for 2hrs, only God knows wat is happening inside the house, cause his parent have all gone to work. Am a single lady, by the grace of God when I get married n start having kids, I don't think I would have any, cause they are wicked. . Pls how do I inform this baby's parent without it looking as if am poke nosing? ? Stella pls post. I need to put and end to this

    1. Please notify the mum, before the girl kills that child. Ahhhhh

    2. You are not poke nosing my dear. Please go there this evening whenever you sense they are around and inform them. If possible, take a snap as a proof. The girl is simply evil. I would have given her a dirty slap myself before informing her employer.

    3. You live close and can't tell the parents? What should Stella do?

    4. Madam, you are not a child. Put yourself in the womans shoes. You'll want to know whats happening if its ur child. Sit her down and tell her child cries for 2hours with several beatings from the help

      Thats enough to spur any sane mother into action

    5. Wow. This is exactly y I worry about living on my own oh. Boo says we will need Nanny but I doubt if I want to a live in one cos the stories I hear ehh... I fear

    6. My dear..same as happens in my neighbour house..I watch through a windows upstairs as a house help beats a 4yr old girl that is an only child and also dumb..her parents are so wealthy but they are never home..once she comes bk from school..she will beat not even cane but by pushing,kkicking and slapping and tthe girl cries all day..I want to report to the mum but I will be Called nosy as they don't know me at all..

    7. You're the one who can put an end to this. How can you be home and hear a child crying for 2hours as you have written knowing what the help does to the child and do nothing about it???....

    8. Look for a way & tell the mother of what has been happening in her absence..
      Please tell.

    9. Abeg tell the woman to quickly get someone else before that girl kills her son. Asap

    10. Anonymous please I beg you,tell the woman todayyyy!!!!!!
      Please I beg you with everything that is holy.
      Pokenosing ke? Please Poke nose. Thank you

    11. Just zoom your phone camera and record everything. When next you see the mother of the child, politely introduce yourself and explain the events that has been happening to her child and play the video for her or pictures.

    12. Please go ahead and report to the child's parent. As a working mum i tell u it is in God's care alone that we leave our children. Most times it is more convenient and cost effective to have a nanny rather than dropping the kids off at a daycare. The heart of man is desperately wicked! Please report because that innocent child cannot speak up for himself.

    13. Please you need to call the attention of the boy's parent before he dies in the hands of that maid,tell the mum their is something you want to show her let her pretend like she's gone to work as usual then let her watch from your apartment.biko open your mouth and talk ooo cos anythg dat happens to dat child u allowed it

    14. Go straight to the house and report the wicked soul.

    15. You are wicked for not reporting a long time ago.
      Oo I forgot... U r single.
      Wait til u pass thru labour pain and see if u want report such with immediate effect if u see such thing happening

    16. Please take an audio record of the babies cry, since the house is near to you and play for the parents of the child. Also if you are in good terms with any of the neighbours approach them and also discuss your findings with them, so as to get their opinion. I have a 6months old baby and I can't just imagine same! I feel so bad

    17. Please tell the boy's parents ASAP. I also noticed that most times when the helps are treated nice, they tend to treat the kids they look after even better than they are being treated.

    18. Pokenosing you say?! Biko, biko,biko inform that child's parents of what of what goes on when they go to work.

      Some of these house helps are pure evil! I don't pity them either when I read stories of their madam maltreating them because they are not innocent. Most of them are from the devil.

      Inform your neighbours and save their innocent baby from the torment. Poor child! A baby that can't even speak yet, so he cannot tell his parents what he goes through at home when they go to work.

      Make sure you tell them TODAY!

    19. Pls inform them asap, don't care abt whatever the outcome will be, at least u know u have cleared ur conscience by bringing it to their notice. That's one of the reasons I will neva bring in a house help into my house, NEVER! Make I dey manage like dat abeg.

  36. Those eti pained me Shia that I couldn't load any

  37. Concerned sister, you are saying widows/wers should stay celibate...for what? Abi I no understand? Africa!!!!

  38. May God bless givers and give takers to bless too.

  39. This signing out prayers just brought smile to my face.Testimony to silence my enemies,testimony that will sound like a lie,testimony that will win souls for God when I share...Thank you lord for answered prayers.

  40. Madam masturbator, thank God you mind your business because that is right thing to do,because it is actually not your business, don't you think such people are psychologically disturbed and that backpack might contain weapons to to harm you, if you had said your mind like you wanted to. Am sure you would have been the one doing the regretting and not him
    So next time pretend that you are blind even deaf nd dumb , don't even show how disgusted you are in your expressions.

  41. God bless you Stella,I loaded 3 etisalat card,i just subscribed now is all thanks to this giveaway.Love ya plenty.

  42. Amen to your signing out prayer

  43. The times are really hard and everything is just going crazy. Will be thrown out of my house soon and there is no one to call. All these men that can actually help want something in return that i cannot give. Baba God, please come to my rescue. I have faith.

    1. Be here yarning dust!...
      Don't go and use what you have to get what you want!...

  44. When is d next snm stella...matured men are scarce oh....some will add you and not talk or wait 24hrs to reply, others it's like deyre conducting interviews, while some after 2 mins of chatting d next line of questions
    Have you had sex before?
    When was d last time you had sex
    How many times can you go
    Are these people really looking for serious relationships?
    When you add someone d convo shld be enjoyable, be diverse not narrow minded!as much as I want a serious rlnship I also know not everyone will fit into wat I want and vice versa but we cld make great friends from the to think dat 'she z desperate so you throw anything at her is wrong and shows d kind of person you are!
    Dats said I still believe in love😍 and hope to meet my prince charming soon # I hope he won't be forming busy ooo lol#

    1. Start hanging out before SnM.

      Please guys I need names of classy hangout places in Lagos.

      I know nowhere.

      Please "motorable" places

    2. Forget Single mingle and mingle with the males around you.

  45. Ive no plans for the weekend.... will probably just try baking. I need frnds in Lag mehn

  46. Ihn been a while now. Have to meet up.

  47. pls who knows a good school around eneka road that is affordable. remember good and affordable, pls drop contact.

  48. May God heal you completely Bakare!
    God bless everyone.

  49. Eka joy you are in a serious relationship with a yoruba guy you have always said you dont mind if he impregnates another woman,you will still stay with him and take care of the child. Now your eye is outside to sleep with an ex.Are you just a confused person or your current bf is a failure in bed? Ikorodu queen pick a struggle.
    Stella pls post.

    1. Abeg go, we all have that feeling sometimes not always ex but you can see a guy I want to get down with him ( that's our bad side) your ability to control yourself is what matters

    2. It's her life why bother much. You kept what she said since yesterday till now, you try oh, instead of you to think of better things.

    3. And you had to go anon?
      That's how someone came yesterday to say she is married...
      Smh for trolls

    4. Was expecting dis, leave Eka alone.

  50. dear concerned sister, na una type no dey like to hear the truth, you would rather stay in an abusive marriage that could cost you your life than leave. marriage is for better or worst i agree but it aint a do or die affair. its for better or worst not for better or terrible. one person worst might differ from another person definition of worst, and so if a person feel he or she has had his worst in marriage the only thing left to do is waka comot out of such situation it is better for whoever is in that terrible position to leave than get his or her hand amputated. so puhlease park well.

  51. A guy called the presenter of "unburden" which airs every Sunday evening seeking for counsel.
    He said he's been dating a girl for abt 6mnths now but they haven't collected n he was quite patient wt her.So last sat,she came visiting n the girl agreed they should collect as they were both in d mood.So he they undressed,only for d babe to turn him down n wore her clothes. He was quite surprised n asked y she changed her mind,she replied dt there's no way she can cope wt his stuff. Haha,but y?d presenter asked and d guy said she told him to his face dt he was too small so she left. He's been calling her,but she no longer picks his calls. Now d guy is confused,doesn't know wat to do n seeking for advice from d presenter. See confusion,Dr Nosa d presenter self confuse.He sha asked d guy if dt was d 1st babe to hv turned him down based on such then d caller hung up.
    Watin him want mk d presenter tell am b4?

    1. eyaaa,i pity d guy,de should have counselled him nw,people wen get small prick naim de find collecting pass,instead of just hiding and marry a celibate person.mtchewwwww

    2. What are we to do with this information now?

    3. Hahaha I pity the guy anyway

  52. Wow,I love the signing out Meme.Just one testimony to silence my enemies,I claim it in Jesus Name.Amen.

  53. Wen I met my boo I told him we will be celibate, it lasted upto three years before he deflowered me, we broke up 2yrs ago n came back this year, but the issue is that we v had sex the few times we met this yr although planning marriage in a year time but I always few guilty after each sex, I haven't been with another man even during our breakup but it still doesn't feel right, he listens to me in everything but when it comes to sex its always difficult. I love him dearly but love God more, how do I hold myself n also convince him to be alittle patient with me, we are in a long distance rlshp and am visiting him tomorrow but am afraid if he will accept. Pls dnt cuss me just need sincere advice from mature folks.

    1. Stop visiting or sleeping over at his house. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

    2. Stay clear from sex God forbides it. Tell that to him

  54. I don't know why you love me so much, Stella. Must be because I'm so lovable.

  55. Anyone that curses you for your good, Stella send trailer load of the curses back to them.

    Stella didn't start blogging for charity oh. Won't she make cash too? Pity her na, if you can pay for advert on other blogs why not bring it here, or Stella doesn't need the cash. Haba

  56. Madam marriage counsellor what happened you ask?
    What is different from women of these day and our mothers?
    Exposure happened
    Education happened
    Feminism happened
    Selfworth knowlegde happened
    Who told you those women of the past stayed with their cheating spouse were happy?'
    They simply stayed to please society
    They stayed because they were scared and they ve been maid to believe they are nothing without men
    This life is too short to live it very sad
    You are happily saying your mum stayed celebate since your teenage years right?
    It is not a sin for widowed persons to remarry. He didnt create us to be miserable and alone
    Women simply want to be treated better, they want to enjoy their lives and not just exist till the day they die

  57. Some Nigerians are funny sha, madam next time you are in a commercial vehicle biko close your eyes or put on an earpiece, how does one touching his or her privates you concern na? The thing still dey surprise me sha.

  58. Hi Stella. Thanks for posting my give away even when I didn't mailed it to you.
    Got several mails for it but im giving it to the first person that mailed me.
    The guy is on his way to my neighborhood to pick it up right now. Thanks once again.

  59. Amen ooooo!! @signing out pics


  60. Loaded 2 etisalats,thank you.

  61. Some men are so shameless.
    You'll see a full grown man scratching scrotum at the bus stop.

  62. May God be praised

  63. All those people watching war room or rooms if they are doing item 7 make una let me know. I just need that item 7 to come and wine and dine with una. I tire for una war room.. Next time make una go for counselling, all of una writing chronicles.

    I pray for you Salami that you will be healed in Jesus name. Thank God for all who contributed, just know that your hands will not go down. You are all lifted UP.

    All the angels giving out to the needies, God will continue to bless and refill your pockets more and more.

    Too much assignment on this my school work, na so so research, research i just dey do. May God helep me well well AMEN.

    This green tea, i drink today, is from my boss own, chai let me look for the name: Twinning Jasmine Petal and Pearls green tea is very lovely. Make i go thief another one. My Boss a very big man dey follow me drag who go stay slim oo.

    Abeg everyone enjoy your afternoon jare. Make i go back to my research work. The Queen no need to tell them about me, make them continue to use their sorry lives they take console themselves. Man God bless don already dey blessed. Make una continue ooo, i no GET TIME.

  64. Well, personally, i still cant wrap my head around the fact that u love a person so much, u propose to and get married to the person while all along u had intension on cheating. How can u claim to love a person n hurt him/her. Does it feel right?
    How parent are able to stay faithful even after loosing a spouse bcos their mothers only taught them to live for their kids. Many pple see cheating as a solution bt i dont, it actually complicates things I believe. So those that hv done it n or are still in it, kindly step forward and tell us wat made u do it and how it had helped u. N also war room peeps, pls how has watching war room n praying helped u deal with a cheating spouse.
    Forgive my blunders!!

  65. May God give me a testimony to silence my enemies... Amen

  66. Kelvin happiness and kelvin that edo boy, hope they are the same person wey dey pwest bwrest?

    Sorry for losing your dad 19 years ago. Mine is more than 19 years ooo. but i thank God Almighty where i am today including my families

  67. Ihn is here
    Let me balance and read gists

  68. It hasn't been easy for me, please I need a sum of twenty six thousand to complete my tuition fee, kind hearted bv should please help me

  69. God bless the givers. Get well soon Bakare, by Jesus stripes you are healed.
    I love Ihn!

  70. Eyah may God send more helpers your way Abiodun,abeg stella me sef need shoki,amen to the prayers,I'll testify IJN

  71. Bakare, it is well with. You are but a SURVIVOR n shall Testify

    E-mailing the remaining cards to your friends?? 😲 😲 Sterra how can you do that? when some of us, old bvs, do not have our email addy " permanently plastered on our profiles" Ehen?
    Aunty Stella I beg reason am nah + some of those friends of yours 're rich

  72. God bless the Angels. Stella you love us cos we drive traffic on your blog.

  73. Anon that saw an house girl maltreating a small boy, tell the mother about everything in the absence of the house girl. Then tell her to get a day off from work or take permission to resume work late. On that 'D' day, she should prepare for work as usual and leave home to wait somewhere , later she can sneak over to your apartment and watch out for the drama or she can give you her number, when the girl starts beating the boy, you can call her to come and catch her red-handed. I think mothers should arrange for a creche sround their office and be keeping their babies there.

  74. Welcome,ihn,please I have a question to ask,when I was growing up,i was told to greet every one you see around you when you come around them,but in town,you don't have to greet everybody you see ooh,na so I passed this hungry looking boy/okada man where I went to buy something,and he started cussing me that I didn't greet him,all I felt was that he was frustrated,I just told him to come that I will give him food

  75. Omo Glo network fall my hand die by 1pm 2day.. These bloody fast fingered fellows don load evrytin finish b4 I got here..
    Anyways, God bless the givers real good!!

  76. Hi house.. Am a regular visitor here though I don't get to post, am pregnant am kinda lonely here since hubby is always at work daytime.. Hmm... Need friends who are mothers to chat with as this is my first pregnancy.. Love u guys

  77. Pls I need shoes and clothes for me and my children.we are in lagos.I wear size 10 clothes and size 38 shoes.tanks.

  78. Some people tho God have mercy stella you dy try honestly person wey no get mind for dn stop blogging jeez the hate on this blog is worse than a snake bite 85 percent of bv were saying the watch is fake, like do you guys think it's only poor people that use the internet,how can someone say rich people don't visit blogs am disappointed and yet you guys would go to church and expect a miracle keep waiting when you don't love yourself how do you expect God to love you? ,stella block all the free things on this blog abeg it's really annoying

  79. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  80. 5k for a 10inch cake with toppings and no delivery fee? If them package eba give you now you go shout,abeg go price that size of cake for any correct eatery around you and see...hian!

  81. Pls who knows how i can get email template for bulk email?


  82. Stella I like ur signing out, amen to that. Enof shoki in the house, Bakare you healing will be permanent in Jesus name. Amen.

  83. BLuntIjebUChic
    I just saw your comment on IHN on monday and it just made me feel sad.I am so sorry for deleting you or rather for deleting myself.I didn't want any memo from any blog vistior that's why I option for that cos I thought you would be mad I lead you're a good,displine woman and I will privildeged to be your friend if you want.thanks

  84. God bless the givers
    God's healing I wish you Bakare
    Busybodycorrecter take heart dear.

    No mind those insulting you Sterra.

  85. Stella of life, why can't people outside Nigeria be a partaker of the giveaways. Please consider. We have a lot of people in this UK going through some difficult moments . Imagine what that £50 will do for them. Thanks

  86. Please who knows how to explain issues to new members of a group, i think i need assistance. The way the comments are shifting to one side is not what a blog is supposed to be, half of the comments and counter comments on yesterday's IHN is Xp Xp Xp. What exactly is the problem? Am I the only bv? What the heck? I smell suicide mehnnn, someone is about to hold the ropes and hiding to type that new bvs are also noticing that I come under anonymous to hype myself. Laughable isn't it? These newbies are they aware of the game plan of 'Pull her down'?
    √Are they aware that some of the people typing these things borrow money to complete rent and come online to form Rich Wives' Club?
    √Are they aware that some were sent to school but ate their school fees and dropped out?
    √ Are they aware that some spend hours daily stroking their clitos with rabbits and shower heads?
    √ Are they aware that some graduated with an ORDINARY PASS from the University and are 'unemployable'?
    And oh wait for this... Some are in a LOVELESS marriage? No they don't. So to newbies XP is the 'fake' wannabe one trying to belong. Hahahaha. Cheap fame I call it. Extra cheap, drawing attention to the wrong tree. Back off y'all are hoochies. Una plenty but una no reach. Anyi na agba enwe na eri enwe. Throw me flowers? I return the full flower pot right unto your face in my own ID Xhlrted P. No leles.

    I will break it down:There is a clear case of PAINED bvs. How do they balance out their pain? They come online, form a useless unholy alliance, then they frame, plot, forge, steal, malign and finally the other bvs see the TOXIC content they are filled with. We have references to old posts, all failed schemings are there. One of them unleashed the demon she inherited and doubled up my ID here and abused the shit out of other bvs, it took the efforts of 2 good bvs here to give others the flash point and codes of what was happening, many already concluded I was the one but because I don't fan the embers of acrimony, bvs put their eyes down and voila the game was exposed. You wanna know? Hit the buttons and read old posts.
    In my characteristics nature, what did i do? I laid low like a rattlesnake, counted very well, unlocked the criminal behind the mask and i had to bite. She assumed I had come to be a friend, hahahahahaa, friend indeed, my revenge comes like hot shit and I used some good bvs, other friends and relations to complete it. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone as a Christian, I'm trying to stop doing revenge. In due time but before then jubilate ye not, you don't have my data, stop circulating another person's bio. It all lands in my inbox from your so-called allies, they don't like you. They hate your miserable bitter life.
    I am here counting all the mudshots, XP this, XP that, picking them and packing them, very soon, one of you will pay again, the pot wan full.

    See the line up from their coven:She is not Igbo.She is not dark.She is hyping herself in anonymous
    She types all the comments without ID
    She is not a graduate.She is not a Children's Sunday School teacherShe is not a Queen.She is short.She is a not PH. D student.She is fat.She does not have a driver.She is a Gwegwegwe
    She does not speak French.She is bipolar.She is a liar.She is not an Ada Ide.She is a lesbian.She lives in a rented house.
    She was not born in the U.K.She does not have a car
    She does not have a job.She does not live in Lagos
    She is Doppelganger, King XOXO Mystery
    She is Shantelle, Nmasinachi, White Diamond
    She is not married.She has inferiority complex
    She is suffering from domestic abuse silently
    She does not have children.She grew up in Aba
    She was not born on July 31st
    She did not throw a party on Sunday.

    Ohooohoho. Only one person? Now who can tell me the summary of all these schemings? To me it is JEALOUSY. When a woman has everything you WISH you had(side eyes at Stella Kork). I tell you all one thing, it is easy, start from

    1. You just had to list all that for us to do what with? Call names already! All these dem say dem say is so stale.
      I'm here to troll comments. Did I miss any drama biko nu? Give me clue lemme go back and read. Grown adults behaving like kids on someone else's blog, yeye dey smell.
      Hello IHN La Katie is hereeeee

  87. That long question na wah. Personal experience. Married. Got frustrated out with beatings and emotional abuse. Started hiding any weapon in my house, like kitchen knife, bottle etc for fear of being killed while asleep. Never cheated while married. Started dating a guy six months later just to have a companion because I was lonely and depressed. Got tied within three months and back to square one for almost a year. No husband. No bf. Lonely but happier. Was I happy I got divorced. "YES" because I am happier and healthier now. No more off and on hospital due to beatings. "NO" because the society is so hash on a divorced woman. They feel you are worthless. They feel its because you are a bad woman that made the man leave you. Your fellow women talk to you with disrespect. Your married friends and husband tend to hide from you. lol!!!

    Can I be honest with you. **Whispers!!! At a time, I was happy my ex was cheating. Why?. Each time he visits another woman, I will know because he comes home happier. Peace reigns for days before things go back to square one. Oh yes, I know what is on your mind as you read. especially for me saying I was looking forward for his cheats. Why? was I not afraid of std?. She is a bad woman. Maybe She is not sexually active. I am a nag etc. lol, If you are a woman, May God never allow your marriage to be like mine and my ex. If you are man, May God never allow your sister or daughter marriage to be like mine and my ex.
    One love. anonymous mood

  88. CONTINUED....Sorry for the epistle.

    I tell u all one thing, it is easy, start from somewhere, don't sit your flatass at home and be dreaming

    I think I'm done giving anyone time on here because the last one I was locking lips and locking hands till reply uploaded, what I saw was an Mmanwu Umuoji, warehell? When Agu Iyi festival never start? Na all the ugly people sef for here dey abuse pass, why? Biko, keep my name off una wahala lane, I gat no dollars to waist.

    And final warning to the one suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD): there's a reason why Psychiatrists practice, go engage their services and get healing. I am not the causer of your problem and try and know your mates, I know my mates, o di mkpacious dear K.
    To the other ones, if you know that IMEBIGO as in eeeh some objects are stuck in between your legs, go see a Doctor, then proceed to deliverance ground so you get divine healing, and see clear. God still answers.

    I gat time today, let me attend to my 'jobless' job needs, I will be here, I looove this blog die.

    Stella Kork...biko today is Thursday, na d abuse and cusses cause the anomalies? Change to a bigger stewing pot and direct the hate comments there.

    Strutting outta post and singing in Davido's voice...
    Is it because I'm balling, they want to dull my ginger
    They want to tarn my story, they wan put me for SDK BLOG

    Yeah give me the money eeh
    Ori mi jekin jekin lowo ooh
    Biko nyem ego......

    1. It's waste, save the the thanks.
      Lmaoo you can like keep malice sha

    2. It's waste, save the the thanks.
      Lmaoo you can like keep malice sha

  89. Amen to your closing prayer Stella

  90. The lady watching a house help maltreating someone else baby, well done oo. You are still asking if you should report abi.? Keep asking until she accidentally kills the baby. Don't you have a camera phone? Record her in the act and show the mom. Even without any evidence tell the woman ASAP. What if it was your kid?

  91. Please report the child abuser to the parents. Tell them to act like they are going to work normally and come and watch from your house or anywhere where they can view the house what usually happens. Poor baby.


  92. Thank God I can use my google acct again.


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