Stella Dimoko Bobby Brown Posts On Guilty Verdict Delivered On Nick Gordon Over Bobbi Kristina's Death.


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bobby Brown Posts On Guilty Verdict Delivered On Nick Gordon Over Bobbi Kristina's Death.

Bobby Brown shared a painting of him and his late daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown after Nick Gordon is found legally responsible for her death, pledging that he would always have her back. 

Source: instagram.

*I hope he was there for her and all this is not some kind of last minute noise making.


  1. Only God knows that. Nice pics anyway.

  2. 😳😳😳😳

  3. Bobby and the whole Houston family is partly to blame for this girls demise.
    I know some kids are stubborn especially akata kids. But they cld have done more, who leaves a girl that her mom has died since she was 18 or so. Leave her with such money. Men and friends must take advantage.
    They knew she was takn drugs and spiralling down like her mum and just left her.
    When Britney Spears was going out of control her dad took her to court and took conservatorship and legal guardianship over her and her estate. Her dad started giving her an allowance over her own income. And Britney was atleast 30 with 2kids. He made sure she straightened her life and her career. And now she's doing okay.
    Amanda Bynes same thing, her parents too legal guardianship over her.
    I know they must have tried, but they did little too late,
    Yes maybe Nick Gordon caused her death as they claim, but d girl was already spiraling down. Bobby as her father knew probably dat guy was takn advantage of his daughter and left him.
    Common I know full grown women dat dere parents came to personally move dem out of an abusive marriage.

    1. Beds and Rose, you mean they took them(Britney and Amanda)to 'rehab' to be reprogrammed.
      Look up MKULTRA and Monarch Programming.
      And please, don't believe everything the media throws at you.
      There's a dark side to the entertainment industry that few people know, but thank God people's eyes are beginning to open.

  4. Bobby Brown is playing to the gallery jor.

    My tots tho.

  5. He abandoned her ,never played fatherly role in her life,was never part of her life, was never there when she needed her most. He instead moved on with another woman and totally forgot his daughter. He is doing all these for money. He wants part of the Whitney Houston estate.

    1. PA,weldone. You witnessed everything ba?

  6. Too many ppl here doing I too know!
    How do you know he abandoned her? Is your last name Houston or Brown? You are in your own home in Lagos, London or NY playing judge for a case you don't know about!

    @beds and roses
    Sorry in the US, no one can come and force a 18 year old out of where she is staying! Doesn't work that way! This is not Nigeria!

  7. Should I say its karma for what he did to another's man daughter (Whitney) or what?

    1. Abeg, what did he do to Whitney? Go get your facts right before insinuating.

    2. Whitney was into cracks before she met Bobby now. Whitneys bro.introduced her to drugs,stop saying what you dont have a clue about.

  8. Well said @Beds and Roses

  9. Bobby if you can do this now why didn't you take legal guardianship over her and her estate when her life was spiralling out of control? Hmmm

  10. She's dead and gone, how is that getting her back? Pluuulease


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