Stella Dimoko Kenya Receives Sh0.7 Billion Grants for Energy Sector


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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Kenya Receives Sh0.7 Billion Grants for Energy Sector

Kenya has received grants amounting to Sh0.7 billion for the energy sector from the US Government.

The agreements were signed in New York and witnessed by Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto acknowledged the United States Trade and Development Re-opening Agreement portfolio in Kenya is about to become the largest in the sub-region.

He said the agreements in the renewable energy sector resonate directly with President Barack Obama's legacy Power Africa initiative which, at full implementation, is expected to contribute immensely to the increase and diversification of power generation across the African continent.

He said the Kenya Government was committed to providing affordable and competitive electricity across the entire country within very strict time deadlines.

"Indeed the government has achieved significant progress towards our stated target of increasing power generation capacity in Kenya by 5000 MW between the year 2013 and 2018."

He said Kenya had doubled the number of citizens connected to the grid from around 13 million to almost 25 million and connected over 14,000 new schools to electricity.

"Over 40 new substations have also been commissioned since our government came to office in 2013, raising power generation by close to 1,000 MW."

He's said this had resulted into significant reductions in the cost of power in the country.

"This trend is expected to continue as we seek to exploit the vast geothermal resources in the country and it is our intention that the private sector will continue to be actively involved." reportage.


becky naka said...

Stella no vex ooo, how this news take concern us. They won't let us hear word, btw where is lucinda... una don use bad mouth pursue her?.

Vivian Ezeadum said...


Asoge Atelier said...

It's just news not "Great News". Kenya got the cure for AIDS! , Nigeria got the cure for Cancer! A Ghanaian invents.... now that can be categorise as great news. We Africans need to learn to live off intl aids . Let's take a cue from China.

Rena said...

FG take note...atimes one wonders if electricity in naija isn't 'jazzed'...whatdoiknow#

Alloy Chikezie said...


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Anonymous? Lol said...

Obama hand go dey, giving his home something before leaving office, nice one bro.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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