Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 38/39/40


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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Labour Room Drama 38/39/40


LRD 38
Hi Stella,

Correct person!!! Weldone, you don't know how much you are touching lives with this your blog. I come here everyday to find solace from life's troubles. Its well.

Well‎ my labour room has little drama as I birthed 3 children all through cs due to health complications. I just tot to share the last one. I have had 2 boys previously and was praying for a girl. I have always wanted a girl, aways day dreamed about dressing her up in matching outfits with me, anywhere I see baby girls I always want to carry. Always drooling over cute babies I see on the street daily.

So when I became pregnant with my third child, I refuse to do scan till I was 7 months gone. I wanted to be sure of the sex. Scan showed a baby girl, Stella I was ecstatic!!! Omo there was nothing I didn't buy, pink everything everywhere. 

Day of my scheduled operation I packed my baby's stuff in a cute pink bag, with ear rings inside and asked the nurse to help me pierce her ear lobes the moment she's out. I always have epidurals so am always awake and chatty during the operations. Was telling all the doctors I couldn't wait to see her. 

When they brought out my baby, nurse just came round to my head and showed me the private part and just started laughing. 

Stella it was another boy!!

All the pink overalls ‎I bought I wore him like dat, it's only the gowns and ribbons that I gave out. My mother took the ear rings, I was raking ooh! 
that I would sue dat lab that did the scan for me, my husband was just laughing. My son turned 8 months old yesterday. I thank God for his life, I just consoled myself that at least he's healthy. ....

LOL,This wan na Labour room drama?Chei..
Anyway congrats.

LRD 39
Good day Stellastica,
Its me here again(in sister nkechi's voice). The remote control omugwo mum chronicle.

  So let me start with my 1st child. 

  I lost my mucus plug about 3 days b4 my water broke. I was still in bed about 6am when I felt warm liquid wet my body and bed. I say ha, abi i don piss for body? I struggled up and more poured out after I took a step away from the bed. So I knew it wasn't weewee.. 

  Immediately I woke my husband up and told him to get ready because our baby is about to arrive. We dressed up, I took a cup of tea and a couple of slices of bread and we took our bags and went to the hospital. It was my antenatal day so I went to tell the nurses my water broke immediately I got there. They wrote on my card to see the doctor straight up so I went to see the doctor who sent me to the delivery room.

On getting there the nurses (it was a federal govt. Hospital. FMC) asked what I wanted. I gave them d doctors note on my card and told them I was in labour. They read the card and started laughing o, say I never enter labor say if I dey labour them go know because say I still carry lipstick for mouth. And I used just lipgloss because na harmatten o, November. Naim I use my hand clean my lips to show them say I serious. 

They just asked me to go and sit in one corner. I obliged and went. This was around 8am. I called one of my sisters in a nearby town. And then went to tell my husband outside what was going on. I told him to buy me water to which I added glucose and was drinking I was there until about 1pm and told them I want to go and eat, I was hungry. They refused that I'm not supposed to take anything. Hian I ask why? 

Them no talk anything but someone said in case of CS..
  I waited till about 3pm. They had checked me just once. 3cm dilation. I just form strolling go outside. I had already told my husband to go and buy me food and I ate the fried rice and chicken, drank water well, cleaned the oil from my mouth and I went back in. I know say C.S no be my portion.

 At about 6pm, another set of nurses came and asked what was wrong with me, I said labour, they said I never start as I still wear gown. And i was actually feeling the pains but just bearing it. Naim I collect my wrapper tie for chest to show them seriousness. I was about 5cm dilated then. That checking of dilation dey pain ehn. Phewww!! 

   A doctor came around then and said I should be induced. Na then I know say labour get stage. See pain ehn, my sister and husband were outside, by the window. I heard him saying, that's my wife's voice, that's my wife screaming. I just de vex as na me de in pains for something when both of us enjoy 9 months b4. The thing pain no be small.. 

  There was a nice nurse there who really helped. I pushed out my little princess after just one push at 8pm on the dot.
   I used government hospital because my mum and mum in-law said its better. A choice I regretted and I no try am again.

LOL@abi i don piss....You sound stubborn sha.
Congrats on your baby


LRD 40

Hello Stella,
I have 3 different LRD and this is number 1. So I had a very drama-filled pregnancy. Vomitted the 1st five months. Fast food joints heard 'nwi' cos I must vomit there once I smell their food. The vomitting was so bad that I thought I would die. Once the last spoon of food enters my mouth na vomit straight.
 Spat till 2 weeks after delivery. Always carrying bottle to spit in. Had terrible headaches. But didn't experience swollen feet tho. @ 9months I looked 5 months pregnant. Ofada rice and sauce, roasted corn and pear, kuli-kuli and ijebu garri were my best friends.

So on the day of delivery was busy washing and felt funny between my legs. Cleaned up and saw blood mixed with mucus. Knew it was my show thanks to every woman book. So I quickly rounded up my washing then packed hospital bag. Not long after I started feeling pains like menstrual cramp and it kept building. When I couldn't bear it I called my BIL(hubby travelled) and he took me to LUTH. on getting there I was placed on drip @ about 5pm and they helped break my water (same happened in my other 2 pregnancies). And yours truly was still busy spitting that doctors almost didn't attend to me. Lol.

 I thought I could bear the pain but e no gree me again. I kept screaming I want to poo-poo. Kai! Time for delivery came. Then a matron, 2 nurses and 10 student doctors where in attendance. This people where using me to do experiment. One student was busy massaging my tummy and I told her I'll slap her if she doesn't leave me. Lol. 

When it was time for me to push, the matron took scissors and gave me a tear. Funny enough I didn't feel it. @ the 2nd push the matron was like if you don't push this baby I'll beat you. No be person tell me, @ the 3rd push my baby came into the world. 10:20pm. Thank God.

 They all congratulated, stitched and cleaned us. Not long after one woman ran out of LR butt naked screaming I want to poo-poo. Me who was in pain burst into laughter. Women dey see sha! My son is 6+ now.
My other 2 pregnancies were just different. 
Thank you

Was the Nurse serious when she said she would beat you?


  1. All this nurses eeh...
    And Na Dem they fear pass while giving birth

    1. My Sis -in law was slapped by a nurse during delivery cos she refused to open her legs properly when the baby was coming.

    2. I could have sworn LRD 38 was sent by my sis-in-law. Same scenario: 2 boys already already was hoping for a girl. Scan told her girl and she went pink crazy. Then d day of CS came n they brought out d baby and said "it's a boy"! ! Sa Sa ha to clean her eyes wella when they showed her d privates of d baby. She didn't know when tears started streaming down her face. LMAO!!!

    3. Omg lol. The matron that took my delivery was so nice. I dashed her 10k when I was discharged

    4. Hahahhahahahaha ha I so desperately wanted a girl too . My third pregnancy I refused to check and buy anything ,I went for one of my antenatal close to my due date and the doctor noticed the baby had changed position as the head was down last time . So they asked me to do a scan and while doing the scan the technician said he has turned again . I felt like crying but we r not God . Sha I was told the baby had unstable lie so I had to be induced . That was my worst pregnancy experience as I realized I really enjoyed having the previous babies. I still give God the glory cos I know he gives us the best .

  2. Hian..Stella I believe dat matron was joking abt beating her up..

  3. Lord I want two boys and a girl... In that order.... Please lord... Bikonu

  4. Funny stories, lol @ the woman that ran in naked screaming poo poo. Shout out to all the mothers all over the world.

  5. Stella you sef aand all this ya questions sha...
    Funny LRDs

  6. #Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others*

  7. Of course matron beat pregnant women

  8. BwhahhahhhhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    These 3 LRDs got my laughing.

    Poster one, I still do not know why people(not just nurses) feel you are not ready to have your child cos you took extra care of your looks before coming to the hospital. Lol

    Second poster... The secret to quelling the urge to keep spitting is not to provide a cup for the salivaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ When you waka hundred times to go spit in the loo at home or in the office, plus some other little things you can do to reduce it, no be person go tell that spit to stop.

    Last poster, I remember when I waltzed in for my delivery,I passed a room where a lady was screaming in this loud "phoney" voice, Lorrrddddd help me! Chim! Help me.., Then she would speak in tongues.
    I just started laughingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    When mine started, The laugh disappeared from my face and throat.

    1. Lmao @phoney.
      I would purposely and intentionally do that.
      "Oh Lorrrrrrd, hellurrrrr Jehova πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
      I have missed you woman.

    2. My Ollie, I have missed you more.
      Chop nsusu Biko 😘😘😘😘

      How have you been?

    3. πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—.
      I have been great darling just sooo busy and stressed out.
      But it's well.

  9. Naija hospitals sha, which one is they will beat you?? And o also read that they beat the newborn babies that refused to cry too?...,,, what a mentality!!!! SmhπŸ˜©πŸ˜“πŸ™„πŸ™πŸ˜ž

    1. They say that just to get you to push asap for the baby's sake. If they take it easy with u, they won't get d best out of u cos time is of the essence. A Baby needs to cry soon as it comes out. When it doesn't they beat the baby. Medically there's nothing wrong with that. Ask ur doctor

  10. Women dey see shaa my dear. Congrats u all.
    Stella, Dem dey beat person for labour room. Some women due to de pain n fatigue will not push well. So the nurse hot spank will activate their brains. Its well shaa

  11. And they just take out scissors to cut your pussy without asking you ?? Had all my kids tru CS so I never experienced such

    1. Was ur CS voluntary? I'm 9weeks pregnant, first pregnancy and I'm planning on going for CS. I really don't think I can go thru normal delivery...

    2. You can go thru normal delivery if that's what God wish and if you want to do Cs as well you will. Speak only positive things. Congratulations on advance.

  12. Funny dramas. Thank God for safe deliveries.

  13. Stella the nurse was very serious. They beat most women in labour by slapping their lap. It's mostly done in govt hospitals.

    1. In some general hospitals in Abuja, they beat pregnant women

  14. Congrats Dearies. 3 boys!!! Lord have mercy!!!

  15. 3gbosa's for our mothers

  16. Stella, some nurses flog o. I know a matron in my neighborhood that has a cane. No try them o

  17. Those matrons and nurses are not nice Stella.

  18. Interesting read. Enjoyed every bit. 😊😊😊

  19. It's better they beat or slap u and u push dat baby alive, dan to leave u and u have stillbirth. It's all for your good.

  20. To born is not beans oo. When i was in the LR i was just saying God if u save me from this one i swear I no go born again if i hear, was back in the LR three years later

  21. Poster 1 kpele, try one more time nah. Maybe God go answer ur prayers give u girl, though pikin na pikin regardless of da gender.


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