Stella Dimoko London Tatafo season 34


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Sunday, September 04, 2016

London Tatafo season 34

For it is written, that what surely has a beginning must have an end. When a story starts, it must have a concluding part. Nor be so?

Tatafo is greeting y'all seriously.... 

Today's story is an update... it is the story of that young girl that was returned to Nigeria from London, after it was discovered that her oga was gbenshing her and she became rude to her madame. 

Una don remember?? Ehn ehn 

Remember Tatafo brought this story barely 2 weeks ago, and it was revealed therein that this young girl was hurriedly taken back to Nigeria by her madame.. because she became extremely rebellious, and the madame didn't understand what had become of the girl. 

But when she got back to her parents, the young girl revealed to her father that her madame was always hitting her, and that the madame's husband was always sleeping with her. Which resulted in about 3 pregnancies that they got rid of. 

Now to the latest.... 

Tatafo was reliably told recently, that there's been fire on the mountain concerning this celebrated couple who live in London with their 5kids. 

It was revealed that after the young girl's father threatened fire and brimstone, promising to deal with this couple if they refused to fulfil their promise to his daughter.. which was to send her to school in the UK... that THIS YOUNG GIRL HAS SUDDENLY TAKEN ILL.

Mbok, there's truly fire on the mountain.....wetin cause the girl sudden sickness??

Right now, those close to the couple have advised that they do everything within their power to ensure that this girl is treated in the best hospital in Nigeria to avoid stories that touch. Some amebos are even suggesting that, this girl may be suffering from the after math of having too many abortions for her Oga. 

On the other hand, this girl's father has accused this couple of trying to use Voodoo to kill his daughter so that their secrets will be hidden. 


Biko this matter don tire Tatafo too... as no one understands what exactly is medically wrong with the young lady, or where this story is headed.

Another school of thought suggested that this could be a plot by the girl's father to have her flown back to the UK for medical reasons. While a few people are saying that this girl may be sick truly, or that perhaps, her last abortion may be taking its toll on her health. 

My people, wetin make we come believe for this story? 

The girl's father, as usual, don threaten pass fire this time, even eh, the man say him go go television and media houses to ask Nigerians to help him oh. Say him no code this matter again. 

Tatafo also gathered that this issue has caused a huge rift between husband and wife...and a certain popular Nigeria based high chief has become involved in this matter. It was also gathered that the husband sent an 'emissary' from his London base, with a huge undisclosed amount of money to the girl's father, so to be able to take care of his daughter.  

..But the girl papa nor gree ohhh. 

Well, it would seem as if the story which we thought was a coded gist is finding it's way to the fore gradually. This is because, remember, this girl first revealed the true story to a friend of her madame.. Now, the lady is also helping them spread the "word" she's claiming to know how it all went down.

If this matter is not handled with care, only God knows what will become of this "celebrity couple". Tatafo hopes for their sake that this young girl recuperates from whatever illness is holding her bound... if not, if not ehhh.. my people, Tatafo no know again oh. 

Abi na jazz dem jazz the girl? Or the girl and her papa dey pretend.. so that... so that.... Hmmmmm.. 

The chieftain we gathered has summoned the girl's father to plead with him to allow them take over the girl's hospital bill. The man refused to disclose the hospital where she has been admitted. His reason is that he said he doesn't trust anybody with his daughter. 

And those who are representing the couple have said it'll be hard to take the girl's father serious if they do not see the girl with their koro koro eyes to further ascertain her present state of health. 

Can we really blame the father for not disclosing his daughter's whereabouts? And can anyone blame the couple for doubting him? 

This is as far as Tatafo knows on this matter. Over to you panel of judges...

Tatafo is out 


Tatafo and gossip!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Who are the Celebrity couple
      Decoders o o o

    2. Na wa oh. This is serious.

      But wait, if this couple are taking responsibility for the girl's sickness and paying her bills, won't they think it's because the couple feels guilty? Hence taking responsibility for whatever may be wrong with her?
      For all we know, the girl could be suffering from malaria or any other unrelated illness to the prior abortion. But now, they'll continue to be suspects no matter what happens to this girl. They don buy market be that. The father should just collect the money to take care of his daughter abeg.

      They don't have to fly her abroad. Anyway na dem sabi

    3. D man is lying
      Dey should lev him to takia of his useless pikin dat went on fucking spree in anoda man's land. Awon werey

  2. Replies
    1. D girl is preggers.
      D couple shud just take her back 2 London & send her 2 sch period

  3. I'm still in d church,will read later.

  4. Story wey person no even know who dem dey yarn about mcheww

    1. Goan check d last post dem decode dem

  5. Where are the decoders of this blog?Another vague one has landed.Over to una

  6. wah ooo...make dem no come kill d small girl sha. Reason why I can never allow my kids to live with anyone no matter what my situation is. God forbid!

    1. That is ehn. I feel the girl's father may be exaggerating jor. That going to the UK is all he's after.

    2. Sisi d man is a fucking liar period

  7. Na wah oh bc. You know they could even be the ones who said by the arrow.

    Someone called to condemn me only listening to one side. No DISCERNMENT
    I just rejected it.

  8. I really hate broken english or is it pidgin. Stella i am yoruba, we do not speak pidgin(maybe the bush ones do).

    1. Yeah u don't speak pidgin English but murder d queens English u like to speak but cannot. Yorubas are like dat!

    2. Na really i m too posh to understand pidgin....r u an idiot? Pidgin english is a generally recognised form of communication in naija and several other countries....u sound dumb saying u r yoruba, u dont speak pidgin. Dumb as fuck....i m forming posh. Ode oshi

    3. Anon17:13, you see this blog so? You on the wrong blog. If you no dey fit read pidgin, then exit. ...about "I am Yoruba we do not speak pidgin" I beg swerve, pull over. Dumbness, you bush pass. Simple pidgin that is mixed with English you cannot get it.

    4. Haha I remember a Nigerian saying pidgin is too low class.
      Lmao please let those who want to speak or not in peace.

    5. Hahaha
      This is so funny
      You don't understand pidgin cos y'all have your version of English - Yoruenglish

    6. Who's dis mumu. Pidgin is now for one tribe kwa? Kontinu wiv ur nonsense forming. Ode oshi

  9. Som ppl will jus b formin for africa.@madam i hate broken english,im yoruba,ua jus a dumbass

  10. Anon 17:13. You are an oloriburuku somebody. Ode nie.


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