Stella Dimoko Nigeria’s 3rd Polio Case Reportedly Confirmed


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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Nigeria’s 3rd Polio Case Reportedly Confirmed

The World Health Organization has confirmed a third case of polio in Nigeria, Rotary Club said Monday: a crippled toddler found in an area newly liberated from Boko Haram Islamic extremists.

The West African nation that once was the global epicenter of the wild polio virus had been declared polio-free last year, along with the African continent. But two cases were discovered last month among refugees from areas recently won back by Nigeria's military from Boko Haram.

More cases are expected to be discovered in these areas. It is an indicator that Nigeria's war on polio cannot be won until it overcomes the insurgency by extremists who are violently opposed to Western medicine.

Rotary Club's field coordinator, Aminu Muhammad, told The Associated Press the new case was found in Monguno local government area. The others were farther south in Jere and Gwoza. All are in northern Borno state.
Rotary is participating in a new emergency immunization drive that vaccinated more than 1.5 million children last week in Borno, where WHO has said the virus has been circulating undetected for five years and where Boko Haram began its Islamic uprising in 2009.

The campaign is to spread across the country, with a plan to reach 25 million children before the end of the year.
But the U.N. Children's Fund has warned that about 1 million children are in areas too dangerous to access.

Nigeria's military has helped with the vaccination drive, which included logistics and other aid from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the United Nations and Britain's Save the Children as well as government health workers. Military helicopters flew vaccines into places too dangerous to reach by road, and truckloads of troops and armored cars escorted vaccinators elsewhere.
Muhammad said they were using "hit and run" tactics to reach kids in areas where Boko Haram is present.

Nigeria's military has said it has the insurgents "on the run" and needs only to clear them out of areas bordering Cameroon, Chad and Niger as well as their northeastern stronghold in the Sambisa Forest. But a map used in the vaccination campaign shows almost all of Borno state is only “partially accessible,” with four northern areas "inaccessible" and only the extreme south "accessible."

There has been no major attack in months by Boko Haram, which is in the throes of a leadership struggle.

Polio remains in only two other countries: Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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  1. Stella go and sleep?
    My archenemy *rolls eyes*

  2. Na wah oh!
    I thought poliomyelitis have been kicked out permanently off Nigeria

  3. It's only in northern state you can find such

  4. So so sad,God please help ur children.

  5. Not a curse,doubt if polio will ever be eradicated from Nigeria courtesy of Northern Nigeria.I served in the North(kano) and was fortunate to be a member of one of the monitoring groups for the polio programe.The vaccine was rejected outrightly by most households ,vaccines are wasted and discarded before returning back to base.To cover up the rejection and destruction, figures are doctored to present a favorable data.I tried to even report one case of rejection at a stakeholders meeting held in the evening of my first day as a monitor and i was immediately countered by others in the group,that it never happened.I had to give myself brain ooo,i no come kano come die on top polio matter.I laugh now,who is fooling who,many cases are still going to be discovered,that's if they have not been hiding them sef.

    1. What a dumb mentality. Illiteracy n lack of knowledge is a disease

    2. I concur,those northerns reject vaccines and even chase health officials from their homes. I think there are more,than this three case been reported.

  6. Reason being that healthcare givers will be too scared to work in this parts,they need to post military nurses to these areas on monthly rotation with special hazard allowance per exposure. That is the way to go.

    1. Those health care givers go about despite the sad situations there but the northerners will always lack knowledge there by rejecting the drugs and all. When I was still in the north, I know how much they use to go around and beg people to allow them give their kids the medicine but this northerners will refuse.. .

      I'm sure there has been case of polio even before now but they kept hiding it but now it's out of control..

  7. Deaf dullardinho is a curse to Nigerians.

  8. Na so this good for nothing old man go dey polio spread everywhere.
    This man is completely useless!!!

    Oya, if you know you voted this abomination into power, you better ask God for forgiveness for having a hand in all that is happening in this nation before karma starts work... Cus people are committing suicide daily, there is massive hardship in the land all because you went n voted the devil to power.

  9. It has to be in the north as usual. Backward peeps

  10. Why won't there be another case when most of them reject it as if you're offering them alcohol to drink. I did the immunisation exercise (2009) as a corper then in Katsina, some Hausas rejected it to the core.
    More cases will always come up. Na dia way.


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