Stella Dimoko Nurse accused of baring Breasts And Performing S3x acts On A Patient Says She Was Providing Him With "Emotional Support"


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Friday, September 16, 2016

Nurse accused of baring Breasts And Performing S3x acts On A Patient Says She Was Providing Him With "Emotional Support"

Julie Porthouse admitted “muddying the water with boundaries” with the man but claimed she was worried about him after a former patient of hers committed suicide

She denied claims she bared her breasts, left an earring in his bedroom and showed off a tattoo on her lower back after visiting the patient at home.
The community psychiatric nurse also said she didn’t give the man oral sex during the four-month affair.

Porthouse was working for Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust at the time of the alleged affair between May 2012 and September 2012.
‎She told The Nursing and Midwifery Council she had “excessive contact” with the patient because she wanted to provide him with enough support after the loss of his father.

There were also similarities between the man and her former patient who had committed suicide, the tribunal heard.
‎She said: “I did muddy the water with boundaries, I do agree. I can’t sit here and say that I didn’t because I did.”

The nurse explained she wanted to “empower” the patient.
Rebecca Richardson, for the NMC, asked: “Did that empowerment extend to wanting to make him feel attractive?”
Porthouse replied: “No, our relationship was never on a sexual level."
‎Asked about a visit she made to the patient’s home Ms Richardson continued: “He was tense and you were going to help him relax. This was in the context of ongoing discussion about attraction.

“This progressed to the bedroom.

“This went further, you masturbated him and gave him oral s3x. You also exposed your breasts and that’s how he became aware that you had a tattoo on your lower back.
“That’s also how you left an earring, that’s how it came to be in his bedroom.”
Porthouse said: “That’s not true."
‎The tribunal heard that the nurse wept when she was accused of having an affair with the man by manager Heather Meek.

Another colleague, Merlina Spring, then asked to speak to her.
Porthouse said: “She just kept repeating ‘it’s not good, it’s not good’.
“She said, ‘you know everybody is talking about your dress’.

“She said, ‘there’s gossip in the team that you are having an affair’.
“I was totally shocked. I said, ‘You think all this time I have been out having an affair? Why? Because you couldn’t see where I am and my dress style has improved?
“I said something along the lines of ‘that’s quite slanderous’.”
When the nurse was told to cancel her next appointment with the patient, Porthouse said she was worried about him because his father had passed away.
She was then confronted by staff, who asked her if she was having an affair with the patient referred to as Service User A.

Describing the meeting, Porthouse said: “I was sitting there thinking what’s all about? I come in the room, sit down and the next thing I know she’s asking me ‘are you having a sexual relationship with Service User A?’
“I just burst into tears.”

Porthouse admits excessive contact with the service user, but denies all other charges.
The hearing continues. 


*This happens a lot with caregivers and that is why older patients are protected from such by their kids,if they find you have been sitting by their side to hold their hands,you are sacked.#Rich folks are the target of this.


  1. Hahhahaha Hilarious Headline๐Ÿ˜‚!

    1. Intelligentsia Princess loves sdk16 September 2016 at 10:36

      Looking at this useless nymphomaniac giving bad names to we the responsible hard working nurses out there. Shegebanza.

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  2. These kind of things happen when children or family members don't take care of their own. Too many sexual and financial predators out there. One judge had some useless children who hired a caregiver to take care of him. She took good care of him, his wallet, pricey paintings and when she was done, she fled the country leaving the man in his own filth with counterfeit paintings, which all along, she had been systematically using to replace the expensive ones. His children were busy spending his money and couldn't be bothered to check on him until, I guess, they were contacted regarding something to do with... you guessed it, money. Also, right now as we speak, there is this bug-eyed greedy Cow, around 50 who is knocking some man who is 84 and those who know her wella, have vouched that she has done the same thing to two other geriatrics in the past. Take care of your disabled and elders, if you can help it.

    1. You dey mind these people? They leave it all to carers and as much as DBS checks are done, it's not 100%.

  3. Who report her na,shey the man nor enjoy am?

  4. They should free her jo.
    Did the patient sue or complain?
    He's there for treatment & she'd do all in her power to get him well.

  5. They should free her jo.
    Did the patient sue or complain?
    He's there for treatment & she'd do all in her power to get him well.

  6. Damn!! I need to visit a hospital that'd do all it takes to get me well again.... Their services are top notch.a
    BTW, who is the tatafoa that reported??

  7. Na wao,so they can't have feelings again abi

  8. Oyibo people. Just saw the headline, i know it is yankee people

  9. Hmm.
    Some 'treatments' are better left unadministered.


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