Stella Dimoko Ovation Mag Boss Dele Momodu Cries ''We Supported Buhari But Now We Regret!''


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ovation Mag Boss Dele Momodu Cries ''We Supported Buhari But Now We Regret!''

Dele Momodu was one of those in the forefront who hammered that the Jonathan Administration must end and Buhari given a chance to effect change....A year and some Months after Buhari was sworn in as President,Mr Momodu has changed gear and regrets being one of the voices who supported the Buhari/Osinbajo combination.
Read his piece if you have time....

Fellow Nigerians, I doubt if there is anyone who does not see and feel President Muhammadu Buhari is a complex character. As a matter of fact, that is the veritable hallmark of his persona and super brand. Those of us that supported him voluntarily, and almost blindly, last year did so out of our acute frustration with Project Nigeria.

There were those who hated his guts but still went ahead to vote for him because they expected him to wave the fabled magic wand and bring sanity and succour to our insane clime. What no one bargained for was the repercussion, and reverberation, of such venture and adventure. As always, Nigerians felt their situation could never be worse under Buhari than that of the 16-year rule of profligacy of the PDP and the squander-manic regime of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The APC operatives ran a blistering campaign with active collaboration and connivance from some of us. On the matter of the continuation of the Jonathan Presidency, there was no negotiation. Even now as people pummel us over the seeming inertia or retrogression of the Buhari government, I still stand by my decision to support Major General Muhammadu Buhari, warts and all. Walahi, I would have loved any of the combinations of Donald Duke, Nasir El Rufai, Rotimi Amaechi, Aminu Tambuwal, Mobola Johnson, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Nuhu Ribadu, Oby Ezekwesili, Charles Soludo, Akinwunmi Adesina, Pat Utomi, Kayode Fayemi, and some of our other tested and brightest young stars.

They may have their personal foibles like all mortals do but I’m persuaded that Nigeria would have joined the comity of other nations parading some youthful cerebral leaders by now. But the ways of Nigerian politicians are not the ways of mere mortals. We have our unique and peculiar methods of doing things. Our incorrigibility is almost second to none. Everything about us is about self and self alone. Everyone’s permutation is about who is his friend, school mate, church member, Muslim brother, godfather or godson, village folk, and so on. It is not about what you know but more about who you know. Nepotism is the order of the day!

That is why the best of the myriad of Nigerian brains would never be able to win elections at certain levels because of our irredeemable obsession with primordial and parochial sentiments. The import of my preamble is that Buhari was a product of our maddening and inordinate search for a near saint amongst us and he perfectly fitted the bill. Buhari himself must have assumed that the votes given to him were signed off carte-blanche and in blind trust. I’m sure he never expected that the honeymoon would not be an endless romance.

But things and times have changed. It is now sour grapes time. Except for profiteers and/or pretenders who would not tell our President the gospel truth, things are falling apart. The reasons are not because of what Buhari and company are doing wrong but because of what they are not doing right which I hope to enumerate and dissect.
I had chosen to write on this topic before I received the message quoted below from a young, concerned Nigerian reflecting on the “new” rebranding that we have been subjected to. His views mirror the present mood of the nation and the restiveness of our people especially the young ones who fought gallantly for Change and PMB!

“President Buhari, with all due respect to your high office, you are losing me. What’s wrong? What’s wrong with your advisers? Who got you to sign up to the cliché called “Change Begins With Me” and to throw the weight of your office behind it? Did they put together a crack team of psychologists, communicators, sociologists, political scientists, etc? I refuse to believe that this programme, and especially the name, is the product of deep thinking and reflection.

First, the idea that “Change Begins With Me”, renders all our efforts to get you elected in 2015 worthless. Heck, why did we bother? If it’s going to start with us Lilliputs, we might as well have left Goodluck Jonathan in office and allow him and his band of hopeless cohorts to get on with the good job they were doing of raping Nigeria. Don’t you get it? Change began with you! We, the people, already implemented the biggest change possible with turning around this country by electing you on the mantra of change. So why are you now passing the buck? The buck is on your desk. Make the change happen and we will follow from there. It’s over a year and many, sadly, are already suffering buyer’s remorse. Arrest the trend!

Secondly, what change can any single individual put into action that will impact the culture and behaviour of 180m people in double quick time? We are in a hurry, Mr. President. So much has been lost. So to rely on Adeola, Abubakar or Opara to start the change and hope that we will be counting gains in months is delusional. You don’t have all the time. We do not have the time. Start the Change!” – Chris Adetayo
Let me reiterate that I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with some members of the Buhari administration.

I can confirm that I have held discussions and communicated the feelings of both the rich and poor on the streets directly to them. However, I am not sure that they are in tune with the reality of things on this side of the divide. I believe I have sufficient knowledge of the political history of Nigeria. I’m afraid to say, I see the same symptoms of afflictions that ravaged previous governments and rendered them incapacitated. I’m saddened that no lessons seemed to have been learnt from our beleaguered past. Government appears to believe only in its own mind-set and every complaint or suggestion is summed up in some dangerous conclusions: the wailing wailers; corruption is fighting back; the suffering of Nigerians is exaggerated, etc.

Equally worrisome is the apparent paranoia that has crept into our senior government officials. Every commentator or demonstrator is perceived an enemy of government. I was surprised to read how my childhood friend and brother, Femi Adesina, singled me out in his article yesterday and accused me of insinuating that he was too comfortable in Aso Rock. There are so many occupants in Aso Rock and I know the limits of Femi’s influence on the men of power. I can never blame him for what I clearly know is beyond him. He faces the same dilemma of his predecessors who found themselves defending the indefensible in order to exhibit their hard work, competence and loyalty. It is a delicate and thankless job that leads oftentimes to Golgotha. 

I love Femi so much that I would rather offer him my sincere prayers instead of hanging him.
Let me go to the next case at hand. I could not believe the shabby treatment meted to Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and other members of the Bring Back Our Girls agitators. Their harmless and defenceless group is being harassed for merely exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights of expression, association and movement. They constitute no danger whatsoever to society. Even if President Buhari won’t receive or entertain them, a senior member of the Federal Government should have been assigned to meet, pacify and reassure them.

Something is terminally wrong with our crisis management capabilities. Our proclivity for mismanaging and escalating troubles is legendary. This particular case is as disgraceful as it is unnecessary. Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, these were the friends of Buhari. They had pinned their hope on the muscular and military abilities of our President to liberate the Chibok girls in a jiffy. If things were proving difficult as it seems, constant dialogue is the only way out of the debacle.

But the handlers of Buhari prefer to fuel the long held belief or myth that Buhari is a mean and ruthless man. This is not good. It also comes at the wrong time. This administration has been accused of several human rights abuses and, according to the Minster of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, the President is heading for the United Nations on Tuesday to make the case that his administration is not guilty of such allegations. Intolerance for the rights of expression, association and movement cannot be a good way of making out such a case.

Anyone who has met President Buhari would readily attest to his simplicity and humility. His witty jokes are remarkable and legendary, just like his hearty smiles and laughter are infectious. He certainly means well for Nigeria and wants to rid our nation of the debilitating cankerworm of corruption and indiscipline. Why, therefore, would anyone want to remind Nigerians that the Buhari in uniform is not different from Buhari, the born again democrat. Why are they compounding Buhari’s image of an irascible dictator? Buhari needs to make a conscious effort to tear the toga of vindictiveness and irritability that appears to surround him. 

The biggest image deficit he has today is due to the fact that his biggest pet project, the war against corruption, is believed to be largely uncoordinated and too staccato in outlook.
It is difficult to ignore the cries of so many Nigerians who feel let down by a government that promised so much change but seems to have short-changed the people who saw Buhari as a liberator. Even if some of the most vociferous complainants are being cheeky and outright mischievous, many are doing so out of genuine concern. They do not want Buhari to fail. It is someone who loves you unconditionally that can do this.

 They are worried that the President behaves like a man who feels he has all the time in the world when in reality he has none. Some believe that he started fading and failing when he took his time in selecting his ministers and advisers. The intractable squabbles in his Party has also contributed to the lacklustre nature of his government. APC does not look or act like a Party in power. There seems to be no serious input from the Party to the affairs of government and governance.

The government has been wobbling and fumbling by doing the same things PDP used to do that led to the disintegration of the biggest political party in Africa, according to their self-glorification. The war of attrition in PDP has been passed on to APC. A house divided against itself is inviting extermination. And whenever politicians fight dirty it affects governance adversely.

The economy is in shambles and the commonest justification is that Jonathan’s gang looted the treasury. All that is well and good. But Nigerians knew this and therefore voted for Change! We promised to make things much better. Fighting corruption alone would not save Nigeria. We must fight endemic poverty. If Alhaji Lai Muhammed likes, let him launch a million campaigns and waste more scarce resources on doing a rehash of what past governments did that led nowhere. The Yoruba have a way of describing this kind of unproductive sermonisation: “Eni ebi npa ko gbo iwaasu!” (A hungry man does not listen to sermons in the church).

What the people want to see are the following: a drastic reduction in the size and budget of our over-bloated governments; a sustained war against poverty; protection of lives and properties; creating a less rancorous atmosphere for businesses to thrive; special concessions and incentives to employers of labour; a stable currency; upgrading our educational system and making the schools’ curriculum more relevant to our communities and society in general; provision of social infrastructure, particularly power, good roads, hospitals and potable water; and so on.

The mind-set of gloating over the fall of some former members of the privileged class is counter-productive. We must be careful of the image portrayed to foreign investors. Let government concentrate urgently on alleviating the suffering of the people. It is obvious that government may never be able to collect enough money back from the brigands and looters to make appreciable impact on our national treasury. 

We should stop building our castle in the air and start thinking outside the box



  1. Bingo... I love this. Now dancing to the tune "Dele na my boy, Dele na my boy"... heheheheeee... #Alinko

    1. STFU and stop preaching. It takes Obama more than one term (4 years) to fix the recession in US. It time to fix a bad to good and people including Mr Preacher aka Dele Momodu should take a CHILL PILL
      If there is one person I strongly feel can turn the whole mess around is no one better than Buhari. Obasanjo left PDP and backed Buhari and he is still behind him. Nails people can be too impatient and they always look for quick easy way. Easy comes, easy goes

    2. STFU and stop preaching. It takes Obama more than one term (4 years) to fix the recession in US. It time to fix a bad to good and people including Mr Preacher aka Dele Momodu should take a CHILL PILL
      If there is one person I strongly feel can turn the whole mess around is no one better than Buhari. Obasanjo left PDP and backed Buhari and he is still behind him. Nails people can be too impatient and they always look for quick easy way. Easy comes, easy goes

    3. Anon 22:15 if u honestly believe that out of a country of over 180million people, only a semi illiterate geriatric fulani herdsmen has the solution to Nigeria's problem, then we are in deeper shi*t than we thought!!!

      Also the fact that it took Obama years to turn the US around does not apply here. From day one he knew what the problems were, what to do and who to help him do it. And he sought the best hands to achieve it from both the Democratic and Republican parties. In this case, Buharia has NO CLUE!!!

      His only plan on resumption was to go after the crooks in PDP and let the economy run itself. He himself said ministers were just noise makers and that perm secs could run the ministries. See what they did to the budget.

      The president's mindset is outdated, biased and narrow. All I can say is EVERY MAN (and WOMAN) for himself and GOD HELP US ALL

    4. Hmmm.. this must be the 4th article Momodu is writing to critically reiterate the same grievance as he stated above.

      And each time I read his articles on this discourse,it merely amplifies the deep thoughts and pains of a man who truly loves Buhari, and who means well for his administration. Just as many who supported the change mantra, but Buhari especially.

      Word for word, again, Momodu has narrated succinctly the pains of the average Nigerian. And this further buttresses what I always say here, which is, that u support a person doesn't mean that u cannot offer them ur constructive and unbiased criticism. After all we are in this together.

      We all saw the vigour with which Momodu campaigned for Buhari tirelessly. Note that I said Buhari, not APC. But it would seem as if the president is a bit too stringent and his advisers are beginning to fail him, just the same way Jonathan suffered from bad advisers.

      But I however still have faith and hope in Buhari and his government. A lot has to be put in place to sail without turbulence. It seems unbearable now, but let us all be patient and support the man. I am certain that Buhari understands that Nigerians are grumbling, and he is doing everything within his power to stabilize the economy. It's not easy at all.

      Nobody bids to become a president for the 4th time only to end a failure. Nobody.

      So I don't think that the man is folding his arms whilst the citizenry gets frustrated under his watch.

      The solution is to be strategic, hire intellectuals that understand how to stabilize an exponentially dwindling economy, diversify, etc.

      The presidency may wish to conceive the idea of practicing true federalism. In which there's a dynamic but effective power btw the federal and central govt.

      And lastly, this is not the tone to play partisan politics, but rather, a time for us to join heads to find respite. I just tire!!

      OK bye

    5. Who said it took Obama more than four years to get the United States of America out of recession? Please we should be mindful of the fake and unreliable information we circulate on social media


      It is the corrupt that don't see where to chop again that is spreading all these propaganda! @Soul whatever, have respect for an elderly person because you won't want such rubbish said about your father!

      I DON'T regret voting for him! Recession or not, those who have the money, spend it as if there is no tomorrow. It is helping to curb Nigerians excesses and making people live within their income. No more useless extravagant aso ebis and owanbe!

    7. Sisi eko u ar jus too learned, u too go school, I feel ur response.nice way to share opinion Kudos

    8. Dele momodu wouldn't have done a better work if he were president, he needs to stop criticizing

  2. Replies
    1. Patt Ogar, did you swear that all your comment must be one word?

    2. Anonymous 22:03. You must be new. You are welcome

  3. Replies
    1. This thing dey pain this man gaaaan...chai....buh,it's too late to apologize #singin

    2. Dele keep your regret to yourself pls.

  4. Replies
    1. In all honesty, the only thing I can point at as an improvement is the round the clock steady power supply, at least here in Lagos (most parts). Its unbelievable, since July, and no one should say its raining season effect on dam. I have lived in this part of nigeria for over 30years, when it drizzled alone, the light would go off not to talk of rain. Now rain or sunshine, there light, I can boast of at least 72hrs power supply nonestop, when its even taken, 30mins its back. Even inverter dey rest not to talk of gen, had to call battery charger the other day.
      But you see, having this amoun of light is like owning a bentley with no steering. We all craved steady power for decades, it comes and its an anticlimax, there's light but no money to sustain, light dey freezer empty, light dey no dstv, CEOs can't pay staff or restock goods. Rich and poor are crying, economy is harsh, dollar is at a record high, infact I prefer the times when it was N140 to a dolllar and zero government power supply.

  5. I didn't read.
    I just came in here to laugh. Kikikikikikikikiki... Day just break!

  6. Lai Mohammed will come amd say another thing.
    i have said it severally, apc members know they are failing nigerians but some group of people have cornered the president telling him all is well when it isnt. well, am happy dele momodu has come out, others too will in due time

  7. Dele Dele. Them politicians no see 50million and above pay for special edition again abi? Oloshi agbaya. Tell people how much you were paid to produce a special edition for Jonathan's ugly daughter's wedding that Bola Shagaya worked out for you. Let people know how you benefitted immensely from the past administration's impunity. How they pay you outrageous sums for few pages in your dead magazine. People hate you Dele, especially those high and mighty you try to latch onto. No be say you pay your staff well. People needs to know the kind of person you are. Flying business class all over the world while owing them for months. Beeni o Dele. Put your company in order first. Oloshi afofungbemu. Post o Stella.

    1. Toorrr. See something o.

      But honestly I heard he doesn't pay his workers and they always protest. Just like Raymond Dokpesi. Na wa o.

    2. Anonymous odikwa wicked. Lmao

  8. LOL. How do people expect Buhari to perform well. He never did anything special in all his life. He performed poorly in school. He was a failure, a nobody after he was removed from power. He never run any business . Never created any wealth. Never employed anyone .
    The fact that some people even expect Buhari to be a successful president is ridiculous to say the least .

    1. Gbam!...
      This is one of the reasons why I like you...
      Well said!...

    2. How can u say he never employed anyone? He must employed sone fulani herdsmen. Na only am dey manage those him cows?

    3. With the months it took him to name his ministers, one would have thought they are coming to do magic. Nonsense!

    4. Simple truth! That is what you just said.

  9. Dele,i have since given up on asking people who stupid they can be,since it seems you so called progressives are on stupidity voyage,otherwise,when one takes a cusory study of the policy somersault,flagrant disregard to extant rule of law,non challant disposition of your god Buhari to the sanctity of life with regards to his kingsmen on rampage and worst is the glaring deficiency of expertise,knowledge and incoherent sentences from his so called ministers one is forced to descend to name calling,abuse and use of gutter language.
    Dele,in this so called epistle or better still lamentation of morally deficient,morally indegient and draugt knowledge of history,you throw wisdom to wind to heap insults on last administration that by far,did so well than this charade you and some owl-eyed greedy elements ganged up to install,its regretable that your not as historically informed as you posited,hence your so called letter lacks the exact message of concern but another propaganda of demented cabal.
    Posterity,will judge you all that brought this Lord voldemont of a charater to wreck havoc on once a rich and viable economy

    1. Oyibo!...
      Supu mehn!...
      Your head is correct! didn't eat your school fees...

    2. Journalist excellentè

    3. I like your choice of words, same as Mr.Dele's.
      Journalism excellentè.

    4. Be hyping yasef under anony. U ended up making no sense. U think using big grammar depicts intelligence? Mr ode

    5. Young man, Arinze, you were just blabbing! Your write up is so so shallow and incoherent. Yes, the current govt has been inconsistent in its monetary policies; but the past govt's economic management and policies were built on falsehood - its economic indicators (GDP & growth figures) were also fraudulent. Until the current CBN Governor inherited by this Govt, who is clueless, is sacked, i dont see any improvements in the effective management/control of inflation, fx rate and interest rate. A knowledgeable, independent and experienced home-bred Economist like Bismark Rewane should be appointed to steer us out of this mess.

    6. @Charles, simple words of English will do! Your epistle made no sense!
      Simply said, Dele is not profiting from this administration FULLSTOP!

    7. @Annoymous 9:48,i respect your school of thought,its laudable,but unto fools and those who pride in their distortion of facts.
      Its exactly people with this deluded mindset like you that will believe that the progress recorded in the last dispensation is a mere fiat,but if you are intellectually sound,with proven analytic skill,u will know by all indicies,our economy was in perfect hands when compared to this bunch of expired,retired and ancient folks with dwarf knowledge of simple economics.
      If you also have knowledge of what GDP is,u will know that even when u fake your calculations,u cant fake the effects in the money market,production,and sundry services as well as values,so i strongly recommend like u and this imcompetent government,run back to remedial studies,maybe u can grow in wisdom and acquire requisite knowledge,until then,shut up and sit down when men of erudite and tsunamic educational background are brainstorming

    8. Thank you & God bless you for saving me d stress of answering d dullard

  10. Things fall apart,
    And the centre cannot hold.
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
    God bless you Chinua Achebe sir; you are a great writer.
    Dele Momodu sir, I read it all but leave oyinbo for oyinbo.
    Everyone wants to be relevant these days with their epistles.
    You also seem to be talking from both sides of your mouth.
    In my opinion, you all are the same!
    Resurrecting a Mummy that should have been left to rest to rule a whole nation again is the height of foolishness.
    It never worked; see the movies The Mummy, and even the recently released X-men.
    When these old rulers tried to rule again, they caused big problems.
    Writing epistles won't solve Nigeria's problems sir.
    We want solutions; we want action!
    As if the resurrection wasn't bad enough, his 'handlers' like you said had no plan!
    They just wanted to get in there and rule, and now the masses are suffering for their utter stupidity.
    Can men with pot bellies and fat bank accounts stop writing epistles when they aren't even feeling what the people are passing through? Yes please!
    Sick and tired of this bullshit.
    And yeah, the 'change' indeed started with your champion.

  11. Dem no give you post that is why you are lamenting. Na by force to go Dubai
    You Neva answer davido

  12. If I couldn't read this I'm sure Mr. President can't and won't too

  13. Who be this one ?? Abeg swerve.

  14. Wailing wailers. mtchew

  15. Too long biko.....

  16. Hahahahahah I am laughing in swahili. I didn't read the post, read just the headline. Thanks to all of you that voted for change

  17. Na 1 chance we enter o bob dee! I so regret voting dat bigot too!d guy virtually has nothing to offer!

  18. Na 1 chance we enter o bob dee! I so regret voting dat bigot too!d guy virtually has nothing to offer!

  19. Too late to cry. Simply because he is dealing with all of you not only some people abi. This is just the beginning.

  20. So long a letter!
    U Neva chichunchin

  21. Lol, una never seen nothing yet

  22. Just picturing how Buhari would have trashed the ovation magazine given to him...

  23. Idiot,orteh,yimu.u didn't get what they promised u abi nd naa nw ur eyez open?mtcheew,u nefa chi chumchin

  24. DELE MOMODU posterity will NEVER forgive you and others that campaigned for Mr Kwaraption. The imperialists with the active connivance of gullible Nigerians truncated a progressive government for a rural Mai Ungwa making us the laughing stock of the world. Tell your story to Tinubu, Soyinka and the losers hidden behind the moth eaten veil called APC.

    1. Abeg, shut up! Why won't he be forgiven? What progressive government are you talking about? Because you and your cohorts were eating with both left and right hands, stuffing some into your anus, during GEJ adminstration, you say it was progressive? Well, for you and other thieves! IT IS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL, 2.52!

    2. Atlist dollar is 162 n avalible in all bank bureau d change, containers are cleared @ ease,companies are employing not folding up or sacking their staffs, salaries are increased not reduced, foods are readlly avalible & cheap in the market, court orders are being obeyed, fuel is 87 per liter, electricity tariff cheap & avalible, unlike ur fulani herdsman chairman regime that inflict pain & agony in d life of pple, the worse Gej administration is better than best Buhari fulani herdsman regime d evidence is clear even a blindman can see.

  25. We all need to buckle up. It's not long speech that will lead us to our Eldorado but accepting that we have not prioritized our needs by living above our abilities economically. Inward integration of our economy instead of importing our daily needs will see us through by the next harvest. Let's educate ourselves on this instead of playing god, uneasy lies the head. Majority of you were in the forefront of what brought us to this state of affairs by not being forthright but the past is gone and we are now building a new method. It will work with steadfastness and perseverance.

    1. Thank you o, 3.20!
      They will be living above their earnings!
      S.A.P? Do any of you remember babaginda initiative? STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM?

      Where you eat 2pcs of meat, reduce to 1
      Mix tintomatoes plenty in your stew.
      Don't serve visitors food, except your in laws or August visitors.
      Prepare vegetable and okro more.
      Cook spaghetti and beans more.
      No more sliced bread.
      Relations should stay their parents house, abeg, no holiday!
      Buy clothes when necessary, wash what you have.
      Don't let pastor's deceive you about seed sowing or giving in order to progress. They also want to chop.

  26. What this guy is doing is coded. #killwithlove

  27. in Latin they say,"nemo dat quod non habet". Nobody gives what he/she does not have. Buhari ain't got it. So there is nothing to give. You can't draw blood out of a stone. Nigeria has been in recession since 2014 except that Jonathan and Iweala were dishing out criminally fictitious numbers to hide it. The problem is that Buhari seems to be coming out with policies or lack thereof to make things worse.

  28. "DELE MY BOY" has written another rubbish.

    Stop deceiving yourself, PMP does not have what it takes to successfully run the economy of a complex nation like Nigeria in the 21st century.

    He is myopic, minimally (or nothing) trained or developed himself over the years, has zero understanding of values of diversity....intolerant to broad consultations other than his close cult who also knows nothing and lacks It, a socialists, irritated by the strength of capitalism and rule of law, and just another Nigeria hypocrite.

    We saw these ahead of the elections but folks like "DELE MY BOY" were too immersed in their selfish interests to see that Nigeria did not have good candidates during the Presidential Election.

    All hope is not lost, we still have true progressives such as Tambuwal and Peter Obi. This ticket should be explored in 2019.

    Please DONT MENTION AMEACHI AGAIN when you want to call talents..... his likes should go into oblivion quickly in the hope of new Nigeria.

    1. Well said. Especially the part of socialist with hatred for capitalism. You forgot to add ; with welfarist solutions that don't create wealth and a penchant for propaganda and excuses. A government that replies all critics.

      No need for Momodu to cloak things and blame his 'advisors'. Stop calling a spade a farming tool but call it a spade. It won't kill you to say PMB is to blame. You won't go to jail. Stop clinging and justifying your bad choice. A man can choose to listen to advisors or not, plus there were posters during election showing Buhari among fashola and co, saying "what team would you rather have up there? " so some people though conceding his ineptitude or semi-literacy voted him for this same imaginary team. Pharaoh was a good king for listening to Joseph and appointing him(surely there must have been a lot of dissent and advisers who told him Joseph was unskilled or too young or a foreigner or his dream was a scam). Pharoah was a bad King for allowing his people suffer plagues upon plagues , losing all their first sons instead of letting the Israelites go. His hatred for Moses and ego made him lose his best chariots in a futile chase. Surely he had advisers that must have warned him.

      In the end, you are as good as your appointees and ministers and if you listen to them or not, it's your fault . So stop exonerating Buhari. Femi Adesina as you subtely pointed out is nothing more than a sychopant. Stop telling us to soft pedal on him, and that he has no choice. What happens to quiting a job that undermines your integrity , like some of us have had to do in the past? The piper who takes the payment of the man and plays the tune he dictates should brace himself for music criticism.

      Delete is shifting ground. Sir, you're getting there. We are waiting for you. Lol. Where you're heading is where we have been since before the elections

  29. This country shall be great again!
    Those that are happy that things ain't working now,should remember they are not insulated.
    The country belongs to all of us,

  30. Uncle Dele pls go and meet Davido ur oga as he told us you are his boy lol ..sebi u liked him earlier based on OBO and he failed u ..ahaha now na Buhari #nametalkam


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