Stella Dimoko Patience Jonathan,EFCC And The 31.4m Cash Deposit


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Patience Jonathan,EFCC And The 31.4m Cash Deposit

HAD ex-First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan not claimed ownership of $31.4 million found in the bank account of a former presidential aide, Mr. Waripome Dudafa, the issue may not have been made public by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

This was the outcome of an investigation by Saturday Vanguard into the matter that had elicited calls in the polity for the prosecution of the former First Lady.

Her decision to claim ownership of the money through a suit filed against Skye Bank at a Federal High Court in Lagos, it was learnt, easily made the commission to quit keeping the issue in the dark.

The EFCC, it was learnt, got wind of the account more than three months ago, but decided to keep mute in order not to be accused of singling her out for prosecution out of former first ladies’’.

A source told Vanguard that the operatives of the EFCC actually ran into the accounts in the course of investigating Dudafa over alleged diversion of N10 billion meant for Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, delegates.

The source said: “It was the former first lady who put herself in a tight corner by going to court to sue Skye Bank, where the money was traced to and also asked the court to compel the EFCC to defreeze her account. “Indeed, I can tell you that the EFCC was working actively on the Dudafa case without any letter of invitation or oral invitation to the woman but she went to court to expose everything and we had no choice but to respond to her challenge.

“It might interest you to note that these findings on these accounts were made since July this year but the details were yet to be made public when the former first lady slammed a fundamental rights enforcement suit on us and we were taken aback.’’

It could not be ascertained yesterday whether the EFCC would summon the former First Lady to appear before it. The commission appears to be restrained by public opinion that doing so might give the impression that it is trying to get at the husband. But our source said the commission was determined to carry out its job and may commence an investigation into assets worth billions of Naira allegedly owned by the former First Lady.
edited from Vanguard


  1. Great Job EFCC!

    Please extend your investigations to Stella Obasanjo (RIP), Maryam Babandgida (RIP), Mrs.Maryam Abacha,Titi Atiku Abubakar, Turaya Yardua and Iyawo Nnamadi Sambo for full closure as regards ALL of our stolen common wealth.

    This would further solidify your stance as a balanced and detribalized agency of the government.

    The earlier you implement this suggestion the better for your reputation or else the Thunder that will fire your asslicking director is coming from the current place of abode of the first 2 ladies mentioned.

    Thank you for the public court of opinion media trials which is your forte.

    Una suppose learn proper work from Nuhu Ribadu who was balanced focused and feared NO ONE.

    Bloody learners!

    1. Funny enough that was Parr of the reasons Nuhu was rail roaded out of office.
      Who will bell the cat? I am in support of fighting corruption but when it is being fought without touching all and sundry, then, e get as e be.
      We all know those people you mentioned will never be probed. Even Justice Fati Abubakar shouldn't be left out of it. The most painful part is that those who truly robbed Nigeria Black Blue till it's bleeding are the ones probing others... Nigeria which way? What legacy are you leaving for the unborn?
      They have turned this country to a mad house... Jungle!
      I drop my pen, I no fit shout

    2. Stupid comment frm a studip @Anonymous 7.39. Investigate former first ladies right? Why did your hero not investigate those names you mentioned while in office? Did EFCC function as an organisation during Jonathans rule? No, it didnt. Same Ribadu you mentioned was also called out by most of you for selective fighting of crime. I noticed the poorest among you are the ones supporting her looting. Let that curses revert back to you. Ewu.

    3. Anonymous 9.31 learn to make meaningful contributions to issues like this when they are discussed.

      I'll completely understand it if you prefer to discuss flavour's baby mama's, davidos contract with SONY or even the latest fashion trends.

      Your meaningful contributions would be valuable in these areas, who knows I may even learn a thing or 2.

      Hero you say...are you ok? where in the comment above was hero ever mentioned? You made a valid point about EFCC not functioning during Jonathan time...

      But really what has that got to do with the issues I raised?

      Are the issues in raised in defence of Jonathan or its just mere assumption on your part that the issues raised are in defence of Jonathan?

      What are your indices for "Poverty detection" on a blog?

      Wow you really are smart!

      So you can detect poverty on a blog of faceless people you barely know?!

      Oh Lawd LOL!

      On a lighter note, with these few points of mine I hope I've been able to convince and not confuse you about who the "Ewu" is on this blog!

      Teeehee Sugar! I love your smart reasoning but please hunny, Can we get back to topic at hand?

    4. @ Uberhaute: Our country is really a jungle!

      All politicians are corrupt.

      I also support the war against corruption, but truth be told, how can the corrupt, prosecute the corrupt?!

      I wish the presidency could bring Nuhu Ribadu back!

      Nuhu is the only fearless EFCC director who'll go all out and get the job done squarely.

      Nuhu can be trusted to fish out all corrupt people irrespective of party affiliations,

      The present EFCC is a joke!

  2. Since July and it was kept away from the public. This case is getting so interesting.

    1. PG 18
      EFCC will never convict anybody simply because they don't work like professionas.she is taking them to court and she will surly win the case. The onus that this money was gotten illegally is on EFCC and not her. You can't ask her to do ur job for you,by asking her how she got the money,its ur duty(EFCC)to investigate and prove‭ the money was stolen.its just like a police man sees you on the road driving a fine car,nice shoes and expensive phone,he stops you and the next thing he says ur under arrest,if you cant explain how you got the cash,he will arrest you but he can never win such a case in court,because he has no evidence linking you to a crime.I know hypocrites that can't explain how they got human hair and iPhone 7 will disagree.

  3. Every1 should watch how dis story 'll disappear.
    Looted funds are always recovered but nothing to show for it.
    EFFC sucks 👎 👎

  4. Every time EFCC and recovered looted funds. Yet Osibanjo will come out and tell us that all the recovered looted funds are not enough to solve 10% of Nigeria problem and we should expect positive change by 2018. Now my fulani presido and his cabinets, I ask all of you, who is deceiving who?
    Can't u carry your EFCC and go and probe APC members also,as a corruption fighter that you people is nau. The only time I will believe you IS corruption fighter is when you fight APC members.

  5. what ma peshy is saying is simple, return my money or watch me expose every other person, first ladies and presidents alike.
    While I do not support the ma peshy and our former and present leaders' "thiefery" , I'll just like to remind Pa Buhari that we elected him to make Naija a better place to live in and not a pastor or Imam who is only concerned about "who stole the meat from the cooking pot?"
    No meat should be stolen and nstruments should be put in p[lace to check ma peshy and others like her she is subtely threatening to expose. If governance and government is run properly, there will be enough meat from different cooking pots to go around. Pa Buhari, please focus on creating enough cooking pots to go round................without resorting to blaming the past governments.

  6. Stella an anti corruption activist mr Charles oboli said the money belongs to patient's mother, check youtube for the video let's watch it here, his explanation is the 'stupidest' thing i'v ever heard.

  7. I still do not understand why Buhari has singled out this innocent woman for political persecution. Maybe bcos She allegedly called him brain dead during the campaign

    1. Innocent??????? Laughing in swahili

  8. She shot herself on the foot. Investigate quickly abeg.

  9. Her illiteracy don put her for trouble. Maybe she thought she's still campaigning. Her itiboribo was part of what cost her husband the election. Prosecute her sharp sharp


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