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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday IHN


Shout out to everyone and Speedy 'Recofa' to my darling OLA..''please get fery well soonest recofa''..LOL



BV Eka Joy thank you for your advice of yesterday concerning adverts and comments,well noted.sometimes the advertisers want feedback and i have to leave the comments but i think from now on i might disable commenting as soon as they start.thank you.....


Hello Stella,

This is to let you and other blog visitors join me in thanking a blog visitor who gave out some CLEAN twin clothes to me. I saw it a while ago in the INH news and I contacted her. She agreed to give them out and I now have them in my possession. Thank you Sis and may God bless and replenish your purse IJN!

Stella, thanks too for this amazing platform.

The clothes were really nice but i didnt feel like posting them..congrats to you for getting them and thanks to the giver.Ese pupo!


I kindly need an affordable,considerate and bespoke cake baker who can also deliver within the Island asap.
Date of Delivery: Monday 19/09

Kindly send a text or whatsapp msg to +2348062453782 or call+2348119488155



SDK of life, I salute you 

I'm a blog visitor but rarely comment, trust me I have a daily dose of this blog. I'm a young lady who has always aspired to be an entrepreneur coupled with the fact that I won't want to be dependent on anyone after NYSC. Please I need open minded bvs who can introduce me to how they order or buy goods abroad.(Uk/USA/Turkey).
This information will be helpful in getting back uncle who's promising to help me out with capital. Thanks Stella.. thank you!. I can be reached 08024717048

*Your UNCLE?..LMAO...BV's please hurry and give her what advise she wants in case Uncle enter voicemail in these Buhari



I want to thank bv Ruth for gifting me a beautuful shoe,stella you need to see the shoe its lovely,this is to Ruth I pray God will perfect all that concerns you even above your expectation.God bless you 



Hi Stella and BVs,
I need a live-in or live-out nanny in Ojodu Berger axis of Lagos. If live-out, nanny should live around Ojodu Berger,Grammar school, Alagbole,Akute or Ajuwon axis. If live-in, I have a comfortable bedroom with personal toilet at nanny's disposal. 
Qualities - Neat, orderly, healthy, God-fearing, Christian(white garment excluded), respectful and patient.
Duties - Take care of baby while I am away. You are not mandated to do any other house chore.
Age bracket - late 20s to late 40s
Salary - Negotiable and will be paid on time.
Freebies - Beautiful dresses and shoes as welcome gift.

Qualified persons should contact me on



Vacancy - Customer Service Representative.(Abuja)
Job Description
Our client, a leading dry cleaning company in the heart of Abuja, requires the services of a customer service representative
Job Summary:
The ideal Customer Service Representative is a quick learner, has an outgoing professional demeanour, good attention to detail and has an interest in image management. This is an excellent opportunity to begin your career with our incredible team.
We provide a variety of exceptional garment-based services including dry cleaning, shirt laundry, and couture care. You would be expected to welcome customers, receive and process their garments, and complete transactions.
The right candidate has experience with cash handling, face to face customer interaction, attention to detail and is a good communicator.

Requirements for Customer Service Representatives Include:     
A pleasant and professional demeanour
Able to learn, comprehend, and follow basic instructions for marking and tagging.
Good hand-eye coordination.
Prior customer service experience
Good communication skills
Basic computer skills
Quick problem-solving ability
Cash handling experience is a plus
Flexible schedule including availability on weekends.
How to Apply:
Send application quoting job reference to
Application closes September 18th 2016



 I need someone that will bake a birthday cake for me. Am on a low budget pls.Location is apapa Lagos. Contact me on 08122753573. Bv Ify.



She recently won the 69k giveaway

"I will like to state that Queen Chiamaka Oke known as Quincycakes is the one and same person known as Chinyere Ajomiwe. If in doubt the Facebook name is Queen Chinyere Ajomiwe and known as CEO of Quincycakes on Facebook."(BV)

This is really so disappointing to say the least.  Quincy cakes, you were one of the regular beneficiaries of the free advert on the blog while it lasted, you made money as you got customers through the adverts. It is such a shame that you would go to such lengths as having multiple IDs and different monikers just to rob the blog of money and depriving the true needy of what they rightly deserve. 

You were the beneficiary of the 69k giveaway because we wanted your business to grow, you said you still use sand ,stones and stove to bake, needed a locally fabricated oven to move your business to the next level, it was granted you. Why apply again with a different name(your name also btw) for the £100 giveaway just a week after? Why? That name Chinyere Ajomiwe was also a recipient of the Ashafa giveaway in July although you claimed not to have been paid which was the major reason you were chosen.

I remember calling this same Chinyere Ajomiwe in July accusing her of being a scam and forwarded copies of her emails with different contradictory claims but she said her mail was hacked and stella was aware. This is all shades of wrong and evil. When did women reduce themselves to this? I am really so pissed, so shocked and so angry. This is nothing but robbery. How can you not have respect for your business name?
No matter how long you steal successfully, the day you are caught, you will be disgraced. "The curse of the Lord is upon the house of a thief"

God bless the BV that brought this to our notice via Stella's email.

*I FEEL SO HURT AND SO ANGRY...I bear you no ill feelings but As your longer throat has made you want to spoil my hustle,may you receive back what you have done7sowed,double measure,pressed down,shaken together and running over.I have no respect for someone like you.I have saved your photos and will call you out with them if you come here under anonymous to spew trash...NOW EXCUSE US!

Anytime there is a giveaway and i post names of the receivers,please alert me if you notice anything...We will tighten the ropes to a choke from now on..




Hi Stella,

In the giving spirit, I'd like to give two single mothers (who really need it) back to school fund, in England.. so it's a total of £100 ( £50 each) 
Please keep me anonymous, I'll let you decide who gets it,and I will send the fund.

I am reposting it cos i have disqualified the category and want to redo it after quincy cakes got chosen as one of the winners..Only those in the UK can apply for this segment.


BV MONEY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR - Beware of the Ikeja Airport Hotel black market bureau de change oh!

‎Stella see what happened to me on Sunday evening o. See, I didn't use to believe stories of Voodoo with those black market bureau de change guys, not until it happened to me on Sunday. I'm still in shock. Here's my story 

So my cousin and I went for dinner at the Protea hotel GRA. And we had no naira on us but dollars. They were going to accept the dollars but when I heard how high their conversion rate was, I refused. I decided I would go to the airport hotel to change the money at a cheaper rate. My cousin said we should just leave it but I said lai lai, that I'd quickly go and change the money. So off I went to the Ikeja Airport hotel. This was around 11pm. 

Soon as I drove through to approach the main gate, a guy dressed in Ankara was waving some naira notes. As is their way of calling customers. So I slowed down and he asked if I wanted to change some money and I said yes. I was going to change $300..which was like 120k by his own conversion. Anyway we agreed, and at first he gave me a bundle of 100k naira which was in 1,000 naira denomination. I counted the money and it was 98k. I told him that the money wasn't complete, so I handed it back to him. 

Mind you Stella, I was a bit weary that funny things usually happens with these road side exchange guys, at most I was thinking that he could run away with the money, or perhaps give me fake naira notes. But nothing prepared me for what happened that night. 

So he collected the money back and counted it himself. And he agreed it was 98k. So he added 2,000naira to it which completed the 100k. I took the money back and I counted it twice , twice o, and the money was 100k complete. 

Then he brought out 500 naira notes and counted 20k. He handed it to me and I counted it and it was complete. In all, I now had 120k. I put the entire money together and counted everything all over again before giving him the $300. That was it, we called it a night and I left. I noticed that he crossed over to a waiting car that had about 4people in it. 

As I drove off, I laid my hands on the money and I was just feeling funny..for reasons I can't really explain. So when I got back to the protea, our bill for the night was 75k. My cousin was even applauding me for making the decision to go change the money and I was feeling cool with myself. So I laid the entire money on the table and decided to pay the 75k from the 100k bundle. 

Lo and behold Stella, I counted this money and the entire 100k bundle which I thought I had, was exactly 75k. Ah. What happened? I had 100 thousand naira bundle and 20k, I didn't go anywhere else, I didn't even leave with my hand bag.. it was just me in the car o. We counted this 1,000naira notes again and it was exactly 75k. But the 20k that was in 500naira denomination was intact. Meaning that 25k from the 100k miraculously dissappeared between ikeja airport hotel, and Protea GRA ikeja. Ahh!!!

Everyone around, especially the waiters weren't surprised. They started to narrate different stories of how people get swindled around that airport hotel and alade market area of Ikeja. We were told that they use jazz to hypnotise you into believing that the money you counted is complete, and that it is only when you leave that'll you'd notice you've been scammed. 

They even said I was lucky to have seen part of the money, that sometimes, the entire money vanishes and people will think you are mad. Stella, nobody on this earth can tell me this is not voodoo. It is possible to miscalculate maybe 1k, 2k, or even 5k. But how do you explain a whooping 25k disappearing just like that? If I had sent someone, I would probably doubt this story. But it was my money and it happened to me. Could I possibly steal my own money? Lol. 

Nobody should tell me I'm hallucinating. This happened for REAL and God in heaven is my witness. I wanted to go back there that night but my cousin refused o, she said they may harm us bla bla. 
I thought I should alert others who my not know this. 

But I drove pass there tonight to see if I would find the guy, cos I know his face when I see him. But he wasn't there, another haggard looking man was there changing money as well. I intend to go back there to change some more money, but this time, it'll be a set up to unravel this mystery. This shouldn't continue. Haba

LMAO..My dear,i have been a victim of such before.We thank God nothing else vanished.



Pls, I don't know if am sending this at the right time, but I have a leading to encourage a lady who sent in a chronicle about 3 or 4 wks ago. If you remember,  the lady who arranged with a guy to deflower her and she ended up with 2 guys. 

Her question in the chronicle hunted me and I have prayed for her, more than I've ever prayed for anyone who asked for prayers. 
In the chronicles,  she asked if she could be repaired and at that point I knew the devil had sold her a lie which she bought hence, her wrong judgment.   prayed that God will give her hope, I prayed that she won't go into depression.  And I felt led to send her this memo. 

The answer to her question is yes she can be repaired. 
The Bible says in Matt:11:28 "come to me ALL you who Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest".

Isaiah 1:18 says "come now and let us reason together says the Lord,  "though your sins are scarlet,  they shall be as white as snow,  though they be Crimson,  they shall be as wool.

Jeremiah 31:3-4a The Lord has appeared of old to me saying "I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore,  with loving kindness I have drawn you. Again,  I will build you and you shall be rebuilt. 

Psalm 103: 3-4,8 who forgives ALL your iniquities,  who heals ALL your diseases who redeems your life from destruction who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. 
The Lord is merciful and slow to anger, and abounding in mercy. Vs 11, for as far as the heavens are high above the Earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear him. As far as the East is from the west,  so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

1Jn 1:8-9 if we say that we  have no sin , we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to clean us from ALL unrighteousness.

John 10:10 the thief does not come except to steal, to kill and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. 

So my dear you can be repaired,  let hope rise from within you, cry out to God,  in not too many words. Ask him, to save you and to cleanse you the way only He can, he hears and he will answer. 

In conclusion,  I read an article,  TITLED, YOUR SIN IS NO MATCH FOR GOD'S GRACE. By Jon Bloom ( staff writer, desiring

He wrote,  The old hymn says it beautifully.  "Grace,  grace,  God's grace,  grace that is greater than all my sin". But the grace of God is not only great enough to "pardon and c lease within" It is so powerful as Joseph's older brothers learned in Genesis 45, that it can turn the most horrible sin you have ever committed against another,  or has ever been committed against you, and make it the slave of mercy.
What Joseph's ten brothers did to him was heinous.  They made him the merchandise of International human trafficking.  They subjected him to slavery and Sexual abuse with no right of defense,  he was thrown into prison to rot.  These likely left Joseph with life-long scars...
God is doing more good than you can imagine through the most painful experiences in your life.
But know, your sin is no match for God's grace. 

Note,  am sorry this is long, but I know it will bless someone and also give hope. Pls do not publish my email,  but if the lady wishes to contact me,  you can release it.
God bless you SDK and may He surround you with His presence.



Hey Stella of life,

I want to use this opportunity to thank olori footwear for the sandals she gifted me. 

God bless you so much.  Your feet will never reject shoes in Jesus name.

You will go from glory to glory and from blessing to blessing in Jesus name. 

I love u.



Good day 

I need a good baker in warri that can help me with a birthday cake for hubby whose birthday comes up next week Tuesday. My budget is 8k. I can be reached on 08133580810

Thanks mam.


Urgent Vacancy For An Experienced Driver
Hello Stella,
How are you doing? Thanks for this platform and your numerous assistance via this blog.

Please help me post this inside IHN.
A vacancy exists in my company for an experienced driver who is acquainted with all the nooks and crannies of Lagos state.
The person must have a valid Driver's license and residing within or around Yaba.
Vehicle type (Toyota Prado Jeep and Sienna Bus).
Contact me on this number 07016613861 if you are interested.



Hello Stella, I love you and love what you do. My wedding is coming up the first week of October in Lagos precisely Ojo. I'm in need of some kind-hearted experts the following areas for a fee:

1. Photography and Videography

2. A good makeup artist and hairstylist.

3. Traditional beads for both the  bride and groom.

Please note that we are working on a very low budget. I can be reached on 08088772147. Thank you Stella and God bless.


Good morning Stella,

I got an alert of N10,000 this morning for my mum and I've given it to her. She's so grateful because she never expected it especially for the fact that it came from a total stranger. Thank you to the angel that made this possible, God bless you. Thank you BBC and thank you too Stella for being so kind, God bless you. I'm so grateful. I love you.

The Angel who blessed you is a year older today.Happy Birthday Baby.May God bless you and refill where that gift of love came from...


Hello Stella. I trust you're good...
I have these books for giveaway to blogvisitors. Interested peeps should send a mail to stating the particular book(s) they want.




The first person to send email to this email address will be gifted with this beautiful eyelash
Email is

Thank you Honey!


Hello sweet Stella.
I want to use this medium to appreciate Sparkles Jewerlies for the Wedding ring giveaway. I went to her store for the pick up yesterday, Wow! her reception was awesome,I really appreciate you Sparklesjewerlies.
Fellow BVs please patronize her  she sells beautiful stuffs such as, wedding Rings, beads,earrings, pendants, Bracelets, Bridal accessories, purses etc. You can contact on WhatsApp 07085858317 or
God bless you Stella.
God bless Sparkles Jewerlies
God bless BVs.

Maybe Sparkles wrote this herself ..LMAO.
Sebi i told you before that you cannot escape this with her.



Goodmorning Ma, how are you doing? Keep up your good work.. Some days ago you put up this single and mingle post and I added up a dude like that.. 

We got talking and we were cool, all of a sudden this morning he was saying something about relationship and I laughed been that have participated in S n M before and added up a dude by the name Richard who happened to be a fuck boy.. 

I jokingly put it to him that.. "like u don't have a gf" and he got offended.. Like seriously?? I apologized dou he didn't wait to hear why I said that.. I felt hurt alittle because am this kinda lady who doesn't take life that seriously..

 I was really liking him# covers face# i can't comment on the blog but I don't know how I can reach him because we didn't get to have numbers.. I know he will have a rethink but he won't be able to reach me again.. He goes by the name ALPHA MALE on bbm.. Am ifeoluwa.. Thanks .

*What am i supposed to do?do not crack jokes when you do not know how someone reacts and expect them to you have inferiority complex?
Whether you take life seriously or not is not the issue,please know when to start jokes.I was even irritated with your response.
You see now that you feel bad?

And please nobody should come here and cuss out the guy.he did well by deleting her to avoid stories.

I dont mean to be hard on you but i got to say it how it is dear!



  1. It's been a rainy n cold week so only to dey hug pillow for nite. Whew! Future hubby where art thou?

  2. Wonders shall never end.

    Bvs ooo. Na me carry my hand go add people for SnM.

    Okay, I got talking with just 2. I've not pinged others. This particular guy became so open and free. We connected as friends easily.

    My turnoff in human is lies. All through our conversations, I never had reason to doubt all he's said about himself and other things in general.

    I asked if he had ever participated and he said his friend, added him up on snm. But he is a bv. And this is his first time.

    Stella as an FBI that I is na. I got to find out he participated in the 7th SnM.

    I detest lies. And I feel like deleting him.

    Wat do y'all think. Should I give him space to hear the lies he's gone say when confronted???

    We've not met so its purely mobile conversation.

  3. Welcome IHN. How go they go.
    An igbo man opened a brand new zoo and made the entry fee #5000,nobody came.He reduced it to #2500 bt still,nobody came.Then #2000...and then #1000,bt still empty.So he made it free and the zoo was filled in no time.Then,the man released the lion and made the exit fee #20,000. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  4. What tribe has the shortest dicks in Nigeria? I think its Igbo men! Hausa has the longest, just that they are not circumcised. Yoruba dicks are also very okay, just that they are always very dirty and smelling. Igbo men have very short but fat dicks and they always drop money/

    1. Why are yorubas like this na???? I know this is a yoruba person. So dick is now tribe selective. Pls think again and you'd definitely see how stupid u are.

  5. IHN loaded!
    Lot to read here today.
    Welcome back to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
    Hope you guys had madt fun?
    Any meat for me?lol!

    Iphie Dearie, hope u got my many sallah wishes to you yesterday?

    S/O to TGW!
    I love you always...

    I miss my blogmum soo much,
    Know that you are always in my heart.

    How are you doing my blog sis?
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday?
    Jisike NnE!

    idiota bride I saw your comment yesterday o...i dnt av ur time at all, just keep it up u hear?
    Miss 'wisher' the trouble maker.

  6. Yea, in house news.

    God Bless Everyone.

  7. Its Ojude Oba today!πŸ˜‚
    Pls start sending my bday gifts from now to avoid the usual yearly mad rush
    Chi Exotic,Jasmine,Ideato,LoveMeJeje,SwagLafresh, Rhoda Rex,Becky Divine,Kelvin,Pipi Lee,Jenny Ekwe,Lucile,School life,Chikito,Shantelle's empire,Queen and Boss,James,Rich Bee,Steffy,SDK herself and all those that have the mind of giving me gifts but I don't remember their names....
    Nothing is too small
    Even choco Milo will be acceptedπŸ˜‚

  8. I need cuddle abeg.
    TGW send me hugs plss.
    I love my baby nor be lie.

  9. I am begging on behalf of myself mbok, anybody that has a used good smart phone that is laying at home sleeping on the shelf should please help a sister out. It's painful enough not being able to open SDKB and more painful not being able to comment, it's my pass time and sanity. This days when it goes off it wont switch on till God knows when. I have changed the battery once last year and twice this year but its obvious the phone is gone. I type for minutes before I could send because the buttons are malfunctioning, A can jump to Q and type itself ten times. I typed this and sent saved it in my message so that i can copy at once here. Please i beg humbly not shakara, am begging ni.

    1. Wonders shall never end.

      Bvs ooo. Na me carry my hand go add people for SnM.

      Okay, I got talking with just 2. I've not pinged others. This particular guy became so open and free. We connected as friends easily.

      My turnoff in human is lies. All through our conversations, I never had reason to doubt all he's said about himself and other things in general.

      I asked if he had ever participated and he said his friend, added him up on snm. But he is a bv. And this is his first time.

      Stella as an FBI that I is na. I got to find out he participated in the 7th SnM.

      I detest lies. And I feel like deleting him.

      Wat do y'all think. Should I give him space to hear the lies he's gone say when confronted???

      We've not met so its purely mobile conversation.

    2. Who is watching Release the hounds? Scary AF.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Is it not this same Quincy cakes that someone called out that she paid for Quincy's online baking training and all she does was copy and paste recipes & videos from other food blogs + google instead of using her own videos/teaching materials???

      Shame on you!!!

      If it's not same person, my bad. Even if you weren't the one shame on you for this.

      You already have a platform for your business but no, you just want every every to yourself.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I'm back!
    Happy Wednesday dear bvs

  13. Ihn don land. Stellosky good afternoon.

  14. Welcome ihn, I can see cake bakers are needed. God bless everyone

  15. My birthday is next week Tuesday who will sow a seed of cake in my life,I'm in Lagos

  16. Ihn is here,stella is Bae,giveaways and appreciation everywere,who is going to bless me also,my birthday is tomorrow .spending it all alone.

  17. Stella, times are hard.Sometimes we don't even know how things are for these people but for them not to be tagged beggy beggy they use different tactics.My only pain is that they keep blocking way for people who sincerly are suffering#in calmimeros voice "it's so unfair"#

  18. So i dashed out dis morning after the spring cleaning of my apartment and as am crusing to work i realise i forgot to brush!! anyhoos, does dat make me dirty? Na!... stil d Flyest there can be!.... Ibk muah!!!

    I pyessed a 40dd over d holiday, jeez!!! yall pack some flesh man!!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Welcome back boo. It doesn't make u dirty.

      It happens to me some days too

  19. So fear no gree Lafresh to continue her fight with Madam Viv. See her running up and down to beg lwkm
    Shebi you say you strong abi you dey fear her Bishop ni. next time don't start what you can't finish.

    1. Next time when you want to carry matter on your head like gala seller, get your facts right.


    2. That doesn't make her weak but strong. You think it's easy to make peace? It takes lotta energy to do that

  20. Quincycake u are a thief, ole ole ole ole ole, shame on u, Stella I think anytime you want to do a give away, people should use their blog Id to apply, useless girl abi Na woman.

  21. Osheyy @ signout memes... Wet! Wet!! Wet!!! Everywhere is just Wet πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  22. I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life, I'm walking away to find a better place..
    I love you. Amen to your prayers Jay best. God bless you.

  23. Am crying reading that 69k alert, I applied for this very money and wasn't granted and I could remember saying it here that I guess she didn't need this money I was replied by a bv under that I should be happy for someone. I just wonder why the persons that actually needed help so badly wouldn't get th help while there are others here let me say some particular persons just getting the give away over and over again. Guess you guys were carried away by her name, how will you believe she will be using sand and stone in baking. It just a pity, the money has already gotten to her already, when I actually needed that money

    1. Babe 65k of 500k is nothing.

      Leave it to those with lower budgets

    2. You needed the money, mtschew. You are such a shameless beggar. Gerrout joor,your fada open cbn for dis blog? go and work, cry to your family members or find w rich boyfriend. Your mates are giving out, you are here disgracing yourself everyday. Dem swear for you? Stella, please take note of this woman white berry, i have a feeling she is the next in line for a disgrace.

  24. Na good for una,genuine people will apply for give away una no go give,u always end up giving the wrong person.

  25. Yey in house news is here. God bless the givers and receivers.. Oluwa please pick up my call. Abeg.
    Quincy come and share your own story oh. Let's know the whole gist.
    For the books giveaway. God bless you. This recession has dealt with a lot of people

  26. So long... If all these are real then Quincy Cake, na waaa for you oo. Biko, you are too big for this.

  27. Thief quincy cakes may God forgive you.

  28. That Airport hotel thing has happened to me!

    It was like a movie.

    I was sooo confused cos I know I counted the money there.

    I really don't know how they do it sha.

  29. Its only a fool that believes this people dont use jazz. May God help us in this country.

  30. Life is full of give and take,give thanks and take nothing for granted! God bless Stella, God bless the givers and the receivers

  31. Quincy cakes come and defend yourself,Cynthia congrats to your mum. Sdk God bless you too for putting a smile on others.

  32. Quincy cakes really? Unbelievable! Make una no spoil stella hustle o abeg!

  33. Madam for Nanny you dey fear white garment churches? Lol, no be only you follow come madam, odiegwu. God bless all the givers and goodluck to the single mothers.

  34. Eka thank u for that observation, I was discouraged by the comments on dat advert...but hustle must pay.

  35. I have a feeling all these photo writeups are for Quincy.. Quincy come and defend yourself

  36. Was this not same thing bv peace obetoh did some time back and that one is apply for a single mom ohhh, you bvs nearly eat her raw, she didn't get money fo it but some persons will not allow that name to have rest, what that yeye receiver for the 69k did, isn't it more worse, abeg make u grab the surname of that 69k

  37. One yeye Ake added me on SnM,saw the request around 11pm,accepted with the hope of chatting up in the morning only for me to discover i'd been deleted in the morning and one Ernest too.Good riddance!

    #just ranting

  38. You can imagine 69k gush,which would have gone a long way for me ,I would have even won the giveaway but I was not choosen ,cause I have even been begging for a cake mixer and yet I could not get help,mean while someone is receiving giveaway Here and there,if you have won for another giveaway ,why applying for another ,when people like us needed this money so badly ,I bake at home,I roll cake on a wodden table,I mix with my hands,instead of a cake mixer,such money would have gone along way for me.

    1. You people beg too much. That is how you keep limiting yourself and shortchanging your destinies. Begging and collecting from people you do not know. Do you know how many people have challenges but will never ever beg? Lazy mentality, thats why some die in poverty because una don use una destiny do sara due to begi begi

  39. Quincy cake,repent Jesus is coming soon,Rain Rain go away.

  40. Na wah ooooo for some pple
    Some will be applying for giveaway under different names & later dey will start calling pple begg begg under Anonymous mode..

    @ Qunicy ever you..
    Come & defend your self..

    Baba God please pick my call.

  41. Bia, quincy cake still dey vex me! Email was hacked kor! Explain urself or vanish.

  42. Come to think of it
    How do u guys get this giveaway?

    QuincyCakes i'm highly disappointed in u, what d hell
    How don't know why ladies write memo for guyz that deliberately delete u, c'mon get ssome brain he's not into u

    God bless the givers n d receivers Cheers

  43. Hmmm,cold Wednesday ;its been raining cat and dog here...whether Economy like it or not, I want to marry dis! where u?

  44. Juliet Ibrahis is a BV. Good to know ma'am.
    Quincy cakes, don't bother yourself, you cannot use the money for anything good and even if you do, it will crumble because that is someone else's sweat. Fucking thief.
    BV that was swindled by bureau de changers, never ever patronize those by the road side, they are animals.
    Always go to their office. There's one beside GTBank, Allen.
    Sorry for your loss.

  45. Hmmmm Quincy....and to think BBC is Vigilant. I applied as well, abeg make una dey allow others benefit's always those that have benefited before that keeps getting again

  46. hahahaha Stella see curse on Quincy cakes you heaped on her. Abeg ooo and i had to do amebo rush go facebook go look for her names and she is a fine woman. She no look like suffer suffer awurawu people here.

    Stella they are many and you know that Christmas is fast approaching, i pray you dont give christmas gifts to your blog visitors, they are just bad. NOt only 2 ids, majority have 15 ids self. May God help all low self esteem people. in short make i tell Bishop Lol.

    Cynthia congrats on your mum's birthday. Thank God for you. You are a good daughter, if na some people one that money na oyo.

    To the guys that lost their dollars in this vuhari season, make una sorry ooo. These mallams are something else. I dont change money anyhow. My office have official mallams we use and i have up to 2 of them their numbers here on the island. Ekpele ooo na voodoo they use on you.

    Thank God for those that have been blessed by Angels and God bless all Angels.

    Stella this your signing out make me laugh ooo. Abeg it is well with everyone. let me do small work jare. will come back to comment again.

  47. Quincy cake I raise yansh for are such a greedy woman.
    Keep lying until ur cake business folds up.

    Most of this money changers uses jazz....

  48. Lmao! See signing out SUBzeros. Oya, the thieves should come and catch their subs.

    Quincy Cakes, na wah if this is true. Hope this doesn't affect your business o.

    SnM, questionnaire, you no try at all. I have a great sense of humour, but if I was in a situation like the above, I'd have really taken offence.
    In other words, you were insinuating that he was a f**kboy who just decided to participate in the SnM.

    Una doh abeg!


  49. Chai Quincy cakes/queen Ajomiwe you no try at all o...
    Your village people don get!
    A good name is better than riches my dear!
    All the best.

  50. OMG!!! Queency cake how can you be so greedy. This is really sad but I'm actually not surprised, I checked you out and facebook and it happens that I know you so well from school. Madonna University to be precise. I really hope Madonna students don't get to burst your bubble here because your story will really be an interesting one for BVs. Enjoy your scamming.

  51. Just look at you Quincy cakes! See how you spoil your business name with ojukokoro. I tell you sdk, some peeps are very greedy. See that 500k woman of yesterday, she was begging for a four burner gas cooker. She couldn't buy it from the money she got if her life depends on it or invest the money and buy the gas from the profits. There are fairly used gas cookers all over the place where they sell UK used things, she cannot go and buy. Mtsheeeew.

  52. We have many greedy Bvs here! Choi. Chinyere Quincy cakes it haff do for you oooo
    Breeze don blow today and fowl ynash has been opened! Onye anya ukwu. Tueh for you

    Stella who cheated you? Does this have anything to do with your beef with Linda Ikeji? *runs far away*. But i still want you to notice me ooo kwakwakwa

    Bv that needs business advice, nne please i wanna meet that your "uncle" biko. Connect us sharpaly inugo

    Bv Ibukun howdy?

  53. Am using ori and coconut oil on my body and face for almost a month now and i realise am having a break out..pimples and ezcema all over my face..pls wat can i do am using it because of stretch marks and its clearing it but causing break out

    1. Don't use privacy on your face, u can use coconut oil but the cold pressed one, honey and lemon is your best bet for the face

  54. Welcome ihn, am I late. thanks you for those text books, the 69k woman is a pity you are bring curse upon yourself and there are beggars here with names whom stella would have given. The lady that wants someone to disvigin her are you for real

  55. Mrs Stella, concerning the adverts, posting of comments is Owk so people could say what they feel about the products moderately.

    Plz don't enable senseless comments or comments that could cause fights.


  56. Stella more people will continue to come up with different ids and lies just to win your giveaway!

    Genuine people will apply and will not get anything......

    I've been following this blog since 2012 and no single giveaway, some new comers will come with some bunch of lies and they will win everything.

    Why always single parents all the time?? I still understand the windows but truth is some of us need this too.
    Please look into helping broke singles like us! Thank you!

  57. Nice.Stella keep up the good job.
    God bless all the givers and receivers in the house.

  58. Nobody spoils advertisers jobs here but if they sell above the price, so people should not talk because they want to advertise. Ok ooo next time, people will just keep off on that.

    I dont spoil people's hustle, my take is dont give people cut throat price. Una wan kill person for this vuhari season. They should mellow down with their prices.

    Eka am sure the person is your friend. For you to write like this, something is behind it. Though i am not happy that that lady hustle was spoilt sha, but make them take time with their prices. Check market well before coming with prices. You think people dont go to markets.

    1. And did they put a gun to your neck to buy? Can you go to Jumia and tell them rubbish about their prices? It's an open market, no fixed price, whether I sell my own 5k and u sell 2k, it's ur business, where they get the products varies, so if anybody wants to buy, her wahala, the person should go to the market na, must you buy online?

    2. You are so senseless, so if d deodorant guy is my friend, d aluminium guy is also my friend. It's common sense, if I notice ppl will ruin my business if I advertise it somewhere, I won't put it there and who loses money? The owner of the blog!

      Get some sense pls.

  59. Maybe there is a mix up or something coz I was one of quincy's student for July batch and she is such a nice person nd we only know her as queen Chinyere ajomiwe and even all her accounts details have that same name, there has never been any mention of Queen chiamaka, I don't think she can do this.

  60. IHN buzzes today. Its good to do good n live right. God bless n guide us all.

  61. Ihn is here again, its been raining here since morning.

  62. Thank u BBC for d excellent job. The Quincy seems anoda baby mama sef, Queen Ajomiwe, Queen my flat ass, people should b wary of all these Queens on this blog.dem b confirmed thiefs. One day e go reach dirty Cynham cakes dat has been abusing people dat didn't vote her during cake contest, she go use anonymous attack, we know u oo. No more advert, dem don run finish.
    Touched by an Angel dat won 500k is begging 4 a gas cooker wit 4 burners, 2 weeks after winning,u go shock say na one popular bv forming thick madam go get d ID. Yeye women without shame n be abusing small gehs meanwhile na dem beg pass.idiots

    1. My dear
      When I saw the comment of d lady dat got 500k just last mnth n here she's begging for burner, Habahhhhhhhhhh madam
      Don't be selfish, in dis time of recession someone gave u 500k n u stoop so low to com n ask for a burner
      I was really shoke nn disappointed in her

    2. My dear I thought I was the only one that saw her plea for a gas cooker. Like seriously?

  63. Wet day....
    Ihn la hot
    God bless us all
    Contact me for your celebration cakes and cupcakes!!

  64. Please bvs I need a washing used machine for business...have a blessed day.

  65. Imagine the cheap thief.
    Changing names and blog name just to get money,and the real people who needs it couldn't get it.
    Sdk,i think next time,if you want to give a known bv,go back to 2 years or so,cos all these new peeps keep coming here to make things hard for others.
    The BDC has also done same to me,a friend who came in from UK gave me some money to change,i got the complete money,counted it,only for my friend to call me later that the money isn't complete,and to think I did the exchange at 3BDC at Sheraton,the hustle is real mehn.

  66. Is it the Richard that stays in Abuja
    Around Game Village
    Na heavy fuck o o he claim he's single baby daddy
    The guy na so so Totoh he dey find

    Abeg fellow bv, is it right for a guy dat added u 3 days ago SnM to start asking u how's your s3x life, if u like S3x, and dis guy use Daddy GO of Redeem picha as his dp, what kind of nonsense is all this

    Stella pls stop stop sending Memo to ladies wen u do SnM to Ladies alone, a lot of d guys just want to know where u work n na Totoh dem dey find

    Is Kemi-Kollins d ssame fuck boy u guys have been saying ladies should stay off? Please what about Tony

    U guys abeg spill

    Some guys think say ladies dat drop deir pin for SnM are runz babes
    I'm not a Runz babe that's why if I sense u'r particular about where I work I go just delete u, No Time To Check Time

  67. Please bvs I need a used washing machine for business...have a blessed week.

  68. Welcome Ihn
    #invisible me#

  69. The country is hard, but that does not mean we should use dubious means to claim money. Queen cakes if this is true, pls repent.

  70. After much don't stop commenting from you T..I'm here again... Now you can stop abusing my pics*yeye dude*warefa warefa

  71. Bv whose money disappeared, Na ojukokoro dey worry you,pay with dollar where you ate,u said NO,waisted fuel n now N25k,if you had paid in protea,you won't have lost so much cash like that.and in between so in this buhari regime just 2 of u eat 75k just for dinner? When I'm here roasting, trying to gather N50k in almost 6 months.if person beg una d money una go say times re hard,Na good for u

  72. Stella go to blazes if you like, I have gotten the 69k and you can't do anything about it. Most times you are thinking you wise but no I am wiser than you. Those your bvs you think they've got business doing and you are busy licking their ass are the ones always getting your give aways. I pity those begging here, you better follow the short cut by applying for give aways.

    1. Jesus is lord
      I want to believe u aren't the one that wrote this
      And I just check u on fb, u such a promising young woman

    2. I once said we have many ungrateful people on this blog. One idiot called me a liar. There are people suffering but it will shock most of you that most of them that pleads for this and that on this blog are comfortable just that greed won't allow them to give space for the real.lpeople that needs help. I learnt my lessons in a hard way. People shine ur eyes very well before helping anybody on this blog.

    3. Stella this is not Quincy, this is just a moron trying to impersonate her and paint her badly. Whoever you are, pls repent. E pain you say you no get the money abi, e pain me too.

      but Quincy if na true, you fuck up big time.

    4. Stella, if u believe this is d 69k recipient, then u will believe anything

    5. Jesus Christ.....
      I refuse to believe this you right here!!
      In fact, if this is an impersonation, the thunder wey go fire you eehh!!
      And if this is real you...then

      I don faint!!

    6. Quincy cakes, if indeed you wrote this then you are an ungrateful person. Now see how you kill your corporate image/business with your own hands.
      The reasonable thing you should have done is keep quiet after the call out and sent an apology. I sincerely hope you didn't write the above

    7. I don't want to believe that Quincy wrote this or someone is trying to act funny..

    8. Quincy sure didn't write this

    9. Ahhhhh. Quincy is this you?

    10. ....and your short cuts will drown your life. You are nothing but a thief. The fact that I know you Chinyere surprises me. You are indeed a thief and a lying low life.
      The same way you want to spoil your fellow ladies hustle, so shall someone spoil yours a million fold.
      You have gotten the money, and life goes on for you, but one day, something is going to hit you and you will wonder where it came from.
      Enjoy while it lasts.
      Shameless woman.

    11. This is not quincy. Let's be smart.

      It is a coward impersonating her.

  73. Don't know what to say about that call out on Quincy, spoilt IHN for me Toda. Lagos is wet today and seriously crying.
    Pls lets stop belittling Stella's giveaway. Give other people a chance to be lucky if you have benefited before. Its sooo wrong.

    madam shebi you for just close eyes change money for the hotel. What if you were "harmed or kidnapped" alongside side your money nko.

    Stella forgive Quincy abeg.

  74. Happy birthday to the angel that bless my mum, God bless you so much. Have a fun filled day.

    Iphie D, how are you?

  75. God bless all the givers!
    @SnM gone south:- don't worry, when things happen that way, I believe it just wasn't meant to be (except there is more to it oh). Cheer up!...I got added by two people too and both deleted me when I didn't have the time to keep up with their chats...or so I thought (Lols). 1st time participating....might try it again next time though.

    Stella, keep up the good work!


  76. Pls I need details of a very good mid week fellowship in Ajah and days I can attend. Also a good caterer in Ajah willing to teach me how to make variety of party foods even if it's at a cost. Please help a sister out. Thank you.

  77. Kai Stella don vex. Na london people suppose give us money na. Them tell us say London is paved with gold. Is not good ooo. Quincy see as you spoilt hustle for Ibukun, White diamond, D'Royalty, Larryfresh, mummy chocho and others.

    Na wa for you this Chinyere. And you come just disgrace us for here. Not good oo.

    Ibukun sorry ooo. next world come from London you here.

  78. Lol, Stella are just realizing some bad eggs have been scamming you since the inception of your giveaways? I remember people warning a while back but you didn't listen. You even warned them back. Lmao! Don't feel bad darling. Find comfort in the genuine ones who have benefitted immensely from you. Forgive quincy and let him God judge her and every thief who come here to deceive people and Rob them of their money.

  79. God bless the d givers and bless your hussle sweet Sally.

  80. Dear Stella,
    Please can you do private match making for me?
    I tire for these snm guys.
    I need a German boyfriend... Help!

    1. Madam for German dating sute

  81. Happy Salalah to Muslim BVs.. make una share the near come my side biko.

    So many giveaways, God bless everyone..

    My jaw dropped at quincy cakes call out, like seriously we have so many people in need here who that money would have changed their entire being !! I shame for you nne!!!

    In other News,!!!
    I have this new "WHITE" handbag to gift someone who really needs it. The white is in Caps cus I know some peps might be like me. I chose gray/nude over white bags.

  82. Stella are you guys absolutely sure about Quincy?? I'm so short of words. Why are humans are wicked?? Na wa oo

  83. Ihn is here lemme goan check d quincy woman jaree.

  84. Quincy Cakes I find it very hard to believe that memo, why are people putting curses on their selves because of money?
    God have mercy on meπŸ™

  85. Before you all will start cussing me out.. I have warned her and she refuse to hear.. Next time STEFFYSOFYNSOFYN hangs her legs on the window, I'm going to shook preek inside..

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  86. Wow it's IHN again
    My favourite post on stella's blog
    Thank God is Wednesday
    Did not really feel this sallah
    Still waiting for my Sallah gift from my muslim friend
    Shout out to those that participate in single and mingle
    Gist us oo, hope it is going down well
    Shout to to the guys, better start some thing serious with a girl you like on single and mingle oo
    Baba God will pick up sll our calls (Amen )

  87. See how pple stop/ block road for people like me who need genuine help. I'm a graduate infact I have a second degree but no work I'm tired of submitting cvs I'm smart and intelligent but for where no work.i intend to go. Into fish/poultry farming all I need is small capital. Help me stella.

  88. You say u need husband and your moniker is ideato BRIDE
    Who have time to marry [after 2]....
    Ehn, just tell me

  89. Rainy day.

    God bless all the kind hearted givers.

    Honesty is really a rare virtue these days. May God help us all.

  90. Your moniker is " My Naked Picture "
    your picture is pant and flat tummy....And u are complaining that SnM guys are asking you for nude pictures .. What do you want them you ask u b4??.. Bible and anointing oil abi..??
    ehn, just tell me

  91. The airport story pele. You must be new to travelling and changing money at the airport hotel and alade market. That as been in existence since when I was like 10. Give them foreign currency they will give you incomplete naira. Give them naira they will give you fake foreign currency . S

  92. Weldone Stella! God bless SDK.Quincy cake or whatever u call yourself,ninety nine days for the thief,one day for the owner.Now u av soiled ur personal and business image as far as SDK is concerned.I hope others learn from this.

    1. Hi stella,hi's ur day going!am having a bad day already,decided to cool my temper reading Sdk blog

  93. Dis comment is for d poster of yesterday chronicle..

    Mr Paedophile.U were doing NYSC and toasted a secondary school leaver who was about to write WAEC,she should be around 16/17yrs yer u confortably asked her out.She refused and later accepted u when she must'e written her waec and u think she came back bcos u have started doing well? What does a teenager know about gold digging dat she had to go back to oga Corper dat used do NYSC in their secondary school who was chasing all d small girls in her school? U even has d gut to talk nonsense..
    She was going through pregnancy hormones and all u could rhink of is to get involved with another desperate girl with low self esteem who was crying and kneeeling down upandan on d road swearing to a married man for sleeping with her own fiance.Typical of yoruba girls(na dem dey love like mumu).
    U made ur wife's life miserable by dating dat girl..I'm sure she cried all night,begged u to love and treat her fine,begged u to leave d other woman,she probably watched "War Room",cried to bed..U stopped having sex with her..How many times did ur side chic insult ur wife and flaunted her illicit affair with u to her face? How many times did ur wife saw ur sex chats and nude pics exchange with ur side chic? How many times did u insult her and call her an illiterate cos she did not attend tertiary institution?(U did not tell us if she finished school or not)
    She prayed to God,fasted for u to change...And God saw her tears and intervened..Now u are out of job for 5yrs,instead of u to go on ur knees ans beg ur wife for forgiveness,u are still going from one alpha to juju men to pastors painting ur wife black in order for them to prophesy dat she is d one after ur woes..

    Oga ur suffering never start sef..U are still communicating with ur ex who is someone's wife abi? I'm sure u are still fucking her..U think all these did not cause ur downfall? Do u realise that cheating on a good woman can render a man useless? Do u also realise that sleeping with another man's wife is an abomination and renders a man penniless? See how ur ex and her husband are using ur luck to shine and u are blaming ur innocent wife.

    U forgot to tell us about d ladies u dated in school..Those ones that was there for u in university yet u left them to marry a Jambito.U think they are happy? U think they did not place a curse on u?
    Oga look within u and search for who u wronged and things u did wrong..Make amendments and see ur life soar higher..
    Some women have that strong spirit dat if u ever hurt them,their spirit will render them useless without them knowing it..
    I am dat kind of woman..MY spirit is very strong that anyone who hurts me gets hurts a thousand fold..I have never been to a native doctors house before..All i need to do is cry in my room and d other person will start receiving fire from every angle..Some will even come beggin me while some even accuse me of doing juju on them..While i will be confused cos i dont even know how to explain what is going on..Ur wife might have my kindda spirit..
    Apologise and confess to her instead of accusing her and ur mil of doing juju..Na now u know say her mama na Edo woman..
    Pls u are not Igbo..Go find ur tribe biko..Idiot man!

    1. Chizzy baby, this is the way you usually advice Chronicles posters in IHN.
      After advicing, you would download your personal history like how your husband started making money at a tender age and how he would never cheat on you. Make I go bring sample?
      Just come back Madam'' them no dey offend me'' with your fat legs.
      Umu nwoke crooner. One love.

  94. Okokobioko!
    See them! See them!
    Later they will come and call D'Royalty a babymama and beggar yet they device various means to scam BBC. Just negodu Quincy cakes. This person has handwork but he be like say cake business no reach am to pay bills again. Cake makers don plenty pass cake customers. See the case of Thelma Enemuwe my friend. Make una begin learn another hand work osiso..

    I no laugh today. I wan fight!!!!!

    1. Hahahah, @make una begin learn another hand work osiso.. Thelma you have suffered. Royalty na true you talk.. Almost everybody wan do cake business. Lol.

  95. Stella Na wa for you o .

    So now u because people have labeled u a feminist, u have now started taking the sides of men ? But this ur judgement I am not understanding this days ... Is somthing wrong ?

    Anyway . Lady u did no wrong by jokingly inquiring if he had a gf. The guy is a FOOL. All he had to do was say no , honestly I'm single , if not why would I be on S &M . It really is that simple . Look ladies when a fuck boy deletes you over something so trivial .. Dont bother inflating his ago by sending it in , tell urself It's his loss and good riddance to bad rubbish...

    A man that wants you, would put in EFFORT , simple . There's no but there .

  96. SDK, you will continue to have fraudsters because a lot of people are not truthful and don't have the fear of God
    Secondly when u say the give away is for single mum, widows, pregnant Bv, or orphans. In the bid to get the goodies or give way they will change their names, come with pathetic stories and fake pictures to get sympathy from you
    If need be BBC or PA have to do more underground work before sending names are been published
    Stella people are suffering and they will go any length to get money or favour from people.
    All I know is that whoever kill by the sword will die by the sword. If u cheat or steal to start a biz,you will also be cheated too. When evil befall the fellow they will point accusing finger on the wrong people, forgetting that the foundation they started their biz was or is faulty
    Stella don't be discourage, they are demons in human that want to tarnish or frustrate your efforts
    God is your muscles

  97. Sister Stella where is my appreciation? Did I send late?
    Ok I will send again.

  98. All dis sign out pics na for queenscake ? Hahahah. She on you quenn, hungry bastard. I know you wella

  99. thank God for the call out on quincy cake, I was about ranting concerning this,this lady is OK and am surprised I've been seeing her name on several giveaway and I was beginning to think this giveaways is now a padi padi thing. yes her name is chinyere ajomiwe because I was one of those who took her online training program and I paid into her bank account. this lady got a lot of students from this is only fair that you allow people who are in dire need of this giveaways get it and not you who should be doing it for others turning sdkb to ATM.

    1. She must be a very greedy person
      I rember her sending me her account details to pay for the online course and her account name is actually Chinyere Ajomiwe

  100. Alpha male is nothn bt a scumbag,u btr tank ur stars he deleted himself,jobless fool dt hv nothn to offer.

  101. Sis rest the Aloha Male guy is a fuck boy!
    He participate in all single and mingle and has nothing to offer than dirty talk! So rest Abeg and forge ahead! As for you Stella ... Your blood too dey hot! What's wrong in what the Lady said!??? Sometimes you don't just reason before you type.

  102. IHN is here again, God bless us all

  103. Abeg BV people my younger sister need a good job, she is a graduate of psychology from Unilag, she is intelligent, hard working, go getter, honest etc.

  104. Today is hot gaan,call out of life. But I also felt very bad at what quincy cakes and decorations did,that's really bad,greed of the highest order.Stella biko forgive her and let her go but don't help her anymore. God bless all the givers.

  105. Good Bless the Givers....

    I'm pleading, I want to get a diesel grinding engine for my mum, the one she has been using packed up of recent and that's what we have been using to sustain ourselves. I have saved the sum of 10 thousand and I still need a sum of 27 thousand to complete it in buying a new engine for her, this month is her birthday and I want to use it as a birthday present to her. Help me to put a smile on her face. Thanks

  106. lmao....@dude that his Money vanished..i've been a victim too. What they do is they give you a bΓΌndle and in between the bundle, they fold some and then place straight ones on top. When they tie with rubber band, you Count just like the folded one in reality might be 5k, but if folded it turns out to be 10k. NEVER COUNT MONEY WITHOUT REMOVING THE RUBBER BAND whenever u Change Money there.

    A friend who happen to travel to naija every month for Business made this known to me cause he almost fell a victim too.

  107. So Lucile Coconut Oil Claim her oil can cures Hiv/Aids.. I tried it as lubricant and bae just entered spirit. You didn't tell me it can also substitute as Anointing oil na
    ehn, just tell me

  108. Choi! I like the way Busybodycorrector is busting these people these days. BBC, you belong in FBI or CIA.
    Peace Obeto, Zainab, Quincy cakes. Still counting.

    1. Good job..
      They will go under anonymous to say that beggars full this blog.
      Yeye dey smell.

  109. IHN is here again!!
    God bless Sdk
    God bless Sdkers
    God bless the giver
    God bless the receiver

    Am still in need of an investor in my fashion retail business, I know to dash money out at this period ain't easy, please, you can contact me, so we talk on your gain and tge period of duration to pay back, also backed up legally!!

    Help a young entrepreneur!!

  110. SDK haff vex, Lol @ a thief is a thief whether he steals a Diamond or a Cucumber. Truth is no matter how nice and kind you are, some people will still take advantage of your kindness, it's the nature of man. How can someone turn begging into a hobby? All the giveaway you want, even the ones that have nothing to do with you, greed won't let you have sense. Only one person will claim to be a student, Orphan, widow, single mother, struggling business woman cos of money. I wish people know the spiritual implications attached to all these. You're just accumulating curses. Tufiakwa.

  111. The lady who has been fooling busybody correcter, hmmmm. I'm gonna say you really get mind ooo, to dey lie lie and tief tief like that, one needs a heart of stone. All the misfortune you claim to have had will soon start visiting you. You had better apologise and refund all that you have stolen. Busybody, step up your game.

  112. What a wet day! A Very wet day!

    Hello CC Baby!
    Hello People!

  113. egba mi o! is quincy cakes a single mother to make her qualify for that giveaway again? na wa,babes I beg tell me wetin you dey use wey be say na ur name dem dey always pick.I've never been picked for any giveaway in this blog even when am more than qualified for it.


  115. What is wrong with telling an S/M guy "Like u dont have a girl friend"..What is wrong with dat line? Ofcourse he has girlfriendss nah..He got angry and deleted u cos he is a fuck boy and not serious with u..
    Now u are feeling bad cos of dat..Are u a yoruba girl? Make i scroll up and read again...
    Ewoo ur name is Ifeoluwa..U are a yoruba girl with low self worth..To love no dey hard una..Una desperation no get part two..Respect urself and leave dat useless boy...mtcheeeewwww..

    Stella pls hold it there..U are d one making this girls feel so low of themselves..U make it look like they are desperate for husband on ur blog and should swallow any crap from SM guys just to get hooked..U are blaming her for jokingly asking a guy if he already has a girlfriend..Like seriously,is he doing her a favour by chatting her up? Why wont he tell her if he has a girlfriend or not? D earlier d better..
    I understand dat some of ur female Bvs are rude but dis girl is not..Talk to d men on how to chat up and treat these girls right..Na wah oh.

  116. hahahaha chizoba is around and they will continue to lie that she is not chizoba. All of una na five and ten pence

  117. Voodoo story sorry oooo... I hv been a victim twice choi. After the second time I don't dare near those dare devils at the airport. I jejely change it inside the airport at those burea d change with a standard office. Although they charge high but I don't mind because I get value for my pounds.

  118. I had a similar experience, my money 'vanished'. It happened in Lagos, I arrived Ikeji Airport from the UK in 2014, I exchanged some pounds sterling, outside the Airport, I counted the money, it was 56k, my brother in-law also counted it, it was the correct amount. The next day at home, I gave out some amount for fuel, counted the balance, 13k was 'gone'. Strange things happen!

    November last year, I was back home again, outside the airport, they came soliciting to exchange my money for naira. I learnt my lesson, I ignored them. The following day, I went to a bureau d change, and my money did not 'vanish'. Lol. Those guys at the Airport are diabolic, avoid them. Always patronize Bureau d change.

  119. Queen,you see i have always known you are a bloody thief.I remember a relative,s wedding this girl stole the money that was sprayed,1k,1k notes,steals things alot,clothes, human hair,gold and accessories,she is a big known thief in school,I am not surprised.see how you have shown the world who you are,Queen Ajomiwe is a thief.I pity your Mum in Umuahia...

    1. Are you serious?...
      She should come to SCOAN for deliverance...

    2. Ahhh this is getting interesting.. Quincy where are thou

  120. Plz ooo help a sister the BBC that someone can send mail to, is it

  121. Negodu, people like us have been applying and have stopped applying while some people are picked up to three times.

  122. Where is my comment Stella ?πŸ˜’
    People should fear God, how can someone be this greedy?
    @ Quincy cakes- am awaiting your robust reply πŸ‘Ž

  123. Wow!...
    I didn't know we have thieves on this blog...
    See them...
    But they would come here calling Mama peace,Diezani and co names...

  124. Love mejeje if na play make you stop am oo
    Why would you tell Stella not to do xmas giveaway? Stella no mind loveme jeje, do your xmas giveaway when time reach. Let those that will lie continue to lie. One day one day....
    Me I will apply korokoro with this my beautiful and peaceful ID.

  125. Haba Madam Quincy, only you wan gather the giveaways, make we sef benefit now.

  126. Ibukun when is your birthday. what date so that i can send you 2 for N50.00 chocomilo maggi

  127. Money makers wife you are a confirmed nuisance.
    See ur yeye moniker sef, supporting Sandra like she knows or gives a fuck about you. That's how u carried the chubby boys matter for head like gala yesterday.
    Now you wrote down dis epistle barking like a rabid dog and had to mention Yoruba in ur sick epistle.
    omo ibo, amu okuta ma momi. Razz dirty Igbo goat.

  128. Stella Anon 14:11 is not quincy jones or cakes. Am sure someone wants to use her to cause trouble here. To me she will be remorseful.

    Quincy jones and cakes oya PUBLIC APOLOGY AND PERSONAL APOLOGY from you. Osiso.


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