Stella Dimoko Word For Today - DON'T BE QUIET, SPEAK!


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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Word For Today - DON'T BE QUIET, SPEAK!

Job 13 v 19 "Who is he that will plead with me? for now, if I hold my tongue, I shall give up the ghost".

He makes it very clear that if he holds his tongue, he will give up the ghost.
Many people don't know that their life is tied to their tongue.

In a time of crisis, you can not afford to keep quiet. You must talk the word.
You can either talk yourself out of it or you hold your tongue. If you hold your tongue, Job said you will give up the ghost.

Job refused to curse God. He said in Job 13v15, "though He slay me, yet will I serve Him".
He maintained His loyalty before God.

Don't keep quiet in a time of trouble.
As long as you can speak, you can get out of any trouble.
Your tongue is a powerful weapon of victory.

When men are cast down, keep shouting... there is a lifting for you.
When there is recession declare and keep declaring …. the Lord is your Shepherd, you shall not want. Shout that abundance of prosperity is yours.
Job makes it very clear that holding your tongue will kill you. Then don't keep quiet.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny. A closed mouth is a closed life.
“Open your mouth wide” God commands, “And I will fill it.”
He didn't just say to open your mouth, He said open it wide!
The throes of death might be upon you now; you don't have to die, shout “I shall live and not die and declare the goodness of God”. Shout, “with long life, God satisfies me and shows me His salvation.”

Don't allow Satan to intimidate you into quietness.
Defile him, shout your victory. Defile him and declare you are a success in the midst of failure. Defile the devil and win!

The truth is that life can be hard and tough, but you must make the decision to be tougher.
Your tongue is your key for the next level of your life.
Surely, if you hold your tongue, you will surely die.

Now don't hold it back. Talk and don't stop talking until you see what you are praying for. GOD BLESS U!!

BV Lizzy
Culled from The Super Church page



Ok, we've heard you

*Larry was here*

Umoh ani said...

this made me feel a million times better... thanks

Eva Emma said...

Love this piece
Made my day

Anonymous said...

This is just for me. Thank you

Port Harcourt's Finest said...

A word is enough for the wise. Use your spoken words wisely.

Esther Okoro said...

I'm motivated .Thanks for sharing.

God Bless Everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stella do you want to become an evangelist?

Quiksilver said...

I Speak life into my family, environment, finances, future, job, relationship, everything. Amen

Anonymous said...

Stella do you want to become an evangelist Patience Ozokwor?

Sweet choco said...

Oh lord I speak today upon my life and health. I shall not fall sick in Jesus name Amen.

Anonymous said...

BV Lizzy I am sure you meant 'defy' not 'defile'. Thank you for the encouraging piece and God bless you.

Sugarboi said...

Stella ok lemme speak
ladies why most of you put on butt pad to make your hips look bigger? I got disappointed last night. I hope govt should prob some of you for misleading of ego's hmm henceforth i go check you b4 i carry

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

May God grant us understanding of His words....amen.

Jenny zee said...

Keeping saying it, don't stop talking it.. like d bible said " with the heart man believes but with thy mouth, confession is made unto salvation " let us therefore speak forth way we want everyday nd watch God fulfil his words in our lives

Loveme Jeje said...

I must speak ooo. All these federal ministry workers trying to play smart with me, just know that una days are numbered.

Imalee said...

Enter your comment...Sure! Well said.


Every human being has the grace of an evangelist. To evangelise for God. Except that some people choose to use their own own grace as the devil's agent.


Bv Lizzie,God bless you too.

bolatito fashina said...

Speak the word! the word is Life,i speak life over my life my family,my readers,my country...

IJAY said...

Thank you blessing, nice word to start my day

Mama Afrika said...

I keep saying it. I do not know what economic depression is, God is my source and HE is greater than whatever economic situation prevails.

felish said...

Nice piece, thank you so much

cathy said...

A closed mouth is a closed destiny

cathy said...

Thanks for sharing

Mao Akuh said...

Good one

Anonymous said...

I need a miracle like desperately.
Just sitting and wondering how stagnant my life is at 28 no job,no boyfriend,no business just at home everyday doing nothing.
My God i am at my lowest point asking that you please make a way for me to be who you have created me to be.
You are the way maker.
My helper
My Refuge
My fortress
My Buckler
Unquestionable God who am I to question you
Merciful God.
Always doing wonders.
Please God Answer my prayers and make a way for me.

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