Stella Dimoko Buhari Rejects N1.7tr Ransom for Chibok Girls


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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Buhari Rejects N1.7tr Ransom for Chibok Girls

Biographer relives talks with Boko Haram
President ‘didn’t foil 1985 coup despite hint’
Boko Haram demanded from the Federal Government €5billion (about N1,706,850,000,000) to free 219 Chibok girls . The Euro exchanged for approximately N341.37 last night.

President Muhammadu Buhari allegedly got wind of the August 27, 1985 coup d’état against him as a military Head of State but he did not foil it to avoid executing some senior Army officers.

These facts are contained in the book, “Muhammadu Buhari: The challenges of leadership in Nigeria”, authored by Prof. John Paden.
The book, which was presented to the public on Monday at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, contained some unknown issues about the President.

But the insider’s account on the botched negotiation between Boko Haram and the Federal Government provided fresh insights into the plight of the Chibok girls.
Some excerpts from the book are: “An additional issue was the status of the Chibok girls. Secret negotiations had been held regarding an exchange of Boko Haram prisoners for the girls.

“On several occasions, prisoners were taken to Maiduguri to facilitate an exchange. But these negotiations stalled when Boko Haram demanded a ransom of €5billion for the girls.
“The dilemma for the DSS, which was handling the negotiations, was that a military assault to rescue the girls would almost certainly result in their deaths at the hands of their Boko Haram captors.

“But the Nigerian government was not going to accede to Boko Haram’s extra-ordinary demand for a vast sum of money which would no doubt be used to fund future attacks.
“One or two girls were able to escape their captors in May, but the rest remained captive and the impasse continued

“The Chibok girls were not alone in their grim fate. Hundreds if not thousands, of persons had been captured by Boko Haram in the North-East. Buhari would need to continue degrading Boko Haram until he could tighten the noose around its Sambisa hideouts and bring a close end to this painful episode.”
On why Buhari placed his ministers on lower salaries and allowances, the author said the President wanted to make ministerial appointment less attractive as a way of curbing corruption in public office.

He went on: “Buhari was trying to eliminate the allure of ministerial appointments as a means of accruing wealth either through receiving a generous salary or through exploiting power for corrupt personal gain.
“Of course, the effort to combat corruption also required creating disincentives for corrupt practices strong enough to dissuade ministers from ‘chopping’ on the side. The penalty if caught would be dismissal and public shaming.”

Concerning the arrest of a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, the author said the ties between the President and ex-Prime Minister David Cameron made it possible.
“Yet the close ties between Buhari and British (former) Prime Minister David Cameron facilitated efforts to launch a coordinated effort to bring money launderers to book, as demonstrated in the role of the London Metropolitan Police in the case of Diezani Alison-Madueke.”

The National Crime Agency (NCA) in the UK arrested and quizzed Mrs Alison-Madueke and four others on October 2, 2015 for alleged bribery and corruption and money laundering.
Also the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has interrogated between three and five more suspects since Mrs Alison-Madueke’s interrogation by the NCA.

The same NCA had last year obtained permission from a Westminster Magistrate’s Court to seize £27,000 from Mrs Alison-Madueke and two other women.
Regarding the counter-coup of August 27, 1985 which led to Buhari’s removal as a military Head of State and the emergence of ex-President Ibrahim Babangida, the author said the President knew a plot was coming but he did not want to shed blood.

The book reads: “The question has arisen subsequently as to whether Buhari knew about the countercoup in advance.
“Given his ‘appreciation’ of complex situations, it is argued by some, how could he not have known? Some of those closest to Buhari at the time have subsequently argued that he did know a countercoup was coming. 

They insist that Buhari calculated that to preempt this plan would have meant executing six or eight senior officers. This he was unwilling to do.”
The book explained that Buhari was detained after the 1985 coup in Akure and Benin from August 27, 1985 to December 1988.

The book states: “Babangida also tried to look for ways to indict Buhari personally, but his integrity and grassroots popularity helped protect him.
“After the Babangida countercoup, three of the ministers were retained. Babangida also set up the Aboyade probe into the finances of Buhari and some key ministers but the investigators could find no evidence of any personal aggrandisement on his part during his term as Head of State.

“Significantly, the three ministers retained from the previous administration by Babangida-Lukman, Bali and David-West— strongly defended the integrity of Buhari and his close associates, and no charges were ever brought against Buhari.

“Meanwhile, Buhari had been taken from Lagos by plane to Akure in Ondo State. After a few months in Akure, he was taken to Benin City in the south of the country, where he would stay under house arrest until his release in December 1988.”

The Nation reportage.



School Life said...

Chibok gini?

Apples ( SDKBlog Shrink) said...


Pwetty christy said...

No b only hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

Side eyes😉

Joefirst Joshua said...

People wey don turn BH already?
God will take care of them!
His primary role is to take care of Nigeria, not a General leader!.. That money will give us stable electricity.

Spicy April said...

Boko haram needs the money to buy arms bah.

DonMayor said...

I will like to read the book.

Teemahs_hub said...

Too long a read abeg.

Marshall Matters said...

He'll approve it, may God help Nigeria

Eka Joy said...

Yea yea. Stories that touch. Come out already to say this was a huge scam abeg. It's getting boring.

And for those that will come say I'm not compassionate to the girls' plight, sorry, I don't believe this story, at least not yet

SDKoldies said...

The Government should put in place an effective strategy against this group seeing that yielding to their request will only further strengthen their activities. Enough of the change mantra. We should be seeing and feeling the positivity in the change by now.

Anonymous said...

Very Very vindictive man.
He's telling this story to rubbish Babanginda and to justify his conscience about keeping Col Dasuki in prison cos he was the one who effected his arrest during Babanginda's regime.
Now, you should ask yourself why so much emphasis on his arrest during the military era.
Did he (Buhari) not get power through coup and counter coup, even went ahead and imprisoned all of
them : people like Shegu Shakari etc were imprisoned by Buhari.
Why is he crying foul in this short story telling book????, huh?

Loveme Jeje said...

Na dem sabi

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...


Anonymous said...

"Buhari did not foil the 1985 coup bcos he didn't want to execute senior military officers "
White lies from the pit of hell.The bitter truth is that He did not know about the coup until he was arrested and handcuffed like a little kid.

lagos babe said...

Chibok gini?
Girls that have been 'wifed' by the useless terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda Unlimited! Tales by moonlight
Buhari just wants to divert attention of Nigerians from the economic hardship he put them into .

SDK Babe designer at your service..bbm 58DB44B1 said...

Na wah o

Ahmodu-rufai Danmola said...

For me oooo, if they are going to release the chibok Girls, other people captured should also be release. Nah only chibok girls dey. Abegi free them all

Adadioramma said...

Just passing

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

Eka Joy i said it before and am saying it again that this chibok girls brouhaha its a scam. dont mind all these gullible Nigerians. let them be there we dash them the girls, afterall the girls them don become boko girls already.

*hangs leg on the cupboard*

Mao Akuh said...

APC supporters please elaborate this for us.

Tales by moonlight...Akuko ufere

OGa come back from the book launch o as we have pending issues that needs your approval.
Book launch wey some will not even read.

Which Chibok girls? They should tell that to almajiri

Rhoda Rex said...

Big story

Anonymous said...

Ask them o.
I don't even understand.
They should not give them any money. If not you're giving them money to buy arms....use your head

Anonymous said...

This Buhari.... well let's keep looking and see where this regime is going.
This is the white propaganda I have ever seen.
During GEJ tenure, buhari and the whole apc used this chibok girl against GEJ. Everyday, they kept counting and taunting Nigerians with BBOG campaign.
Buhari at one time said he know hoe to get these girls released and stop BH GEJ invited him but he declined.
Now 1 and going to 2yrs, he still have not released them.
APC IS FULL OF PROPAGANDAIST. They are power thirst.

Akinwale Peters said...

Is it that God did not complete your brain formation?

Anonymous said...

Akuko Mike Ejeagha,Ana akoro Onye amaro ihe!there is nothing like chibok girls......mtcheew

Spirit said...

Yes this is history. As for me, I like buhari and may he live long as he tries to reform Nigeria.

Buy Awesome shirts said...

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sisi eko said...

Amen @Spirit

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