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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Doctors In House Section..

Na wah!

Good day Stella,may God continue to bless the works of your hands-AMEN
Pls,I need answer to these questions from those that have experienced
same before. I gave birth two months ago through CS(first timer),though I have bounced back since but I started my period again late last month. 

I was afraid when I saw the blood and quickly went to the hospital but the doctor said I have started my period which I found to be later true. What surprised me was that am on exclusive breastfeeding. Also,the doctor told me that I can conceive again after 6months because I'll soon clock 40yrs but I laughed. My question now goes thus:

1) Is it possible to start my period just a month after delivery(am
doing exclusive breastfeeding).

2) Is it possible for me to get pregnant again after a year plus(I can
never try what the doctor said about 6months)without complications,or
a year is too short?

3)I can still feel sensation at the outside part of my lower abdomen
when I touch it and some places feel numb,is this normal?

4)I can now wear my pre-pregnancy cloth but my stomach is a little
big,what can be done to make it flat,though I try to reduce carbs?

Thanks so much,I appreciate you all,may God bless you all!


  1. Poster,
    I had all my children through CS so lemme advise you...
    Seeing your period one month after child birth is normal...very normal..

    You will wait atleast one year and six months before getting pregnant again...
    Don't get pregnant in six months time like you said unless you want to kill yourself...
    It's not advisable...

    Your number 3 is very normal...

    Depending on the kind of body you me for instance,Nothing can make me FAT except pregnancy but once I offload,my stomach and my body size would go back to my previous size without even me exercising!...
    Join in a gym and work on your stomach!...

    1. That's one thing I hate about cs... U can't just work on ur tummy just like that.

    2. I will advise u to wait for at least 1yr before trying for another baby.

    3. Queen u see why its not good to body sham ppl?Slimness runs in your family while some obesity or overweight runs in theirs.Those who have the gene of fatness in their family find it difficult to reduce their weight while yours if you eat or not,your weight is always normal.
      @Poster,my colleague gave birth in June 2015 tru CS and birthed another one last month tru CS again(she took in after five months of her Cs).
      Since age is not on your side,nine months is okay just the possibility of another Cs is there.For your belly,exercise some patience so the sutures can heal well before using belly belts.
      Go and buy new clothes that will also fit your belly size especially peplum tops.

    4. I dint have CS but I heard the place itches and there may be numbness from scar tissue.
      Also for your belly you can use bellefit postpartum girdle. Be sure to buy the one for CS. The compression helps.
      Listen to your doctor, every one is different. With different bodies and the way your body heals is different.

  2. Poster it seems you are asking me the questions directly. Because I experienced all except question 4. You hv nothing to worry about Q3. The numbness will gradually fade. For Q2 I took in again after 10months. Nd carried it full term no complications.

    Give your stomach time to readjust. Breastfeeding will help a great deal.

    1. I took in 6 months after I had my girl thru CS.....No complications whatsoever! No buggy but stressful.

  3. It is always better to marry on time and hv your kids before u are 40

    1. So she should have married herself? Not a nice thing to say. Poster no advice. I don't have experience as I had virginal delivery but I started my period after 6mnth even while I was still exclusively breastfeeding

    2. @ Peace Maker:

      Must you comment?

    3. I got married at 24, now I m 36 and still waiting. So early marriage has nothing to do with giving birth.

    4. Some pple can be so insensitive!!!so how have you with this comment added solution to all she asked?

  4. Had my baby over 8weeks ago and saw my period before the 6weeks period and yes my first baby, had c-s too and breastfeeding exclusively too

    1. Wow. Did not do exclusive and got my period at 12 weeks. Vaginal delivery sha.

  5. Nigerians can like quackery! How can you prefer the response of people here to a proper medical advice? When there fake doctors inside hospitals.Is it now on social that you will get genuine ones? There may be genuine doctors here no doubt,but the human mind can't take in a lot of chaff as long as it is convenient. I have seen people discard proper medical advice to do what someone said he/she did for an ailment that worked.

  6. Am not a doctor but I know our bodies are not the same and it is very possible to see you menses after one month of delivery.
    And yes you can conceive even before 6 month but not advisable.... .I know someone who got pregnant again after 3months of delivery thru cs... .and she has given birth now... .what will work for A won't work for B.....

  7. Ma'am its possible for your period to return so soon. Exclusive breastfeeding doesn't work for everybody, it didn't work for me either. Your baby is suppose to suck for a long time at a stretch also the intervals matter alot too for it to work as birth control.. Goodluck

    1. I don't understand how this notion of excl breast feeding has been grossly misrepresented as a form of birth control. It works only if u haven't started your period. Google!!! Being that you ovulate before your period, it would be terrible to rely on it as a form of BC.

  8. Firstly, it is possible for your period to start a month after delivery... mine is usually several months after though.
    Well, you can take in a year later if you are very healthy... And be prepared for another C-section just In case.

    A friend of mine took in unexpectedly after a CS but she had very good doctors, with God and perfect timing... she delivered vaginally.

    Yes that area will still feel numb.... but gradually that numb feeling will disappear..that's cos of the anesthetic they used during the surgery.

    Lastly, your tummy will go down gradually... after six months, you can register in a gym.
    But before that, watch what you consume... yes we are eating for two, yes we are breastfeeding... but there are healthy ways to make sure you don't become twice your normal size.

  9. Poster dear, please cut down on your carbs intake and also practice portion control, your stomach will go down with time. Also, you can get pregnant a year after CS, I did same and my kids are all fine. In all, follow your doctor's directives, they know your condition better than others. It's well.

  10. Let me learn from the doctors.

  11. It's not easy @ll lossin d belle after childbirth..most of d BV wer all cussin Linda den dat she has a big tummy..if u see mine ehhh u will laugh but av started joggin...I just av 2! But she 4..hmmm it's well..

  12. Poster dear, please cut down on your carbs intake and also practice portion control, your stomach will go down with time. Also, you can get pregnant a year after CS, I did same and my kids are all fine. In all, follow your doctor's directives, they know your condition better than others. It's well.

  13. Is one supposed to take pregnacare with folic acid? When can i start taking pregnacare? I am 6months gone

  14. Madam start right away, you ought to have started 3months in pregnancy.


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