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Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday In House News

Its Friday IHN...
I just entered Berlin and am a little travel sick....

*Enjoyment loading...I must look for Amala joint inside this Berlin..oh yes #NoCookiesAndCream today....HISS!!!

Who is this cute little boy?Zik kisses from Tante Stella!

Hello Stella and fellow BVN,hope am beautiful and my son handsome enough to be faces of IHN. I am Ify and my son is Zik and we took the picture on our hair day,lol. Kisses to everyone,cheers.


Good day my big baby,hope you are Good?just thought of sending in my picture for the ihn face....chi exotic this is for you!!  Hope the pic is filtered enough for the space??  Lol.. I luv you and what you do Stella!!
bv Jane okudo..

Fine babe,big look like that actress..whats her name again ooooooh....Who can guess who she looks like?If i talk now una go gree so make una talk


A professional cleaning service company that is into Home, office and industrial cleaning located in lekki, Lagos requires the services of cleaners, supervisors, inspectors and marketers.
For the role of cleaners, applicants should have minimum experience on the job (ability to handle cleaning machines and equipments will be an added advantage)
For the marketing role, applicants should have basic IT skills and have a strong marketing Drive to deliver.
For the supervisory and inspectors role, applicants should be graduates with at least two Years experience with a cleaning company in either capacities.
Interested applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae to or forward a detailed resume to 08050262459 before 20th of October, 2016.


Hey Stellalicious,‎ how are you doing? Remember me? You did a post for me when I travelled to PH for a wedding and wanted to hook up with BVs. I also called you on your birthday. Lol

I'm currently in SA. I'll be here for a week. Would love to hook up with BVs here. I'm female and can be reached on ‎+27 73 706 3469


Even the ones not in SA will still call you to make sure you are where you say you



Hi Stella. Hope my mail qualifies for IHN.
Please I need an event decorator for a traditional wedding coming up on the 11th of November 2016 at Onitsha. Please we are on a budget and would appreciate a considerate price given the current economic situation in our obodo naija. If you can do this please contact us


HI Stella, 

I will be in Owo, Ondo from 14th - 15th of this month  (basically today and tomorrow) for a wedding.  I urgently need a good Make Up Artist to do my Make-up and tie my gele on Saturday the 15th.   

Please contact me on BBM @ 5C053FDE

And please guys I need only experienced make up artists.... I don't need 'learners' or 'wannabes'.  

Thank you Stella and thanks everyone....


My mouth is short of words,,, I don't know how to thank God and thank these angels who credited me with 30k and 10k respectively, may my God continue to bless you and your families. You cup will never run dry.. Thanks for wiping away our tears. I love you all. 
To Stella, you have always been there for me. May God continue to decorate every golden ray of sun reaching you with  success and unlimited blessings. I love you more. 
Thanks for bringing these angels my way... 
Love you plenty. 
BV Christy Odoo...

GOD BLESS the two BV's who reached out to her in time of need. 



Hello everyone,

How are you doing today? This is to invite you to an Open House,tagged "Success Redefined"

Date: 19th October, 2016.
Time: Strictly 9:00a.m. to 10:00a.m.
Venue: 2nd floor - 83, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

*Admittance would be free, but seats would be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

To book a reservation, please send your full name via e-mail or via SMS to 08167935151 on or beforeTuesday, 18th October, 2016. Light refreshment will be served.

Thank you.

Best regards.


All these Bv's that send in birthday posts ,face of in house news and Chroicles and write that they rarely comment, so who are the commenters? Why don't you just send in your pictures and forget the clichΓ©? 
Bv Nwa amaka.

LMAO...that is eeeeeeeeeh


Good day 

 My birthday is on Sunday, and I want to really appreciate God for his love and kindness. I'm trusting the Lord for fruitfulness because I know that I'm a fruitful vine and  I put all my hope on him, it's been a long journey of 3 years and I'm young and going through all these Lord please wipe away my tears. 

I pray this is going to be my birthday gift, I thank God for a supportive husband who has been there for me Despite the fact he is the only son and he needs a child to carry his name on and his siblings are all very nice to me, I'm very grateful Lord.

 I know you are a miracle working God and everyone trusting on the Lord this is our year it won't pass us by, we ain't TTC we are trusting on the Lord at his own time. I will be going to the motherless babies home and I know God will perfect his healing hands on me through those kids. 

Please blog family say a little prayer for me. I will also like to give a little token to an orphan as I'm not buoyant enough now, please manage it. MA you can send me the account details of whom you choose but please don't publish my mail. May God favour you divinely MA, and may God bless every blog visitor,  thank you very much MA. Best regards 

WOW..God bless you MA....
BBC please check your folder and get back to me with an account details of someone who has applied before but wasnt picked.


We would like to give a bowl of our delicious pepper stew with assorted meat to SDK.
And we appreciate our new customers from this platform who has contacted us.
More giveaway coming soon.  

thanks.Preference will be given to the first caller to call us on
07037645455. Thanks

I was offered a bowl of stew which i would have gladly accepted but since i am too far to accept it,i am gifting it out.first caller gets it.please come back and sow appreciation and snap inside the soup show us in case they put only one buhari times meat inside am.



Good day Aunty Stella (*side eyes at BBC), I've been a blog visitor since the days of Wideeyes and co ( I really miss widey's comments).
Anyways, back to the gist. I won duprisglam bridal neckpiece giveaway ( First time I'm winning something without even trying so hard). I am sending this mail to appreciate you and duprisglam for the giveaway.
Dear BV's kindly contact I.G: duprisglam for your jewelry needs. Thank you.
N.B: I appreciate your giving heart Stella, may God continue to reward you.


I am 24 year old female and I reside in Lagos (Mainland). I'm done with school, NYSC and I'm totally independent.
In the whole Lagos state, I do not have a single female friend. The reason is because you didn't school in Lagos so after school, I lost touch with most of my friends. All my friends a male. I strongly believe it's high time I make female friends.
I am a very interesting person and I am currently on a journey of self improvement.
I would love to connect with any female within my age bracket who lives in Lagos. If you have a wonderful sense of humour, love to do things the right way, believe in Jesus Christ, fashionable and outgoing then we could be friends.
My pin is 5C1499C2.
NB: I am not a Lesbian.
*I realised that a lot of people do this and turn out to be scam from all I have read. So i attached my picture for STELLA'S EYES ONLY. Remain Blessed.

True true you are BEAUTIFUL OH but this your gbagauns in this mail no be am at all..i for help you correct am but make i leave am make e blend with your fine face.I love your complexion so much...abi na photoshop?



Dearest Stella and BVs of life. I want to say thank you to Stella for creating this platform and to sparkles jewellery for using this platform to touch lives. I am the humble winner of the November wedding ring giveaway. it's my first time winning since I became a blog family 4years ago. 

The giveaway is real, I won it. Aunty Stella do you know the ring has a 10years warranty? yes o. beautiful silver coloured quality ring. And to imagine that Aunty sparkles is so down to earth! ma'am God will bless you and richly, abundantly, bountifully enrich you and your family. your business will continue to sparkle forever and ever, you'll never lack, you'll forever know sales, you'll open branch offices all over Nigeria. I and my hubby are saying thank you. please BVs her address is not hard to locate

she sells wedding /engagement ring.
Bridal accessories, fashion accessories at
80,College road (Opposite  Diamond Bank) by Estate bus-stop.  Ogba. 
Also for guys that want to give their fiancee a surprise engagement ring you don't need to worry sparkles got you covered, she can get the exact size of your ring girlfriend ring finger, that way you won't let the cat out of the bag.
I have attached the ring please I need Bvs to see it
Love you Stella Dimokokorkus ,Love you sparkles jewellery You rock.

Bv Cocobutter

Aunty Stella,Aunty Sparkles...wetin?????...Am i related to your mum or dad?abeg abeg abeg,make i see road!...Congrats on your gift.



Please you people should stop mailing me when it concerns the giveaways .
i will not post BBC's email address again cos since i stopped there has been some sanity.
Some people will forward links to family members and neighbours who have never visited this blog to come and take whilst those who are faithfuls are left behind..NO WAY AGAIN
Some will refer to me as stellakokonokoko blog....and know nothing else.
if you cannot get BB email let it rest,if you are a regular,you will find your way around.Old Bvs will be given preferential treatment in giveaways from now on.
Those of you who need help but hide under anon,please blame much evil is done under anonymous so the minute i hear anyone is anon,my tohtoh goes cold on you....sorry but thats how bad it is for me and you.
have a nice weekend.




  1. Rain, Rain, Rain. Everywhere is flooded already. Welcome IHN.

    1. Please for all those saying I should verify my claim concerning the expulsion letter that says was a typographical error from my university,please check the reg nub on the letter it tallies with the one on my waec.thank you

    2. Yeah. TGIF.

      Blessings on blessings.

      Stella spread the enjoyment o.

    3. Awww Jane Akudo is so sweet to look at.
      Beautiful bae
      Gimme kiss

    4. Jane okudo, you're beautiful
      You look like uche ogbodo

    5. Welcome ihn....*Dancing *#thank God is friday#... to those going under anon and strange id insulting me you know yourself( you've being trying so hard to bring me down here) don't worry God will disgrace you one of this days::: everything is not all about begging, sometimes I just try to express my feelings so stop taking it south. And have got a parable for you as well....As far you are still in the forest never you try to remove the dirt on ur hair and start saying you are clean because dirt might still get in ur hair not until you are out of the forest then you can boldly clean up yourself and say you are clean. ..... Stay well and stop carrying my matter like gala seller for head. Have come here in SDK to stay. Na you go run commot.

    6. Obe Alata swe swe,I love your presentation,looking so appealing to the eyes.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Still holding the record.
      Where went tearbra tearpant

    9. Stella when r u leaving Berlin so we can meet u at d station?

    10. God bless u Nwa Amaka. D tin tire me too.

      To sick 2 type.

      Ideato how far? Iphone7 too expensive? Ill manage 6+.

    11. Lol @stellakonokoko. The busty face of IHN looks like Uche Elendu facially, and Cossy "breastically".

    12. Thank God it's Friday.... looking forward to my trip with my Alhaji. His wife thinks she's smart. But she ain't seen smartness. Very ugly thing! Can't wait. Will ride him so well, he'll forget she ever existed.

    13. On the giveaways: that's great news coz I think most people that benefit from dis giveaways don't visit this blog not even for a day.
      They just come for the giveaway or when they think they have a problem.

      I'm addicted to this blog but I rarely comment.......who cares?
      How can u be addicted n not comment.
      Spare us that shit n go straight to the point.

    14. As I nor get credit as I wan take call SA... I go call next month

    15. She looks like Uche Ogbodo, the one with d crazy hair.

  2. TGIF!!! IHN is here!!!

    Whoever is tryna bring you down is already below you!!!

    1. Loud it for Rolex chick and bad belle friends b4 they die on top people life

  3. Replies
    1. So for the Bv that posted her conversation between her and the guy yesterday. U tried sef and did not insult u go to his house cook morning,afternoon and night and then go to his room and hang leg. And some people were supporting the man that he is sincere,most of this people are wonder guys use u anyhow, see where our guys have reduced their selves to.if not what gave that guy the effrontery to vomit that nonsense to everyone he added.mtcheww

  4. Last ihn for the week

    Last Bade acche for the week, Chai till Monday. Who even asked me to get hooked to this Indian soap? Mschew.

    Babies are so unpredictable, it's today of all days this boy knows he'll poop very well.
    Thank you Jesus though.

    Stella God bless you for all you do.
    All the givers in this family, God bless you,
    All the receivers/beneficiaries /recipients, may God elevate you to the giving level.

    Have a nice weekend.
    God bless us all.

    1. Some people are eating pls.rubbish

    2. Your boy is four months and you popping another soon

    3. God bless you too...My regards to your mummy.
      Are you a FTM?

  5. Replies
    1. No,u re d last...kwakwakwakikiki

    2. Nope. 50th. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    3. Wats it wit being d 1st 2 comment sef?? Dem dey pay una ni..?

    4. Adadioramma is the 1st look uπŸ‘†, carry 5th(in mama peace voice)

    5. Daveen Laundry and Drycleaning Services, Ajah, Lagos. 09072092853. Free home pick up and delivery.14 October 2016 at 14:29

      No dearie.

    6. No try your luck again on Monday.

    7. Yes u are 😴😴😴😴😴😴

  6. Replies
    1. The one that irks me is d people who say "I have never left a comment on this blog before" who asked u na?

    2. Beautiful day
      Beautiful weather
      God bless us all here

      Stella that's a nice initiative, giving to the old and ID bvs is cool.

      Beautiful faces of IHN

  7. ihn is bae


  8. God bless everyone.. school will he resuming on the 17,,God pls help me and send helper to me so I can complete my school fees. 10k out of 29k remain 19k..I still thank God for being there for me. jah help my helper so he can help me

  9. Wow,Beautify faces .happy weekend everybody.

  10. Must men want to go down with u b4 they render any help??? #sigh

  11. People keep getting blessed here. Lord pls let my angel locate me. I need to pay my sch fees lord. Help a sister

    Oluwa has picked my call ooo
    When I was at the point of giving up.
    it can only be God.

    side eyes @Ideato...
    ezz not only you that have angel oooo.
    my own angel haff come


  13. Jane Nawa for you oh. Ever since Chi said you are pretty, you have turn to lesbian.

  14. People keep getting blessed here. Lord pls let my angel locate me. I need to pay my sch fees lord. Help a sister

  15. Am so tired of all this creams, I will use some it will make me dark and I will use some it will give me acne and pimples.. am on my way to the mart to buy another cream.. I don't even have any in mind

  16. welcome ihn

    Adiok anor creams and cookies

  17. Weekend loading...order for your delicious and moist cakes..

  18. Chisos am I at least the tenth person to comment?

  19. god bless the givers and the receivers



  20. I fucking hate goat meat. If you want to punish me give me goat meat. I hate Isi ewu and Nkowbi too. #RantOver

  21. Beautiful faces on ihn.....

    All I see is Obe alata swe swe *drooling*

  22. Una be spirit?
    I just opened IHN now and saw your comments already
    It's well

  23. In house news.

    God Bless Everyone.

  24. Who will dash me some money o. Bible said ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open while still boils down to ASK which is what I'm doing, I'm not begging, I'm asking.
    Will not flood comment o, just this once and that's it.

    Chop knuckle Stella πŸ‘Š

  25. Welcome IHN..
    Hello Ideato
    Queen and boss
    Pipi lee
    Sweet mother
    Runaway James
    Kelvin where you go
    Lucile how market?

    Stellastico how you dey?

  26. Jesus!!!
    I totally forgot IHN.
    I wanted to be first to comment

  27. So am looking at this woman and she's looking at me
    She thinks I want to buy something, but Nah.

    I actually want to beg her to let me use her shop for a minute
    I have to take off this waist trainer
    My intestines can nolonger bear it.

  28. Beautiful faces ,BV looking for friends when they form friends with you and later come here to open your yansh,you go know ya self.

  29. IHN is here Amos thanks alot for Today's word of the day, you really lifted my spirit high. I've now entrusted everything to God, because I might be at my lowest right now, but He alone will make a way for me. I'll do my best & leave the rest to Him, cause He makes things right in His own appropriate time. I promise that from this day on, I'll not disturb any body for help...but will let help find its way to me. I'll surf the net in every way that I can till I find what am looking for, do my best, & leave the rest to God. My testimony is loading... I shall live to testify His goodness & blessings upon my life, for He shall bless me, that I will be a source of blessing unto others...until then, have a blessed weekend SDK & SDKers.


  30. Final Drama for the week.

    Mother confessor Maintain your lane

  31. Be right back lemme go and cook my ugha and uziza with plenty periwinkle, dry fish, pomo and stock fish

  32. Saw the preview of Funmi Holder's movie GRUDGE yesterday. The role Odunlade played, he spoke yoruba and pidginπŸ˜₯.

    Can't wait to see the movie. I think it would be interesting.

    1. Jane, you're beautiful. Correct babe

  33. #If everyone just worried about themselves and didn't have their nose in the next person's business, the world would be a much better place*

  34. Stella the second IHN fac looks like you

  35. Thank God it is Friday ooo. Congrats to Christy Odoo. Hope you will still get more help.

    Face of IHN congrats to you and your baby. Jane how come you dey shy, who send you to send your picture.

    today is cold jare. Happy weekend to all of us.

    work is getting plenty in my hands jare.

  36. Thanks Stella for posting my mail. Please event decorators in onitsha should please contact us or drop comments.

  37. People may seem to be perfectly impossible. They may seem to be mean and sly.
    But if you will take 10 paces to the left and look again with the light falling at a different angle, very likely you will see that they are generous and warm and kind. It all depends.. It all depends on the point from which you are seeing them ~excerpts from a 3rd serving of chicken soup for the soul.

    Now, this is not to say, you shouldn't be on your guard with certain peeps..simply put, do not write anyone off on account of his/her shortcomings.

  38. So I have this 'friend' that I think is always in competition with me. Everything I do she wants to do or everything I say I have done she says she has done and has done it better (although ibknow sometimes she lies). Sometimes I catch her staring at me with a strange look in her eye and I noticed that she always wants to have the same of what I have, only better- nicer shoes, bgs, etc but frankly I couldn't care less because I'm the kind of person that is too trusting and I always feel like, what I can't do tonpeople they won't do to me and I just dismiss her and her antucs from my mind.
    But I wonder, am I just being paranoid? Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Advise?

  39. Jane is so foine...
    I miss wide eyed and Goldscent diamond too.
    obe alata swe swe be giving me long throat.
    i wish all sdkers a lovely and fantacious weekend.

  40. Ihn oti de ooo,abeg who is watching this "Jikullumessu"with me?very interesting movie

    1. I don finish jikulumesu since August on afmagshowcase. Very interesting. Enjoy

  41. TGIF
    I'm feeling my self in this my kaftan!
    IHN,where to relieve stress!
    Who God has blessed,no one can curse!

  42. Stella Stella. It's all typo error. No darling, it's my skin tone. And yes I use some

    I love you Stella!

  43. The faces of IHN are on point today. Zik is a very handsome boy.

  44. TGIF BABY! #EXPEDIENT_IHN. Finally, weekend is here... Cossy Ejiakor is the name Aunty Stellz..the lady with those massive boobs.
    Kosi shoki.
    *obaino was here*

  45. Feeling feverish since yesterday....but am happy alhamdulilah.

  46. Welcome ihn....*Dancing *#thank God is friday#... to those going under anon and strange id insulting me you know yourself( you've being trying so hard to bring me down here) don't worry God will disgrace you one of this days::: everything is not all about begging, sometimes I just try to express my feelings so stop taking it south. And have got a parable for you as well....As far you are still in the forest never you try to remove the dirt on ur hair and start saying you are clean because dirt might still get in ur hair not until you are out of the forest then you can boldly clean up yourself and say you are clean. ..... Stay well and stop carrying my matter like gala seller for head. Have come here in SDK to stay. Na you go run commot.

  47. Lol stella @my tohtoh goes cold

  48. In house news welcome!!
    Am still looking for an investor in my business (designer bags, slippers, sandals, female wares).
    Invest in a promising future. #smile

    Btw. I never knew cream mixing is this expensive o, I was told to bring 150k,materials and two machines included.
    Anybody who can teach me for less should contact me please, wanna acquire this skill, it's giving me sleepless night; until it's done I won't be able to sleep well, that's me. I pray God take anxiety out of my life...

  49. Welcome IHN.
    Sparkles I love your jewelry line,when will you gift bvs in abuja,and pls let it not be people who are just getting married,me I need a ring,am married but don't have a ring.
    Just saying though.
    May God almighty bless all the givers on sdkb,its indeed blessed to give than receive.

  50. Am so thankful to God for all his blessings. Rain Friday,multiple blessing oh lord. Countdown to saturday and sunday. memorable day

  51. It's not raining here. But the weather s kinda cold. Battling with sleep N surfing d net. Face of IHN. Love ur boy's haircut

  52. Just wanna thank you all for the hate comments and curses. especially these bvs w their comments below:
    Stellar! What is this na? Why enable
    You my friend,are a mad fellow!
    Imagine your Id even says air
    ticket,that means you opened it just
    to scam ppl.fool
    Kai! You're indeed stupid! Big man
    nothing for pocket.. Ogaranya ike nsi! Do
    you have conscience at all? You want
    people who have probably never flown in
    a plane before or still taking economy to
    buy you ticket while some people who
    are starving look on? Dont go and take
    bus you hear. When you're broke,you
    improvise. If e get as e be,I take bus!
    Nna ehn!The begging is just too much.
    So pissed off at this plea. I hope you miss
    both appointments. Anya ukwu!

    La effizy
    Inshort. Make thunder fire you there.
    Do you know how many bvs are

    Who's this naked idiot???? You want
    to take flight when you're damn
    broke? My friend get yo arse on the
    road or sit yo shitty self at home! A
    meeting that your airfare wasn't
    budgeted for? Where's that done?
    What kinda roadside meeting is
    that? Don't abuse the generosity of
    this blog . I put it to your that you're
    a bloody fraud. And if indeed you're
    for real, then Your request is very
    silly, stupid and irksome put
    What an annoying greedy moron.

    I think satan answered ur prayers (especially that of IVORY) & I missed the PH appointment, while the lagos own was unfruitful. I'm sure you all hating would derive some satisfaction, fulfilment and even celebrate this. Go ahead and catch ur fun.
    May God reward you all accordingly.

  53. IHN. IHN. IHN
    First comment ever.
    How do you guys say it.
    God bless the givers.
    And help the receivers.

    Where my Port Harcourt peeps? Stand up!!
    Isn't it amazing that of all the states of the federation, we always manage to be on the news for the Good, the Bad, the Uglies.
    You'all should raise hand for my city.
    The city with the highest rate of newly weds and stable marriages in the whole Nigeria.
    I hail my city....

  54. Hello house, I'm a graduate currently awaiting NYSC in Nov. I love makeup & really wish to get professional training but I cannot afford that for now so I'm learning from youtube, but I lack most of the basic brushes. Please is there anyone who can please sow a Seed of 10 pieces Kabuki brush set into my life? It goes for 5k there about but i'm not very rich & there's Still so much to buy, besides i'll be leaving for NYSC next month ending so I need to be a little prudent so as not to be Stranded. Please I'm not asking for money, just makeup tools to make my journey smoother. Thank you. Please indicate under my comment & i'll call you with 0905****405. Just to make Sure I'm the one. Thanks & God bless

  55. I dn't want to beg for money,pls I need work so that I can be earning smth no matter how little, any1 around lekki, ajah,sangetedo axis will be appreciated thanks blog. Visitors

  56. Wow! Some clients he! This particular one is a bone in my neck! iphie desire I almost cried God bless you nwanyi oma. TGW love u always u are beautiful. Tetrina how is my πŸ‘Ά. Kisses to him.

  57. aunty everybody, lolzzzzzzzzzz.

  58. Does anyone follow Lynn spirit on IG? Don mayor that our own dog is destructive o! The ones I know aren't like that. The reason I asked if a dog can be possessed...
    The lady that narrated about the two girls begging her for money and later had a nightmare on the spontaneous post, thank God for you and your kids... since someone disappeared in my presence while giving a supposed beggar money, my eye clear on what the world really is..
    Empire season 3 is just boring.

  59. Eeyah Stella, She's just being respectful na as an African lady that she is na....Congrats Cocobutter. Wishing you a HML in advance.

    Have a great weekend people.....

  60. TGIF 😎🍹
    Hi5 Stella πŸ™‹

  61. Mama Nnuku omo mi daada
    I saw what you did last night when I read yesterday's ihn comments this morning. I'm happy you flogged that lagos babe very well. Y'all need to read all the things mama nnuku said to her. Choi! She wanted to use our name to shine but see where it landed her. When others were congratulating me on the 30k gift, she was busy spewing trash against me and mama nnuku. I'm on leave from drama now(yinmu), I leave mama nnuku to flog her very well.
    Bami wa egba gidi taara fun ko maa sun ekun gidi tara...


    Cry! lagos babe cry!

    Die! lagos babe die!


  62. God bless the givers
    God bless the receivers
    God bless we praying them, atleast since I neither give nor receive I prayed, so I deserve blessing.

  63. Kisses to Stellz and every BV who needs one.

    Can't wait for the weekend, this week has been very hectic for me eh...

    In other news, if you are a startup and you need some sort of digital media/content research personnel, biko holla at me o!!!!
    (Trust me, na shikini money)

  64. Hahaha @ BV Nwa Amaka's question.

    Me think they are just saying that to avoid bashing by BV's.

  65. They always say and please I am not a lesbian oh meanwhile na big lie.
    Face of In house news is pretty.
    Waiting for comments.

  66. Zik (face if IHN) is so cute. Nice eyes he's got.

  67. Lol. That number will get multiple calls from all around for sure. "Aunty Stella..."

  68. Face of IHN u and ur son look good, the second face of IHN looks like sikiratu sindodo, Stella and my fellow bvs happy weekend

  69. Please stefysofynsofly can u help me with information concerning nursing school in your state of residence. Please I really need it. Or any one that has information in any of the northern states (not boko area) can contact me 2BB5135Am thanks.

  70. Lol @stellakokonokoko.
    Jane akudo u r beautiful.

  71. Stella pls change ur mind alittle about pasting BBC email. Don't give up yet on ppl that needs ur help. U know u have a beautiful heart. Thank u in anticipation.

  72. My bank alert na phankam!
    Oh Xp!
    Saw you shout out legit woman, after you na you biko.
    Dewy sweety am wishing you success all the way.
    I saw the 'save Bvs' post this morning, I will save my Gallant Mrs, frosh ass babe Nma, and my very own shannnnnnntelly, ideota you knw I luv you even as you nor dey gree me rest, your angel will save you boo.
    Xoxo where are thou.
    I wanttttttttttttttttttttttt...

    *Oh my crushhh, na pikin soft like this???

  73. The second face of IHN resemble that lady that acted Ada mbano aka otu ocha, the English version. I don't remember her name but not Queen Nwokoye.

  74. Tired of sitting at home, need to start doing
    something to supplement mum's meagre
    salary. I want to start selling females flip flops but really don't have the capital to start. A sum of 10K will set me going cause I already have an idea of where to get them cheap, and resell at a reasonable price. Lord Send me an helper

  75. Droyalty I return all the things you said to me in that your langauge post back to you and your village people ten times. Because I ignore you and that stupid Don mayor you both think I'm a fool. both of you will perish on this blog. Goats.

  76. LOL! So Stella you have noticed most blog visitors dont have opinion of their own, most of the time you form their opinion, that is why sometimes i dont like it when you say your mind on issues, you see them following you make them talk the actress she resemble. AMAKA.

  77. Ibukun your name is Dolapo, Miss mae is Dolapo, who is who among both of you?

    1. Ibukun is not Miss Mae,we've seen her picture here na.Mae on the other hand is black with Rihanna kindof fore head.Her boyfriend said she has big ass,but I dint see that.

  78. Moreover, people's needs differ and dat dosen't make one person's need greater than another. Bcos to each, dat need meant d whole world to them. May God never allow me have situations or circumstances dat would reduce me to beg, especially in SDK blog. I have done giveaway here before, much more than wat I was asking. But by God's grace, I will remain a giver.
    The God I know would make a way for me again. Every disappointment would turn out to become my blessing &
    God would restore unto me all that I have lost.

    I won't leave dis blog because of ur evil comments and bad luck wishes on me. Though, it seemed it worked, but I will still have d last laugh by God's grace.
    I think I like this I'd & would keep it.

  79. The second face of Ihn looks like the fair version of mercy Johnson.

    Stella those of us that beg sincerely are not even considered.

    May God bless all the givers.

  80. Daveen Laundry and Drycleaning Services, Ajah, Lagos. 09072092853. Free home pick up and delivery.14 October 2016 at 14:27

    A wet Friday! Gosh!
    My help cometh not from the north,south,east nor west but from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

  81. Friday is here
    Distractions everywhere and I have to read
    Ify, your son is too cute......., I want
    Jane...., you're not pretty. You are beautiful
    Have an amazing weekend blog darlings

  82. Stella, this woman ur tohtoh, chei I sure say I go red as u like red. Since u Don bring tohtoh for this matter. No post if u like u hear? I still like u ooo madam say it as it is.

  83. God bless the givers & receivers, God bless SDK too for creating this platform...To the TTC lady, you're blessed with the fruit of the already, by this time next year you shall hear the cry of babies in your household IJN *shout a big AMEN* just gave me another reason to thank the Lord aside from the gift of life. Next year marks my second wedding anniversary & by God's grace I'll have 2 kids by then (isn't that enough reason to thank God?). Some of us get pregnant easily while others find it difficult...some are rich while others are poor, some are healthy while others are sick...but in all situation give God the glory, cause only He can provide all the answers. Bv Default smile, Mrs I & all the other ttc bvs just know that God hasn't forgotten any of you. He'll visit your households one after the other, just have faith...Right now I lay my hands on my baby in the womb & bless every single one of you with the fruit of the womb. Accept this prayer with faith & come back with a testimony. Shallom.


  84. IHN, welcome

    Hey Dewdrop, saw your message last night, it's been so crazy and like know, gist dey, thanks for the check, ama call you today, kisses to your little prince.

    Lara Peperenpe, sista mi to gbaski, mo kie kie
    1 love noni.


  85. Whiteberry, u r here begging for 300k, later u said u will start what ve u been doing with all those money u ve bin winning from different blog, u won't 20k from remikuti blog some time ago isn't it enuf to start small? Plus the 10k u got from this blog too

  86. @bv broomstick, I saw your comment about me in the Ibibio post of yesterday. I laughed so hard my ribs ached.. 'Bunch of gibberish' indeed. I later sang a song for you to appease you but it wasn't posted.

    Kindly permit me to sing it for you here .... Abasi ayayaooo, ayayaooo, abasi ayayaoo ayaya tun tun nkpong. Ma abasi, amee nyong

  87. Stella pls let IHN continue to be brief like this. When it's too long it gets boring.

  88. God bless the givers & upgrade d receivers.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. Have a blessed weekend everyone. God bless every giver,God bless you Stella.

  91. Ihn is a u Mrs korkus. Oya chip kiss. Muahhhhhh

  92. God bless the givers and receivers.

    SDK wa gbayi.

    So I joined the SnM last Sunday for the first time and it looks like love found me. Mind you, just 2 people added me.

  93. bf is perfect...ladies u should get u an Igbo guy in ur life...Dey take care of women real good and no am not Igbo...we just finished ducking...and it was so good...he is a beast...Goin out to eat joor

  94. To God be the glory,
    Great things He hath Done.
    Thank you Jesus

  95. God bless the hand that giveth and the hands that receiveth

  96. Please o, in need of foodstuff and provisions for school.

  97. Yaay!!!ihn is here
    So Stella posted the Ibibio post yesterday and I was offline all through, chai the thing pain me as l was unable to flex with my folks.
    Still,I personally thank quicksilver and Eka tre for representing very well.
    Roll call of ndito Ibibio
    Eka the
    Queen ammy
    Calabar Chic
    Miss Ferragamo
    Love me jeje
    Pure Nigerian
    LA efizzy(our neighbour)
    D'Royalty(Stella's blog bff)
    Princess charming
    Sgt Tackleberry
    Megasam aluminum
    Uduak udoh
    Spanish lantern
    Quincy A
    Missy Jay
    Rare diamond
    Pweety G
    And all the anons
    It was really a tremendous outing let's do this some other time.

    Aunty uyo

  98. Wet Friday.
    Plenty give aways, blessings to the givers.
    Beautiful faces we have today.

  99. Boring day at work. Everyone, how is u? *in jenifa's voice. Shut down mode activated. Oshey big daddy πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  100. God bless all the givers
    This small boy is too cute
    The second lady looks like toyin
    I love stalla
    I love sdks
    I love myself
    Wish u happy weekend
    Enjoy ur self this weekend with boos and baes

  101. I didn't come early for Ihn yesterday & today,pheeew!

    Thanking everyone that saved me on SDBV's post.
    Cynthia,good geh like you save your bad sis hahaha. Thank you oh.
    Charismatic diva saved me,ayi di baffled. Thanks ma'am,didnt hesperit.
    La effizy*wink*.
    Ebi,Exotic,Pipi,Omalichanwa,Jacintha,ibk,La katie,Xoxo,Xp,Sisi Caro.Nma,My amiable barri-star.

    You,yes you and know yourselves. I saw all your comments. Thank you all very plenty. Ayam grateful.

  102. Last in house news for the week. God bless Stella

  103. Stella fara bale nw lol. See the way u just cleared bv cocobutter from the way lol.
    The last ihn for this week yay! *dancing juju on the beat!!

  104. Thank you Stella
    God bless you..
    God bless my angels

  105. Buh y did dis rain coman spoil my day na....i av bn lookin forward to today...**sad**....IHN...

  106. I sincerely hope that is a different bv Nwa Amaka because me the ogbonge Nwa AMAKA did not send in that. And if you want to use Nwa amaka as an ID please attach something else to differentiate biko I no wan shout before someone will be scammed on this blog with my name.

  107. Ihn welcome
    I pray BBC picks me o
    This Buhari times are wonderful

  108. Never think Father has turned his back on you, stop looking down on what you did wrong and lift your eyes to heaven and feel his embrace!

  109. Hello face of In House news, your son is cute. Kisses to him.
    Nawah o, even cleaning job, they need experienced persons, it is well o

  110. So tired, I work like an elephant and eat like a rat. God is in control.


  111. Have a fulfilled weekend everybody.
    Spread love this weekend.
    Buy nice gift for once for your boo that has been so nice to you.
    Love, love, love, love and love again
    Forgive, forgive, forgive and forgive again.

    May your day blossom.

    I love you guys.


  112. IHN is bae..missylynn

  113. OlaGold (add up 58BF8F56 for 18-24k raw gold dust and bar)14 October 2016 at 15:12

    What? Emir of Katsina Usman Abdulmumin forcefully married a 14 year old Christian girl without the parents consent. Habiba got converted to Islam and the emir married her. This nonsense must stop in this country. #Saynotochildmarriage

  114. I support you Stella, nne I have been writing Bbc*shines teeth* I will be patient. I went for an interview today, am grateful to God for an opportunity to sell skills to a company I hope I get the job.

  115. In hand news....God bless all d givers n madam whose bday is on Sunday, God will suprise u

  116. That Ikodo guy from yesterday's IHN that said he wants a woman to cook for him and make love that's all added me too. I told him to employ the services of a maid/cook and a prostitute. BVs were saying at least he was honest... double standards...if a girl writes I just need a man that will pay my bills and have sex with no strings attached, I know the names you hypocrites will level on her. I stated in my profile that I need a responsible man so why did he add me? The guys should stop insulting our sensibilities, it takes serious lady balls to put up info on the internet in search of love so don't take us for granted.

  117. It's been a while. Thank God for today.

  118. Beautiful faces of Ihn. Default smile,you are a fruitful vine indeed,God will bless you with a child and wipe your tears away. Happy birthday in arrears.
    Nwa amaka as in eeh,I don't understand when they would say I rarely comment,so that we do what with that info?
    Chai,that food looks tempting. Hope it tastes the way it looks.

  119. Pls house, is it true that one can use hot movate and tura soap to bleach one's lips? I been sick which I'm just recovering from, it left my lips burnt and black. They said I should use this two combination. Pls is it true? Is there something else that is affordable that I can use? Help a sister pls.

  120. Please is there any one here who does pick up & delivery in Lagos?Or a trust worthy taxi man?I need to pickup a gas cooker from lekki to yaba.pls call me on 07080963821

  121. God bless the givers and the receivers. The lady looking for friends, why not look around you.

  122. Stella release comments na
    Shebi you talk say no cookies and cream today.
    Stella, I feel you are not enabling moneymaker's wife comments. Pls don't be partial. People have said worst things to each other here including their family members, no one complained, now it involves one of their favourites, they are now complaining. Na today?

  123. Pls how can I get an 1D

  124. Beautiful face of IHN, that cute baby is all i see.

    God bless all the givers and upgrade all the receivers.
    Stella Dimoko, they are just trying to show you respect. No big deal in calling you aunty Stella. lol

    Nice signing out caption.
    May God continue shower His abundant blessings on us and also give us the heart to be cheerful and generous.

  125. Please oo, I need help. I have a big gap in between my front teeth (gap toothed).I wish to reduce it and not close it entirely. Please where in Lagos can I get the space reduced and at what cost is it?

  126. IHN sweeting like bubble gum and vanilla ice cream.

  127. For the best delicacies: local and continental. Small chops, Chapman, cocktails. Efficient waiters/waitresses, discounted rates, working with your budget and a guaranteed satisfaction of you and your guests...please add up and chat on 333dec61, like our page on fb @ Clems and Grace!

  128. Sterra how far now, u've been nominated for Nigerian Writer's Award 2017.
    Go and bring it here so that we'll bring d award back home.

  129. Looking for good tailor? Search no more we give u professional tailors from Togo whatapp: 08145490243

  130. Face of Ihn looks like that yoruba actress.
    To the birthday lady, May your wish be granted. Don't give up because God is still in the business of doing good. May you be blessed with the most precious gift ever.Amen

  131. Hian, am i early?correct IHN,God bless all the givers n receivers,Stella is DAT why u haven't replied my messages? Me n SDK they tight way back but am always anonymous bcos am having challenges on my fone#AppleofGod'seye original #btw I still need our ogbongeh SDK lawyers oo,pls help a sister

  132. Hian, am i early?correct IHN,God bless all the givers n receivers,Stella is DAT why u haven't replied my messages? Me n SDK they tight way back but am always anonymous bcos am having challenges on my fone#AppleofGod'seye original #btw I still need our ogbongeh SDK lawyers oo,pls help a sister

  133. Ihn welcome,God bless the givers

  134. Face of Ihn looks like that yoruba actress.
    To the birthday lady, May your wish be granted. Don't give up because God is still in the business of doing good. May you be blessed with the most precious gift ever.Amen


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