Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 57 And 58


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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Labour Room Drama 57 And 58


LRD 57
Thank you Stella for your innovative ways of blogging and entertainment.

I want to share my Labour experience which occurred in US.I suffered a miscarriage in my first pregnancy so I was closely observed by a gynaecologist with my second pregnancy.

I travelled around 34 weeks and every thing was going on smoothly.My Edd was fast approaching and I was expecting my mum.I told her to bring a hospital bag for me when she comes and I had bought over 7 comfit pad thinking women bleed a lot after labour because I had in mind I will have a normal vaginal birth.

My mum came and the bag the size no be here oh and of course her anointing oil.I noticed I was going to 40 weeks and my belly was very high it had not descended at all hmm quite strange.I will indulge in all manner of exercise for it to drop but to no avail.

I had my routine checkup weekly and when I approached 40 weeks I saw my doctor a very pleasant lady.She inserted her hands to see if I had dilated or even a sign of my baby dropping.She looked at me and told me I am afraid I don't see your baby decending and she doubts i will have contractions because the baby is really high up.

I looked at my mum and said ha why is my son not dropping down, she said she does not know and in her usual words "God is on the throne'.The doctor said she is a great advocate of normal delivery for first timers but she thinks I need a Cs and I should let her know when am ready.

I heard my mum immediately she is ready today in the evening I looked at her saying let me think and make up my mind.She said she wants to see her grandchild and when the placenta gets weak after 40weeks is usually a problem for the baby.

I went home and I liked the date so I said I am fine with it.I called my husband back in Nigeria to inform him of the latest development.I was shocked how I accepted it without questioning any one because I knew it was for my own good.I carried my already packed bag.We got to the hospital the nurses were very receptive and jisting with me.

I was attended by a young nurse and she told me when she prepares me my doctor will come for the procedure.I was snapping pictures and in high spirit.I then plugged my phone so once am done i will start calling people.
 My mum was dressed like she was to carry out the procedure she was so excited.So I already paid for epidural and the lady came to administer the epidural na there wahala start.

she told me to bend my spine I will fidget like a fish she will be like pls you need to stay properly so I get the right spot.I then saw my doctor coming and getting ready I saw all the equipment to be used I said kai.

I had a very severe cough before I went to the hospital so I was coughing so much.Immediately she finish the procedure I got numb and laid helpless.I started shouting mummy what has she done oh I cannot feel my legs,I cannot cough, I felt like life was leaving me.I started hitting my hands my mum was like calm down I am here "God is on the throne at some point she got angry saying calm down why are you  shouting like this  in my local dialect.

the lady that administered the epidural told me if I keep shouting she will send me to sleep, I said No I don't want to sleep because I felt I won't wake up, if am awake and i am half dead how much more to sleep.

My doctor then asked me what are we about to do I will reply like someone in a trance"we are here to do a Cs she asked me like thrice and I told her you know I love you please don't kill me.

I was awake calm but wondering what if it goes wrong.My doctor asked me can you feel pain I said no she then smiled, i am cutting really deep I held my mum''s hand and she told me breath in 8 times.She tells us that whenever we are tensed.

In less than 15mins I heard my mum shouting you have a baby oh, I was too weak to even smile I told her check if the fingers or toes are complete.

So I was wheeled back to the recovery room and my mum joined me I asked her where is the baby she said they took the baby to clean him up I told her and you left them, she immediately left and came back with the baby all swaddled up and they said the baby was doing well.She had a victorious look on her face.

The  recovery room was an amazing place and all the comfit I carried I did not use any one.All those things were provided and disposable pants.The told me I did not have to bring all that the major thing I needed was a baby car seat before I can be discharged.My mum had a bed to herself and kept yabbing how backwards we are in Nigeria.

I was given alot of iced blocks to chew and I was very weak still but the pains of the Cs had not started.I started scratching like a someone on drugs I asked what is happening they said is the effect of the epidural.I was discharged after two days and my goodness I was in great pains.I was given pain killers and my cough made it worse.When I cough the pain will increase.

I thank God all went well as planned and in a weeks time I had bounce back and I thank God I did not start oh I don't want Cs or prolong anything.I bless God that he has impacted wisdom on doctors who perform the procedure when they see the normal vaginal delivery is not feasible.Please people that judge people that do Cs desist from it because is very annoying.

If I am to try again I will  even pick Cs because I did not feel any contraction or other things associated with VD.

Please what is VD?


LRD 58
Hi Stella,

I love your blog and i'm a silent BV. God bless you plenty for everything. I am a mother to 4 children...I had my 4th child this year. So it happened that i was supposed to travel to America to birth my 4th child. DH already bought the ticket for my trip and booked a hotel for me.

On the supposed day of the trip, my other 3 kids had just left for school and i got busy trying to finish up with the packing. I was packing my luggage and crying at the same time because I was travelling alone without my children. I was thinking of how they will cope in my absence and all of that.

Back to my LRD, while packing, i noticed i was having serious waist pains and i concluded it must be from the packing and stress. Meanwhile, i was 35 weeks and a day gone....I decided to go downstairs to get some dried pepper for my trip, while going downstairs, i noticed that i couldn't walk that point, i refused to accept what i thought it was ......LABOUR

After i got the pepper, i came upstairs and resumed my packing..I was done with the two luggages, so i decided to pack my hand luggage, the waist pain became severe and more painful. I laid down to rest a little and sleep but the waist pain did not subside. I feared the worst and summoned courage to check myself in the toilet. Lo and behold, i saw the show and was very angry..My America trip has been cut short. 

I went to hubby and angrily gave him the dollars we already bought and told him the trip was not possible again. He was surprised as expected and asked me why i never bothered giving him the dollars all this while but only remembered it the day i was travelling. I didn't even answer him because i was very confused at that point being that i haven't bought anything including the hospital things. I called my mum immediately and the first thing she said when she picked the call was ;'hope you have finished packing your bags for your trip'. 

I told her i was not going again but i was on my way to the hospital. I quickly emptied my hand luggage and picked a few things i could lay my hands on.

I went back to tell my hubby that i was in labour and needed to get to the hospital ASAP. He was surprised but quickly told me that he was yet to take his bath and brush his teeth. He actually stood up to go to the bathroom to freshen up, i was so angry because he thought i was actually joking until he  watched me pick the car keys ; I was going to drive myself to the hospital. He followed me like a rushing wind and collected the keys from my hand. At that point, the contractions were stronger and frequent. 

I started crying and that was when he knew i was serious. 

On our way to the hospital, i was in serious pains and the baby was almost coming. We got to the hospital in no time and i couldn't get down from the car. The security man and my DH had to help me into the hospital. The nurses asked me to undress and asked for the hospital delivery items, told them that i didn't have any. They started talking and shouting while i was writhing in pain. DH had to rush out to go and buy the hospital things...meanwhile, when the nurse wanted to check me , she shouted,see the baby's head, madam wait lemme lay the put the bed cover, she was also shouting at the other nurses to prepare the baby's bed , before she finished shouting, i pushed out my mini me into this world in United states of Nigeria...Lolz.

Immediately, i called my DH while the nurses where still cleaning me and told him that he is now a father of four. He came in later with the hospital things and some clothes for baby because the nurse got my baby's first overall from another patient that came in for delivery, Thank God for that woman.

DH later went to meet the doctor to write a letter to the airline so that we can get a refund from them since i won't be travelling that night again. He also went ahead to cancel the ticket. My ticket fee was refunded after 4 months , although half of the ticket amount was refunded.

Thank God for safe delivery although I didn't go to America again to get green passport...I still got a wonderful gift from God in form of a healthy child. Thank you Jesus. I also thank God that I didn't go on that trip, who knows what would have happened, I might have given birth aboard a plane...

 God bless you and yours real good and give you rest on all sides. 
Silent BV

WOW,I was just using my head movement to follow your LRD..hehehehehehe,that pikin na real Naija baby...but wait oh,how come at 35 weeks,they didnt put the baby in incubator?i thot 38wekks is termed SAFE to birth a child?


  1. Replies
    1. Can some body please send wedding night bruhaha iam tasty

    2. You see, she chewed ice block. After I gave birth in June, I read extensively about post party care.
      Because when you even have a wound, cold water heals it faster na, all these drinking hot water, bla bla bla, it's all balderdash. I gave birth in a govt hospital and they brought hot water and the nurse said they should make it room temperature.
      So this hot water of a thing, what's the use?
      Also the massage, please BVs that gave birth thru the vagina, did you get massaged?
      I was massaged once and I said if I'll have big tommy, lemme have big Tommy O. Now my son is 16weeks 5days, my tommy is not 100% flat but it has really gone down, no exercise yet. In fact if I stuck it in, it's flat. My pre pregnancy clothes are my size except the bust that I enlarged. What's now the wahala with massaging??
      It's well sha

    3. Lol.. Me too

  2. From my interpretation. VD is Vaginal Delivery

  3. @Poster1, thank God for you.

    @Poster2, maybe your baby must be real home made, she too like 9ja jare

    *Larry was here*

  4. Women I always cut cap for you guys. Mehn!!!! Giving birth scare the Jeez outta me.
    Thank God I am not a lady. I'm still picturing what I will be doing the day my future wife will give birth.
    Maximum respect all the ladies in the world. You guys are wonderfully made. God bless you all for me and also give you people the strength to birth a baby.

  5. Women I always cut cap for you guys. Mehn!!!! Giving birth scare the Jeez outta me.
    Thank God I am not a lady. I'm still picturing what I will be doing the day my future wife will give birth.
    Maximum respect all the ladies in the world. You guys are wonderfully made. God bless you all for me and also give you people the strength to birth a baby.

  6. 35 weeks incubator ke? Stellaaaaa. Na wa for u o. 35 weeks na mature baby. Lungs are usually well developed by then. It's only when the child can take that first breathe and cry or such at 35 was that they need incubator care

  7. sometimes reading the lRD puts away my phobia for delivery.
    check the hands and legs to see if they are complete
    funny mom

  8. In fact, God is the 'Decider' of when a baby is to come out aswear.

  9. Poster2:i dey vex for ur baby....he just decided to be born in

  10. Thank God for you all and all TTC,God will make you smile soon.

  11. So no lochia for peeps that birthed with CS?

    Poster 2, ur baby na correct omor Naija hehehe

  12. VD is virginal delivery I guess

    I bless God for you both! It's not easy to carry and birth a baby. No an easy feat at all
    May His name be praised!

  13. Stella VD is Vaginal Delivery, nit all babies need incubator some come out very strong., my twins came at 36weeks and 4days and them no near incubator. thinking of sharing mine for my first child and then the 2nd kids (twins).

    1. Share now. What are you thinking about there? We need to hear labour room stories for twins too. Please? Pretty please.

  14. Congrats to u,I love reading LRD,it gives me so much courage

  15. Thank God for you both,do we have mum of twins to share their journeys.As am believing GOD that my next pregnancy shall be a boy and girl healthy and blessed kid.Children i will never bury.AMEN.

  16. Thank God for safe delivery, congrats

  17. Poster 2-Your baby is a die hard Nigerian!!!!!

  18. God is on the throne,Congrats Mama's

  19. Poster 1... Thank God.
    poster 2....We propose but God dispose.

  20. LRD is here again.its so encouring aswear. Can't wait to get married and send in mine.

  21. LRD is here again.can't wait to get married and send in ma own story... Dear future husband pls locate me ASAP o.

  22. Stella, 35weeks baby don strong. Besides most babies come between 36 - 40weeks. VD= virginal delivery

  23. Poster 2: Why plan a trip at 35th week to delivery? you mind ooo....and which Airline Permits that??

  24. Second poster: u try o. That ur baby is stubborn sha. Me? No o. I will jeje tell baby to wait first till I land o. Lol

  25. Congratulations to the mummies. LRD 57, I like your courage and that of your mum and hubby. LRD 58, that your baby is future Nigeria president, may God keep and protect all the children.

  26. #Stop living for them and start living for you*

  27. Gearing up nd learning plenty tins here!!!

  28. I'm newly married and seriously can't wait to get preggy so I can share my own story

  29. I really need to send my own LRD. Very, very interesting and funny. God bless you both

  30. Poster 2 ur baby na pure nija chick she no want story.


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