Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 65 And 66


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Monday, October 10, 2016

Labour Room Drama 65 And 66


LRD 65

Well done Dear Stella, the blogger with a heart. Hello fellow BVs. Here is my LRD
Being a TTC, you can imagine how happy I was to find out on 26th Dec that I was pregnant.

I always told hubby, doctor and family that I would birth my baby by the 38th week. Fast forward to the 38th week I went for my regular ANC during the week and I told the Dr that this is the week oh and she said ehn? That she will be waiting for me when the contraction starts. 
So on the Saturday, I can't explain where I got the strength to clean house, do the laundry, go to market and cook came from.

Hubby and I ate dinner, cuddled to watch TV in the room and then I started having minor menstrual like pains. I told hubby but told him it wasn't serious. He didn't believe me. So to take his mind off me, I initiated sex. While on the matter, the contraction became a Lil bit strong but I no stop o. When we collect finish, hubby said "I know you are having contractions. Let us go to the hospital" I said no it wasn't serious. This was around 10pm. The guy wasn't convinced so he went to check the car that it was in good condition. 

Later the thing became regular 7 mins apart. I called my mom she said Oya start going. When it starts I will be stiff then when it stops I will start laughing at my hubby. We got to hospital around 11 , doctor ‎checked me and said I was 2cm dilated and admitted me. By 12, The contraction became stronger and more painful. I begin shout Jesus o, help me o. You said you will take away my pains. This is pain please help me. Mummy m oh. 

Hubby just sat there looking at me saying baby sorry. It will soon be over.  At a point the nurse on duty on my floor came and told me to pant and not shout. That If not I won't have strength to push when it is time as I won't eat till after delivery. I later saw the "show" and hubby cleaned it up.
That was when I knew you can do anything if you determine to no matter the circumstances. I stopped shouting and will just moan instead cos I wanted to be there for my baby. My mom and sisters kept calling till I got angry and shouted at my mom to leave me alone. I heard her say then "ehn now you are in labour" 

they kept bombarding my husband with calls even his mother didn't sleep. 
By 6am, the Dr checked and said I was 7cm.  I was mad. Since night!. He then recommended my water to be broken to speed things up. The lab guys came to check my PCV once again as I had transfusion the week before.
The kind of pain that followed the rupture of my membrane was out of this world. I shouted, pleaded for a CS. I was tired from pain and lack of sleep.  The nurses on duty all took turns to rub my back and I would squeeze them tight with each contraction. 

Later they told my husband to rub my back as it was his job in the whole labour process. The grip of a woman in labour can bend a rod.

 Another Dr took over and told me I was almost fully dilated and to call when I feel the urge to poo. He warned me Never to push on my own. I walked the corridor cos it helped, I was on my hands and knees cos it helped too. I threw up everything in my guts till they gave me an injection to stop the vomiting and drip for strength. The next thing I knew around past 10 to 11, I had the urge to poo. I shouted. The nurse brought wheel chair. Na so I ignore the wheel chair , pulled off the line for the drip, run comot from my room with only blouse no wrapper into the delivery room. Na me climb the delivery bed myself then the contraction stopped.

 I started to sleep.   One of the nurses said " madam it is not time to sleep o. It is time for work. Your baby is depending on you now for the rest " she later discovered my baby was ready to emerge but something was stopping her. She chuk hand to widen my vagina. The Dr then asked me to push with the next pain. I pushed he said no, that I was playing. The next push, I tot my vagina was going to burst and then I felt something pop out of me, that was my baby's head.  

The nurse shouted ''wait o, cord cord'' and rushed to untangle the cord from my baby' s neck. The pain stopped instanta. After the third push, my baby girl came out.around 10:57am. She was tiny and slimy with white stuff all over her. The nurses cleaned her up while the Dr delivered the placenta and stitched me up from a natural tear. My hubby was just outside the delivery room and once he heard that the baby was out and he didn't hear my voice he kept saying what of my wife? I want to hear my wife. 

They told him to relax that I was fine and the baby was fine too. I told him I was fine and instructed the nurse to give him the baby so he would be sure we are both fine. immediately he held the baby,I heard him tell his mum first before mine(silly me) over the phone that I have delivered. He took the baby to my room while the nurses laughed at him at the way he was walking as if he was carrying an egg with a spoon.

Since she came into out lives, we have not stopped kissing her. She keeps us awake some nights till dawn with her cries but once she sleeps off I look at my child with love and forget that she just drove me crazy by refusing to sleep.  
Upon everything I suffered from pregnancy to delivery, this girl came out looking like her Dad! Issorai. least she looks like him..some kids will now go and resembul their grandparents or other family member


LRD 66

This is my own story ooo! This is the drama that took place when i delivered my last and only daughter.
So,  in the morning of that day at about 9am, i was icing and decorating two birthday cakes when i first noticed the slight pain but i waved it off as Braxton Hicks but few minutes later,  the same thing happened again and with the same intensity. Though i was already due for delivery but i wasn't ready at that particular time at all.  When exactly 5 minutes later,  same wave of pain came,  i knew i had to hurry up with what i was doing and proceed to the hospital. 

Finally around 11am when we got to the hospital,  the nurse on duty checked me and said my labour has already started but my cervix was just 4cm.  I screamed only 4cm? I would have just stayed at home and be waiting jejely and wait till i was almost ready to push because the waiting in the hospital can be painful and frustrating because they will tell you to be walking up and down the hospital and i just don't like the stares. 

The nurse then said i said i should undress,  tie only wrapper and start walking about to aid labour.Wetin i go do nah?  I don show,i don show.  So i begin waka about but as soon as the contractions comes,i will start doing the breathing exercise.  

Some hours later after plenty waka about and climbing the stairs ,  i was checked again and they said my cervix was opening very well but that my baby was still "hanging up". The new nurse on duty said i should intensify my exercise so that the baby's head will push downward into my pelvis.  Hian!  No be so e be for my two boys ooo wey i born before oo.
Hhhhmmmmm Stella i waka tire ooo but this babe just refused to "come down". 

 When the nurse checked me again,  i was already 10cm open yet no show.  They ruptured the membrane thinking it will help but for wia and they still gave me the "hot injection " but no,  the chick just refused to fall down. Meanwhile i was starving ooo but couldn't take anything down.  All what i ate,  i vommitted them. Even the warm water i was drinking sef no gree stay inside body.  But despite the empty stomach,  i still had enough strength to withstand labour and contractions wahala (the awesomeness of God!)

Each contraction came with a surge of pain that just can't be described . Infact the contractions were just like less than 1 minute apart.  The nurse dem sef tire.
So the head nurse now said;  madam you see wetin you go do ehn,  when the contractions come again, you will squat and start breathing very very hard and as soon as it stops,  start jumping up!  I was like how i wan take dey jump with my body on fire?  She said if you no do am,  till tomorrow morning,  you go dey here o.  She proceeded to show me how i will jump.  She jumped very high and landed with a heavy stomp. I followed suit after lamenting like Job and soon became frustrated. At a point i started crying,  asking them why this delivery was taking this long and being difficult,  the nurse said na so girls dey do o.  

Your baby girl wan go buy eye pencil,  mirror,  lipstick and handbag before you born am. Baby girls dey get wahala well well(i already told them the scan result so they knew i was having a girl).
I did this heavy jumping up and down and squatting for like 5minutes before i finally delivered her.  She weighed 4kg and as expected gave me tears and i ended up with 4 stitches which were done without anesthesia.

My placenta came out (or so i thought) , i was cleaned up and transferred to another bed with my daughter.
Every expectant mother should always pray for God to send the nurses and doctors he will use to save our lives in the delivery room during delivery.  The next part of my story is the reason i said this.
I was changing pads at quick intervals so i complained to the nurse but she said its normal that the bleeding will reduce soon.  

I lied down for some minutes but had to sit down to drink pap my husband brought .  I noticed i was getting weaker but i attributed it to post delivery feelings.  Soon, the cleaner came to clean up the room.  It was when i got up to adjust the seat i saw that my body was soaked with blood.  I didn't even observe it probably because there was a wrapper on the chair.  I was practically sitting on a pool of my own blood. 
The cleaner yelled and quickly went to call the nurses.  When they came,  the head nurse said she has to check inside my uterus to trace the source of the bleeding.
Hhhhmmmmm chai! chai!! chai!!! She wore gloves and and asked me to open my legs.
I was like what the  hell!!! I said u wan put your hand inside my vagina?  Una stitch me ooo!  She said its the only way she can know why I'm bleeding and possibly stop it.  By this time i was already getting scared and i told her to please get a smaller nurse with a smaller hand....

She asked why and i told her no vex but your hand too fat. She smiled and said madam relax make i stop this bleeding before another thing happen. It took 2 other nurses to hold me down while the nurse packed out clumps of clotted blood from my uterus. She did this for about 4 times before she was able to bring out the retained placenta.
Infact i was sooooooooo relieved when she removed her gloves and went to the bathroom to  wash her hands. The bleeding stopped instantly and natural events took over.
My baby Girl is almost 8 months now and I'm a proud mama!

PS:  I would have loved to have another daughter ooo so she can have a sister but just the scary thoughts that i may be told to start doing crunches and planks exercise is enough to stop me from gbenshing sef talkless of getting pregnant

Wow...Drama filled.i had a good laugh when you told the nurse her hand was too fat..hehehehhehe


  1. Replies
    1. Poster one, lol.
      Honestly it's just to endure all the pains o, cos shouting won't help at all.
      Just pant with your mouth open, it helps 1million times.

    2. I still remember mine. Whenever I felt d pain, I'd grab hold of dh's shirt as if I want to strangle him. Lol. Thank God he wasn't on tie.

    3. Thank happy for you both

  2. Wow interesting stories. Congrats poster 2 that the placenta was discovered early enough.

    1. It would have turned to a serious issue later. Congrats mothers. May God keep and protect your babies.

  3. Replies
    1. Reading all these Post has made me realise that child birth is one great miracle both for the mother and baby ending in praise .

  4. Beautiful stories, motherhood rocks

  5. Weldone ladies..

    The second poster seems like someone I know.

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  7. mummy boy and girl twin10 October 2016 at 13:24

    Thank you Lord for I know I will soon experience the joy of conception and delivery of my twins in Jesus mighty name ..AMEN AND AMEN

  8. Thank God for safe delivery

  9. May all pregnant women experience a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Nice one posters kisses to your lovelies.

  10. Wow, d 2nd poster got me all riled up, God pls help me wen it's my turn

  11. Hay God!!! The things I read on LRD *shivering* poster 2 I stopped reading wen you wrote the head nurse wanted to 'chuk' her hand in ur vagina after being stitched *goose bump*

  12. See me laughing and imagining how fat the nurse hand is.

  13. But the baby wey you push still big more than her hand na,nice story

  14. Father please always provide for me to continue to birth my kids in America. These naija stories are scary as hell. My LRD in Atl was awesome. I would've died if this is what I had to face.

    1. I tell you my sister. Jeez!!! I truly wouldn't have survived half of all this drama

    2. You wouldn't ve died believe me dear ...everywoman has the inner strength to go through labour. ..I had my my first through the natural way without epidural but my son's was in the US with epidural it was pure heaven ..can't be compared. ..Amen your prayer oohh

  15. God is great! ThankGod for everything.

  16. Yes oo God is ever faithful.
    I will soon send in my LRD.

  17. Congrats to you both!

  18. Poster 1-same thing happened to me,after all the stress,my boy had to look like his dad,talk of replica.
    Poster2-thank God you were checked oo.

  19. Jeez! Poster2 I can imagine the pain you went through trying to bring out the placenta after being stitched, women are really strong!

  20. The 2nd poster got me so scared
    It's a beautiful thing to be a mama

  21. Am 38weeks pregnant with my second baby

  22. Poster one, you mean say you collect till the last day? I raise Beyonce hand for you.

  23. God is truly faithful and awesome. God bless women

  24. And what happened to the cakes poster 2? God bless both posters and their families, very interesting. Learn a new one, Braxton Hicks.

  25. Thank God for safe delivery. God is a promise keeper

  26. @ poster one, you even get luck say your pikin resemble him papa kos my brother looks exactly like my father's brother(my uncle). Most times, mum gets scared of what people might say about the resemblance but she is always consoled whenever she remembers that my dad's brother was never in the same state with us when she got married, left alone when she became pregnant for my brother. So you can imagine.

  27. Awesome God,

  28. Please these Nigerian-based LRD stories are making some of us scared of labour. If it's such a terrifying experience, why is Nigeria's population so high? Anyway, Stella please can we also have stories of people who delivered outside the shores of Nigeria? Maybe their delivery experience would be sweeter and not so scary.

  29. I pray for a smooth delivery,congrats to both posters.


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