Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama -80


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Labour Room Drama -80


I thank God for this blog,may God continue to lift Stella high-AMEN.

If Stella can remember,I was the lady chatting with her through mails
while I was in the labour room,that was in August. 

Well back to the main gist,I am a first timer,no drama all through,no
vomiting/spitting,everything went well to the glory of God till the day of delivery. I have high threshold for pain and I can exercise ehen.I did squatting,trekked long distance,ate fruits very well,drank water first thing in the morning from the day I discovered I was pregnant till labour pains started. 

I did all this so I can have natural delivery.I went for my ANC as I normally do and the consultant told me that am having contractions(never knew that's how contraction is) that I might deliver anytime soon,I just laughed and told him to
give me my next appointment.

Fast forward to the following day,the pain started and there was this shooting,stabbing pain that occurred in the night after which I went to poo and left for the hospital. 

Anytime I want to be checked how many cm's I have dilated,its always
painful.Well,I was induced the following day during the evening
time,oh my God,its was so painfullll!!!!! 

Na there I know say the bible and God is real because of the curse of labour pains in the bible.

 When the contraction pains starts,I will hold on to an iron and shake my head vigorously and cry instead of shouting. At a time,I felt like pushing but the nurse told me never to so as not to damage my cervix and uterus that I should breathe in and out with my mouth which wasn't just easy! 

After being induced,I didn't dilate more than 4cm till the 3rd day,na there they began talking about CS which I feared most!(this was in the morning) 

When the pain became unbearable(this was around 4pm),I started begging for CS as there was no improvement at all.I was later prepared and wheeled to the theatre.

While on the operating table,as I was about to be given spine injection,I felt one
bad painful contraction and I told them to chill because no mistake
must be made at that point as I was told to be still.I was eventually
given the injection and I felt a BIG relieve. I was asked what I
wanted,I told them I want to eat because I was so hungry by then but
they all laughed.My legs were paralysed and the operation began while
I was wide awake. 

Within some minutes,my baby was brought out while I was stitched back. While I was being stitched,I started feeling pains and I was made unconscious. During the time of my unconsciousness,I didn't know maybe I was in heaven or on earth,I didn't understand what was going on anymore but I came back to life in the ward.

While in the ward,I was told not to lift my head for 24hrs so as not to have
headache.I recovered fast and was discharged on the third day to the
glory of God. If I had known,I would have opted for CS straight away
because its double punishment to be induced and later be operated on.

But if I will advice,I think CS is better instead of going through
pains only that in some years to come,I'll be 40 and I wish to get
pregnant again,the doctor advised I can start trying after 6months
because age isn't on my side but I laughed in chinese.This is my tales
by moonlight....

This your LRD is really dramatic!...I laughed so hard when i got to the part where you said you begged for CS.....
The way some people react and reject when they hear CS eeeeh,na wah.Infact some stories just make me thank God that mine were CS  cos my threshold for pain is


  1. Thank God for u madam.

    I don't want CS abeg. I love my belle so much that any sign of mark or stitch on it might make me cry o.

    Dis my fine belle? No jor. Lol

    1. It's not by your power, no body wish for cs.

    2. Until that day, you have absolutely no idea how it will be. Just pray to God for safe delivery.

    3. Thank God for you Madam.... Lord Please Pick my Calls and Bless me with the Fruit of my Womb so that i will send my own LRD..... AMEN

    4. Thank God for your life. Strong woman. I like your spirit

    5. u never serious...stretch mark will design dat stomach and it wil go flappy...joys of pregenancy

    6. @ jasmine it depends on your doctor, I hve done cs twice and I can boldly tell u that I hve no scar under my stomach, not everybody opt 4 cs but if a lady has medical complication it is better and safer 2 do cs, I still prefer cs 2 normal delivery. Thanks 2 dr Adewale od boots hospital u 2 good

    7. Exactly Anon. I've had CS twice and you will never even see the scar. It's called a bikini stitch.

  2. Thank God for your life, God was just on your side all through. But you were discharged 3days after cs? That's strange. I bless God for seeing you through

    1. Nothing strange there. Where I work we discharge on the 3rd/4th day post CS if everything goes well.

    2. I had my baby thru cs on a Monday night, was discharged 3days later, being a Thursday. It all depends on how quick your body heals.

    3. I was discharged after 3 days. there is nothing strange as long as you and your baby are fine!

  3. God bless you and your baby, August born rocks

    *Larry was here*

  4. Thank God for you,hope Bambino Shakespeare is doing fine?

  5. Congrats my dear..

  6. Thank God cs was successful, by his grace, you will have triplets the next time.

  7. Lol love ur story God bless you may ur heart desires be granted

  8. you passed through alot dear,passing through labour,and also induced then cs.spinal anesthesia is soo painful.
    May God bless the Lil one +kisses to the baby

  9. Congrats. Its never easy for both mother and expectant father especially one that loves his wife. God bless you three.

    For woman it's a pleasurable experience going through journey and coming out with victory, and for a man nothing beats the feeling of locking yourself up with a woman and then her government is overthrown. And she is now at your mercy needing and getting pampering. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your wife's tommy, on a cool night, and seeing it korokoro bulge and vibrate from the kicks of the baby. Nothing beats the feeling when your baby in the womb gets annoyed or jealous and goes down to block your wife's vj and prevent her from urunating freely and thinking it is preventing you from doing and your wife cries and you lie her down and dip your thing and pronto the coward baby makes a quick race up and frees your wife's vj and you people laugh

  10. Thank God for yr healing is not easy oo my sister

  11. This stories are scary at times ooo my due date is drawing near I just wonder what it will be like. Pls if there are mothers that have had their delivery drama free and painless let us know what you did that helped.

  12. This stories are scary at times ooo my due date is drawing near I just wonder what it will be like. Pls if there are mothers that have had their delivery drama free and painless let us know what you did that helped.

    1. Don't be scared. The lord will see u through. U shall deliver just like the Hebrew women.
      Poster, thank God for safe delivery.

  13. @white berry, what is strange about being discharged after 3 days? make she stay for one week? i was discharged after two days sef.

    @Jasmine, no be your say na belle dem go cut. na bikini line. a little bit below where your pant line is located. you can wear crop tops and bikini, the line wont even show.

    Poster, i thank God for you o. a friend that passed through this labour pains later opted for CS. it was too late as the baby was already dead.

    CS isnt a sin or a crime. they don't give award for vaginal birth.

  14. Thank God say everything come work out well for your own good. God is always at work

  15. Stella what happens to the wnb na I miss spreading legs fa. This one scare the shit outta me.

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  16. Thank God for safe delivery.......missylynn

  17. #REPEAT AFTER ME: My current situation is not my final destination*

  18. Congrats darling...Age is nothing but a number compared to what our God can do,so whether u reach 45 n God say u go still born u will my dear.So don't worry ur self

  19. He's not well educated,he doesn't speak good English,he practically takes care of 70% percent of my needs.he cares about me so much and worships the ground that I walk on,he also does well in business and he wants me to marry him.guys what do I do,should I ignore his shortcomings and marry him?
    Pls I need your sincere advice

    1. What shortcomings? Has speaking good English put money in your account before? If the man is a good man and is not insecure or intimidated by your educational qualifications, marry him o.

    2. You've mentioned what most people would love to have in a man yet you ask questions only you have answers to.

      What are your priorities in a man? If he's got most of them, go for it. But if na English you want chop inside marriage, issorai!

    3. If you don't want him then you don't! Stop asking questions only you are in the best possible position to answer. It is a life time decision so ask yourself if you can deal with his 'shortcomings' good luck.

  20. @ Stella pls keep loading more labour room drama, very funny, craze and interesting.

  21. Anon 2:25 my dear please go for that man, you can upgrade him to your taste. The most important thing in a relationship is having a man that loves you more than his own life and don't forget that you might end up with a classy man who wouldn't know your worth.

  22. CS is ok as my 3 kids are all through CS, I know my wife pass pains but is far better for as man, u know wot i mean


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