Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama - 82


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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Labour Room Drama - 82

This is what i call drama that didnt get to the Labour room!

Hello Stella,
 Have been reading LR drama since the beginning cause I love it soon much but have not seen any story like mine.  

Am 27 and I have 2 baby girls.  

My first pregnancy was very smooth, no vomiting, tiredness I was travelling from one place to another. Even though everyone  around me was worried about me. 

My EDD was for 7th January 2015. I registered with a private hospital but due to fear I went to register again in a government hospital. Since I saw my mucous plug and wasnt in pains and my doctor had no explanation on the 35th week. 

On the day I registered I couldn't see the doctor but was scheduled to come again on a Friday to come back with my test results and scans. On that Friday I saw the doctor and he gave me the news I never expected that my pelvis might be too small for the baby and might need a CS. 

I was cold and confused, I got home I told my hubby and he calmed me down that I should trust God. After eating indomie and suya I slept off. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain I woke hubby and went to pee  like few minutes again I went to pee. I felt like pooing but nothing. My hubby had already packed  my bag since the mucous plug as am very lazy in packing and I felt it's till January now. 

Hubby insisted we go to the hospital. Our car was faulty so he  called his mum since she was nearby around 12am. We gisted till we reached the hospital cause I was already okay but hubby insisted I should be checked. We got there and I was asked to undress which I did sharply as I wanted to return back home fast.

  I laid down and she kept two fingers in my punani and said I was 2cm dilated that I might need to wait which might take hours but she can help me by inducing me to make  it fast. I told her to do it as I was tired of the pregnancy. she injected me and by 3am I had my bundle of joy. The Doctor Who told me my pelvis is too small saw me the second day and was amazed and asking how come? I told him na God o. 

Everybody was amazed at how fast it was. I gave birth on the 37th week. She will be four by December 22. My second pregnancy started  with drama as I already registered from 2months. Headache, Measles, tiredness, vomiting and all I read about pregnancy and I didn't experience with the first. I was wondering if na the same body I take carry the first be dis?  Hubby was tired cause every week I go for antenatal I buy drugs I can't be left at home alone cos I was always of complaining of one thing or another.  On the 35th week I couldn't walk from my house to the gate without pains in my lower abdomen.  I went to the doctor and I was  told it was contractions and was given drugs to stop it and that I should rest. 

I was angry coz have been resting since the beginning of the pregnancy and hubby has  been doing everything in the house and yet the doctors keep saying am stressing myself too much.  Imagine?  My edd was for 12th December. I couldn't wait again I begged my doctor for an induction but he advised that on the edd if nothing shows I should come for it. On 10th my hubbys friend came to visit us so we gisted till 12am and we went in, just 30mins after dis stomach pain started and I was urinating like every 2mins I tried enduring the pain. Made hot tea,strolled round the living room as I didn't want to wake hubby since he just entered to sleep. 

I couldn't bear it I woke him up and he advised we go to the hospital I said no it's too late in the night and I ll manage till morning. I tried but couldn't as the pain that comes every 30mins was now permanent.  We rushed out, woke his friend and carried my baby girl in the car. The road to our house is very bad though hubby tried to be gentle even though I was shouting. On our way I just told hubby it's time and he was like hold on till we reach the hospital. His friend was kabashing while my daughter was stunned on what's happening.

 I told hubby I need to pull my pants he said no please don't. I pulled  it off and the next thing we heard in the car was a cry of a baby. My hubby said Whats that?  I said baby as I sat in the front seat and pushed the seat backwards and kept my legs on the dashboard. I remained like that till we got to the hospital. The nurses came to cut the umbilical cord in the car and rushed her in and later took me in to remove the placenta as I was weak already.

 My baby girl came on 11th and she's 1year now. My daughter still talks about this experience till date on how her daddy put baby in her mummy bum bum and there's blood everywhere lol.. Children are blessings.

 God bless every woman ttc. May God bless your home with bundles of joy. Am sorry for the long epistle.  Reading the LR drama makes me count my blessings.  Am sorry for any gbagaun na try I dey try. No vex

WOW.....This is real drama!...yours was so easy and the doctor said you have a small pelvic?Thank God for you my dear!


  1. Thank God for seeing you true, delivering inside the car and for the doctors saying ur pelvic is too small, you see whose report will you believe. I speak to all the TTC... that all of ur miracles are on the way just keep believing, there is nothing God can't do.

  2. This woman! Wow
    You have very short labour oh.
    All this while you were feeling pain in your second pregnancy... your cervix was just dilating. I like!!!

    Shebi ones body can respond differently to pregnancies?... why can't mine be without morningafternoonsickness now?(that's one word oh, cos the sickness doesn't end after 12 noon)

    1. I'm always in and out of hospital when I'm pregnant. Can't eat always sick and vomiting. All the midwives in Queen Elizabeth,they don sabi me. Till date whenever we see they still recognise me and ask after my children.

    2. Hahahahaha
      Yours is really bad then... like your Kate Middleton's own.

      I just want to feel absolutely no nausea in my next pregnancy abeg!

  3. Aww was a bit easy for you. May God be praised

    Next time.. run to the hospital at any little sign you get.

  4.!just like the Hebrew woman..congrats dear..missylynn

  5. Short labour is all I ask lord!!!

  6. SOme Doctors love CS like suya. But God pass them.
    This same small pelvic was the reason I was operated on but my 2nd preggy was normal with short labour.

  7. It's her PELVIS that was too small; the PELVIC bone comprises of just the hip bone while the PELVIS is a compound bone structure that comprises the hip bone, the coccyx and the sacrum(supports the legs). If the PELVIS is too small, it may not be wide enough for a baby to pass through those three components I mentioned but God made it possible for this lady.

  8. Only the report of the lord is valid indeed...Thank God for his goodness

  9. U gave birth in the car? Wow!!!

    Ur second baby's name should be Caroline. Lol

  10. I am glad u believed in God's report not of the doctor

  11. I love love.... Very dramatic.

    Side eyes at Stella and all of you 😋

  12. Awww children are blessing indeed ...can't wait to marry and experience child bearing. I do imagine having a mini me I will kiss him/her every minute of the day.

  13. God really bless you, na you be the real Hebrew woman. Thank God for you

  14. #Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important and capture the good times, and if things don't work out, just take another shot*

  15. Thank God for you poster. Labour is not easy no matter how short it is.

  16. Enter your comment...I have been touched by an angel is dat u?

  17. you thank your God if you go in there and come out. i lost my frind last week friday. RIP mrs adejoro.

    i just do not know how dammy and Sesan would cope. it is well


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