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Monday, October 31, 2016

MONDAY In House News

Hello Darling Blog Visitors.....
It is a good day.
#CookiesAndCream Is Still Missing!..This is so strange!

This Beautiful woman you are looking at is my BIGGEST FAN ALIVE...
so she says!

I am BV sassy chick, your self acclaimed blog best friend lol. I am your biggest fan alive. Will you do me the honour of using my beautiful picture as your face of IHN lol. Love you*

HA...I accept the BFF-ship oooh...any other one is fake,you are all...See Beauty!


Dear stella,how are you i hope you are doing well. Please help me use my queen and princess for face of ihn. I know they over qualify. My wife brought to this world this beautiful angel today. 

My joy knows no bound. She will see this post when ever she recovers. Please i am using this medium to thank her once again for making me a dad. My family and i so much appreciate her effort and i love her so much. I am a Ghanaian and my wife brought me to this online family. Now i visit pass her. She is ladybird banks. Off to carry my baby o. Pls don't mind her nose o. She is almost due in this pics. Hahaahaha

Congratulations on your bundle of Joy....Please dont forget to assist her with the house chores in any way that you can to help her relax okay?And give the thing time to heal ooooh...LOL



This lovely bride to be is looking for a really good and affordable Makeup artiste in Abuja for a
2 days job. Please note I said Affordable oo..working on a tight budget in this hard times.
Whatsapp me on 07031301832 if interested.

Thank you Stella.



Hi stellz I love the opportunity you have given us to express ourself, will cut to d chase am not here 2 lay out problems but I need help.
My wedding anniversary is coming up soon and when I mean soon very very soon. please I need your idea and that of bvs to help me out here. My question is what kind of gift can I get for my hubby for our 1yr anniversary that would wow him?.



My Beautiful friend Angel Beautiful who did IVF giveaway to three women
on this blog has welcomed her pitter patter of tiny feet in faraway America.
Please join me in wishing mother and child all the best.
Angel Beautiful may God cause this baby to open heavens store house of goodness and mercy on your head from henceforth in Jesus name.
My darling friend,as you give so selflessly,May you always seek and find
in Jesus name.
I love you plenty plenty.

Just me SDK


Urgent Job Vacancy - Immediate Work Placement

A vacancy for a temp has just arisen in our office in Ikoyi and there is a need for an urgent placement for an accountant that can be interviewed on Monday and start work on Tuesday.
The criteria includes:

1. Must be a qualified accountant (or be in the final stages of professional exams)
2. Advanced skills in excel and microsoft office packages
3. Very hardworking and willing to work in a very fast paced office environment with reporting deadlines

4. Salary is about N100,862.50K per month gross
Please send CVs to

( i just set up this email address since i cannot use my official email)


I have a beautiful wedding dress that I'd like to give to someone that really needs it. I planned on changing twice at my wedding but we got carried away after changing once. If anyone is interested please let me know. It's never been worn and its around a size 10/12. Please contact me if interested.



Hello Stellz, how you doing?
I have been a regular BV for some years now my lovely sister introduced me(shes an addict) lol!.
I love your blog like kilode. Please keep it up‎. God will continue to bless you darling! *kisses*
Please, I will like to give these shoes to any BV that is really in need of it, it has been used twice, it's size 38/39. I want to give two persons.
Lagos BV that stays on the mainland.
Interested :07053334876

I pray as I give the little I have that God will have mercy and bless me with my heart desires in Jesus name.


Thanks Stella



My greatest BV's ! Great!

Your girl/fellow bvite is coming to Germany this weekend (staying for a week).
Please I would like Info on SUPer affordable guest houses around Hamburg (I am on a tight budget) and I would love Info on places to visit and how to move around easily.

I can be reached on 08097997816 .

Kisses and thanks


Classy AND Sassy SDK Xmas giveaway!!!

Tis the season to be happy and Classy and Sassy Events will love to make 5 families happy this Xmas with a gift of a live turkey and a grocery hamper. We will be partial to widowed blog visitors with kids and in dire need!!!

Please this giveaway is only for BVs with IDs. 

If you are interested,please send mail to Nobody should please insult anyone.
These items will be made available for pickup in Surulere by the first week of December.
We also have a huge number of Live Turkeys
 and various sizes of Xmas Hampers for sale! BVs should call or whatsapp 08028560124 if interested in purchasing.


Please if you are selling carton of Chicken and Turkey at discounted prices and your Bag of rice is still affordable,please contact SDK and she will pass the info to me.
Thank you.



Hello Stella Dimoko!
Greetings to you and your family, hope all is well? Happy winter.
Please, help me post these cards for your BVs.
May God continue to reward you abundantly in every aspect of your life.
Thanks for touching lives positively.

563 255 5765 82030
563 255 4250 53191
563 255 6205 60517
563 255 7118 77019
563 255 7401 95489
56369 78449 83258
56369 97557 89026
56370 44260 47325
56370 28812 30022
50369 01864 93302
50368 99615 88496

4973 2191 7830 6768
3313 5875 0258 2178
8003 5282 6772 9135
3040 6766 1389 4857
7803 5583 2229 8945
0364 3571 9825 9251
6746 1531 9859 8304

0062 9293 7814
4226 0737 1527
9533 1050 9859


9928 1125 3310 090
7726 1092 4770 604
6665 5472 9444 319
0059 4050 5885 861
4312 5214 3063 243
4352 9160 5115 321
3241 8446 5463 201

Please, anyone who load the card should indicate.

Mrs Romas,theres something about you...your online aura,I love it!

My online BFF are too much so please step into reality with me.
Thank you for this.
Can i call you?As a European that you IS nowwwww



A confectionery located in Ikotun is in urgent need of skilled bakers and decorators with knowledge of butter icing and fondant.
Applicants should send in their application to and include their phone numbers or call 07015999157.
Proximity to Ikotun and environs will also be considered. 

Thanks SDK for all the wonderful employees we've gotten
 through this platform.



Arkiemz limited (a company into building services) is in need of Markers.Requirement is at least OND qualification.

Salary is on commission basis.
Send CVs to


Good day Stella

I am a consistent visitor of your blog and would love to commend you on how helpful your blog has been to me.
My name is Eunice and an aspiring entrepreneur(hair stylist), my sole aim is to make life easier for every woman if possible and to make them look good at a very affordable rate.
I am an hairstylist and would love to do 10 give away promo for 10 beautiful ladies with lovely hair texture due to the nature of the offer which includes(Ghana weaving and braids either box, twist or crotchet of any kind)for the purpose of showcasing my brand. The free hair would start by November and 3 beautiful bride would also have the opportunity to make near free bridal hair on their day.
Offers are only for ladies within Lagos. Anyone interested should send a chat showing their address and also forward the picture of their hair via whatapp :08155497082 or send an email to

Thank you!

Warm Regards
Eunice Tinuayo



Good day Stellar diamond. I thought to share how I found this wonderful blog and i am now stuck with it.

I was visiting other social forums and blogs regularly but each time there is a breaking news, sdk is acknowledged. ' New news' and controversial stories come from here and more often than not, the source is from sdk blog.

I just jejely advised myself that why do i need to be using spoon to fetch water from the river when i can freely dive in and swim in that same river. Na so i carry myself come here.

So far so good, sdk blog rocks. I visit the blog at all times of the day. I love the comments of bvs ( hilarious and annoying ), ihn, chronicles of bvs.

The blog is not abstract, it's real as it deals with what concerns us daily. I am so carried along with most of the posts .

Got more endeared when i sent my chronicles and got the wonderful and unbiased comments of bvs. Real solution.

Stellar diamond, you've got a heart of gold. God bless you continuously.

 I love you.



A new Luxury Lounge opening first week of November, needs the service of the following:
- Asun Guy for Asun spot
- Sharwama Guy for sharwama Spot.
- Barbecue Fish maker.
-Mai Suya for Suya spot.
They should all reside around Anthony area for Proximity.

 Pls call 08064206221.

Note: Very Urgent. Thanks Stella.



Please bvns,someone should please help me with the book" 
supernatural childbirth".I really need to read it,even if it means giving it back to the person later.Please help o!!!!!!!
My number is 08121503631


Im in need of a small chops vendor (springroll, samosa, puff puff, mosa and beef) at a very affordable rate but its a very large quantity for an event in Abuja. Anyone who can provide this can reach me on 08079446583 to
 discuss further.




  1. Its Monday IHN….

    Motherhood rocks!

    Productive weeks @u’all

    Stella -See orisirisi advert for your blog o! hmmm we bless God *hugs*


    1. Congratulations baba baby -God bless your baby, assist your wife as much as you can. God bless u

    2. Congratulations angel beautiful with a beautiful heart.

  2. Stella I know this EU time change will throw us off balance, hahahaha. Welcome first IHN of the week.
    It is my day, HBD to my humble self. I wish my self all the best.

    1. Happy Birthday Adadioramma.
      More Blessings Ma'am

    2. Hbd
      May ur days on earth be fruitful😘

    3. Happy birthday to you and God bless you.

    4. Happy birthday dear.. wishing you heavens best

    5. Happy birthday Adadioramma wishing u all d best.

  3. Memo To Portable Viv
    On friday Chronicles of Bvs,you wrote that I'm still a child when it comes to relationship issues
    Now let me ask u some questions
    Did the poster exclude ME from commenting on the post?
    Did the poster ask that no advice should be given from single ladies?
    Does being married validates common sense?
    If u notice well,I rarely comment on chronicles but whenever I decide to comment,I do that bcos I can relate to the story
    That I'm young doesn't mean I'm limited in reasoning
    Pls and pls,breathe and let me also breathe on this blog
    I'm very respectful and will address u in a very respectful manner even when I know u are younger than I am,and do u know why? Bcos I want to be respected too
    Forget ur age or the fact that u are married...I am putting it to you categorically,that there are some things in life that I will humble u to
    You have no idea of how much I've experienced in life...
    I'm a very jovial person bcos I love being happy always pls embrace happiness...
    Thank u

    1. Stop taking things serious Biko...... U too like call out.
      Something happened on Friday and u carried it over to a new week.
      Grow up naaa
      And I didn't take it that serious when I wrote that.

    2. U haff vex ibukunoluwa. I like how u just expressed yourself πŸ˜‹

    3. Look at u coming here to write epistle,wen u get rude to others who complained,I remember on dis morning spontaneous post sumone asked on d cream to use to cure eczema but made a typo but d only tin u did was to bash d person right.

  4. Awesome day bvs!
    Hi5 Stella πŸ™‹

  5. Don't know y am feeling lik dis, my gym instructor is seriously turning me on, any time he is massaging me I feel very horny, cos he touches everywhere. To the extent I always avoid massage, but he always insist I do it... God pls I love my husband, I no wan do mistake cheat on am. Mbok

    1. I think you are already on your way to cheating. If you really love your husband, run for your life

    2. Then look for another gym.

    3. Your gym instructor is touching everywhere and you're married?

      Ok oh

  6. In house news is here!

    Hope everybody’s weekend was superb? Mine was super stressful and I had to wake up early to go to the market to get clothings and other stuffs. Chai, all the sellers were just like, ‘na stock, reason e take cost be that’, ‘na original this one be’. Who now sells the clothe that washes after two wears? May God help me and promote me to the level of shopping with asos without lamenting about price.
    I just heard you say who ask me all this one, I just feel like yarning jare…..
    Chai…all those eko idumota bus and the drug marketers though. I get so convinced on the authenticity of their drugs but abeg I cant come and be abusing drug jare….. Who has ever bought drugs in those buses and were they effective?
    I hope you all are having a lovely day. Wishing you everybody the best week ever. Don’t worry eh. God’s got you.
    PS: this is my longest comment on this blog…..phew. How do you guys do it daily?

  7. Ahhhh Mrs Romas no Airtel??? Choiii

  8. Beautiful day people! Prayer is the key.Happy to be back on ihn.

  9. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa last IHN of the month

  10. So my favourite cracker biscuits has been reduced to 2.
    It is well with this recession.
    Please Bvns who wouldn't mind me supplying their organizations with my well packaged jam doughnuts or snacks should please reach me.
    This recession is real,A girl has got to do what a girl has to do.#survivalmodeactivated.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

    1. Am sure you are talking about bellozzi, its so painful

  11. Was at ICM the other day and saw Christmas decorations. I began to wonder "how time flies"! Wow, Christmas is less than 2 months away. Wasn't it like yesterday when we were wishing each other happy new year on this blog?

  12. Portable viv, grab dat shoki FAST!

  13. I need Richard card. Queen and Boss know that I love you.

  14. IHN IS HERE !

  15. Must be a good week for me. I loaded 100 naira Etisalat card. God enrich the sender.

  16. Stella you really put me on high jump over the weekend with your 'tunde, tunde, ur gf is the bride at this wedding o!' pix...have been on my bf's case...
    Can't wait for him to be back so I can smell blokos for other DNA

    Happy new week bvs and #irepNOV
    God please come and give me birthday miracles
    It's me, original #Miss Kay#

  17. Crashing through the crowded halls,
    Dodging girls like ping pong balls,
    Just to reach the bathroom on time
    (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
    Leaping over laundry piles,
    Diapers you can smell for miles,
    Guy's gotta do what he can to survive!
    In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
    Duck, dodge, push and shove,
    It's how we show our love!
    In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
    One boy and ten girls
    (Wouldn't trade it for the world!)
    Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!
    Lily: (spoken) Poo-poo!

    If u don't kno dis song den forget me don't Eva talk to me again!πŸ˜₯ Ikwakwakwakwakwa

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin )

  18. Good afternoon,see shoki.please who can help me I need a job...

  19. And surprisingly i loaded 400naira card but na my mum phone i load am, we go wrestle to collect am back

  20. Xmas giveaways already!!! Merry Xmas in advance BVs

    1. Let me perch here
      BV sassy chick you are very pretty. Can we be friends already πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

      God bless all ye givers, you will always have more than enough in Jess name

      Please that shoe giver away is not appealing at all, am sorry to say.

      That wedding dress is b e a u t I f u l!

      Madam that needs supernatural childbirth, it's every where and cost btw 500-1000

      Stella ur sign out is bae

  21. Please BVNS I need your opinions, I want to go on 7 days white fasting. I want to request special things from God. What should I do and what I shouldn't do? Please give me bible verses to read. May God answer our prayers, Ronalda please and please comment. Help a sister who is seekinf favor from God. 

    1. Let your desires be made known unto God, remove bitterness and unforgiveness from your heart. If possible abstain from sex and believe that God will answer you

    2. Depends on what you want so that's the scripture you'll use.

      When you begin, just meditate a lot, study your Bible at any opportunity you find.

  22. I loaded a Glo card. God bless Mrs romas.

  23. Please BVNS I need your opinions, I want to go on 7 days white fasting. I want to request special things from God. What should I do and what I shouldn't do? Please give me bible verses to read. May God answer our prayers, Ronalda please and please comment. Help a sister who is seekinf favor from God. 

  24. IHN...
    Hello sweeties.
    Who wanna play with me?
    Nma De gallant Mrs howdy?
    Xoxo show face small nau, whatagua?

    1. Emjay go hospital treat the plenty boil and craw craw in your va***a before anyone can play with you

  25. A very sunny afternoon. I'm grateful for life......Recuperating

  26. Welcome ihn, hope you all are good. Please you all should help me thank Mrs roma, she gifted me with 2k card my own card yesterday. And that woman has been so good to me, bvs don't asked me in what way. I don't want you people to start swallowing me here again. God bless you ma and God bless you stella, I know have not been of a good conduct before here, please stella am sorry as well ma. i love you all.

    1. My dear everybody can't have it all
      Keep collecting and I pray people keep blessing u
      Enjoy jare😘

  27. Bv Sassy Chic you're beautiful
    God bless us all here. Madam Joy I bless God for you and your baby!!!

    So Mrs Romas God bless you for the cards. Wetin airtel users do you na?

  28. IHN,hey lovelies.Bv sassy chic,you cute.What can I say? We Sassies are damn fine.And I noticed that almost all the sassies on here are lawyers.We Sassy like that...hehehehe.
    What did I read again?

  29. Welcome IHN. Shoki rain.... I got glo

  30. Wow, it's IHN again
    My favourite post on stella's blog
    #vote stella dimoko korkus blog #
    # for Nigeria writers award #
    # few days left #

  31. Ihn now 2pm, congrats Angel beautiful. Guys I need you to say a prayer of success for me, i'll be writing my professional exams this month, hope I ace it.
    Can't afford to pay the fees twice biko

  32. ..please fashionistas In the house, what can a petite lady size 10 wear as a wedding guest and look so classy..? Help a sister........ I'm attending a secondary school friend's wedding next week and it's gonna be a reunion, don't want to look razz. Stella please post my comment biko

  33. naughty by nature31 October 2016 at 14:07

    IHN back to 2pm.
    Life's too short to be anything but happy. Too many sad peeps moving around. Life's not as complicated as we make it seem. If life gives you lemon,by all means find a way to make lemonades out of it. No matter how negative things seem,find a little positive and sarcasm out of it..
    C'mon lighten up..

  34. I am so disappointed at the level of foolishness some BV's exhibit here. I posted on Saturday morning that I had an apple and a finger of banana...come and see insult from front, back, left, right and centre... with enough name calling ranging from mgbeke to ewu to idiot and all that. One banana from a bunch is called a finger. Our phones should not be for chatting alone...we should go online and improve on our knowledge. Google is our friend.

  35. Sassy chick yes yes you are beautiful ,that wedding dress is the truth ,congrats baby daddy ,your princess is so so cute ,dont worry about her nose ,na stella take style dey distribute her nose

  36. in house news,why were you late?

  37. Welcome in house. Congrats on your bundle of joy @ Angel beautiful.
    Mr Ghanaian, congrats.

    God bless the givers. Beautiful face of in house.

  38. Today's ihn was power packed.

    Congrats to all Christmas giveway winners.

    Today is hot oo, rain please fall again

  39. Yay ihn is back to 2pm..
    Mrs Romas thanks for all these shoki arh!! Though i didnt load any bt my God bless u immensely.
    Happy new week to you all, God is still in the business of answering prayers, no matter wat ur going through he will make a way.

    I love u all.

  40. See rain of shoki, sadly I didn't get anyone+ Damn that wedding dress is hottttttttt!,too sexy for my spiritual eyes lollz.
    So many bvns are welcoming their babies.May them all grow in grace.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  41. Wow
    Its been a while..
    Stella I had a dream about youπŸ˜ƒ..very funny dream..

  42. Ihn nnoo!!! Loaded Glo card(2). Thanks so much Mrs Romans! Thanks Stella

  43. I got one Etisalt worth 200 naira,thanks alot Mrs R...

  44. TGIM!!! IHN is here!

    Just for laughs.

    Nigeria Police Don Come Again Ooo!!!

    A man was going around 1.00am alone in his car, he got to a check point.
    The policeman stopped him and asked for everything which he gave out.
    The police had nothing to ask again, in order to charge him, guess what the police man said; "I charge you for driving alone at this time of the day, if you come get accident who’ll go tell your people?"
    The man replied: I'm not alone, Jesus Christ is with me here, Angel Gabriel, Angel Raphael, Angel Michael and five angels are with me here.
    The policeman said: "all these people inside this your small car? I charge you for overloading!!!”

  45. haa
    na m last to comment.. anyway
    ihn welcome


  46. Enter your comment... ihn is here

  47. Please BVs,my boo's birthday is coming up in two week's time.I'm really low on cash now so all I can spare is 30k.It's a new relationship so I'm kinda confused on what to get him as a birthday gift.What can 30k afford that's reasonable please? He has a high taste o,thanks guys.

    1. naughty by nature31 October 2016 at 15:06

      Since he's still your boyfriend,i don't wanna suggest mind blowing somethingπŸ˜ƒ
      Buy him a classy shoe..maybe a brogues..fashionable guys dig it

  48. Someone should pls bless me with 5k. Help a sister pls

  49. ihn is here ooo... God bless the givers and receivers...

  50. That wedding dress is beautiful. Congratulations to the new mother..
    Sassy please take it easy. I know you are Queen eliza onye bekee. The word "adamant" that I used was not a mistake or that I don't know how to use dormant. I choose to use my own kind of word to make my sentence. It's not an examination in here. I am not writing because I want to get grades. For the love of the freedom we all exercise on this blog, jiri ya nwayo nne. Thanks.

    To all the mothers who tie their babies on their back while on top of a bike(okada), have you ever imagined(God forbid) that baby falling off your back mistakenly? What if the bike man jumps into a pot hole and boom your wrapper let loose and your baby falls off? It happened today right before my very own eye and the rest is history. Please carry your child/baby on your hand while on a bike. For the love of God.
    Anonymous continue from where you stopped o!

  51. Sassy you're soo beautiful πŸ˜„.
    Happy new week bvs, Queen nd boss how are you doing? 😍
    So all my life I've bn thinking I prefer injections to drugs, but now I'm faced with both I don't even know where I stand. My bum bum

  52. Mtn bvs una doh oh @ 2:05 all the cards were loaded.
    God bless the givers

  53. Angel beautiful
    Congrats on your baby
    Mrs Romas,thanks for the cards though I didn't load
    God bless the givers and receivers amen

  54. Someone should pls bless me with 5k. Help a sister pls

  55. Sassy Chick you're so beautiful
    Congrats to Angel beautiful and Ladybird banks

  56. Abeg av heard plenty things but the one i heard yesterday has got me thinking.
    A guy mentioned that he "got wet" while making out with a i am not understanding ooo

  57. Thank you Mrs Romas loaded mtn #400 for my mum

  58. Someone should pls bless me with 5k. Help a sister pls

  59. Sassy chick wetin you put for your head wey dey white like this. Fine girl weldone oo.

    Thank God for our Angel beautiful. God keep you and your baby Amen.

    Oga thank God for you too. Lovely wife and baby. Please do better omugwo for your wife oo. She needs better hot pepper soup to keep body and soul warm. Also be giving her pounded yam to eat with better vegetable soup.

    The lady that wants to gift her husband for 1 year anniversary, what is your husband giving you too? I hope he will surprise you too. Get him air ticket to travel to any state or country of his choice.

    Mrs. Romas that is good. So many witches on this blog ooo. See as the cards disappear viam. Na wa.

    Stella na wa ooo. I never read my books at all. This your blog na wa ooo. the magnet is too much jare. Make i take prayer break am small, so that i can read. I have exams this weekend.

    Happy new week to everyone of us Amen. Love you all. Oya who love me, make una pray for me to read my books.

  60. Sassy chick you're beautiful. me like yo he he he he he he

  61. as fast and early as i was i still didnt meet the recharge card giveaway...sumpipu sha

  62. that wedding dress is so so beautiful... big congrats to whoever gets it..

    1. I am telling you, its the truth. Poster will recieve lots of mails.

  63. The lady looking for the book supernatural childbirth which state are you?

  64. that wedding gown is soo foiyn........

    thanks mrs romas......i ws able to load one..muah!

  65. Sassy check is beautiful. God views Mrs Romas,
    And those that want to give away hampers.

  66. God bless the givers and the receivers.

    Mrs Romas, que Dieu vous bΓ©nissez.

  67. The lady looking for small chops vendors check out @daintychops on Instagram

  68. Ihn ti de.
    Goodbye october

    Wishing us happy November in my "Gucci" work clothes.
    Side eyes at chickito the professional ashewo. Pls Goan marry 38 no be 28 no dey dull yourself. U go sleep with your sugar daddies finish throughout the week collect garri spray and recent gists to enter Sdk blog to form omniknowest. Wat work u dey wey u dey type epistle on Mon morin.

  69. Nawa for people on this blog oo.I opened this post exactly 2:01 and all the cards had been used.Anyways I only wanted to load it for my grandma

  70. All th3se face on ihn, abeg where dem been day all those era of s and m?
    Its only the dragons that wee be adding someborrie

  71. Congratulations angel beautiful...😘😘😘
    Mrs Roman..... That's so nice of u, magic fingers una well done.

    Sassy chick..... U are beautiful, are still single and searching?
    I have abroad brother I want to hook u with.

    2nd face of IHN.... Congratulations n kisses to ur baby.

    Beautiful give away dress..... More like a sexy n classy wedding dress.

    Shoes giveaway.... 😯

  72. So we are now going back to our 2.00 p.m. IHN. That is good. Because i tire to refresh

  73. I love the faces of IHN. Congrats Sir and the lady who had her baby through a successful IVF.
    Ladies and Gentlemen pls stop recording yourselves during sex. Be it homosexual or heterosexual sex. If you want to see what you look like during the act, do it in front of a mirror. If you are sending nudes don't snap your face or allow your birthmark or tatoos show so you can deny it if it leaks. Even if you are sending it to your husband or wife, remember what happened to Anita Joseph. A word they say.....

  74. Wow ihn is here,@least I got something since 2years now thank u bv Mrs Romas for the airtime I loaded #400 mtn.

  75. Beautiful sassy chic!
    Congrats to all new mums and babies, wish you all quick recovery, strength to do all you have to as you care for your new addition.
    That wedding dress is beautiful.
    Happy new week to everyone, this could be my first direct IHN comment, I am gradually becoming a bv �� ��


  76. I'm already feeling Christmas in the air,went shopping today and I saw some amazing Christmas decorations.
    Thinking of where to spend this year's.
    White christmas tree on my mind.

  77. Am I the first?

  78. Priceless jewel I love u like kilode but for frying plantain for daddy and eating half, kneel down and raise your hands sharperly.
    Tuai tuaai . oya cry away

    Swag Lafresh if your 18g and Ideato bride 18 g don finish make una talk. If I find your comment missing, u go receive flogging. I wan renew megabyte for una. Talkiooooo

  79. Hamburg is one of the most expensive city in Germany. ...The last time I was there I paid 80 euro a night×4 night the hotel was nothing to write home about. and the breakfast was shit. U can check for apartments on booking. Com or better still search for hostel .

  80. Yemi7up or whatever your name is, stop seeking for attention on Sdk.we have seen you and your latest antics to trend on this blog. So for your mind, you know Ezenwanyi?

  81. Spirits everywhere, the day I will load a card here, na serious thanksgiving. God bless the givers, so many giveaways today.

    Mrs. Romas, God bless you abundantly.

  82. Zaps out of depressing mood... My life is a beautiful testimony. God, complete what you have started. No one/ nothing can take my joy away. I am too blessed... I love love God... His handwork is always very clear

  83. Awwww... the lil princessa up there is so cute! Congratulations sir!

  84. That wedding dress is so fine, I wish I don see who marry me nah, I would have applied for it.

  85. From Chidimma award post and comments, d only film I want to watch b4 dis yr ends is lesbian video between Queen and boss Linda Eze and the general wife, Pipi Lee will be giving dem different cucumbers and dildos to use, while Fan Emmanuel will hold d light pole from top so video go clear. I wan pay big money, plenty money.make una hurry

  86. I've got Supernatural Childbirth in pdf. You can send me a mail if you want it.

    1. I need to read that book o. Mail sent.

    2. Need to read this book mehn, mail sent

  87. The timing has changed πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½. When one had gotten so used to the 1pm

  88. Congrats to the Bv that gave birth, God bless your bundle of joy.

    You're beautiful Sassy chick.....

    Have a great week people!

  89. Awww oga I love the way you love your wife
    That wedding dress is heavenly.
    Ah shoki, but I no even grab anyone. Bvs kilode?
    Amen, muah Stella baby

  90. Fast fingers full dis blog abeg(I carry my big yansh for una). My father my father connect me to the right people before this year runs out. AMEN

  91. Oh, face of IHN is beautiful!
    That dress! *lovestruck*

  92. Stellz some faceless people just shokied the whole cards. Haba!!! This is witchcraft joor. Lolll

  93. Sassy chick, you're beauriful 😍

    Ladybird banks congrats.

    Mrs Romas πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Sharon Aminu, I've been under the canopy of God. I don come back.

  94. God bless the givers.

  95. Festive season already in the air.
    SDK keeping it real.
    Classy chic make you reserve one for me too now. Although mi not in the category u mentioned.

  96. Hey congrats to all the blog newest mummies.
    Hey Sassy u a fine gurl o!
    BV who wants to buy a gift for hubby you didnt state your budget. You can buy him a car *wink* can buy him a jersey customized in the pet name you call him (thats if he likes football)....but buy him something nice n unique.

    #I am a fruitful vine, I am a joyful mother of covenant children

  97. Awwwww ihn is here I came late.
    Thanks to everyone who didn't drown me on the post. (Side eye) at eka joy πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    I will be back to combine all the list of those who didn't drown me. (tongueout) πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
    Shakes bum bum outta post.. Sandy Nekky biko I started squatting like you advised, my legs wan break. How many squat should I do in a day? So my bakassi cab be big like yours, I wanna rock this Xmas with big German juice.. Una go see photos shock. All my aaayters πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  98. Sassy fine wan fine like you ooo
    OmG...thank Heaven for a successful advanced course ..Choi*ikorodu wan finish me...Young Artisan*chuckle*

  99. Pls where can I download jenifas diary ooo.I need some laughs in my life right now.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  100. May God bless you @ Mrs Romas, though I loaded none but still grateful to you for your kind gesture. Above all, God bless Stella nwanyi oma. Muah!!!!

  101. Ye........ah I'm last to comment. Thank you thank you.

  102. Welcome IHN.
    Congratulations ladybird, and IVF angel. God bless both mum's and babies.

    That wedding gown is baaaaaaad assssss mehn... congrats to whoever wins it.

  103. Sassy Chick is beautiful,congratulations BV Lady Bird Banks,Mrs Romas you too much,and a big Amen to the sign out note.

  104. This wedding dress is da truth! Wow! God bless you giver
    Supernatural childbirth is sold everywhere Bustops, bookshops, etc
    I'm so grateful for everything Jesus has been doing inspite of all. Please guys in d midst of current trends don't loose hope, always praise God, pray more and read ur Bible more..... God will never let you be disgraced.... His children would never beg for bread. This would definitely pass, I assure you

  105. naughty by nature31 October 2016 at 14:35

    Babe looking for anniversary gift,that's easy now..
    Just lay in bed naked when he comes home..make sure the room is clean and smelling sexy..and go work on him..don't just lay there like a log of wood o..infact he should be the one lying this and you've given him the best anniversary gift ever..I'm guessing your WNB wasn't so eventful. Don't repeat the same mistake.
    Fcuk the living day light out of himπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ that's just my naughty advise

  106. Missed out in the Shoki, and I really need airtime. October is about ending, let there be supernatural turnaround in my life... Lord perfect my Miracle, send me Benefactors

  107. God bless the givers and receivers

  108. Amen to the prayer.

    Gid bless all the givers.

    Lord pls pick my call. Don't let the school send my kids back cos if school fees.

  109. Beautiful wedding gown, very beautiful if that's how it is. Sassychic, u look very tapping. Angel beautiful, God bless you and your baby congrats dear. God and posterity will never forget what you did for beevees.

    Oga congrats on the birth of your baby, your wife fine.

  110. This shall also pass! Amen!!!

  111. "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels...........Though I had the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and know all knowledge and had all faith so that I could move mountains...........Though I bestow all my goods to the poor and I give my body to be burned......."
    Secret Santa still no go reach me.So santa or no,I'll still be here next christmas like I was last christmas and those before.You rock Stella!

    (Excerpt from the bible)

    Ihn o tide o!(What does this even mean?)
    Why is it still raining bikonu?

  112. OlaGold (add up 58BF8F56 for 18-24k raw gold dust and bar)31 October 2016 at 14:38

    Amen to the signing out post. Uhmmm Christmas... God Bless all the givers and receivers.

  113. Women, living a life of pretence that doesn't help them, since nineteen kridim. Ever saying that marriage is overrated, not an achievement and all the other blablabla, yet at every chance, would tell the men that they are single and would want to be taken. Each time they take a picture or wave a hand, they display conspicuously, their left palm making sure the fingers are seen even by the blind.
    Todays FOIHN, you are sighted and you are being had in mind. Bless God for making you pretty, yes you had no hand in it!

    1. True, many ladies are like that, they want to marry but pretend like they don't need a man. Yes marriage isn't everything but it's something that many ppl wantu experience.
      Whatever your heart desire is, confess it....

  114. Stella why d delay in posting IHN? now i don miss all d shoki. I see for dream last nyt where I renewed my subscription with todays shoki n I hv been refreshing d site till I just stepped out to pee n FIA M you post am n my hustle to load no work. So how I go come renew my data now? *sad face*

  115. Bvs please I need help. I did something terrible over the weekend. I went to go and spend the night with my sugar daddy but we did not do anything oh. I told my boyfriend on Friday that I wanted to spend the night alone at home and he also told me that he will be spending time with his friends. I didn't answer any of his calls so I guess he was worried. Anyway he had keys to my place and he went there to investigate and he found out that I'd packed my tooth brush and tooth paste etc. Anyway I got home the next day not knowing that he was on his way to my house. He was very angry, we had a big argument. He went through my things especially my purse and asked me where I was and I lied to him - he didn't believe me anyway. He beat me black and blue and even slapped me oh. He even broke down my door. After he said I deserved it and in the end I told him where I was. He didn't say anything and just left. I know what I did was selfish on my part but I needed money. this guy is not working as he's studying and I've been supporting him here and there. This is not the first time he's caught me cheating but he doesn't want to leave me. His reasons are he doesn't want to make it easier for me. I don't know why I cheat - maybe I'm just looking for an excuse. I was even on my period and he made me take out my tampon to show him that I'm telling the truth and he still claims that I used a red dye. I know I've got issues and I know this relationship is dead on arrival. but I'm scared I will be lonely if I leave and also he's the only man that's ever loved me. I can't speak to anyone about this as I feel ashamed. I know I deserved the beatings but I'm confused if I should stay with him or not. IVE never seen him like this. HE likes to shout and say hurtful word's when he's angry but has never laid a finger on me. I'd like to know if I should stay or leave. Thank you.

    1. You deserved the beating?
      We compromise a lot.
      See, this guy won't and WON'T marry you especially now that he knows that you do runz. He's here for the money as you've said that you help him here and there.
      What nonsense red dye.
      What you're doing is wrong, yes but telling you the truth, he won't marry you, trust me, he'll leave you when the time is right. Better leave him cos that's his plan. You don't even need a soothsayer to tell you this nao, what's wrong with you.

    2. He ruined everything by hitting u. Let him go. You sef, u no smart. You should have been running into the toilet or outside to return his calls. Then u can call him at a point and claim u want to sleep. Now u gave him reason to go to ur house. Smh. You no Sabi play d game of two boyfriends at a time.

  116. LMAO ideato with the invisible boo, everyday coming up with different lies, you are a chronic liar! You will not amount to nothing if all you do is to be someone you are not and seeking validation on an anonymous blog.I pity you.

  117. wow Dat wedding gown is everything. new mum congrats ur dh loves u don't forget forget dat.

  118. Congratulations angel beautiful on your bundle of joy.

  119. Hmm fastest fingers! Smbp!!!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  120. IHN welicomu oh!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  121. That sign out meme, I need it. Lemme know what isn't sent by you.
    Gimme the wisdom to know what to do all the time and to know the right decision to take all the time

  122. first face of ihn ur Filter no b hia o.oga na pregnancy make ur wife like dis abi wetin.

  123. God bless every one in the house
    Pretty faze we got here
    Stella u posted late today waiting happen
    See cards ooooo but I came late Di's not bother my self shaaa

    God bless sdks
    God bless Stella
    God bless Nigeria
    Forward ever backward never

  124. oga dat sent his wife and baby pix God bless u so much cos u indeed love ur wife. congrats on d birth of ur baby

  125. IHN came late.
    Sassy, you are so pretty.

    Congratulations poster of a new baby, thank God for your family.

    Me too want turkey for Xmas Abeg, I will send u a mail.

    All cards used, who are the users naa, at least show some appreciation..

    Omg!!! That wedding gown looks heavenly..

    Can I Wed again?

  126. Congrats to the beautiful angel that delivered her baby. Gos bless your family for blessing others. See shokiiii. Aaaaah! I came late.

  127. Buy him a Range Rover, as you did not give us any budget to work with or a house in Ikoyi. Runs away*

  128. its a beautiful monday, and hope y'all beautiful not so fat bvs are doing well? if you are fat and lazy to work out just jump and pass this my shout out.
    mean while i just realise i have added a bit. gosh!! see wetin the love of shawarma don do me? amao dust my trainers and get ready to shed those fat asap.

    so last saturday one of my toasters whom i rejected got married, i just felt a little bit angry and jealous,hahahahahahahahahahah i am still yet to understand why i felt that way coz i still wouldnt want to marry even if he decides to ask me out again. he invited me to the wedding, i sew better iro and bubu wey i go rock go the wedding to do small shakara,only to change my mind at the eleventh hour, na so i carry my self go one wine bar buy my favorite wine went back home and drown my jealousy down lol. later after the reception he posted a pix of himsef and his new bride and all i could do was just laugh, come and see me finding fault on the dress she wore, her make up, nails and shoes. chisos!! i was so bored that i started pitying mysef sef. later later i decided to hang out with friends come see my yeye friends telling me am just jealous hahahahahahaha, them carry bad mouth finish me. i dont think its normal oooh. abi how una thinkam? sheybi need laying of hands from TB Joshua? Loveme jeje abeg give me ya bishop number its time to go for serious deliverance.

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  129. Buy your hubby a lamborghini.That should wow any man.
    Note: you didn't state a budget or say affordable.

    Bv Sassy chick you are so beautiful.Bv his wife just gave birth,are you the one who's been so anxious on the spontaneous posts?Congrats.You have a beautiful family.Can I have that shoe?its my size o!

  130. pls bvs how much is zaron powder and foundation sold?

  131. Sassy chic, you're so gorgeous, you glow. Keep that spirit.

    Congratulations To the newest dad, your wife is so beautiful and your baby is so cute. Please, help in assisting your wife with the house chores. And God bless you for appreciating her.

    May God bless all the givers and provide for those that lacks.
    Is been a very busy day for me, and is rainy no stop.

    Thanks Stella, mi love you too.

  132. Stella...Ghanaian Men are the shit. They are very good at helping with house chores, and caring for their wives....In Ghana, the girl child cooks, and the boy child cleans...EG. .wiping, using the vacuum cleaner, etc..Congrats

  133. First time commenting on in-house news***shines teeth***

  134. Less I forget, that wedding dress is heavenly.
    May God bless you and keep your home in peace Beverly.

  135. I am early today. Thank God for the good news everywhere, yes we are hiring not firing. #rising above recession#

  136. Congrats BV beautiful on your new bundle of joy.

    Mrs Romas may God replenish your purse.

    All things bright and beautiful

  137. And I was kidding myself thinking I came early. Anyways,thank God for the good news everywhere, congratulations on your bundle of joy. Yes,we are hiring not firing#rising above economic recession#

  138. To d bv whose wife gave birth I say congrats may our Lord bless u wf MRE than enough to look after them,

  139. choi!!! that wedding gown was the EXACT wedding gown i ordered for and the sent me crap twice. I wish it was my size, would have grabbed it immediately, don't even mind paying *sobs*


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