Stella Dimoko Reps To Sue US Govt For $1bn Damages Over False Accusations


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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reps To Sue US Govt For $1bn Damages Over False Accusations

The three members of the House of Representatives exonerated of the s3xual misconduct allegations levelled against them by the United States Government are set to file a $1bn suit against the latter and its agents, Saturday PUNCH has learnt.

They are House Deputy Chairman, Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream), Mr. Terse Mark-Gbillah (Benue); Mr. Samuel Ikon (Akwa Ibom); and Mr. Mohammed Garba-Gololo (Bauchi).

A former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr.  James Entwistle, had accused the three lawmakers of committing the alleged misconduct during a visit to his country last April for a leadership training programme, prompting the Nigerian legislature to call for an investigation.
The House had exonerated the lawmakers on Tuesday after a report by its Joint Committees on Ethics/Privileges and Foreign Relations found no wrongdoing on their part.

It will be recalled that the narrative changed in favour of Mark-Gbillah, Garba-Gololo and Ikon after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, appeared before the committees on July 21 to testify that the US did not produce any concrete evidence to prove the allegations.

Entwistle failed to appear before the committees, while a female maid, who alleged that Garba-Gololo “grabbed” her, also declined to testify.

Speaking with Saturday PUNCH on the outcome of the investigation, Mark-Gbillah disclosed that the three lawmakers would immediately institute a legal action against their accusers in the US.

Mark-Gbillah, who spoke for the three lawmakers, stated that the US Government, Entwistle, the Marriot Hotel, the US Embassy and their agents would be sued for damages.

This will be in addition to demanding what he called “internationally-published apology.”

He expressed regrets that they would be unable to visit the US physically to file the suit because their visas, which were withdrawn in the wake of the “false allegations”, had not been restored.

Mark-Gbillah gave details of the steps the members would take, saying, “We won’t let the matter go like that because our reputation has been defamed internationally and there is also the cancellation of our visas to consider, a decision that has still not been reversed.

“In the American archives, the records have not been set straight. As a matter of fact, this has already affected the members of one of our families.
“We will be seeking legal redress in the US; we are going to take the hotel to court, the Marriot Hotel, the parent brand, the place we stayed (in the US). We are going to take the (former US) ambassador himself and the US State Department, who are his employers to court. We are going to be taking the local organisers of the programme to court as well.

“We will be seeking among other things, an internationally-published apology to us as individuals, to the National Assembly and to Nigeria by the US Government.
“We are going to be seeking damages from all concerned parties and right now, we are looking at suing in the region of $1bn.
“Already, contacts have been made with various law firms in the US. We want to use a very reputable law firm.

“You can now see that the revocation of our visas is now hindering our ability to visit the US physically to do the ground work. We are liaising with our lawyers via email messages and telephone calls.
“The lawyers will still advise us on whether to ask for damages of up to $10bn because the damage they did to us can’t be quantified in financial terms.”
Saturday PUNCH was unable to reach Garba-Gololo for comments, but Ikon confirmed that Mark-Gbillah spoke for the group.
“Mark-Gbillah is our spokesperson. Whatever he has said is what we are going to do.

“For me, there is no comment again,” he added.
The House committees made three recommendations to the session, which was presided over by the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Yussuff Lasun.
It read, “That Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo, Hon. Mark Terseer Gbillah and Hon. Samuel Ikon are cleared of and exonerated from the allegations levelled against them by the United States Ambassador to Nigeria in his June 9, 2016 letter to the Rt. Hon. Speaker, for want of evidence;

“That in the light of the foregoing, the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs do engage with (sic) the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, with a view to finding a seamless resolution of the domestic fallout of this unfortunate incident as it relates to Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo, Hon. Mark Terseer Gbillah and Hon. Samuel Ikon;

“That the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do write (sic) to remind the United States Embassy of the need to always adopt the official channel of communications in its dealings with any organ or institution of government.”
The House adopted all three recommendations soon after the Lead Chairman, Mr. Nicholas Ossai, briefed members on the findings of the investigation.

He stated, “The committee was not availed of any concrete evidence outside the confidential letter the ambassador wrote the speaker.
“There was no video, audio or any form of evidence presented before the committee to justify the allegations.”

While testifying on July 21, Onyeama had told the committee how he encountered Entwistle over the allegations, but could not get “concrete evidence.”
He explained how the former US Ambassador also apologised for not using the official diplomatic channel to route his letter to the Speaker (Mr. Yakubu Dogara) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Punch cullage.

*So they were FALSELY ACCUSED? So unfair cos it will take a long time to restore the damage done,they should increase to three billion sef.


  1. Replies
    1. You dey mind them, they won't let this one slide ; after that video went viral......

    2. Shameless buffoons.... "whom the gods want to kill, they first make mad" only in naija the guilty would be doing open eye.... wait till they release video evidence and give your country more global disgrace. Samuel Ikon, because u are an elder in your church and so desperate to clear your already disgraced name

    3. Shameless buffoons.... "whom the gods want to kill, they first make mad" only in naija the guilty would be doing open eye.... wait till they release video evidence and give your country more global disgrace. Samuel Ikon, because u are an elder in your church and so desperate to clear your already disgraced name

    4. Falsely accused! Stella why nah? Even your chancellor Angela Merkel phone was tapped how much more our corrupted country and yeye leaders that are secretly labeled 'terrorist!' You think say them just dey carry dey talk?
      Is okay to be scared make don not go teach you lessons.
      Make them come and come see open yansh

    5. Taaaaa. There was no false accusation. This people are just going to disgrace themselves with this nonsense litigation.

      I even want them to proceed because the evidence will come out. That the U.S decided not to pursue the case doesn't exonerate them from the earlier allegations. Nobody wakes up to cook up such a story against strangers. To what end, I ask? Not like they are Nigerians who knew their status and wanted to tarnish their image.

      Is this the first time that delegates will go on any trip abroad? Why is this one different? Think people, think.

  2. Hal tired of all these cases, can we work already? Save Nigeria and Nigerians

  3. WHat if they finally tenders the video of everything?

    1. Exactly. What if indeed there is evidence and they present it openly?
      We all know how our lawmakers are.

    2. Kai Nigerians. If they had any video to tender, they'd have done that by now.

      Yes, there are perverts, rapists and evil people are politicians or even as Nigerians but u can't believe everything u hear without concrete evidence abeg

  4. Story that touch! If dey dont take time a video footage wld be released den deir eyes go shine!

  5. Shey I was saying it here that without proof, those us rep should shut up and the fools on this blog came for my head.

    How dyu all feel now knowing I was right. Nigerians will keep doing media trial like fools that most of them are. If they had been found guilty in a court of law, I would have gladly insulted them. Now those judginas here, can't u all stupid y'all were for condemning these guys without proof.

    Yes I'm insulting u guys and will keep insulting u guys cos if u condemned these guys without any proof then y'all are all worthy of insults.

    Fucking fools.

    1. Bitch shut the fuck up ugly skeletons, they don't give a shitt about you! Don't forget to beg for milks this time, because you need it for that walking stick bones looking like mosquitos!

    2. Nneka that's soo low, u can make ur point without being uncouth everytime!

  6. Go and collect the $1million you clowns and thieves.

  7. They are going to be surprised that their phones were tapped, and those people, the house cleaner, valet, and everyone they came in contact or spoke with are either government informants or FBI.
    Fools! You think they dumb like y'all thieves with unkept teeth with pot bellies.
    The hotel gave yall the keys to your room.Right?
    The conference is sponsored and paid by the U.S government.Right? What makes you think you were not followed from the time you step into US soil? This country nor be Nigeria ooo.
    Your country is secretly on the terrorist list "Boko haram" y'all leader stole the money that were meant to buy guns and ammunitions, donated by foreign countries. "Crooks Dasuki and dumb ass Jonathan". So what makes y'all think you were not tagged like dogs or followed?
    Still waiting to hear the outcome of the meetings and how they plan to implement it to help the common Nigerians.
    Bullshittt!! Garri and amala shameless leaders. Fools!

  8. What happened to forgiveness? All the money he has got, what has he done with it?

  9. If you are guilty and you have been set free, let sleeping dogs lie. Remember what took Jeffrey Archer to prison?, ok, a newspaper article had it that he saw a prostitute, he sued them that it was a lie. He won the case. Damages were paid in monetary terms by the newspaper to him. He used it for charity. When evidence was brought back sometime later on the grounds of perjury, the guy reach prison o. These lawmakers, we would not like to see you humiliated!


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