Stella Dimoko Defence Headquarters Warns Nigerians Of Criminals Disguised As Military Personnel


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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Defence Headquarters Warns Nigerians Of Criminals Disguised As Military Personnel

The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has urged civilians to be cautious of criminals disguising as personnel of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

"Information reaching the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has revealed the spate of use of military uniforms by some unscrupulous elements who disguised [themselves] as personnel of the Nigerian Armed Forces to get access to public places to commit crimes, as well as detonate their explosives to kill innocent civilians in their desperation to perpetrate their terrorist activities," said military spokesperson Brigadier-General Rabe Abubakar in a press statement released on Saturday.

The warning follows the arrest of a woman parading herself as a military officerand the killing of four security guards in Rivers State by unknown gunmen wearing military uniforms.

The military therefore urged civilians to be conscious of their surroundings, especially in crowded public places, and to report suspicious persons posing as military personnel to the local authorities...
from sahara reporters.


I'veBeenTouchedByAnAngelWithLove said...


Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy. Year end desperation

Baba For The Broads said...

Have no fear friends. God will watch over his people.

Patience Nwabueze said...


Anonymous said...

A woman? Scary ish.
Let me chip in someone's experience as narrated few days ago.

Fully kitted Police man flagged him down on the highway and begged for a lift. He agrees, the officer enters the car excitedly chats him up. Few minutes later he demands to be dropped off at the next junction. Fine, he alights and this guy continues his journey, no suspense.

Then the Holy Spirit led him, he checks his seats behind, he checks beside him. What does he find? The Officer had dropped live bullets under the seat before coming down. Shocked but still with courage, he slowed down and threw the bullets into the bush and continued his trip.

By next junction a Patrol Team(whether real or fake though fully kitted) pulls him to a stop and search. For good 30 minutes they turned the car upside down while cars sped by. One of the officers kept answering a call and repeatedly said 'Nothing Sir'. They were looking for the bullets. After one hour they let him off but their countenance read Disappointed! Staring at him he zoomed off the next church he sighted , he parked inside to go kneel down and thank God before continuing.

This is how many men are blackmailed and kept behind bars with armed robbery cases while their families spend millions of Naira trying to FREE them.

Nigeria is in a bad state. Evil abound.
Pray more this season that God will protect his children.

Xhlrted P

Vicwhytehart said...


Anonymous said...

Beyond warning the public, what are they doing about it?

What can the public do?

In a country where the sight of soldiers bring nothing but fear, where the sight of policemen bring distrust, I ask again, what can the public do?!!!

How does one even identify a "real" military man?

May God keep us and our loved ones safe, may the eyes of the evil ones never see us, may their hands never touch us, Amen.


Roseberry said...

Hmmmmmm,you are very right!

Fierce of SDK blog said...

Lord have mercy on tour children. Today is Sunday people,remember to pray for this nation. Good morning FAM.

Zitel Coconut oil Onitsha 08081725441 said...

Sure. He is my shepherd

Fity said...

U just said it all,do I walk up to just any dressed officer n demand identification?the fear of frog jump n rolling inside gutter is d proper beginning of wisdom oooo

Chidinma Gift said...

Okay oo

Kachi said...


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