Stella Dimoko EFCC Arrests Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia's Brother Who Wired $150,000 Into Her Account


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Sunday, 6 November 2016

EFCC Arrests Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia's Brother Who Wired $150,000 Into Her Account

Agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have arrested a brother to Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia after they discovered that he once wired $150,000 into her Diamond Bank Domiciliary Account.

EFCC investigators said that the judge's brother had wired the huge sum into her account in March 2014.

EFCC sources that the younger Ofili, has not been able to explain to investigators how he came about the huge amount of money and why it was routed to the judge's account.

The arrest of Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia's brother is a significant development in the EFCC's investigation of corruption in the judicial arm of the government.

The arrest comes after the investigative agency's earlier invitation of a former Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) executive, Greg Ero, from whom Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia claimed she had borrowed funds to buy her home in London.

Mr. Ero, who is reportedly in poor health, has been regularly reporting to the EFCC offices in Lagos. An EFCC source told Sahara Reporters correspondent that the former NNPC executive too had not been able to explain how he came about the sums of monies he reportedly gave to Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia as a loan.

Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia is one of numerous judges currently under investigation by the EFCC for alleged acts of corruption. Investigators believe she and other judges frequently accepted huge sums in bribe in order to tailor judicial verdicts in favor of those who offered the bribes, often elected public officials.


FRESH said...

Thank God for Buhari. Pls.they should go after Odili & his wife.

FRESH said...

Thank God for Buhari. Pls.they should go after Odili & his wife.

youngman said...

It was 'APC'government that accepted that odili should not be investigated until Jesus returns even with all the damming evidence allegedly against him. Imagine how much he bribed the 'APC'judge that gave that perpetual injunction.
Trust me, his day will still come. Evidence is still been amassed against him and once the injunction is lifted, his Armageddon would arrive. Till now, he is in good health now, but the day efcc knocks on his door, he will develop terminal disease.
Thanks for pmb, Nigeria is on the part of recovery. If all pmb does in four years is curb stealing, embezzlement, impunity and jails as many as he can to make these evils unattractive, he has achieved s lot. It will be shame on the thieves who have been ruling us all these years headed by Jonathan and obasanjo down the line

Anonymous said...

for every PDP thief there is a twin in the APC. this anti corruption war is selective and quite frankly its about vendetta against received enemies of this administration. it is also being fought more on blogs and media outlets than in reality, with scandalous headlines and wild speculation all over the place.

Rob said...

Guy shut up.. Don't you have a life outside long meaningless epistles

DonMayor said...

Thank God for President Buhari.
Nigerian system is beyond rotten.

charitybino said...

They should check her other relatives.

Anonymous said...

You are fool, did they take bribe from you?

Anonymous said...

It is you efcc will carry. What did Odili and his wife do? Frustrated idiot go and find work and stop wishing people evil without just cause

Anonymous said...

So once a judge has any link with pdp whether by choice or not they should be arrested? God have mercy on you

ARTitude said...

Rob shut up and learn something. Bandwagon imbecile

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