Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama -102


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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Labour Room Drama -102

Thank God for his Faithfulness...

Hi Stella,

I stumbled on your blog during my maternity leave last year and I've been glued since then. Well done for your creativity in keeping things fun. I have tried to create a blog ID but it seems my village people don't want me to be popular on this blog. I no go gree!

My first pregnancy was uneventful. I did yuppy preggie till 2 weeks to my EDD when I realized my daughter wasn't planning to be an early bird. So I walked everywhere, climbed stairs, did all sorts just to naturally induce labor but nothing, not even Braxton hicks at 40 weeks! 

Went for antenatal on my EDD and my gynae said there was no sign of labor and to come back by 41 weeks for an induction if I had still not given birth. Chai I prayed and prayed because I had read induction no be beans. Anyways at 41 weeks I carried my head to the hospital for the induction.

The induction started at 12midnight with the tablet inserted at the mouth of the cervix. Shortly after I started feeling some pain but still dozed off. I woke up around 2am looking for my husband and I was told he had gone to sleep in the car. I was like he's sleeping in the car when I'm in pain. Continue!

Around 6 am I was moved to the labor room and they set up the "drip of life". That was when I knew monkey no be baboon. The pain more than tripled. I threw my earphones away and forgot everything I had read in Supernatural birth. The doctor came at 8am, checked and said I was 2cm dilated. OMG I wanted to die. All these pain since 12 midnight and I still at 2cm. Kuku kee me!

The doctor said the labor wasn't progressing fast enough so they increased the dosage of the pitocin. Then the real deal started. Ah Stella, I screamed to the high heavens and back. Everybody in that hospital knew a woman was in labor. There was no respite between the contractions. They just kept coming back to back in an unending wave. My husband suffered o, he rubbed my back till his fingers were almost numb and when it seemed like that wasn't working again I started beating him and biting him.

That's how the doctor came to check at 10 and said I was 4cm and I would give birth by 4pm. So i started screaming that I am not doing again o. Is it by force. Yeeee. I don't want to have this baby again o. The Nurses kept saying Madam na you do am put the baby there so you must do o and we are sure you will still do more.

At one point i flung my wrapper away so I was on my fours on the bed and this uncontrollable poo just started to come out. I was so ashamed. But mehn my pain was more than the shame. I didn't even try to hold it. Once the poo started coming out they started preparing the birthing bed and told me to move there. By then I didnt even have strength to scream again. They told me to push, I had no clue. Learner alert! 

I had refused to go for the birthing classes during my antenatals. So they told me to hold my ankles and look at my navel and bear down. After about four pushes the doctor decided to "epp" by giving me a tear. Two more pushes and my baby was out and I passed out momentarily. I had her around 2pm after 14hrs of labor.

You know people say you see your baby and fall in love. That didn't happen to me o. In fact I couldn't care less about her at that point. I was traumatized. Didn't fall in love with her until much later. 

With all my screaming i don't want to do again......

 I have a second daughter now and I am already itching for baby 3.

14hours of Labour?Wow...Thank God for his Mercies..Your story traumatised me oh..This thing that eve CAUSED ENNNNN....


  1. Thank God for safe delivery.
    Pregnancy no be beans I swear...

    1. Most first pregnancies last long,my first lasted for like 16hours,at a time I didn't know I was still in dis world,abeg am thru with childbearing,thank God for saving my life thru all of them

    2. my first lasted for 3hrs...d pain no be here oo

  2. My dear I'm happy for you,my was three days labor,dat ended in CS

    1. Nawa 3days labor Ke, madam u tried. So it means you were not in the hospital during labor. Una d try

    2. Mine too was 3days labor and induction. I almost died hmmmmm.... to born nor be beans ooo😆😆😆

  3. I de tell you. That was how one of my friends kept swearing for eve in the labor room. Thank God for you.

    1. Chai! Madam you strong oooo!
      Very funny lady, God bless you real good. And kisses to your kids.

  4. Oya watch out for traumatized peeps in the comment section.
    Madam you will do more.
    Well done

  5. Lmao@he went to sleep in the car.. continue!
    I love your story....

    1. Honestly Iphie I laughed hard when I got there.
      Loooooooooove this story.

  6. thank God for his faithfulness


  7. Wow
    So scary
    Why are people afraid of CS?
    Is it a death sentence?

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  8. I want to experience VD after the CS but some tales here dey dear me loooool.
    Congrats mama baby

  9. Lol! eve don suffer no be small, i'am So happy for you ma.

  10. #The hardest part of acting like you don't care, is knowing how much you actually do*

  11. Lol at I didn't love her until much later. Thanks for being honest.
    Imagine if nurse were to write what their eyes see during labour, we for laugh tire.

    Five lessons from Donald Trump's victory

  12. Lol, at I no do again o. Women are blessed. Thank for safe delivery.

  13. Very funny woman. Thank God for you. Pregnancy and childbirh drama. I no do again, I no do again, and you are plan if for third one. Women o.

  14. Very funny woman. Thank God for you. Pregnancy and childbirh drama. I no do again, I no do again, and you are planning for third one. Women o.

  15. Congratulations madam,lrd loading for baby 1&2..both showed me pepper.
    But thank God cause I can never trade them for anything in the world.

  16. Congrats!!Thank God for keeping you both.

  17. People should stop saying that CS is the easy way out pls. My family friend's wife gave birth a week ago thru cs in fact she went thru hell!Few days after the delivery of her baby she just woke up in the morning and the stitched area tore into pieces and her blood was gushing out like water! she was rushed back to the hospital in an ambulance. We thought she would die but God saved her.No enjoyment after delivery From taking lots of drips to taking only pap her whole body was swollen and still swollen as at yesterday when we went visiting her and her family. In fact no easy way out to child bearing but I truly prefare the VJ birth that's the natural birth once the baby is out all pain disappears! After cs one will keep rocking protruded tummy up and down.I say nooooo! To CS! God u don hear me na! I know all my babies like the first will be natural and easy delivery in Jesus name amen!!!.


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